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Godiva was adopted!

Roxy (formerly Godiva) is doing absolutely wonderful!!!  She has the sweetest disposition.  She was adorable on the way home and wanted to snuggle the whole way with Mark.  She fell in love with him.   Our boys are thrilled to have her and Rico has been a true gentleman.  He was a little aloof at first but is now bringing her his toys.  He loves her too. She comes when we call her name, she sits on command and has only had one accident so far in the house.   She has an appointment with Bay Area Veterinary on Tuesday the 29th so please let me know again about her shot record.  I plan to send you some pictures on Monday as we will be taking lots this weekend.

Thanks so much for rescuing her.  She is a true joy to have in our home.




Snoopy was adopted!

Rescued by Raleigh Shook in honor of her birthday!

Snoopy's first day at home!






















Hi Ginny,                                                                     Here"s Snoopy and his girl friend and his favorite bone.Snoopy is doing great,he has finally started to relax and have fun and seems to know he is finaly found his  home.There isn't a day that goes buy that he dosn't goof of and put a smile on our face.Snoopy is now heart worm free and healthy,he still eats his food like it might be his last but I guess that is to be excpected after what he must have gone through. And anyone concidering a rescue pet, I would say they might be a little more work  in the begining but they are definitly worth it,and they give back so much in return!               

Thanks Ginny,The Moorehead Family 





Ben was adopted!

Saved in honor of Tom and Margaret Lopez. A Christmas gift from John and Diana Lopez.

Hi Ginny,
The doctor thinks he is around 10-11 months old due to the condition of his teeth. He weighed in at 83 lbs. and appears from the growth chart to land somewhere around 120 lbs.
His larynx was still very swollen so Ben is back on antibiotics and cough pills as well.  Seems to be responding  - only had 2 coughing spells yesterday.
He is doing well on playing in the house, ripping up all of his toys and just being a big boy.  He has very good manners and goes to the door when he needs to go out so no accidents yet on transition. And he is a bed hog -jumped right in and made himself at home!
Greg and Scott had him to the park yesterday and that was great fun -did laps with the boys. 

So will stay in touch but we are doing well.  Will try to take some pictures and forward soon.








Rip was adopted!

Good Morning Ginny, Jill & Dana,

Just a short email to thank you for all of your kindness during the adoption of Rip.  She has settled in very nicely.  We continue to be amazed by her intelligence and loyalty.  She is truly a wonderful addition to our family.

At your convenience, could you advise when she is due for her Heartquard Plus?

I wanted to pass along the fact that the Pet Companions Magazine is donating its back page for free publicity to rescue organizations (

Please feel free to come visit  Rip in her home.  We can be reached at XXXXXXX and you will be greeted warmly by all.

Thank You Again,

Jean Lee

ps.  I have already started spreading the word about Paws for Life to family and friends.  I hope I can generate some support.

Update January 2008:

Dear Ginny,

Thank you for thinking of us.  We are making out very well.  Rip is just such a joy and surprises us each day with new traits.  She reminds us so much of our 2 previous black labs, Bandit and Bumper.  I start chemo on 01/31/08 and look forward to having Rip as my private duty nurse.  

We think of you often and check the web site.  I was very happy to see that Ben has been adopted.  My daughter-in-law wanted me to adopt Ben in the worst way but my husband wanted another black lab.

When my health improves, I would like to help out in some way. 

Have a great day and don't hesitate to keep in touch.  We enjoy hearing from you.






Whitney was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

This is a three week update on Brandy. In just three weeks Brandy has become a part of the family. Kacey and Dusty, our two males, have had a few territory discussions with Brandy winning most. Now they play and sleep together. Brandy had her third Heartworm treatment yesterday and the Vet said she is doing fine. She has gained 8 lbs since 12/1/07. She eats like a horse. Brandy returns to the Vet in three weeks for a bloodtest and we start her on Heartworm pills in Febuary. All of our family and friends whom have met Brandy say she is a pretty ans loving dog. No pictures yet, she is a little hard to get a picture of when she is standing. Oh! she owns the couch.

Thanks for saving her
Linda Breedlove





Niko was adopted!

It was a challenging trip back to Delaware with Niko ( he was a little nervous in the car and probably a little scared because he did not feel comfortable with us yet).  After we arrived at our home in Harrington, he took my husband for a lengthy walk around the grounds and met our grandson and neighbors.  Of course, we had to give Niko (now Meko, because there is a restaurant here called Nikos and I just couldn't have a dog named after a restaurant) a bath, so my husband put on his swim suit and got right in the garden tub with him.  Meko was great during bath time so we knew he had done that many times before.

After the bath Meko came in the family room, picked out a rug near my husband's chair, and stayed there most of the evening.  Of course we haven't seen either of our cats yet, but they will appear soon I'm sure.

There is already a bond between my husband and Meko, he seems to be the perfect dog for us.  Thank you all so much for what you do and thanks for adding just the perfect gift to our holidays.


Carolyn Fredricks




Poker was adopted!

Ginny, I hope you had a nice Christmas.  I just wanted to send an update on Poker. I'll send pictures seperately tomorrow from the home computer.

He's doing well. We've actually renamed him 'Rugby' since he likes to tackle and wrestle around so much. He is very strong.  I played rugby in college so it seemed fitting.  He's been to the vet twice.  He's on worm medication and was given a cortizone shot for his itching. They said he didn't have fleas or mites but that he had a dry skin problem. The oatmeal baths didn't seem to be working.  The cortizone worked fine for the first week but it's worn off.  He's going back to the vet on Friday for a check-up b/c we don't want to keep giving him $30 shots weekly.  We're wondering if it could be allergies.  We've been feeding him the green bag of IAMS.  Do you think we should switch?

The first week was a little frustrating b/c he kept going in the house but we looked at it from his perspective that he had been outside for so long where it didn't matter.  Now he's sleeping in his crate in our room with the door open and when he needs to go he comes out and lets us know.

We couldn't be happier with him. He's very energetic and playful and follows us everywhere. He has tons of toys and it's hilarious to give him a new bone. He plays with it for a minute and then carries it around and hides it when no one's looking.  We've found them in the couch, shower, trash can, etc.  We actually get a little worried though when he plays with the ball.  He is very reckless and runs clear into walls, chairs, people or anything that's in the way to chase it down. He doesn't seem to get hurt but we can only let him have it for about an hour a day.

Anyway, I'll send pics tomorrow.  Thanks so much.





Kevin was adopted!


Kevin is doing just fine.  He is not too much to handle for us; actually, we find his disposition very sweet and agreeable.  He loves affection, but most of all, he wants to eat!  Our Mikey gets along great with him; it has not been a problem bringing him into the house.  They have been wrestling and playing together all evening.  I'll keep in touch, but so far, everything looks good!





Updated January 2008:

Just letting you know that all is well (see pictures attached).  Thank  you so much for saving this precious little guy. 
Happy New Year!
Christine Cooper






Updated January 2008:

Ginny:  Buster is doing great and we love him dearly.  He's gained a few pounds and is thoroughly adjusted. 

I check your website often and am so glad to see your continued success with finding homes for the dogs you rescue. 

Thank you and bless you for what you do!

Christine Cooper






Update April 008:

Buster is doing very well.  As you can see, he gained some weight and it looks very good on him (he's on the left--remember his floppy ear?).  His health seems a little fragile, but he is in good hands.  We will take good care of him.  Thank you again for rescuing him.
Best always,
Christine Cooper





Major was adopted!

We spoke on Wednesday the 12th & on Thursday my family & I came to see you & brought "Major" home with us. We have named him Jake & we are all becoming fast friends.
Attached is a picture of Jake relaxing at home. We'll send more when we get some good ones & keep you posted on his progress.
jeanette, Bill & Samantha


Lexie was adopted!





Missy was adopted!





Charlie was adopted!




Bach was adopted!





Coco was adopted!




Savannah was adopted!

Update November 2007:

Sorry I have not wrote to you earlier.  Well as I thought the moment Missy (my 2yr old Shepherd) got home she was completely fearless and Savanna became the nervous one.  The nerves in Savanna quickly gave way though after the two of them began to play in the yard.  Savanna is wonderful with Adrianna (my 13 month daughter) anytime adrianna comes up to her Savanna lays on her side and allows Adrianna to sit right next to her, sometimes even on her.  I have a feeling they are only going to grow closer over the years.  Missy does not mind Savanna being this close with Adrianna, as long as Savanna does not lay under the crib(this has been Missy's spot from the first night the baby slept in the crib)  Missy and Savanna will spend most the the day in the yard running around and wrestling with each other.  They just started to learn how to play tug a war, Missy has been winning but Savanna is catching on.  Savanna is so lovable, she will curl up right next to anyone and just rest her head on your lap.  I am so glad to have found her and cant wait to see what the future will bring for us.
Thanks Again





Cosmo was adopted!




Dove was adopted!



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