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More Success Stories






Jake was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Thank you soooooo much for allowing us to adopt Jake!  He is the best dog anyone could ever have! 

When we took him home two months ago, it wasn't very long before he warmed up to the whole family and all of our neighbors too.  Jake loves to play frisbee in the back yard and loves his daily walk.  He is so gentle with all the kids and likes to play with the cat too (though she really isn't too fond of him- LOL).  Jake is completely housebroken and shakes his collar to let us know when he wants to go out.  His favorite thing to do is to go for a car ride. 

He's gained about 10 lbs and is looking great!  Although we were initially looking for a much younger dog (the vet said he was about 5-6 years old) we couldn't be happier.  The love and kindness in his eyes and the cute little smile he gives is undescribable- and believe me, the feeling is mutual.  He's definitely a gift from God.

Please know that we really appreciate the work that you do to save animals that are on death row or have just been overlooked for some reason or another.  I can tell you that whomever let this dog go is really missing out and we are so glad to have him as a part of our family.

Thanks again,

The Simpler Family





Elmo was adopted!

Good Morning Ginny,
     Can I just tell you.... BUCCY ( BUCKY) is absolutely the most loving ,warm, obedient dog in the world. He has certainly filled a void in our family`s lives after losing our 11 yr.old beagle to a rare form of cancer. I truly believe our "starr" puppy sent us to you to adopt Elmo. He is the best! We all love him so much, and he has only been with us for 2 short days. He sits, stays,speaks,fetches balls, and sits by the door when it is time to go out. Not to mention his adorable  puppy like face! we Love him, and we thank you for doing what you do for these poor animals! He is so happy here.....
Thanks Again...
John and Winnie Berry
..and Family

Update February 2009:

Hi Ginny,
     We rescued "ELMO" ( BUCCY) from you around the end of November. He was an incredible dog. Buccy went to Dog Heaven today..He began having seizures about 5 weeks ago. We were in the middle of trying to find out why, when he had a really bad one this past Sunday. It damaged his spinal cord, and our little Buccy could no longer run, and play..or even bark because of the pain. He remained on steroids this entire week, but we decided, the end was inevitable.
    We thank you for giving us Buccy...He was an absolute incredible pet. He was loved by my entire family! He was smart and playful...not to mention adoirable! he Loved his new home and family, and he thanked us every day for rescuing him.

  IF and   When we are ready for another pet, you will be the first place we turn to.

Thank You Again...
Winnie and John Berry and Family.


Ashley was adopted!

Ashley was saved thanks to a donation from Dottie and Lady of NJ

Update December 2009:

Cassie's first big snow!

Update December 2008:

This first pic is entitled "Self Portrait with Wiggly Dog"... Went to see the Sled Dog races at Fair HIll today.. Cassie met 2 huskies up close and a few people (still fairly shy around ANYTHING new, but .. not so much panic today).... 
... and we watched a bunch of the teams go by... .. was good for her.....she's a touch better everytime we go out.......she wants SOOO bad to look out the window while we're in the car..but .. she's just stuck to the floor of the  back seat... she's ventured up for about 10 seconds a few times... it's all a matter of time.... she DOES gets in and out of the car  pretty well now though.. !!..  she's improved Immeasurably at home.. Pretty high energy at times and RACES around like a crazy pup.. she's like a rabbit !... OTher times.. just sweet, tired mellow pup... she patrols the cats.. really wants them to play with her.. 
It's probably about time to start some obedience training... ( Debbie Roberts recommended giving her about a month to  bond first).    OH, She let me clip all her nails tonite for the first time without even a moment of alarm !!


Update November 2008:

1st Photo is Cassie out on our walk today... she's super happy .. and bouncy... couldn't quite catch her smiling because 
she kept coming to investigate the camera.. 

2nd Photo.. Hmm.... I think she's definitely getting more comfortable ... TURKEY !!!.... Note to self:  Don't leave the step stool 
next to the kitchen counter !!!! :))))) 

I am ASTOUNDED at her transformation already. !.. ..She's such a puppy !


Update November 2008:

Hey Girls, 

Well, I've graduated from Foster mode to Adoption mode.   Cassie (short for Castaway-but don't tell her that :) 
Is really going to be a lovely companion.  Its still going to take lots of time and love and reassurance, and she  may always have some squirrely little fears, but she's already making improvements !!

This morning I got my first tail wag and happy look when were out walking in the fields.  My landlady's black lab is really helping her gain some confidence on walks.  Just runs after her or follows in her footsteps instead of walking behind me.. she still runs back and checks in ... She has discovered the joys of eating horse poop.. and happily rolls in it as well.. 

She has started jumping up on the sofa ( just a few times so far..) and hanging out...she obviously likes me petting her..because if i stop.. she looks up and pushes me with her foot to pay more attention to her...  

In fact, as I write this, she just jumped up with me without even being encouraged !!!! :) 

Once she gains a little more confidence....I can see she'll even have puppy behavior... she's actually got some energy in her and will benefit from a big walk everyday . !    She's a bolter though when she's scared.. which is often...   so I still haven't let her loose in the fenced yard as there are some gaps where the gates meet the fence that I'm afraid she'll squeeze through.. .. But when she's ready .. or we can jury rig the gate, she'll love a great game of  chase with the lab... she's already playfully jumping at her on the leash.. 

She still has a tendency to go to her bed in the corner and be quiet and try to be invisible....  . and she's still a little afraid when you approach her there......... and i still have to half -drag her outside..  she may be afraid we're not coming back ..

and I know that  she has a LONG way to go, .. ..... , but compared to how she was on Day One....  WOW !.. 

I'm sooo thilled to see that she will be able to overcome this in time and be a happy girl... and ...  make me happy too ! :)    What a SWEET girl !!.

I'm soo happy you guys thought of me when you got time.. she will be a PERFECT  companion. !!!!!


Update February 2010:

see snow picture. Ashley/Cassie grew up!

Update September 2010:

Cassie playing (video)





Alexander was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Hello Ginny,  Wanted to let you know that the boys are doing great.  Alex (Milo) and Hamilton(Max) love to go for walks and suggle up by the fireplace at night. We love them very much.  The Haase Family.



Hamilton was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Hello Ginny,  Wanted to let you know that the boys are doing great.  Alex (Milo) and Hamilton(Max) love to go for walks and suggle up by the fireplace at night. We love them very much.  The Haase Family.




Tommy was adopted!

Update September 2009:





Nazareth was adopted!

Hello Ginny,

I just wanted you to know that Nazareth is doing well adjusting to our home.  He and Zoe are playing no stop and we are doing well with the obedience training.  He is really smart and is learning fast.  I'll send you an updated picture soon.
Talk to you soon!





Paul was adopted!





Margaret was adopted!





Buck was adopted!





Simon was adopted!





Sebastian was adopted!






Clover was adopted!

Update February 2010:

We just wanted to tell you how much we love Josie (formerly Clover). I brought her home from the 2008 Fair Hill International 3-Day, and she has been the best dog. She goes to work with me and plays all day with 3 German Shorthaired Pointers. She also loves to visit her cousin Ralph and run around with him in his fenced in yard.  She has been to horse shows, on our family cabin trips, she's even been sailing several times on the Chesapeake Bay! Her 2 best friends are Ash and Cherry, our cats. She is so gentle and sweet and smart... and she is also super-cuddly.  We are so happy to have her!
Thank you for saving her for us and for all of the hard work you do for all of the other lucky animals you rescue!

Jared & Janelle




Martha was adopted!

Good morning Ginny,
Martha is an amazing family dog.  We all fit together like hand and glove.  She is perfect for us and  is very happy here.  He sleeps on a blanket on our room at night and hangs with the twins all day.  She waits outside for the squirrels to come back, but they don’t. My Family and I want to thank you and we will send you pictures soon.





Mr. Fiji was adopted!

Update November 2008:

Hi Ginny,

Thought I would give you an update on Mr. Fiji, now Stasi (pronounced stah-zee).  I absolutely LOVE him.  He's a wonderful dog!  He now knows "sit", "down", "come", "stay", (although a little inconsistent on the "stay" command) and I haven't even taken him to obedience classes yet!  He will start this week.

I've taken him to the dog park and he gets along with everyone, big dogs, little dogs, big people and little one's too!  While I would love to say he's the perfect dog (I occasionally call him hurricane Stasi), he's the perfect dog for me.  I am so glad you found him!  Even Madison, is no longer giving him the cold shoulder and has accepted him into the fold.

If I can get him to stay stationary long enough, I'll send photos.  He's starting to fill out and his coat is absolutely gorgeous!  Dr. Beste says you found a good one and I have to agree.  Thanks again for finding him!

Best regards,


Update January 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Happy New Year!  After numerous attempts and a lot of help, I was able to get Stasi to slow down enough to take some photos.  I tried several times to snap the pictures myself.  However, whenever he sees the camera he thinks it's an invitation to press his cold wet nose against the lens!

Haven't managed to take any photos with Stasi and Madison together (that may take a few more months).  However, his Norwich terrier friend was up for the task.

I know I've said this several times already but Stasi is a Great dog!  I love his temperament... he's just a smart, happy guy!  Everyday, he becomes more polished with his basic obedience command.  Although, loose leash walking is still a challenge.  I am sure I'm a constant source of entertainment for the neighbours as this 90 pound German Shepherd walks me down the street.  Oh well, more obedience classes for us!

Thanks again for taking the time and energy to find amazing dogs like Stasi and Madison.  Everyday they continue to enrich my life.  I only hope that I can return the favor.

Warmest regards,


Update August 2009:

Hi Ginny,

I hope all is well.  It’s been 10 months since adopting Stasi (formerly Mr. Fuji) and almost five years since taking in Madison.  I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have them both in my life. 

Madison is perfect, as usual (except for all that shedding!)  At 11 years old she has slowed down a bit but happily goes on short hikes with me. 

Stasi is a constant source of amusement.  I have been very fortunate to have very few “Marley and Me” moments.  However, they do happen (won’t go into too much detail…let’s just say I’m STILL pulling feathers out of the carpet). 

After Stasi’s chewing gum incident (don’t ask), I decided to give him a real job, so after a few calls and emails I found myself at the gate of Flyaway Fields sheepherding facility (yes, sheep herding!).  He was GREAT once he realized he was there to herd the sheep and not chase (eat?) them!

Since that day, Stasi has passed his HCT (Herding Capability Test) and received his JHD (Junior Herding Dog) title.  Stasi has also completed a beginner agility class and may possibly start tracking in the fall.

Ginny, I want to thank you again for all the work you and your Team do.  I don’t know if you realize how far reaching your contributions are.  Thanks again!

Warmest regards,
…deb, madison & stasi



Suki was adopted!

Update November 2008:

Hi Ginny-

I wanted to give you a quick update on Suki. Her name is now Mystique or Mystie for short. Mystie is doing very well. The demodex mange on her face has completely cleared up and her coat is clean and shiny. She was also diagnosed with Giardia when we brought her home but she has been treated for that and now is clear.

Mystie is such a sweet, loving dog and is adjusting well to her new home. She is never far from my side. She gets along great with our other dog, Zeus. They play all the time! I know Zeus is happy to have a new playmate. She LOVES to play ball and loves to chew bones.

We go for walks and to parks and Mystie behaves very well. She is still a little shy around strangers but we are working on getting her more socialized.

Mystie didn’t seem have much training when we first brought her home, but now knows “sit”, “wait”, “stay”, “shake”, and “lay down”, and we are working on others. She is very smart and eager to please.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to give Mystie a loving, forever home. She has already brought much joy to our lives.

Marlene & Sonny




Casper was adopted!

Update April 2009:

Hi Ginny,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!  I can't say thank you enough. I adopted Casper in September.  He easily became a part of the family.  He is the BEST DOG EVER!  

It was a long wait to find the perfect dog but the wait was well worth it.  I decided to keep his name Casper it just fit him so well.  He really is a loveable handful. Him and our other dog Bailey are new best friends and also partners in crime.

You were certainly right about how he can open up doors.  Somehow that sneaky little rascal lets Bailey out of the kitchen at nightime.  When he isn't being houdini he is laying at the corner of my bed as soon as I fall asleep he will crawl underneath.  His kisses wake me up in the morning he is the best alarm clock a girl could have.

The two boys together are really something to watch. They look out for one another.  Casper enjoys riding in the car. As soon as he hears the jingle from my car keys he runs to the door, sits, waits for us to put his leash on, pushes the door open with his paws, runs to the passenger side door and jumps in the backseat.  He is such a good boy in the car.  I am glad that I have window locks because I shortly found out that he also knows how to unroll car windows.  I sure do have a smart boy on my hands.  

He also loves bathtime and getting groomed.  He sits in the bathtub and that stinker doesn't want to get out.  I have to pick him up out of the tub and take him out. Walks around here are adventourous.  When I take the boys for there walks they constantly criss-cross one another.  So we decided walks will be there "special" time.  First I walk Casper around the neighborhood then come back and get Bailey for his turn.  When were done they "plop" down on the recliner and take a little snooze.  

Casper is definetly a momma's boy, he follows me everywhere.  He loves attention, especially his belly rubs.  He rolls over with his paws in the air and when you stop he gently puts his paw on your face looks up at you as if he were saying "come on don't stop, keep rubbing".  He really has his own personality.  

My cousin a vet in Joppatowne couldn't believe he is a rescue. He runs around her office like he is the boss.  All of the girls just adore him.  He makes friends very easily.  Thank you for what you do.  You are all an angel that gives these animals second chances at finding a home. 
-Amy H.

P.S  Ginny thank you sooo much from the bottom of my doggy heart for helping me find a home that can give me all the love and attention I need.  I have the BEST mommy in the world.  She always gives me yummy treats and always comes home with a new toy.  She spoils me rotten.  I LOVE having a big brother, we get our excercise so we can hold onto our masculine figure. I love it here!!!
woof woof





Bear was adopted!




Stella was adopted!

Hello All,
I want to let you know that Stella seems to be adjusting quite quickly to her surroundings.
She has been running around with the girls, and spent the day at my office. She protected us from the UPS Delivery Man!

Stella is absolutely wonderful! She is gentle and loving. She is affectionate without being overly demanding.
You have done a truly beautiful job with her.
Thank you for intrusting her to us. We understand that it was terribly difficult for you to let her go!
Please be reassured that she is very special to us and we will be sure to bring her back in May.
Please invite us to the May reunion!

Pictures will be on their way next week!



Update October 2008:

She has enjoyed going to work with me. We take walks at lunchtime and there is undeveloped piece of land at the end of the business park.
She enjoys leaping in the high grasses, shrubs, and trees. She has flushed out a bird or two!
She enjoys laying in bed with Naomi and I as we read books at bed time.
I am expecting Stella to be able to read by our visit in May!
Picture attached of Stella having fun with the girls!
Thanks Again!




Frank was adopted!

Rescued with donations earned by Lauren, Alexis and Katie! click here for their story.

Frank and his new family! Thank you!!




Sunshine was adopted!

Update January 2009:

HI there!

I just wanted to let you know that Sunny is doing wonderful! We have overcome all his issues with males and strangers in general. Surprisingly I think he has become more of my husbands dog then the kids LOL! The whole experience has been so rewarding as we watched his transformation from this shy, guarded puppy to this proud playful dog. If you are ever looking for foster parents for any other dogs with the same issues we would love to help out. I know Sunny would enjoy the company and I think the one on one time we gave him since I am home all day really helped with the shyness and gaining his confidence back! Also if you need any volunteers to help out with the Kennel please let me know.



Update September 2008:

I just wanted to take a few moments and let you know that Sunny is settling in just fine! He is very close already to our youngest and follows her everywhere. We let him sleep last night in her room and as you can see from the enclosed picture he loved it! He also had a good night without any accidents so  he can stay with her every nite. I will continue to let you know how he is doing. I just want to thank you again for him. He is just so perfect for our family!




Shelby was adopted!




Hank was adopted!



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