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Anna was adopted!

 Anna is fitting in well. We absolutely love her. She plays fetch with us in the backyard and accompanies us on long walks.  We took her to the beach and are still trying to get her used to the water but she loves the sand. I think its the rolling of the waves so we're going to try a lake next.
Thanks a lot! - The Shinn Family





Friday was adopted!

Just wanted to let you know that Friday (now named Ruby) has adjusted beautifully.  She was scared and timid the first night but has since quickly blossomed into a happy, friendly little girl.  She's so sweet and cute, I love her to pieces!
Thank you for rescuing her.
Diane McGee



Bear was adopted!





Mary was adopted!




Lexie was adopted!





Dolly was adopted!

Update July 2008:

Hi Ginny,
We just wanted to update you on Dolly. We adopted her May 31. Dolly is doing great. She is getting healthier every day. Her fur is beautiful and so soft. She loves walks and enjoys keeping Shane, our other dog, in line. We are so glad she is a member of our family. Please see the attached pictures of our doll baby.
Cindy, Andy, Lauren, Sarah, Shane, and Dolly Hopkins





Prince was adopted!






Winter was adopted!

Update June 2008:

Thank you so much for introducing us to WINTER.  He made himself at home right away.  He just loves the Black Lab we have SASSY.  They are always together and they make such a cute couple.  See pictures I have attached.  We will keep you updated and send more pictures of him later.

  Thanks again, Judy & Jim Ross 














Update June 2008:

I have enclosed a couple more pictures of WINTER on one of our docks with my nephew.  He really loves the water and goes for a swim almost everyday.  He is really good with all the kids that come here. WINTER is a true member of our family now.  Thanks again, Judy






Update September 2008:

I just wanted to let you see how Winter is doing here.  As you can see by these pictures he has gotten famous, with his picture in the newspaper. He really loves the water and is getting all the attention he could want.  He is the best shepherd we have ever had.  He is so lovable and yet is a good watch dog and protector.  He is outside running and swimming all day and then in the evening he comes inside and falls right to sleep until morning, he wears himself out.  We want you to know how happy we are that animals are getting good homes because of all your hard work.

Thanks again,

Judy Ross




Juniper was adopted!

Update June 2008:

Juniper is doing really well - she learns very quickly.  We've actually changed her name to Lola, since she didn't seem to respond to Juniper anyway.  She's already been to the dog park a couple of times and played in the water for a long time at Fair Hill this weekend.  She is a wild woman, but just has a heart of gold.  We love her!!!  I need to recharge my batteries in my camera, but I will send you some pics of her soon.  Thank you so much!!!  :)
- Devon

Update June 2008:

Hi, Ginny!  Lola's doing great - she and Ruby (formerly Friday) really wear each other out every Sunday!  Here are some pics... 
Thanks again - these girls are perfect additions to our family!!  :)

- Devon & Gero


Sammy was adopted!





Zeba was adopted!

Jill and Ginny,

Here is an update on Tucker (Drake) and Elle (Zeba).  Elle was a handful when we first got her.  I wasn't sure how she would be with both Tucker and Lilly (our original dog, as she is older) but she has calmed down.  Tucker absolutely loves her as his new playmate.  The addition of both Tucker and Elle has brought our older dog Lilly to life.  So far neither of them really enjoy the pool.  Although we haven't really encouraged them swimming too much.  They both really love their toys and have grown so close that they are very rarely apart.  We took them both to your groundbreaking and we all had a great time.  We love them both so much.  Here are some pictures of Tucker and Elle just loving their new life.  Thank you again for finding us these wonderful dogs.  We will keep in touch! 



Jean and Ed 

Update December 2008:

Hello Ginny and Jill!

This is Elle's first Christmas with us.  She can be quite a handful but we love her anyway.  We couldn't imagine life without her.  Her and Tucker are amazing playmates.  I don't think they would know what to do with out each other.  She loves playing with toys esp. her ball.  After Santa's visit she was found not only chewing her toy but with Tucker's toy underneath her paw.  She is our guard dog.  Ready and willing to bark whenever anything out of the ordinary happens.  We are just fine with that because we know she is keeping us safe.  I have attached a few pictures of her with her Santa scarf on right before Christmas.  Thank you again for bringing her into our life.  We are very grateful.  We will keep in touch!


Jean and Ed Hitch  







Ben was adopted!

Hi Ginny and Jill,
I wanted to give you an update on Ben.  He is such a wonderful dog! He’s everything that you said and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day gift!  Ben is so patient with the boys and is always one step behind them!

He takes his “job” very seriously.  It took Ben about two seconds to adjust to his new life.  He sleeps on our bed every night, relaxes on the couch and enjoys endless hours of frisbee and ball games.  The rest of his day is occupied playing with the boys.  Ben enjoys swimming with his shepherd friends Max and King.  He is doing great with his sit/down/stay commands and has really come a long way with heeling on the leash.  He is a quick learner and eager to please.

Ben is gaining weight and I am taking him to be micro-chipped next week. I am so happy that things worked out the way that they did and we were able to adopt him.  A new dog bed will be arriving for your new kennel to commemorate Ben’s 1st birthday.

Thank-you to you, your volunteers and your staff for giving all of these wonderful animals the second chance that they deserve.  You are really making a difference!

Best wishes,

Catrina, Paul, Dominic, Anthony and Ben

Update December 2008:

Hi Ginny,
I wanted to send you a Christmas picture of Ben and the boys.  He is
still loving life and has settled in wonderfully!  Thank-you again for
bringing him to us!
Happy Holidays,
Catrina Cataldi





Brooke was adopted!





Ruby was adopted!

Hi Ginny - Just wanted to update you on Ruby.  We adopted Ruby in early May & she has quickly adjusted to life in our home.  She's been with us for about 3 months now, and absolutely loves everyone & just wants to be near you to get scratches & give kisses.  She was quite a bundle of high energy, considering that she's only 1 yr old, and we weren't sure if it was going to work out for quite a few weeks; but we've been working with her & making sure that she gets out to blow off some steam (which includes playing with our neighbors dog, playing fetch & taking walks with me).  She's not really good with rides in the car (I think she gets overly excited); but she's starting to calm down somewhat & becoming more relaxed, knowing that she can trust us. She has such a loving personality & really does want to please us so much.  She's gaining her confidence with walking back into the wooded area behind our house & would love to chase the birds, squirrels, rabbits & chipmunks if we'd let her.  I call her my "Precious" girl, along with many other names (just a couple are RuRu & RubyDoo) & I know that she'll be a loving companion with us for many years.  Thanks for rescuing her, so she could come into our lives.  We'll have to send you some pictures in the future.  Karen & Todd Largent





Annabelle was adopted!

Update May 2008:

Annabelle's new family!




Dudley was adopted!

Update May 2008:

(picture at May Day)




Kyo was adopted!

Hi Ginny,  just wanted to give you another update on Keo  he is just the greatest dog everyone said why did you not want a puppy and then after they meet Keo they understand why,  he is so well trained and so loyal what a great companion he is so much fun and so smart and of course he has to have every new toy at the store.  He loves to go in the pet store and pick out what he wants  and of course everyone that boards their horses with us loves to play with him and spoil him as well, what a great addition to our farm, thank you so much.
Keep up the great work in finding these wonderful  animals new homes!!!!!!! 

Kathy and Michael



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