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Andre was adopted!






Secret was adopted!

Hi Ginny! Secret is doing great! You were right about the couch..she loves it!
She has been playing with my son and his friends all day. We all went to the park today and she ran around on the leash chasing after her new ball. We then came home and she crashed on the sofa for about an hour. She slept in our bed the first night from 11:30pm to 9:15am. She was really exhausted. We really feel so lucky to have gotten her. She really is a sweet dog and we look forward to spending many years with her. We will continue to send pictures and keep you updated. Thanks again! 
                             The Wallaces'





Buddy was adopted!







Update March 2008:

Everything has been wonderful, and it's as if he has always been with us. He and Heaven are inseparable, no problems whatsoever! He was a bit nervous in the beginning, of course, but seems to trust us completely now. We'll be taking him to the beach tomorrow - it's been too windy & cold up until now, and will take some more pics then. Hope all is well with you! Joanie Brown


Update February 2008:

Hi Ginny - I'm sending a few hastily-snapped photos from yesterday. All has gone extremely well, no jealousy, no problems whatsoever. We wish Buddy would sleep in Heaven's room with her - we put a new large pillow back there for him, next to hers, but he seems to prefer the couch. We got him new raised food bowls - he's eating like one of your horses! We're taking him to the vet tomorrow, because Heaven had an appointment anyway & we want to have him on record with our vet. His back looks much better.  Yesterday he was a bit nervous whenever Gordon left the room or went out, but today when he left for work Buddy just stayed asleep on the couch, didn't even seem to notice!

I hope he knows we love him and that he feels secure. We'll be signing him up at the new dog park here in Ocean City as soon as he heals up a bit more. (You know how people can be - they wouldn't take our word for it if we said he wasn't contageous....) Meanwhile, Gordon takes them to run and play at a
ballfield up the road. When we move in April or May they'll have a yard. I can't wait to for that day to come! Thanks for all you did to help Buddy and to allow him to come home with us. He and Heaven seem like they've always been together.



































Update July 2008:

This is Buddy,who we have named Jackpot Buddy.We hit the jackpot with him.He is an awesome looking boy now.You should take a trip down here with digby and milo,and let them play.Send these pics to Ginny for us.Thanks.Gordon




Buddy was adopted!

Buddy has settled into our house well over the past couple of days.  He absolutely loves our two boys, and is very gentle with them.  He is getting along well with Jake, our black lab.  He is very good around the cats, though he is intensely curious and that gets him in trouble sometimes, but he is learning the ropes, and they are adjusting to him being a part of our family.  We already can not imagine life without him.  Thank you for your efforts, and good luck in the future!

Jan Krolick and
Amy & Steve Murray and Donovan, Colin and Jake
(the attached picture is of Buddy, Jake and Donovan)





Sheba was adopted!

Update February 2008:

Sheba is now named "Happy". Since she doesn't know any name she doesn't care. She is a bit confused, but trying hard to fit in. She misses having the other dogs to play with. She tries to play with the old foxhound, but Artemis is always a grouch when you wake her up.... and she sleeps 22 hours a day. Happy doesn't do stairs, so she has chosen her sleeping spot at the bottom of the kitchen stairs. My brother brought his kids up today and Happy was great with them. 

Update February 2010:

Happy loves the snow, especially trying to bury her "chew toy" Oscar in it.



Winnie was adopted!

Update February 2008:

Winnie was excellent on the car ride home and has settled into her new home quite well. She is extremely affectionate (full of kisses) and loves exploring the farm on a leash. We picked-up a collar and a tag with her name and our phone numbers, so now even strangers can know she has a family. She hasn't had any accidents in the house. She is still energetic and a bit anxious about all the changes in her life, but she wants to please and should be very trainable. We are thrilled with her and Winnie seems equally eager to fit it into our family.

Maisy and Babette

Update February 2008:

We want to thank-you so much for bringing Winnie into our life. She is a delight-- calm, responsive, intelligent,happy. She has blended very well into being a house and farm dog. She is friendly to all the people, especially kids, who come to the farm, plays well with visiting dogs, seems fine with the cats and is learning about horses. We are up to feeding, mucking out, handwalking and leading horses in and out together, but because of the potential danger to her we haven't ridden out with her until we are sure she has commands down and understands not getting underfoot.

Winnie is now very comfortable in the house, has mastered housebreaking,stairs, staying off counters and furniture, and is learning to not dribble bits of her food about. She still would like to "bury" her bone in cushions :).

She loves car and truck rides but is good about not chasing them when we drive off. A real homebody, she is definitely not a hunter nor a wanderer. She rarely barks, but when she does it is impressive!

She is a very good co-therapist in my office as well.

Again, thank-you so very much!!!

Babette Jenny,Maisy Grassie, Gillian Grassie

Update May 2013:

We did not change her name from the one you gave her,as we figured she had enough changes in her life. We adore her. She believes she is our personal Secret Service,and also is a lovely escort service for my clients when they come to the house. So sweet and smart.

Update October 2014:

(photo) Gillian Grassie and Winnie. Beloved part of our family








Bear was adopted!

Update January 2008:

Hi Ginny
Thought I would give you the 24hr. update on Bear.
I am very impressed with what Bear knows, but he was not letting on that he knew certain commands, (he tried playing us). He sits, lays down, understands NO, (after repeating the word about 5-6 times). When we sat down for dinner I made him lay down and stay about 10 ft from the table and he responded immediately. My mouth dropped! He slept upstairs with us, on a blanket on the floor next to me, and went to sleep right away. This morning (5:30), him and I took a good 20 minute walk and he's not that bad on the leash either. He needs some polishing up. I signed us up for school, I never had taken my dogs to obediance classes, but I am interested to see what it is all about He has to work on the jumping and biting, but other than that he is a real sweety. I will keep you posted on his progress, but I think he is going to be very happy here. It was nice to meet you, and I appreciate your passion.
Have a great Day,
Debbie McIntosh

Update Feburary 2008:

Hello Ginny
Bear is doing GREAT! Went to visit the vet, and did very well, everything is 'ok'. We have recently installed a fence and he loves the freedom. Plays ball for hours....he definitely has adjusted to his new home. We just love him! I will have to take some pictures and send them to you. Bob and I are actually considering a "buddy" for Bear. I am leaning more towards a lab female, maybe a year or two older than him, I was a thinking 3-5 year old female.
Please keep us in mind.
Take care...
And thank you again....
Debbie McIntosh

Update December 2008:

Hello Ginny
It has been almost 1 year since Bear came home to PA., with us...he is doing GREAT!!! I have attached some current pics...
Have a geat holiday! Keep up the good work...
Debbie and Bob McIntosh




Zoey was adopted!







Dove was adopted!

Update February 2008:



Sorry I took so long to respond, but I wanted to give myself time with Dove first. She is truly a love and wants to please.Some one had spent time with her in obedience training thats for sure.Doing far beyond anything I would have expected at her age.Took her to my vet just to have her blood shot eyes checked and her excessive shedding..Eyes were from stress,within two days were white as snow,her shedding ,they think could have been diet,and dry conditions in the home,should clear up in a couple of weeks.Truly have bonded well,could not have made a better choice.Looking forward to coming down again so you can see our progress.Thanks to you for thinking of me when she came back.     Steve








Zeus was adopted!

Dear Ginny, attached are pictures of Zeus and Murphy.  They are inseparable and are best buds. Zeus has become devoted to Murphy and helps him get around after his seizures  They both are spoiled rotten and are enjoying life!



Sue was adopted!





Harley was adopted!

Update February 2009:


by Kyle Bradley

I have a dog. His name is Harley. he is a German Shepherd and he is brown and black. Harley is 2 years old. We got him from Kip's dog rescue right before Christmas. His favorite thing to do is to go for a car ride. He can go everywhere in the car.

My dog likes the outdoors alot. He likes the winter the best because he likes rolling in the snow and eating the snow too!

He is a big dog and he weights 82 pounds. He is a strong dog and a fast runner. He likes my mom the best. He follows her around everywhere.

He is trained. he can sit, lay, jump and give his paw. He also likes to play with the soccer ball. He is very playful. I like to lay ball with him outside. I love my dog!

Update May 2008:

We brought Harley home right before Christmas and since day one, you’d think he has been with us forever.  He has the best personality and loves to have your attention.  He likes to go for a run every day and will stare you down if you decide to sleep in versus take him for a run – what a great motivator!  Harley plays so well with Kyle and Savannah who are 8 and just loves to be outside with them while they are playing.  A bad day for Harley is if the car leaves the driveway and he isn’t in it!  We try to take him with us where ever we go!  He is an absolute joy and we are thankful for the opportunity to get him from Paws For Life!  It is a great organization that has given us the opportunity to welcome a great addition to our home and family.  

The Bradley’s
Mark, Cheryl, Kyle and Savannah






Peanut was adopted!




Cain was adopted!


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