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Ralphie was adopted!

Update December, 2008

I wanted to let you know Ralphie has settled in nicely and doing fine. He loves his yard and sleeping on the sofa.
We love him dearly and are thrilled he is now part of our family.






Gemini was adopted!

Update April 2009:

Just thought I would email you a picture of Gemini relaxing in her yard.  She has been wonderful.  She also very protective of the whole family.  We feel very safe with her around.  By the way, she did find the cat and they get a long pretty well. 

John, Kim and family


Update December, 2008

We are home.  The ride was smooth, Gemini mainly laid down or looked out the window.  We arrived home and she immediately jumped out of the car and went to the front door.  Once inside, Gemini met our kitten (Luna).
Luna was not happy, Luna hissed and ran away.  Gemini barked and went looking for her.  After about 1/2 hour we went to the Pet Store for some supplies.  We took Gemini with us, she was excited about going for another car ride.  We took Gemini inside with us, she liked this, but she is little bit of a shoplifter with the items on the lower level.
Everyone in the store could not resist coming over and petting Gemini who was more than willing to let me touch her.  Back in the car we went, and off to the park we went for a walk.  We ran, did our business and pulled us back to the car.  Back to the house for relaxing.  Gemini is settling in real fine.  She has eaten and is still looking for that cat, who is still in hiding.  I figure another couple of days, and they both will be friends.

We will keep you updated and will send pictures once we find the camera.

John, Kim, Gemini and family







Sassy was adopted!

Update December, 2008

Hi Ginny,
Here is the first update on Sassy.  First of all, we have changed her name to Chessie (we found her close to the Chesapeake) - none of us really liked the name Sassy.
She seems to be comfortable here with us.  She likes the yard, but is not ready to be out there on her own - one of us needs to be outside when she is romping about.  See the pictures attached - neither are very good, but we'll work on getting better ones.  What we know so far is that she was not comfortable with steps, it took some time for us to convince her she could climb them and she is getting better at it.  She is not house broken - this is likely to be our biggest training challenge with her, but I'm sure we will succeed.  She does not appear to have a big appetite, but she did have one cup of dry food last night and a few morsels this morning.  We will try various dry foods to see which one is to her liking.  She does not seem interested in toys, but loves to get into all sorts of house knick-nacks and things she should not - we will need to Chessie proof the tables for a while.  She was no problem in the car yesterday and really loves looking out all the windows.  See seems to be a bit skiddish - startles easily with unfamiliar noises, but I'm sure that will pass as she adjusts to her new surroundings.  Right now she does not like to be on her own, she is always by someone's side. 

She really is precious and we are looking forward to watching her settle into her new home.

We are keeping Grannie on a short lease as far as treats go - at least we'll success while Marg and I are around -after that, who knows.

We will keep you updated on her progress.

Update January 2009:

Hi Ginny,
Thought you would like some updated pictures on Chessie (formerly Sassy).  She is settling in quite well now and seems to have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas.  She is a charming little girl and is winning hearts all the time.  She barks at people when they come into the house the first time and then is very friendly.  We still have quite a bit of training to do but we will get there.  She had her first visit to the vet a few days after we got her home and she is now equipped with a Home-Again microchip, so if she gets away from us, we can find here.  She did steal away twice in the first few days we had her to wonder and investigate the neighborhood - scared the begeebers out of me, but luckily, no harm done except to some of the neighbors' flower beds.  She met her dog cousin on Christmas eve - Kadee is a bit larger than Chessie and not at all interested in playing - such a disappointment to Chessie.  They got along, but not great - we'll have to work on that one.  Chessie enjoys running the backyard fenceline when our neighbor dogs are out running and we are going to set up play days for them when time permits. 

Enjoy the pictures and will write again.

Chris K.






Diesel was adopted!

Update December, 2008


We wanted to let you know that it has been one week since we adopted Diesel. He is an absolute wonderful addition to our family! Our cat is the only one who has not adjusted yet. He did great on the ride home. He played with some of the toys we brought and he sleep once he settled in. Since, we brought him home he has shown us he can be a real couch potato. He loves playing with balls. He gives us quite a laugh when he pounces on them. He loves to follow us everywhere we go in the house. He sleeps with my oldest son on his bed. He started that the very first night he was with us.
Diesel is such a joy. We love him. Thank you!

We will keep in touch and I will send you pictures soon.






Jimmy was adopted!

Update December, 2008


We just want to let you know that Jimmy was great on the ride back to Milford and as you can see in the picture, it only took him about an hour before he decided to take a nap on the couch! Thanks for helping us out and we believe that Jimmy was the right choice. We will keep you guys updated.

Thanks again,

Paul and Helene





Riley was adopted!

Update December, 2008

Riley (now Kylie) at home with her new brother Riley.




Sabrina was adopted!

Paws4Life Family,

Hi, I know it's only been one day and per the site our adoption of Sabrina is still in pending status, but we had to share with you how awesome day one has been.  Sabrina jumped in our truck and rode home with no incidents; it was as if she had been a part of the Singleton family our entire lives.  Once we arrived home she came into the house walked through every room and immediately realized that she was at home.  Wow, I can not believe she is here, we are so fortunate to have her.

We feel as if Sabrina was destined to be apart of this family, you see I had scheduled an appointment to come and see Sabrina about three months ago and Ginny informed me that someone else was coming to see her as well, but I was welcomed to come and pay her a visit as also.  Well to make a long story short, my schedule got a little crazy and I was not able to make it, from what I can figure either the person who was seeing Sabrina that day or someone else soon after adopted her and I never got the time to schedule another appointment.

Destiny calls, my wife and I were sitting around the other day talking and decided it was time to pay Paw4Life a visit, so we checked the website to find that Sabrina was still available, we called and we were at Paws4life the very next day.  After looking at another dog we decided to visit with Sabrina and immediately my wife, the kids and I fell in love with her.  I am not sure what happened with the other family that decided to bring her back but it was our blessing, she is here to stay and we are blessed to have her.  Thank you Paws4Life for making what we are feeling possible.  Please see pictures of day one, as you can see from the pictures, Sabrina is right at home.


Pipper was adopted!

Pipper is great. He settled in from day one. It was like he knew Maddie was going to be his person. They hit it off as soon as he walked in the door and have been inseparable ever since. We all adore him. I don't know if Rhonda mentioned it or not, but Pipper was skittish around my son Troy because of his cane. Rest assured that they have become fast friends too. As he promised, Troy put the cane out of sight as soon as we got home. Pipper made his first trip to the vet on Friday (he had worms so we got him in right away) and will be
going back this Thursday to get the stitches from  his surgery removed.
Once again I have to tell you we were looking for a dog for Maddie but we are all in love with the cute little guy.   



Chance was adopted!




Buddy was adopted!





Zoey was adopted!

Update March 2009:

Thanks so much for Zoey- she is really wonderful, we can't imagine not having her as part of our family!
Rosella and Niall





Missy was adopted!




Jada was adopted!




Me and my brother Mojo when I first came home

Wrestling with Mojo (that’s me on top)

I got him pinned!

Phew! I’m whooped!



Lulu was adopted!

Dear Miss Ginny,

            My mom says this is a day for giving thanks so I thought it would be a good time to write you a letter to say thank you for rescuing me and providing me with a place to live while I waited for my forever home.
My mom and dad brought me home last week and I am really happy here.  I have a big brother named Mojo who is so cool.  He is really big but he doesn’t scare me at all, in fact he’s really nice to me.  We play all the time.  Sometimes we play keep-away and tug and sometimes we wrestle but we really love to play chase out in the yard.  After we play we like to take a nap together.  Mom says I should be thankful that I live with my brother because if I was the only dog in the house I would be cookoo.  Mom says I’m a really fast learner because I already know my name and I know how to sit.  I sort of know how to come, it’s really easy if mom is holding a treat but not so easy if Karin is outside playing next door.  Karin is the neighbor’s dog and she is really fun to play with too.  Oh, and you wouldn’t believe all the toys here!  It’s great!  I haven’t even tried to chew on any shoes or furniture.  Mom says Mojo did that when he was little.  He’s a really great brother; he keeps me out of trouble.  Mom is going to give you some pictures so you can see how much fun we are having.  I’ll be sure to stay in touch and I hope your Thanksgiving is as nice as mine.

Love and wet kisses,

Nikki (formerly Lulu)




Blake was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Thought you would like to see these.  Melvin is on the left in both,  he is wonderful handful and Ronee' Lynn is a beautiful gift. 




Lily was adopted!





Max was adopted!





Angel was adopted!





Clover was adopted!





Addie was adopted!




Meatball was adopted!







Salem was adopted!




Jazz was adopted!

Update December 2008:

Hello Ginny,
Jazz is doing very well! She is settling in nicely. She and our other cattle dog really like each other and spend a lot of time playing :).
We took her to the vet and got her second round of shots and got her micro-chipped.
She seems to like the farm life quite a bit :)




Peter was adopted!



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