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Zoey was adopted!






Chief was adopted!






Brennan was adopted!






Sharpie was adopted!






Samantha was adopted!

As promised I want to let you know how Samantha is doing.  She has been with us nearly a week and we love her so much.  She has quickly become a part of our family and she has adopted well to Max, our golden retriever.  Max and Sammie, as we now call her, play together, and we take them on walks every day and they walk side by side, and whenever Sammie lags behind, Max will stop to look to see where Sammie is as he is looking out for her.  Our cats Angel and Jasmine have even grew to love her and I have often snuk in to see them sleeping side by side on my bed.  It is so cute the way everyone has adapted so well. 

We just love Sammie and wouldn't part with her for anything.  She is just a wonderful adorable dog.  She is still a bit shy, but she is making the transition to our family just great.  Thank you so much for your cooperation in allowing us to adopt her.  God bless.  We are still in the process of taking family pictures so we will have them to you to post on your web site in the next few days.  Thanks again. 

Peggy L. Piskor





Black Magic was adopted!

Just to let you know Buddy (Black Magic) is doing great. he likes being able to run free. He is getting use to the collar and it limits. He is still learning about the cats, they are not sure about him because is twice the size of Jesse. She is getting to know him and they are starting to play together.
He listens very well and I am working on the mouthing.
Will keep you updated.
Here are some pictures.
Thank you,





Pojo was adopted!

As promised, I would like to give you an update on Riley (formerly Pojo).
He is a wonderful dog!  We feel very lucky and can't understand how anyone could give him up!  He still gets very, very excited to see us when we come up, but other than that his behavior is near perfect!  Him and Maddy (our other dog) are becoming the best of friends :)  I have attached a few pictures. 

Update October 2009:

This is Riley (formerly known as Pojo) with his sister Madison. We adopted him from you 7/23/08 and he has brought so much joy to our lives over the past year.


Update September 2010:


I just wanted to give you a quick update on Riley (formerly known as Pojo).  We adopted him a little over two years ago.  He seems to grow more and more affectionate every day.  When we go to bed, he falls asleep on the ground alongside of our bed, but during the night he somehow sneaks into our bed and when we awake, he is sprawled out right smack in the middle of the bed between my husband and I.  (I have attached a picture of him cuddling with his Daddy on the sofa.) He loves to go running and on occasion we take him to a nearby dog park.   Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt him!  We will be eternally grateful!  (As a token of our appreciation we submitted a $250 donation via your website). 

When we adopted Riley, we did not really get his back story.  I was wondering if you might have any records that would indicate how he wound up in a shelter (i.e. Whether he ran away, family couldn’t keep him, etc).  His name was Pojo and we adopted him on July 23, 2008.  If you have ANY information on hand we would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks.





Dos was adopted!




MsKenzie was adopted!

Update October 2008:

Hello there..
I just want to share this video of Ms Kenzie.
She is been such a good dog and we find out she can open the gate!
Here is a very very short clip of her opening the gate on youtube.  May have to replay because it is such a short clip. Enjoy!  See you saturday.
Sandra and Maria

Update August 2008:

Hi Ginny,

I just wanted to send a quick note on Ms Kenzie.
She is very sweet and calm.  She slept in the car on the way home.
At home she is been sniffing thing out and follows us around.
We gave her a quick bath and find out she LOVES the water.
You will see in the pictures!  She met the neighber already and her dog. 
They got along great!
Tomorrow she will go to Dr. woody to meet the vet and get a good bath !
I will send you some more pictures next week and a update.
Again, Thanks.
Maria and Sandra



Tony was adopted!


Cocoa was adopted!


Brutus was adopted!

Again, I cannot express my appreciation enough for your ultimate decision. Yeah, I guess he is "adjusting" to his new home. He realized he has it pretty sweet! I call him 'Scarecrow' (Wizard of OZ). Every morning he wakes as soon as I do, chases his tail and when he catches it, he bites it soooo hard, he lets out a yelp! After 3 or 4 times I have to tell him to stop because, even though it's just us, he doesn't realize that he's embarrassing himself! Found out that he wasn't as stupid or ignorant as I originally thought, turns out he was Spanish!!! I asked a Spanish woman to talk to him and he sat, laid down, gave his paw!!! So now he's learning English. I'm working on getting some cute digital pics of him to send along. Everyone loves him and he knows it! He's soo sweet and lovable.



Update January 2011:


Just sitting here watching 'Robin Hood' with Brutus. Little goof gets all upset over horses and so far is the only thing he barks at ... besides pre 1920 automobiles but we don't see that many. I just shoveled a path 75' long through 2'+ of wet snow to get to his favorite 'dumping ground' but he wont use the path, still just storms out and gets under the hemlocks and sneaks behind them to 'the great unknown' (landlords gravel supply behind the fence). Loves riding shotgun in a truck he was afraid to get into the first time. I think it was more not wanting to leave your place or just the fear of the unknown. Now, if by chance I leave him somewhere (rarely) for a short trip for a few minutes or an hour, he, it is reported ... just waits. None of these little stories have meaning or purpose ... just wanted to say ... Thank You -again.

Kirk & Brutus : )




Lily was adopted!






Layla was adopted!







Ricky was adopted!




Riley was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Hi Ginny & Jill,
Sorry it has taken so long to get an update to you, it has been a hectic year.  We can't thank you enough for rescuing Riley, and allowing us to adopt him.  He is the best dog ever!  He plays when you want to play and lays when you want him to lay, he is the biggest snuggle bug in the world! 

He has two chocolate lab "cousins" (my cousin's dogs she is our neighbor so they get to play a lot!) that he plays with all the time and he loves them!  Both of our families love him to pieces, and he is the "favorite furry Grandchild". 

You could not have picked a better dog to rescue, he is so gentle and loving.  When he looks at you with his big brown eyes you just fall in love!  Riley became our shadow from the moment we pulled into the driveway when we brought him home.  If either one of us gets up to do something he is right there.  He has even made himself comfortable in our king sized bed (Riley gets about 80% of the bed, and we get the rest.)  He walks extremely well on the leash, and he knew just about every command we could think of from the get go. 

He is a quick learner.  He is very vocal some days and it makes us laugh, he doesn't bark he just makes what we call "lovey noises" when he thinks hes not getting enough attention.  We have recently decided that he no longer needs his crate, and he is doing great without it!  He loves to meet new dogs and people all the time, he wants to be everyone's friend, but he gets upset when other dogs bark at him (mostly the little ones!) 

The two pictures we have attached are from the Crohn's walk in Philadelphia from May 2009, and the other one is from Riley's first trip to my parents shore house in September 2008 (OC, NJ).  He loves the shore, he loves watching the cars and the people from the deck, while laying out in the sun. 

We are happy to report that Riley has been heartworm free since the end of his inital treatment, and has gone from a skinny 44 pounds to a healthy happy 65 pounds.  He has to be on a special diet because he gets an upset stomach if there is too much fat in his food, but he has been doing well since we got that under control!  We will continue to send more pictures! 

Thank you again for everything you do to help the dogs and cats!!  And thank you, thank you, thank you for finding and resucing Riley, he has made our days so much brighter!!

Thank you,

Jason, Megan and Riley 

Hi Ginny & Jill,
Here are two more of Riley.  The first one is his first snow "experience"!  And the second one is how he sleeps most nights, and as staged as this picture looks he really carries that loofa dog around with him and curls up in the most random places just like this!

Thanks Again!

Jason, Megan and Riley

Update January 2010:

Riley and Charlie are getting along great!!!  But its funny Riley found the puppy in himself again and they like to play, which is wonderful but we are a little worn out! hahaha! 

They sleep at the foot of our bed so now we really don't get any room in the bed!  We call Riley - Hoover and we call Charlie - Eureka becaues whenever we are cooking or getting their dinner ready they will walk around the kitchen and lick the floor like they have never eaten before.  We got them each two toys and a nyla-bone for Christmas within five minutes of them opening the toys and bones they each took the other ones things.  They really are a lot of fun.  We took them both to the vet Charlie is 60 pounds and Riley is 65, both very healthy boys!




Cooper was adopted!

Cooper's new family!

Update July 2008:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to send a quick note on Cooper.  He is doing great.  We all love him dearly and he and Griffen are having a blast together.  Cooper swam in the pool for the first time over the weekend and he loved it.  He just doesn't know how to get in and out yet so we are working with him on that.  He is a quick learner and very willing to be a good boy (he loves hearing that).  He still has leftover scars from the bee stings but he is healing nicely.  My 87 year old Dad lovingly nicknamed him "pimples".

I'll send some pictures along in a bit.  My husband has the digital camera and he is away.



Bandita was adopted!

I have some pictures of Bonney (aka Bandita).  

You saw her on Saturday, so you know she's doing well.  I think she and Hartwin are working things out.  There is still some rough housing, but it looks more playful than mean.  

I also have some good pictures of Hartwin (aka Haus).  He has turned into a wonderful pet.  It took him a while to learn everything, but he's great now.  We're working on his weight.

Bonney is very smart and has learned alot already.  She knows her name already and will come when called (unless she sees a rabbit).  She is great with sit and will automatically do it for food and the leash.  She has been wonderful in her crate.  She is not completely housebroken, but I think she is figuring it out now.  I think we'll have that issue settled soon.  She walks very well on the leash, but now that she has settled in she is less afraid of running after things.  When we first started walking, she tried to hide under me the whole time.  She is still nervous about passing cars and strangers, but I think we'll work that out as well.  She is definitely enjoying the walks as much as Hartwin now.   At home, she has become very playful.  She has taken all of the toys out of their box and tried each out.  I think she is getting the idea of "fetch" now since she dropped her toy in my lap.  (Hartwin is not interested in the game and just watches with distain.)

Thank you for such a very nice dog.



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