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Sammy was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Just reporting in that Sammy & Bella are adjusting to each other well. Sammy is learning the invisible fence and the two of them are playing alot. Sammy is tired at night from all his activity during the day. Here are some more pix.

Update April 2009:

Just thought I'd send along a picture of Sammy - he's lost at least 10 lbs - diet is 2 cups of Ebanuka (sp) dog food per day.  Sammy loves to give kisses on the lips; my daughter gets upset b/c he licks his bum -- when he first came he couldn't reach his bum!! -- now he can!  He runs all around the yard chasing deer & the horses out front and whatever Bella is barking at or chasing.  We found out he most definitely was a couch potato -- didn't know anything about the tractor when Dale got it out last week....  got very upset and tried to eat it even tho Dale was riding it!  Finally calmed down.
Also is not too car savy - likes to go for a ride, but doesn't know to get out of the way when we come up the driveway -- I really have to watch him with delivery trucks.  Course Bella wants to eat the drivers, while Sammy wants to lick them.  He doesn't like loud noises and gets upset during thunder storms - wants in the house, etc.  A neighbor set off some fireworks over the weekend and Sammy didn't want to go outside - scared!  So we'll see how things progress as summer approaches, etc.  He and Bella are best buds and are "in love!"

I hope the attached picture does the weight loss justice.



Update January 2009:

We got home just fine.  Sammy slept in the back of the Suburban.  Bella jumped right up in to say HI! when we opened the back.  She did whirly & twirlys and is so excited to have him here.  Of course, she wants him to run around and play and only goes so far then quits.  They are getting it worked out.  Bot are now laying in the living room on their beds w/Stephen watching TV.  I'm trying to get some good photos of them together and will send along.  Dale is much happier with Sammy than I expected.  He's very impressed that Sammy is so nice & pleasant and minds so well.  I think it'll work out good!

Shelley May Mincer




Gigi was adopted!





Buck was adopted!





Gus was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Dear Ginny,
    Gus, now Jonah, has been an absolute Godsend and joyous addition to our family.  I am amazed every day why someone would not want him only to rest assured that he was meant to live with me.  He is so loving, cuddly and the best companion.  He is enjoying life, maybe even a little spoiled, and every day is a joy to have him by my side whether I am walking, working, traveling or anything in between. I am so happy to have him!
Thank you for saving him and for all of the hard work you do for all of the other lucky animals you rescue!






Babe was adopted!

Update February 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Just an update on Babe. We renamed her Kuma, which means Bear in Japanese and friendly in Polish. She's our own friendly little bear cub I suppose.
She is doing great! I can't believe it has only been 3 weeks since we brought Kuma home - she feels like such a big part of the family! She has used Molly as an example of how to react to things that were unfamiliar, like hardwood floors, treats, and the food/out schedule. Even though she wasn't familiar or comfortable inside at first she never had any accidents in the house. So far she has learned her name, the words "no" "sit" (with incentive) and "come" (although this last one we are still working on), she is crate trained, and she is walking better on the leash (still needs some work though). She and Molly are getting along great - she's the typical pesty little sister, bounding around barking at Molly to play with her and stealing all her toys. Molly just takes them back when she wants them. Kuma is very sweet and wags her whole body (lab style) when she is excited. She loves playing ball outside and had a great time playing in the snow last week. My computer got sick, but once I get the software loaded up I'll send some updated pictures and maybe a short digital video.

Thanks for the great girl!


Update March 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Kuma is still doing really well - she and Molly get along great and she is comfortable with her new routine now. She has mostly overcome her fear of the slick hardwood floor, but she is scared of the slippery floors at Pet Smart. She loves riding around in the cart though, greeting all the kids and dogs that tell her how cute she is. She has some itchy skin problems still but she has an appointment at the vet's office next week so we can try to figure it out. I'm attaching updated photos of Kuma (in 2 separate e-mails) in the cart at Pet Smart, playing in the snow (she loves the snow!), and relaxing.


Update April 2009:

Hi Ginny,

I wanted to let you know Kuma is doing great. She still has a lot of playful puppy in her and she is the sweetest little girl ever. I think we finally figured out that her skin problems are due to some sort of food allergy. She's taking Cortisone and is eating hypo-allergenic dog food.
Her fur is all shiny and soft (although it is still thin and patchy in places) and she seems very happy now that she isn't itchy all the time.
She loves her toys, play time, and Molly most of all - she wants to be everywhere Molly is, do everything she is doing, and play with whatever she is playing with.

I'm attaching a couple of pictures - one of Kuma and Molly together and another showing how shiny (most of) Kuma's fur is now.






Sawyer was adopted!

Update March 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Sorry it has taken me a bit to send you an update about Sawyer.  He is really doing well.  It took him a few weeks to start to learn his manners but with a lot of attention and positive reinforcement he is now very much of a cuddle-bug and just soaks up all of the attention that we give him.

He has been alternating between my husband and me in dog training classes and is learning very quickly.  He really works hard and is completely bushed after each session.  Last week he was asleep sitting up in the car!

Sawyer has become part of the family and he is really loved!  We will send pictures soon.

By the way, I still look over the Paws for Life website often and follow the dogs through their adoption.  You do great work and I am glad that these dogs have a good temporary home with you.

With many thanks,





King was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet King.  

King became an instant part of our family!!   He is truly awesome and it feels like we've always had him with us.   He loves being part of all family activities and loves to run out back and play ball.   He is an amazing dog and he adapated to us and our home immediately.   He especially loves sleeping in the King size bed at night.  He is very funny when he looks in the mirror and sees himself, he thinks it another dog and get very excited!  

He loves to snuggle and be loved.   I think he loves us as much as we love him!  

Thank you so much!!!   Here's are some photos of King's first day at home!


Donna and Brian




Trigger was adopted!





Jack was adopted!

Update August 2009:


I’m not sure if my first email went through when we brought Jack home – but just wanted to let you know that we feel SO lucky to have him!  He is great with all of our kids and their friends.  He loves our long walks and also loves to jog with us.  Just brought him back from the vet for his scheduled vaccines and the vet said he is in great health.  He loves sleeping on the couch usually but in summer months loves the colder floors.  He definitely needs to be near us during thunderstorms!  We love him….a great addition to our family!

Thank you,

Ann & Mike




Chrissy was adopted!




Chestnut was adopted!

Update January 2009:

Ginny – Hi there – Chestnut – now known as “Scrappy” is doing great.  He had to go to the Vet the day after we got him home because the Kennel Cough was horrible – they changed his antibiotic and gave him a cough suppressant and he is doing much better now.  He got his stitches out last night – all healed well.  Him and our cat do not get along at present time….. We keep them separated for now.  Scrappy has brought so much happiness to us.  He’s a wonderful addition to our family.  I find it hard to believe he was a stray as he knows some basic commands (i.e. sit and laydown)….  Scrappy loves to run around our back yard (thank God it’s fenced).  We have two labs (approx 1 ½ yrs old) behind us and he runs up and down the fence with them. 

Thank you Ginny for allowing us the opportunity to love and be loved by Scrappy – he is tremendous.  I will take some pictures of him.  One thing I cannot believe, but it is true – he has had full run of the house – even when we are gone and has chewed nothing.  He loves to carry our shoes and/or slippers out of our rooms and lay with them in the living room – odd, but at least he doesn’t chew them! Haha

Take Care – Hope you had a Great New Year.

I will stay in touch with updates on Scrappy.

Thanks again!


Update July 2009:

Ginny – Well here’s the update on Scrappy T.  It’s been a little over 6 months now since we adopted Scrappy.  We took Scrappy to obedience school where he was actually one of the best students… He’s doing great…. What a personality – he is such a nosey dog – Always staring out the front window of the house.  I think he’s looking for the cat so he can try to scare her off with his barking.  He still hates the cat – I’ve just come to the realization that they will never be friends. 

Scrappy has two girl friends that live behind us (a yellow lab and a black lab – they are sisters).  They just love when Scrappy comes out to play.  They run up and down the fence line and have managed to dig under the fence where they can almost get to one another…..

Thank you so much for all that you do for our four legged friends…… 

Take Care







Richard was adopted!





Danny Boy was adopted!





Barnes was adopted!

Update December 2008:


Just wanted to thank you again.  Barnes ( now Jessie) has been a perfect fit and a wonderful addition to our family.  She is such a mild mannerrd girl and is great with the kids.  We are thrilled with her and I think she is happy with us as well.  Attached are a few pictures of her first day in her new home.  I will try to send another update in a month or two.

thanks again and Merry Christmas

Jim M




Remington was adopted!





Sammy was adopted!

Update January 2009:

He's doing great, still scared of noises and we are still trying to get him to eat at his bowl. He always feels like he has to take it and hide to eat.

He's spoiled and everyone loves him!

Thanks a bunch!







Sophie was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Hey Ginny,
We wanted to update you on Sophie, since my last email in February stated that I was likely to bring her back!
We adopted Sophie, now Bela, early December 2008.
She did not know how to play or chew on a bone and she usually stayed alone, away from everyone else in the room.
She was very mistrusting of strangers, constantly growling and barking at everyone we saw on the street during our walks.
Despite all my best "Dog Whisperer" moves, she showed little or no improvement and was proving to be too much to handle.
We were terrified of her attacking someone.  That's when I emailed you in February saying "she's coming back!"
We then contacted a local trainer, Wendy Young of Media, PA, and spent an hour and half with her in our home.  She instructed us and gave us some positive reinforcement techniques to use going forward.
Well, we're very glad we tried again!  Bela has grown by leaps and bounds in her socialization.  We now routinely take our walks without any aggressive behavior.  She and our other dog, Anya (shepherd / Akita mix 3yr.) play constantly and Bela's teeth are now clean and white now that she enjoys chewing her bones and toys.  We continue to work with her every day and get to a local dog park to continue her socialization.  She's a great part of the family!  Thanks for all you do

Bela / sophie





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