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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Available Dogs


In Memory

For those who have lost a faithful friend.... please consider a memorial brick for Richard's Memorial Garden.


We adopted our Rusty in 2008. Rusty loved to play and rest in piles of leaves. It was meant for our Rusty to cross over the Rainbow Bridge on a warm and beautiful autumn day, October 10, 2020. Our little boy was sweet and mellow. He never gave kisses so we had to steal them every so often. Rusty did love hugs. He stood on his short, hind legs to reach our knees. We would bend down to give him the hugs he wanted. Rusty lived in the country of 20 acres of surrounding woods; lots of good smells!  Rusty had four canine siblings to play with and feline siblings to put up with. One of the dog siblings is a yellow lab named Madison. She truly misses Rusty. The day we welcomed Madison to our home, Rusty was the one who greeted and played with her. One time Rusty found a tiny kitten in the middle of the woods while walking with his daddy (Boyd). Rusty made sure the kitten lived with us. Friends of ours fell in love with Rusty. We miss and love this little boy so much.

Rita and Boyd Freeborough



My family adopted Andre (kept his name the same) from Paws for Life in October 2010 and he has been the light of our lives ever since. He just passed on June 24, 2020 after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. The 10 amazing years we had with Andre cannot fully be described by words. He was the most gentle, caring, funny, unique, and loving family member anybody could ask for. To this day we are still grateful to Paws for Life for rescuing him, and cannot even imagine what our lives would’ve been like without him. May he rest in peace, for he will never leave our hearts.


In Loving Memory of Aya

October, 2014, I fell in love with Aya at Fair Hill in the Paws for Life tent!  I still remember how happy she was to jump on the school bus which took us to the parking lot.  For the last 5 years Aya has been my side-kick and most loyal and loving companion.   Aya was the best watchdog!  She alerted me when there was a squirrel on the bird feeder and when the mailman stopped at our home.   October, 2019, Aya’s brave and faithful heart gave out and she quickly crossed to Rainbow Bridge.  I will always miss her by my feet as I grade papers in the dining room.


In Loving Memory of Dozer

God speed, Dozer. Give Richard our love.

In Memory of Chessie

In the Fall of 2008 we were lucky to adopt a black lab mix called Sassy, who quickly became our Chessie.  We had the privilege of having Chessie for 10 years during which she gave us more love and joy than we could have imagined.  She never cared for playing with toys but loved running in her yard chasing rabbits and squirrels, and most of all being with us, and oh yes, she loved eating.  Chessie had two moms who loved caring for her and one grandmother who spoiled her beyond belief.  On Feb. 17, 2018 we had to say goodbye to our special girl.  She had developed a cancer that spread quickly and despite our many efforts, she crossed the rainbow bridge only three weeks after her taking ill.  We find comfort in knowing she is with our other beloved pets Heidi, Inky and Condor, and her cousins Kadee and Corky.  We miss her greatly but will forever feel her love in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of Utah and her 2 siblings, Harley and Poco, owned by our good friends Gene and Robin Benus

The story started in Howell, NJ on June 7, 1997 when our friends' dog, Sami had seven beautiful lab-shepherd mixed puppies. The puppy named Utah pick my husband, Boyd, to "adopt." In addition to the mama, our friends kept two puppies and named them Harley and Poco. In 2001, we moved to western Pennsylvania; however, we always kept in touch with one another and enjoyed sharing dog stories. Utah and her siblings died exactly one week apart this new year. They came into this world together and they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge together. We are blessed to have these sweet natured and loving dogs for 14 1/2 years. We know in our hearts that they are young again, and ready to play with each other and the many other furry pets in the heavens above.

Utah was consider "grandma" to Rusty the beagle whom we adopted from your wonderful organization, Paws for Life.

~Rita and Boyd Freeborough

In Memory of Luvvie 1993-2009

Pets have a way of teaching us about love, loyalty, joy, and friendship. The gifts Luvvie gave us- happiness, companionship, unconditional love- will always be with us and we will treasure them forever. Luvvie was more than a pet- she was a member of our family.


In Memory of Sam.

I miss you.........

"Several years ago, I think May of 1999 or 2000, I went to the Oxford Hay and Grain to buy feed for my horses the day of the Adoptathon. There were animals to adopt everywhere. Had I known that the event was going on, I never would have gone on that day.

It ended up to be one of the best days of my life because I met Lily (then Jackie.) She was the last dog left in your Paws For Life pen. I did not pick her, she picked me. She stared straight at me as if to say "You. I've been waiting for you. Now come over here and get me out." I did not adopt her that day, but went home, only to spend a week tracking her down to your shelter, contacting you, and then going to Maryland to get her.

She was the best dog anyone could ask for. We were joined at the hip,as they say. These past few months, Lily's health began to fail. Despite medicine, special diet, Lily developed kidney failure. I miss her terribly.

I am asking if you are aware of any more Petathons or Adopt a pet events in the near future. A part of me is waiting for a special dog to find me and it will happen, but asking if there are any events coming up may help. Thank you for your kind attention".


"Back in November, 1997, you brought to my house at 15 N. Clifton Ave, a mixed-beagle dog which I named Buster. We had a little trouble at first adjusting, but once that worked out he became a delightful companion.

After we moved to this 55 Plus community, we gave up the fenced-in yard. However, he loved to walk and we would go out walking several times a day. He began to develop problems several months ago. When he got to the point he could not keep food on his stomach I had to make the difficult decision about a month or so ago to put him to sleep.

I thank you for bringing him into my life. He was a very special little dog and is sadly missed. I would like to make this small contribution of $25 to your work in his memory."
Ruth W

In Memory of Bear

You were such a sweet, loving boy.
After being neglected your whole life, you finally got your chance to find a good home..........
but it wasn't soon enough.

In spite of everything, you were so kind
and trusting and gentle.

We will miss you, but know that you are
now safe and at peace....


In loving memory of our dear, sweet, great black lab, Smokey....he will truly be missed. 

Nicole, Steve, Megan and Sarah


In loving memory of Sambuca

we'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge


In loving memory of Lulu


In loving memory of Jingles


In loving memory of Buccy.


In loving memory of Kylie.

That you finally knew love, care, joy, and family life ended all too soon. You touched many lives, and we will all miss you.


In loving memory of Spencer.

We miss you.


In Memory of Trooper

We are the Welch family and we adopted Trooper from you in 2006.  We changed his name to Buddy, and he was the best dog we could have possibly found anywhere.  He got sick on Dec 23, and Christmas morning we had to put him to sleep.  We wanted you to know that he had a great life with us and we all loved him alot.

We are thinking about maybe adopting another dog someday.  We will definately check your site often to see who you have available.











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