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More Success Stories


Prince was adopted!


Made the 120 mile trip back without incident and "Riley" and Rudy did well for the first day. They actually didn't interact very much, but on the plus end didn't dislike each other either. I'm sure in a day or so they'll be buddies. Here's a picture of the two of them together. Riley is only lukewarm on chasing balls, but does like treats, handles basic commands ok and warmed up as the day progressed. So, all in all, a very good start.

Can you send me his paperwork, whatever you have. Also, I really think he's only a year old at best and has some Irish setter in him.

Thanks for everything. Wish the weather hadn't chased us off so quickly but we barely made the vehicle before it rained hard.

Rick Snider




Ellie was adopted!

Hi Jill,

I wanted to send you an email this morning and let you know that I absolutely LOVE Ellie.  I can't begin to tell you how happy she has made in a few short days. I am so glad that you helped me adopt her. I can't imagine someone giving her up.  She is so well behaved for being a puppy. She is completely house trained..she lets me knows if she needs to go out.

She follows me everywhere and just loves to get hugs and kisses.  She lays on the bathroom floor when I get a shower, comes to the basement and sits with me when I do laundry.  Oh and I almost forgot she likes going on car rides now. She gets right into my truck all by herself. A couple of times yesterday she cried by the door and I thought it was to go out so I took her and she went right to my truck and sat because she wanted to go in the car.

She likes to sit on my lap too. (She doesn't know she's so big I guess) Like anything though she is still adjusting. She won't play with toys just yet. She loves her new beds and my sofa but that's ok.

She did go into my neighbors yard and play with her lab yesterday.  Her lab, Allie is just 2 yrs old.  My neighbor is going to take Ellie over to her yard a couple times a day to run around while I am at work.

I can't thank you enough for Ellie.  She is an absolute Love bug. I will definitely send pictures and keep you updated.

Update September, 2008:

I wanted to send an update on my Ellie.  I have attached 2 pictures I had taken of her.  Ellie is the most lovable, LOYAL, beautiful little girl and I am so glad we found each other.  Ellie is becoming very spoiled but that's ok because I want her to be spoiled..that's my job.  Ellie loves car rides now.  We go to the beach in OCMD all the time.  Ellie and I along with my sister, niece and 2 nephews took a car trip to TN to visit my other sister and her new baby. She had a blast. 

Ellie follows me everywhere. No matter what I am doing she is at my feet. Taking a shower, doing laundry she never leaves my side. She sleeps in bed with me but has her own beds as well.  As well she goes where I go. If I go to a barbeque, my sisters, a friends I never leave her behind. She is a great companion. She is so smart I only have to show her or correct her once and she learns it. She has learned to play with toys. She no longer takes her food from her bowl and eat it in another room. She is more trusting now. We take walks every day and learning to walk with a leash was fairly easy.  When the clock strikes 7pm she barks at me until we leave for a walk.

We had an fairly easy time transitioning but we also had some obsticles. When I first brought her home I found out she is deathly afraid of rain and of course thunder storms but we worked on that...I set up a special place for her to go to with a bed and pillow when it rains or thunders. She is deathly afraid of men until she gets to know them. She would actually hit the ground or floor when she saw a man near her and if someone had baseball hat on, my goodness that was awful again right to the ground and shake. I found that out because my nephews always have baseball caps on.  She was afraid of when I took the mail from the box.  I shutter to think the life that poor girl had before she was rescued.  She has learned though that I dont intend any harm to her with any object. I try to make games out of the mail or play peek a boo with a towel because she is was so afraid of them.  She was completely house trained never had one accident in the house.

I  cant thank you enough for bringing us together. I have been thinking about adopting her a friend maybe another yellow lab. If you see a yellow lab coming for adopting please let me know.

Thanks again
Trish DiAntonio

Update January 2010:

I have attached pictures of Ellie. She is my baby. I couldnt love her more!
She is still scared of alot of things but has come so far. SHE IS VERY SMART! She goes everywhere with me. We spent the summer in Ocean City, MD and have been on several car trips to TN to visit my family. They all have labs and when we come she is depressed because she left her cousins.

Update February 2010:

Ellie is my love. She has come so far. She has finally starting giving me her paw after all this time. She used to just hang her head when you asked for it. (Heaven knows what happened to make her do that). We spent this past summer in Ocean City, MD. She loves the sand as much as the snow!

Update December 2010:

Hi Jill
I am sorry I havent sent more pictures. I have been a little lazy in downloading them. Attached are my Christmas babies all tuckered out. I will send more of Chloe (Ginger). She is the biggest lovebug ever. I love her to death. She never leaves my side. I feel so lucky to have my 2 girls.

Chloe has the gold bow & Ellie has the red bow.

I hope you are well. I will send more pictures so you can see how much she has grown!
Trish DiAntono

Update December 2013:

Merry Christmas Jill!

I wanted to share Ellie & Chloe's Christmas Photo. Poor Chlosie was over the picture taking as you can see from her expressions. haha

I wanted to share also the picture frame my niece & nephews gave me for Christmas with Ellie & Chloe's picture in it.

I hope all is well! 


Jake was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying Jake.  I decided to start some basic training the first day after we got him home.  He has done very well.
He can walk on a slack leash about 95% of the time now and only forgets if there is a really interesting animal ahead.  For that reason I have not allowed the younger boys to walk him alone.
He sits dependably.
He can walk at heel when required to do so,(also on a slack leash) with no arguing.  He jogs at heel, too.
He happily greets each family member when they arrive home.  (And we happily greet him, too! :) )
He knows where to go potty, and except when he got sick when I changed his food too quickly, he goes there.
He is very curious about nature and listens to every bird, squirrel and frog.
He does funny things, like study shadows and walk through your legs, and then just stops there, halfway through.

We like him very much.
Thank you again,


Roxy was adopted!

Snoozy was adopted!

Dear Paws for Life,

THANK YOU for the opportunity to adopt Snoozy!  I adopted him the day before Easter and I couldn't be happier!  He is a yellow lab mix and everyone can't believe how calm he is for a puppy!  For this reason, I kept the name you'd given him--Snoozy.  He loves to take naps and has a very laid back disposition.  It took him about a week or two to learn this name.  I'm assuming you picked it for him when he arrived.  I will be celebrating his first birthday next month.  Snoozy runs with me every morning.  He is a great companion--so loving, affectionate, and SWEET!  I take him with me as much as I can and he has really adjusted well to riding in the car (He seemed uncomfortable with it at first.)  I took him to the vet who says he's very healthy. He's gained 10 pounds since I adopted him, and the vet says he could gain up to 15 more...making him 75 pounds when he's full-grown.  I just love Snoozy so much!  He brightens every day for me, and fits my active, outdoor lifestyle.  At home h e follows me everywhere.  He's very loyal.  I will send some pictures soon.
I was hoping to make your 5k run and run it with Snoozy, but I'll be out of town.  I hope you have a big turn-out.  Good luck with all your other dogs and thanks for the wonderful service you provide.  I've been telling everyone about the wonderful experience I had with Paws for Life and spreading the word about you.

Take care,
Jordan and Snoozy



Hunter was adopted!

Dear Ginny,
Hunter is doing great.  He still has an ear infection and is on a month long antibiotic.  It does not effect him.  He has a great disposition.
He gets along with Beau. You would think they have been together forever and not just 2 months.  My family loves him and can not believe anyone would give him up.  He is a great dog. 
Thank you for asking me to foster him while you were away. We could not of asked for a more loving pet. He is a joy to have around. 

Niki Buckland and family 



Dutch was adopted!

Hi Ginny -
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that your old Pal Dutch (yep, kept the name) is happy and healthy and adjusting to life here in Phoenixville, PA.
He seems to have recovered from his lymes, got over a bout of ringworm and is set to have surgery (tomorrow) to finally remove his dew claws.

At first he was getting sick every single day (esp. in the car) but he seems to be coming around. He really is a good boy who is taking direction (pretty) well. He loves to retrieve and really has taken to the water (of course)!!  He gallops down the trail on hikes, fetches anything thrown in the creek and is smitten with every Great Dane he meets at the local dog park.

Btw – You told me when I picked him up that he was a chocolate lab. However, I must have had at least a half-dozen (well-informed) dog people tell me he was a Chesapeake, as well.  Other people still ask every day – “just what kind of dog is he?” He obviously has a unique look about him and is too friendly to Everyone!

Thanks again for providing the opportunity for so many “good boys and girls” to find a home.
Take care ~ Daniel



Molly was adopted!

Update April 2008:

Hi Ginny,
We brought Molly home with us about one month ago, she is definitely adjusting well and happy in her new home. We love having her in our lives! She is extremely well-behaved and simply follows us from room to room. We were surprised at how well she listens and walks on a leash, though we still enrolled her in dog school, just for extra reinforcement. We've been walking almost daily and are looking forward to going swimming when it's warm outside. She's got a mild case of separation anxiety that we are working through, but we can leave her alone in the house without fear she will destroy anything. We bought her some large flavored rawhide bones; she won't eat them, instead she tries to bury them in the floors and couch - it's very entertaining. We'll take her for a follow-up visit to the Vet in about 2 weeks just to make sure all is well with the heartworm treatment. I was hoping we could make the trip down for the fund-raiser but the timing is not working out, hopefully we will attend next year. Thank you so much for rescuing Molly!
Best regards,
Stefanie and John



Marty was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

I wanted to give you a quick update on Marty – we have named him Indy and he seems to like that!  It has been almost two weeks now and we notice that he seems less shy and more at home every day!  He is such a sweetheart – thank you for saving him.  Indy immediately took to our children – he follows them around and they love to pet him.   He has just started to play around a little this week and we are all having a lot of fun. 

We have taken him to the vet – he had a little ear infection and worms in his stomach, so he’s on some medication and will be rechecked in about 3 weeks. 

Do you have any information about his life – do you know if the shelter found him as a stray or if he was turned in?  I am curious because, he seems to be very frightened by noises and cars.  He’s used to the phone ringing now, but the first couple of days he would jump up and hide.  He also seems to be afraid of men, although my husband is slowly winning him over with lots of walks and kind words.  Keith comes home at lunch everyday and takes Indy for a walk – oh, and they walk our son to school every morning – the teachers and kids love him and he really enjoys the attention! 

Indy is really wonderful – our fence will be completed tomorrow and I know he will enjoy running around the yard! 

I’ll send you another update soon.  I just wanted to let you know that we love him and he is doing great!

Take care,
Kim and Keith Parks

Update February 2010:

Here is a picture of Indy in the snow.  We got him from you maybe 1 1/2 years ago, I think.  You were calling him "Marty", I believe.  He is still fearful and nervous but has made ALOT of progress.  There is still work to do, though.  But he is a sweet dog and he seems pretty happy overall.  And he absolutely loves the snow.



Charlotte was adopted!


Maya was adopted!


Rufus was adopted!



Millie was adopted!





Ariel was adopted!





Sammy was adopted!







Gem was adopted!








Rosie was adopted!

Update March 2009:

Dear Ginny,

We just wanted to update you on Rosie (now Lacey).  It has been a little over a year and Lacey is still stealing our hearts.  She is a wonderful happy pup.  She does have a friend Koda who looks up to her.  Lacey has made many friends in the neighborhood and loves going for a car ride and for walks.  Thanks again for all you do!!!!  We LOVE her.

The Stanton's

Update April 2008:

Dear Ginny,

Words can not express the thanks that is owed to you.  It was because of you that we drove 2 1/2 hours to meet Rosie.  One the phone you told me that it would be well worth the drive to come see her.  We took your advice and piled my five year old son into the car for the long ride.  We meet Rosie at your farm.  She was a shy, timid girl but there was something about her.  My husband was really not interested in her because she was very small for a German shepherd and he was hoping she would have been bigger.   You told us to take our time with her and we spent over an hour with her.  She was such a sweet dog.  My son and I convinced his father to adopt her.  Rosie (now Lacey) is the most wonderful dog God has brought into our lives.  She is and will be our forever pet.  The whole family including grand mom loves her.  She was very scared at first and seemed very sad.  She stayed by my side everyday. At first she did not want anything to do with the rest of the family.  I had spoken to a wonderful trainer and she said it will take time for her to feel safe.  We needed to build trust with her.  Lacey did not like to be left alone so for the first two weeks she went everywhere with me.  The vet suggested that we get her a puppy, this will help her come out of her shell.  We went to a breeder and bought Lacey a puppy.  She took to the puppy right away.  She loved playing mommy.  Over the next couple of weeks we saw a big change in Lacey.  She was so happy.  She warmed up to everyone in the family.  At night she takes turns laying on the floor with someone for a belly rub.  She loves to play ball with my son.  She loves to go for rides in the car with me and she cherishes her walks with my husband.  We all are so blessed to have her in our lives.  Ginny thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.  I can not tell you how happy we are with her.  You are a wonderful person who really cares about the dogs.  If I had spoken to anyone else besides you that day, I would have not pushed my husband to take the long drive.  Lacey is well worth it!  If you ever need us for a reference please feel free to contact us.  I hope that people who look at your dogs on the web site give you guys a chance.  We never thought an older dog would turn out so wonderful.  We thought that we were getting someone else's problem.  You do a great job in screening your dogs for families.  Thanks again!!!!!

All of our Love,
The Stanton's and of course LACEY

Update October 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We are so excited to see that paws for life is still up and running and
going strong. We adopted (Rosie) now Lacey from you in 08 and she is doing
GREAT!!!  We are so thankful for all you do for the dogs without you we
would have never found Lacey. Thanks again. Take care.






Owen was adopted!

Update April 2010:

Butchie and his baby ...

Update February 2010:

Butchie has a baby!

Update August 2009:

I hope you enjoy the photos of Butchie from his recent vacation to the Outer Banks.  He was real trooper for the 8 hour car ride and Matt swears he had it the best because he had a full bed to rest on for the ride.  We went for walks every morning on the beach and most nights.  Butch spent two of the cooler days on the beach with us all day.  He loved hunting birds in the morning but they always seemed to fly away way before he got to them.  Avery loved walking Butch and running with him.  He was happy to get home on Saturday evening and has now graduated from his crate.  A bed now sits in the place of his crate and he frequents that corner in the office now.  When I go to leave he goes and sits in the corner on his bed like it's his crate.  Hope all is well!!



Update February 2009:

Here are Butchie's Christmas pictures which includes a play by play of him opening one of his presents.  Butchie did well at his reading with dogs program today and they took some pictures of children with Butchie because the children are going to receive these pictures as little gifts at the end of the program.  Unfortunately we aren't allowed to take pictures with the dogs and kids so you'll have to take word that he was a good boy. 


Update October 2008:

... a couple pictures of Butchie on reception day...

I am doing a weight loss contest at work and have been taking Butchie running in the morning before work.  Now on days when I am not planning on running he wakes me up and is ready to go.  So now I go running on days when I wasn't even planning on it.  This morning I had to take my car to the shop and Butchie was so mad at me for not taking him running that he sat downstairs while I was getting ready with a frown on his face.  Usually I can't get 5 feet away from him even when I am in the shower.  Poor guy!!  Hope to see you Saturday!!



Update July 2008:

Hi Ginny and Jill,
Just wanted to let you know that Butchie graduated from obedience school last Tuesday and passed a test on Friday to become a therapy dog.  He is really excited about his new career as you know he loves  people.  I think he is goig to start out with some childrens reading programs at libraries and move onto some nursing home and hospital visits in a few months.  We are not allowed to take pictures of them while they are working.  Hope all is well!!!



Update May 2008:

Hello Ginny,
Attached are some pictures of Butchie.  We signed up for an obedience class that starts in few weeks but he has learned so much already, I think is going to be the allstar in the class.  Everyone who meets him just loves him and I have referred several people to your rescue.  He is so funny, you will see in the pictures how he lays on me because he isn¢t allowed on the furniture but he knows he is allowed to lay on me.  He's been to the vet and he weighs almost 80 lbs.  He has never gone to the bathroom in the house and only barks about once a week.  We have banned all stuffed toys in the house because they get destroyed in less than 5 minutes.  He has eaten countless toys and couple of beds.  Good thing he loves rubber squeaky toys because those are the only ones that last.  We had a party this weekend and you can see in one photo the beginning of the party where he is hanging out  with us and at the end of the party where he is passed out under the dining room table. I hope you like the pictures!!

Bonnie & Matt



Hi Ginny,
I wanted to give you an update on Owen.  His new name is Butch Cassidy but we call him Butchie.  He is completely trained on the electric fence and loves to hang out in the yard, play fetch and chew on sticks.  He thinks the deer are neat but doesn’t go through the fence after them.  This weekend we took him to the state park on Saturday and to the beach on Sunday.  He loves to go for car rides.  Oh, and one of the qualities we love about him is that he doesn’t bark (no kidding), I am glad you didn’t advertise that or someone would have probably gotten him before we did.  When we first brought him home he wouldn’t walk on the kitchen floor or go up or down stairs.  He’s gotten over that and now he is a pro.  It almost seems as if he hadn’t lived inside before.  Can you ask the guy you got him from if he knows if he was a stray or what his story was?  I was just checking out your upcoming event and think we might try and come.  Thank you so much for saving such a wonderful dog!!!  P.S.  We have taken pictures but I haven’t gotten the pictures off of the camera yet, when I do, I promise to forward them!!!

Bonnie & Matt

Update July 2009:

Butchie and his mom sleeping!







Tibby was adopted!





Chelsea was adopted!




Boate was adopted!


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