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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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More Success Stories






Champ was adopted by an area family with four kids under the age of 12- so he will be a busy boy, trying to keep up with all the goings on- congratulations!

Update March 05:
Champ is doing fine - he loves it here and we love him. Ginny asked us for pictures and here they are!

I couldn't be more pleased with the way Paws for Life works.

I liked it so much I tell anyone who is looking for a dog for a pet about the experience.

I think I may have convinced some others to get a family pet through you! I hope they do! Keep up the good work.


The Laughmans



Rocky and Rudy


Update March 2008:


Thanks for the help. I've attached two photos of Rudy so you could see how well he's doing. He's now 5 this month and weighs 84 pounds.






Rudy (aka Jinks) has gained 20 pounds in two months and is a real joy in my life! 



Gage (was Gizmo)


Gage was adopted by the family of a well known vet in Pennsylvania. They report that he is the best dog ever, loves all the kids, and comes no matter what you call him!




Bailey was adopted by a family from West Chester PA. She now has her own kids to take care of and everyone is very happy! Congratulations!



Geronimo was adopted to a home from South Jersey. His new mom reports that things are going very well, and he and his new "sister" Cinder get along wonderfully. He has already learned how to operate the electric doggy door!! Thank you for giving him a happy new life!

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know that Geronimo is working out fine.  So far today he

  • learned his name
  • comes when I call him
  • learned to use our electronic pet door
  • has had no accidents
  • has been having fun sorting through the toy basket
  • was successfully crated for 1 hour when I left the house for a short time

We stopped at the grooming shop today before going home and Geronimo and Cinder each had a bath.  He smells great, now.  Everyone oohd and awed over how gorgeous he is and he behaved very well in the shop.  Our only issue is with the cats.  They growl and spit and him and that causes him to want to give chase.  But he responds to correction and attention diversion.  I'm sure that this will be resolved in time.

Thank you again for rescuing such a lovely dog.




Gigi was adopted by the family who originally adopted Lady. When Lady became too protective of their property line next to a park, they sadly had to return her but decided to adopt Gigi in her place. Things are going well so far!



Madison was adopted! Deborah leads an active life- she has a busy corporate job but in her time off goes hiking and running- so needed a dog that was well behaved and a manageable size but also up for adventures.

She came to meet Madison and knew she was the one. She reports that she not only is housebroken and obedient, she has a full repetoire of tricks, including shake, speak, and sit up. Thank you for giving Madison a chance at a happy new life!

Update April 2005:

Hello Ginny and Lisa,
Madison is doing great! She gained a few pounds (must be that peanut butter addiction!) However, we go hiking almost every week so it helps to keep her weight from getting too out of control. Maddie and I attended “Dog Fest” in Banning Park this weekend. The organizers held a number of different contest for the dogs. There was…
  • Cutest Puppy (no, didn’t meet the age requirements)
  • Best Kisser (the pit bulls seemed to excel in that category)
  • Best Tail Wagger (sorry, couldn’t compete with the Cocker Spaniel)

The last contest was Best Pet Trick. Well, Maddie and I took a chance and won first place! Once she (we?) got over the initial distraction of being surrounded by a lot of dogs and people, Maddie did a fantastic job of showing off her repertoire. I was so proud of her!

She received a blue ribbon, dog treats and pet shampoo. I received a $10.00 gift certificate to Bugaboo Creek restaurant and a water bottle! Of course she also got peanut butter as soon as we arrived home!!

All the best,
Deb and Madison



Deedee was adopted! Ed, a young man from PA, was looking for a dog of his own. Deedee caught his eye because his mom has two weimaraners.

He came and met Deedee and took her home. He reports she is smart, already housebroken, and sleeps in his bed at night. Congratulations!

Update April 2007:

I just have to tell you that you get some of the prettiest dogs. They are some of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen. I love to go on your site and see who was adopted and who is up for adoption. If I didn’t have 4 dogs of my own, I would come get one, maybe two….

I know of Paws for Life because my son, Ed, adopted his Philly Girl from you. Her name was Deedee. Talk about a pretty girl, she is the sweetest little girl. Ed recently bought his first house in Philadelphia. Philly loves having her own house to roam around in. She lives there with Ed, Ed’s sister, Jen and her two daughters. Oh and Cesar, Jen’s rescued dog. Cesar and Philly are best friends.

She really taught Ed about responsibility. Ed was only in his early twenties when he adopted Philly. My husband, John, and I were a little afraid that we would end up having her, which would have been fine. But Ed really grew up and loves her and wouldn’t give her up for the world. I think he learned that more than ever when we thought we lost her. In August of 2005, she slipped out of Ed’s apartment without her collar and just walked up to the schoolyard where he normally walked her. He was only minutes behind her, but that quickly, someone picked her up and took her to one of the county shelters but he failed to tell anyone around where he was taking her. Eddie and his sister put up hundreds of flyers. After two weeks of frantic searching, we finally got a call from the gentleman that picked her up. She had been adopted by then but the shelter was good enough to contact them and they were good enough to bring her back. Ed had her back that very same day. We were never able to find out who they were so we could thank them.

Now Philly and Cesar are never without their collars. I bought them each a collar embroidered with their names and my telephone number.

Thank you again for all you do for Philly and all these wonderful dogs.

Lynn Middleton

Update Sept 2006:

Hi Ginny.

Deedee (now called Philly)  was adopted by my son, Eddie, a year and a half ago.  I just want to let you know she is doing GREAT.  Ed moved to  Philadelphia and shares a duplex with his sister and her two girls and their rescued dog, Cesar.

Philly and Cesar sleep in bed with Eddie every night.  She is the sweetest little girl and Ed just loves her to death.  She actually helped me out…she keeps him home and I don’t worry as much.  She still doesn’t do well in the car.  We have a special blanket for her that gets washed after every trip.  She loves our pool.  Whenever she is at our house, the first thing she does is run to the pool and lay down on the top step.

Between us, we have seven dogs in our family.  Four out of seven are rescues.  Thank you so much for all you do.  My son wouldn’t have his Philly Girl if not for Paws4life.

Lynn Middleton




Riley was adopted! This bouncy Lab pup went to a family with four kids, a large fenced in yard, and a place reserved in puppy class. It should work out very well, they were very aware of the time commitment that a puppy takes, especially one as enthusiastic as Riley!


Thank you so much for Riley. He has brought so much joy into our lives. We can’t imagine life without him now. He has been a beautiful piece of heaven given to us.

Stacy and Cliff
And Riley

Update May 2009:

Hi Ginny,

We just thought we would send you an update on Riley, the black lab we adopted from you a few years ago.

He is doing wonderful. He is about to turn 5 now. He still has a lot of energy. He goes to daycare a couple of times a week to be able to get out his energy and play with other doggies.  He looks forward to going all the time. He loves to go down to the beach we have in our community and chases the ducks! Riley is a very important part of our family and we couldn't imagine life without him. We now have a cat that we rescued and he definitely gives her a workout every day! He is such a happy dog and so loved by Cliff and I  and our two children. He can always be found at night in bed with us or one of the children. 
During the day he loves his bed that I made for him or the sofa in which he has the pick of any seat he desires.  He loves his walks and playing with other doggies. Riley weighs almost 100 pounds now and is in no way as small as when we first brought him home. Riley is a hit with whomever he meets. He thinks he is a lap dog though, constantly trying to climb in your lap. He loves his petting as well.  He adores stuffed animals and bones as treats.
He is the friendliest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Riley may have a new brother or sister very soon as we might adopt another rescue lab from a friend of a friend. We still have much more love to give another puppy.

We would just like to thank you so much for giving us the chance to adopt this wonderful creature. There is not a day that goes by that we don't give thanks because he is in our lives. He certainly can make a bad day look so much brighter.


Stacy, Cliff, Tony, Amber, and Riley




Wolfie was adopted by a family in Delaware. With four kids, he will be busy keeping an eye on everyone. Congratulations!



Libby was adopted! A couple from Delaware saw her story on our website. Years ago they rescued a chocolate lab in the same situation and it ended up being a wonderful dog. They couldn't wait to meet Libby, bring her home and help her learn about love and kindness. Their dogs are their children, and we couldn't have asked for a better situation for Libby.

Update: We heard from Libby's new family- she is really thriving with compassion and love, and is now called Katie. Thank you for giving her a chance!


Just saw what you had to say about us in Libby's story.  It brought tears.  Could you please change Libby's name to Katie.  She come by that name and listens by that name.  She is really doing wonderful.  Thank you for finding her.


Update Oct. 2005:

Hello Ginny,

Wow it's been almost a year that we have found our new family member. Your Libby but our Katie Kane....She is the best dog. She stills tries to carry away her food bowl and tries to get more to eat. She has put on some weight and looks really good. Oh, she loves to run. Really run. And she is fast too. I/we just love her to death.

Thank you very much for finding her for us.

I'll try to keep you up-date.

Take Care,

Terri Lynn Green Guyer


Hi Jinks


Jinks was adopted. Rick from MD was looking for a Golden to keep his older dog company. He and his daughter came up and thought Jinks was perfect. Now renamed Rudy, he got along well with his "sister" Roxie right off the bat, and has fit in well.




Buddy was adopted by an older gentleman as a walking buddy and companion.

They enjoy each other immensely and share regular visits from the grandchildren.


Sean was adopted by a couple in MD. They report that he is the perfect dog, and they are so happy to have found him!


My husband and I adopted Sean November 30, 2004. He is a very friendly and loving dog. He loves going for rides in our vehicle with my husband. I have found that he is wonderful with children, and enjoys visiting my nephew.


Elizabeth and George W




Daisy was adopted! A family from the Philadelphia area saw Daisy and couldn't wait to meet her. They have four young children under the age of 10 and it is the kids' first ever dog- she will get plenty of attention!



Cinder was adopted by a young woman from the Annapolis area. She is a sales person for a well known soft-drink company and plans to take Cinder on the road with her. She reports that Cinder already sticks by her side and won't let her new mom out of sight.

Update August 2007:

I adopted little girl Cinder from you in November 2005! Just wanted to let you know she is doing great.

Thank you for saving her life. She brings me sooo much joy and happiness. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! I have the best dog in the world! Thank you for realizing how special she is and bringing her home with you from the DE shelter where they were going to put her down. She has the life she deserves!

She loves hanging with her brother (a rescued fat cat) she likes to bird watch out the window, and bed time is every night at 9:30! She enjoys long walks and loves playing chase with over dogs at the dog park!

Thank you for a great pet! Cinder thanks you too!


This is Elsie.  She was adopted by Barbara & Randy Endley who wrote:

"A year ago last October, my daughter and husband adopted Elsie from you.  We wanted you to know that she has turned out to be a wonderful dog, and we just adore her.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work.  Our vet just loves Elsie too."

Meet Mico and her new friend.

Mico was adopted from us by Joy Cully. Recently Joy wrote us a short note with this picture. The little girl is Joy's niece who was somewhat unsure of dogs. Mico befriended her right from the start. Now Joy's niece has a dog of her own. Children and dogs go together. They teach each other responsibility and can develop in to unconditional friendships.

Update December 2008:

I just found the giraffe decoration and the photo turned out well of Mico so I thought you should have one.  She is such a wonderful dog. She and Trooper are best buddies too.
I am glad your benefit went so well. hopefully I will get to see the new kennel one of these days, Joy


Update March 2008:

Mico is such a wonderful dog. I am attaching a photo I got of her the other day. She is getting pretty grey around the edges but still wants to play and fetch. She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and I am so grateful you saved her.


Update April 2010:

Had to send you this photo of Mico with her other best buddies. I believe she is 14 this year and is showing her age somewhat but still seems happy and comfortable. What a wondeful dog she is, Joy

Update December 2010:

Dear Ginny,
Mico was peacefully put to sleep last night. She never showed any improvement with whatever neurological problem she had. We never could find anything to make her feel better and when I think of how wonderful and happy she used to be am afraid maybe I should have done this sooner.
My vet came to the house, gave her the relaxing shot and she lay down on her bed and was put to sleep there. It didn't hit me till today and I absolutely can not stop crying. Pretty stupid for this old lady. She was truly the nicest dog I could have ever had. I almost wish I had never started my rescue because she got less attention then but was always so wonderful and good. She was the best companion when I drove the shop all over the country, or sitting in the shop in Unionville with me or going out on a trail ride with me on a horse. Thank you so much for saving her and letting me have her, she gave me a lot of pleasure for many years.

Some of our rescued dogs have gone on to graduate and become full service dogs for Canine Partners for Life. Usul is just one of those dogs. He is shown below with his new friend Lee Peetoom.











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