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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Lucky was adopted!





Mr. Bags was adopted!






Mr. Bags with his new family!


Emma was adopted!

Update February 2009:


It's been almost a year that I've had Emma, and she's been an amazing dog.  Thank you so much for adopting her out to me.  She has lost a lot of weight and now enjoys hiking, running and keeping the critters in line at the farm.  Despite her age she is still able to keep up with her young friends.  I'll send some pictures soon, she looks great.  She is also one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever met, and is always excited to see me.  She is obviously very grateful for being rescued.  I personally think Paws for Life is the best rescue I've seen, and I recommend you to everyone I know that is looking for a dog.  Again, thank you very much for everything you have done.


Update August 2009:


Its been a long time since I adopted Emma from you guys, and I probably should've sent some pictures sooner, but here they are.  Shes been an amazing dog, calm when she needs to be, yet full of energy at the right times, despite her older age.  Thank you very much Paws for Life!





Teddy was adopted!





Linus was adopted!


I wanted to send you an update about Linus.  We can't find the charger for our digital camera, but I will send pictures when we do!  He is fitting in just perfectly.  He hasn't had a single accident in the house.  He doesn't like the crate, so we have been slowly giving him more space on one floor of our house.  He now has access to the whole floor when we are out and we haven't had a single problem.  I'm pretty sure he is an angel!!! 

He had his stitches out and he's on antibiotics for the problems he was having after being neutered and he also has eardrops for a slight ear infection, and everything is looking great!!!  He'll be in tip top shape soon.  We just love him.  He's great with kids in the neighborhood and other dogs too.  We think he misses being with other puppies because he gets so excited when he sees dogs in the neighborhood.  We'll be able to take him to the dog park and doggie daycare next week.  In the meantime, he's made best friends with our neighbor's old lab putty.  We're going to start doggie school with him in the next few weeks.  I'm sure he is going to learn fast.
He is literally the perfect dog, and we are so thankful to paws for life for saving him. 

Warmest regards,

Stephanie & Keith Wiswall




Sasha was adopted!

Sasha is looking forward to camping with her new family!

Update September 2008:

Hello everyone,

This update is long overdue!  We have been so busy having a wonderful time with Sasha that we have not had time to write till now.  If you remember, Sasha, the brindle Shepherd/Boxer mix, joined our family back in the spring.  She quickly adopted us soon after we brought her home and claimed us for her own.  She is such a great dog!  She listens so well, is smart and easily trainable and above all, is very loyal to our whole family.  She watches over the kids like a hawk when they are outside or at the neighbors.  She will sit and just wait for them to come home so she can happily greet them.  She won’t settle down to sleep until everyone in the family is in bed where they belong at night.  Sasha loves car rides, and she did great camping with us.  Sasha really enjoys playing in our big yard and swimming is a favorite!  Thank you for the work you do to find loving dogs deserving homes.  After losing our first dog after 17 years of a full life, we were devastated.  Having Sasha has helped us through that as we have learned to love a new dog.  We are so thankful for her, and we were glad to be able to be the family she needed.  Thanks again…..we’ll try to send pictures.

The Johnson Family


Delilah was adopted!

Hi Ginny and Eric,

Delilah had a very nice ride home.  She curled up like a cat and slept next to Jacob
all the way home.(I do think we may have a cat in a dogs body!) If she wags her tail any more it will be bruised I'm sure. We ran her around the yard to make her tired again. Hopefully, she will sleep all night. Jacob thinks she already knows this is home.

I'll let you know how it goes with the stitches; thanks for taking care of her.

It was nice to meet you both today.
We'll be in touch,


Sadie was adopted!

Update May 2008:

Thank you for finding me a loving family. I have a fenced in yard, lots of toys, and food. I think that with some training they may work out. This couple I have adopted are pretty old, but I think I can keep them young.




Hannah was adopted!


Roxie was adopted!



Sweetie was adopted!


Abbey Roe (formerly Sweetie) is an absolutely wonderful addition to our family.  She is so well behaved, sweet, smart and loving.  She has been going great with her commands and gets along with all of the day care kids.  She can be energetic and playful with them but she also curls up with them to cuddle.  She loves the babies gentle!  She especially loves the babies because they tend to inadvertently feed her from their highchair with their messy eating.  She can also handle the in and out of the kids and parents.  We could not have asked for more. 

She did not shed a hair the first two weeks and we were ecstatic!  We thought we hit the jackpot!  But, she got comfy and started shedding a couple of days ago...she tricked us, but it is no big deal!  Our only concern is that she looks like she is going to jump our fence any day.  She has the height of her jump down, she is just not moving forward in her jump.  Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Abbey Roe (Sweetie) and for all of the wonderful work you do.  We love her so much!

The Adkins


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