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More success stories


Belle was adopted!

Update November 2007:

I just wanted to thank you for allowing Belle, now Hannah, join our family. She has been part of our clan for about a week now and seems to be transitioning quite well. We are working hard on not jumping up on everyone, even though she is extremely gentle. Hannah is also in the process of finding out where she belongs in our "pack." So far Pringles and Morgan just sniff at her, but Kate is loving her new playmate. Though Hannah tests her dominance over Kate, we know that with more exposure they will be friends forever. Again, thanks so much for Hannah! She is a wonderful addition to our home and my boys just love her as much as she loves them.



Kibble was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Hi Ginny and Kip,
    It has been 2 years since I adopted Kibble- now Bailey—wanted you to know he is just a great dog.  I now take him to a nursing home as a therapy dog.  He does not have  a certification, but is so well behaved—they don’t need papers.  He goes with a black lab who is certified—her name is Maggie, also a rescued dog.  They both love each other—putting on quite a show for the patients—for they are always kissing each other!!  He brought much joy to my father, who passed away in April—Kip it was meant to be that you found this special dog for our family.  Also, Mack, who I rescued for my son is still doing great.  He is at least 7 or 8 now and is still full of life.
I sent some pictures of Bailey in the mail.   Thanks again for such a great job.     Sandy Allen 


Update December 2008:

Hi Ginny & Kip,
Hard to believe it has been 1 year since I rescued Kibble, now Bailey---he is still a wonderful boy, very calm, doesn’t bark, and very laid back!  He has been the perfect dog to bring joy into the lives of my parents who are 88 years old.  He loves the grandchildren and going for walks.  He is not too crazy about car rides, but does ok on short trips!  The whole neighborhood loves him.  Thanks for doing such a great job and a special thank you to Kip for Finding Bailey for me!!!!   Sandy Allen



Update April 2008:

Hi Ginny and Kip,
     Bailey is doing wonderful, very devoted and loves everybody!  He still doesn’t bark, very easy going and his favorite position is upside down for a belly rub!  My sister recently rescued a Saint Bernard.  Bailey and the Saint just love each other.  The Saint Bernard is female and washes his face and is so happy when Bailey comes to visit.  I call them THE ODD COUPLE.  Bailey still isn’t real fond of drives, but I keep taking him for short rides.  Thank you again for a wonderful dog and the great work you do!!!!!       


Update December 2007:

Hi Ginny and Kip,   Bailey is just wonderful---he is now Heartworm negative--- did have hookworms, but is now on Heartguard, so they should go away,  He is the perfect dog (according to all my friends and family) and me too.  Doesn't bark, doesn't jump up or get on furniture --is still very laid back, but feeling better and tries hard to be good.  Also easy to walk.   Car rides still
aren't his favorite thing, but he does readily get in the car.   Mack is here
with me for a week and they get along well-----Kip you really picked out two wonderful dogs for our family!!!!!    I hope to have some pictures to send after the holidays.   THANK YOU!
Sandy Allen


Update November 2007:

Hi Ginny and Kip,    

Kibble is now Bailey.  I called him Bailey and he responded immediately to that name.  He is adjusting well and wants to please.  Gets along well with my 2 cats, the grandchildren and my granddog, Mack.  I set up an appointment for his last heartworm shot today for Dec. 14th.  My whole family came to visit and all thought he will make a great dog!!!   I will keep you updated. 

Thank you.   





Katie was adopted!

Update November 2007:

Hi Ginny,

Sending you an update about Katy, we kept her name the same and just changed the spelling to Katy as in 'Katy, Texas' where we used to live, and where my family still is. She is doing just fine. She is very shy and 'tippy-toes' around the house but that is daughter is in love with her, as I knew she would be and Katy just lights up when Heather walks in the room. Katy follows her everywhere. She is very obedient and will sit and give you her paw on command. Heather is also teaching her to wave. I do think she really misses her friends at your a little depressed and would probably love a brother or sister. We took her to meet her cousins and she was happier than ever to play with them, she just came alive. We have always been a 'one dog' household so I am still debating about getting another one!  I will keep checking your website and let you know what we decide.

Thanks again,


Update January 2008:

Hi Ginny, it's nice to hear from you.

Katy is doing just fine. What can I say, we love her.  She is still super shy around the boys.  I thought she would have gotten over that by now...she may never, and that is ok...we'll continue to work on it by providing her with lots of love and attention and hope she soon realizes the safe home she has here.  We adopted her 'as-is' and were prepared to love a dog that needs special care, or that other people may not have the patience for...that is why we went to a shelter.  She is such a sweetie...I think she'll come around. We often check your website for 'new arrivals' never know, you may see us again down the road!

Take Care,



Smokey was adopted!

Update December 2008:

Hi Ginny,

I hope this holiday finds you and all of the animals at paws for life well.  It's been a little over a year since we adopted Smokey, and we love him dearly.  He has, however, been having some trouble the last couple of months.  Our vet diagnosed him with arthritis in his back knees, I guess because they take so much of the strain from his deformed front end.  He still loves to play with other dogs, but gets tired easily, and doesn't like taking walks too much anymore. He is still on the Dasuqiun, which seems to help some. My husband and I are going to try to save the money to buy him a front end wheelchair/cart from  I have heard really good things about them.  In talking with them, they seem to think that a front end cart will help him by evening out his spine (he slopes downward since his front end is shorter) and taking the pressure off of his back legs.  I hope that this will increase his mobility; at least for running around to play and take walks.  Anyway, I have attached a few pictures of him... one is with his best friend Shelby. 

Wishing you all the best this holiday,

Jenn, Michael, and Smokey     

Update October 2007:

HI Ginny!

Just writing to let you know how Smokey's first night went.  I tried to write yesterday, but my computer is screwed up, so I am writing from my dads.  Smokey was such a good boy when we left fair hill!  He took his place on the shuttle bus like a gentleman and then laid in the passenger's seat with his head in my lap for the entire 2 hour ride home.  We stopped at Petsmart and got him a new collar and lead, some weight control dog food, some treats and a nice fluffy dog bed.  Finally it was time to go home. 

My 6 cats greeted me at the door and got quite a big surprise.  Poor Smokey!  Joseph touched noses with him and then ran away hissing; back arched and tail poofed and all.  After that welcome, he didn't even want to come in the house.  When he got in, Smokey just laid by the door, not looking at any of the cats.  About 15 minutes later, I made him dinner, and that was all it took for him to realize that he was home.  He took his medicine without any problem and then he plopped down at my feet in front of the couch and followed me into any room I went. 

His only friend at the moment is Petey, the deaf / blind cat.  The cats started coming around him more and more throughout the night.  Maribel even sniffed him, and then promptly ran away.  I think that everyone will be best friends after a little while, which is good, because he really wants to be their friend. 

Smokey is so sweet.  Thank you so much for saving him... he will be a great fit for the house!  I have included pics of Smokey's first day

Jenn and Smokey





Andy was adopted!

Update November 2007:

Dear Ginny,

We wanted to give you an update on Andy. It has been a month since we adopted Andy and he has adjusted very well to our home. He goes for walks multiple times a day ... he LOVES to walk .. and he is keeping us in shape!

Andy is very affectionate and loveable and has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Andy loves to go for rides in the car and does great.

He is a very social dog and has made 2 dog friends, Chip and Jack. And is also a very ahppy dog and this is evident in his adorable smile.

Thank you for everything you did to help us adopt Andy. We can't thank you enough! We love Andy so much .. he is already such a huge part of our family.

Love, Allison and Jason

P.S. He loves squeaky toys!!



Shirley was adopted!

Sorry it took so long to write.  We renamed Shirley since she did not look like a Shirley to us.  She is doing well.  She is very playful and loves to be petted.  We got  scared at the first snow, she got away from my daughter but came right back to her and led her home from the field she ran out to.  My daughter thinks Shelby thought she was playing.  Hope to send some pictures soon.
Have a safe and happy holiday!



Blue was adopted!



Jenny was adopted!

Hi Ginny / Traci --

Sending a few photos of Margo (age 7), Jenny, and Roush. As you can see, she has adapted very well. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. She and Roush are best buds. Margo just adores Jenny (we all do). I think she looks awesome in her spotted coat -- wouldn't you agree? We were so lucky to find her. Thanks for bringing her into our lives!

Elizabeth Hinckley



Laverne was adopted!




Ollie was adopted!

Update October 2007:

Wow, that s really amazing of this guy. Today, I bought a new dog bed for him. He is very happy and relax on his bed. He is doing very good. I will buy heartworm guard very soon. The vet in frederick was helpful with us. He told me that the dog has a BB bullet in his chest. Hard to beleive that he was shot but he is a survivor! glad to give him a home. smile. Anyway,Burton is learning how to adjust with discpline lately. He learn how to sit every block we walk in the DC city. It help him to learn his ability to control and obey the walk signal.

Smile, thanks for updating with us.

Will ask questions in the future.

Thanks, Terri

Update March 2008:

I want to let you know that thing are better for Burton to live with us. My boyfriend really loves him very much and cant imagine to give him away. Glad we gave a chance again last november and see how time fly fast. it is march. we love that dog very much. we took him with us to our lake vacation home in upstate ny. Burton was in heaven to see lake, trees, etc. It is different from washington dc.

thought to share you pictures and see how Burton is doing. :)

*he really loves to run, cuddling with humans, and wrestling with big dogs. that s three things we notice lot in Burton. :)

we gave him a grooming and he look very sophiscated dog. less hair shedding. whew! :)

thank you for your wonderful rescue operations with dogs...


Update February 2014:

Beautiful ending of his life!






Winston was adopted!




Sunny was adopted!



Lotti was adopted!






Jade was adopted!

Jade is featured on Life with Dogs!

Update July 2009:

Jade has a new brother! Bill and Diane adopted Floyd (now Rudy)!

Update May 2011:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     Haven't updated you on Jade and Rudy. They are doing great! Rudy is getting big, and Jade is getting a little more gray. As you can see from the pictures they are inseparable and just love one another.

Have a great summer!!

Love, The Scartines

Update April 2009:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     I wanted you to know that Jade has passed the AKC Good Citizen Program. She had to pass ten behavior test, and she did great. She has patches to wear on her therapy vest and a tag for her collar. How about our Jade being AKC recognized? Love to all, Bill and Diane


Update March 2009:

Hello Jill and Ginny,
     We wanted to let you know that Jade went from being a" rescued dog" to a "therapy dog". We have joined a group called Caring Canines Therapy Dogs. We visit our local hospital, nursing homes, to Boggy Creek, which is a camp for sick children. We also go to places to promote the program by going to the mall, the community college, and even a large Harley Davidison shop. If you go to the website, you can learn more about us. Scroll down to Photos-Recent Visitations, there are a couple of pictures with Jade and Bill. We are not in Our Dogs yet.
     We are so proud of her. She is with dogs of all kinds and sizes. She is even leading the new members through the hospital. We send our love to all of you. And keep up with the good work you are doing.

Best Wishes, Bill and Diane


Update January 2009:

Hi Jill and Ginny, wanted to send you best wishes from Jade. She came back to DE for the holidays but didn't like the ice under her feet. Jade has become a boater. Took her first ride yesterday. She did real good, wasn't nervous at all. Now she can go fishing with her Dad. She is meeting the neighbor dogs and we plan on taking her to the dog park. We would like to get her ready to become a therapy dog at our hospital. She is so good with people and kids, but gets a little excited when meeting new dogs.

    Have been keeping an eye on your new kennels, they look really good. I see you are taking in the cats, too. All these animals need your help. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes, Bill, Diane, and Jade  




Update June 2008:

Hi Jill and Ginny, Jade has made it to Florida. Her new job is to rid the pool of Geccos (small lizards). She is doing very well here. She has gone swimming a couple of times. Now she has both of us home all the time, I think she likes all that attention.

Love to All, Bill, Diane, and Jade



Update April 2008:

Hi Jill and Ginny, Jade will be moving to Florida. She will have her own pool that is screened in. No more cold winters. Long walks in the warm and sunshine. I will have to get her a scarf with pink flamingos on it. Will try to send you pictures when we get there in late May. Love Diane

Update November 2007:

Hi Ginny and Jill,

I wanted to let you know that Jade is dong real well. She is the greatest dog. She loves to ride and goes everywhere with us.

Love Diane and Bill

I just wanted to send you a few more pictures. The one is Jade with her Halloween scarf on, and the other is with Tucker (Drake), and their Dads.

I agree with you about Jade being passed by. She is such a people dog. Loves everyone she meets. She has only been around older children so far, but does real well with them too. She is the most well behaved dog we have ever had.

Someone payed a lot of attention to her , and taught her well. She was loved by someone at one time and it is sad that they had to give her away.

She has adjusted to life with us. She is always near one of us at all times. She is at the door when we come home from work, and never makes a mess.

I can't imagine not having her with us. She has become very special to us. She truly was waiting for Bill to pick her.

I will be sending you Christmas pictures when the time comes. I might take her to have her picture taken with Santa.


Update July 2010:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     I wanted to send you a picture of how much Rudy loves Jade. He is just the sweetest cat. All is well , and the pets love Fla. Thinking of you, Diane and Bill




Haus was adopted!

I have some pictures of Bonney (aka Bandita).  

You saw her on Saturday, so you know she's doing well.  I think she and Hartwin are working things out.  There is still some rough housing, but it looks more playful than mean.  

I also have some good pictures of Hartwin (aka Haus).  He has turned into a wonderful pet.  It took him a while to learn everything, but he's great now.  We're working on his weight.

Bonney is very smart and has learned alot already.  She knows her name already and will come when called (unless she sees a rabbit).  She is great with sit and will automatically do it for food and the leash.  She has been wonderful in her crate.  She is not completely housebroken, but I think she is figuring it out now.  I think we'll have that issue settled soon.  She walks very well on the leash, but now that she has settled in she is less afraid of running after things.  When we first started walking, she tried to hide under me the whole time.  She is still nervous about passing cars and strangers, but I think we'll work that out as well.  She is definitely enjoying the walks as much as Hartwin now.   At home, she has become very playful.  She has taken all of the toys out of their box and tried each out.  I think she is getting the idea of "fetch" now since she dropped her toy in my lap.  (Hartwin is not interested in the game and just watches with distain.)

Thank you for such a very nice dog.



Bella was adopted!


Update March 2008:

Bella with her new best friends!!



Joey was adopted!



Benny was adopted!

Here I am in my new home.  I have settled in very nicely. I  can chase squirrels all day long, have been successful in getting a few cats up  a tree. 
All the kids in the neighborhood already know my name and where  I live.  Could that be because I have escaped from my yard on a few  occasions. The Grand kids come over every morning and afternoon to play ball  with me.  We play until supper time when I start to bark they know it's  time to feed me.  I'm trying very hard to train my new parents,they are  still a work in progress, I won't give up on them yet.
Thank for finding me my new home.

Love Benny

P.S. They think I'm 9 years old, but I act like  three.




Josie was adopted!
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