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Buster the cat was adopted.



Emma was adopted.



Shadow was adopted.



I just wanted to let you know that Patches is adjusting well to his new home.  He has begun his diet and excercise regimen to get him into shape.  I'll be sure to take pictures and update you when he sheds a few pounds.  I also wanted to thank you again for letting my family adopt such a wonderful dog and to let you know what a wonderful thing you are doing for all the animals you care for.  Thank you.

I'll be sure to keep you updated.





Lady was adopted by Ginny.

Update August 2007:

Lady is THE best dog ever! She is my daily helper in every way.

- Ginny



Shadow was adopted.



Snoball was adopted.



Sadie was adopted!




Honey was adopted.



Trooper was adopted.


Sara was adopted.


Tim, now Rocky


Rocky (Tim) is a great dog and all is working out well. The kids really like him and he seems to be adapting well to living in a house. He easily goes in his crate each night and sleeps soundly until morning.

He enjoys being out side in the yard and does not seem at all interested in trying to jump the fence. He has no problem taking over the family room.

The vet gave him a complete clean bill of health the other day.

Bryan Holcomb




Ginger and Charlie

Ginger at Brandywine Springs


Ginger - First Bath!

Ginger - Heallty and Happy


Ginger got adopted!

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know I arrived safely at my new home. I get along really well with Charlie and Amy Cat... she even lets me raid the cat food bowl (often) :).

I met four of my dog neighbors and three of the kids who go for walks with Jane and Charlie everyday - they all really like me. Ozzy the Beagle barks too much - but, I'm still nice to him when we chat through the fence. Mr. Zak is a calm older man - he pets me all the time and is going to take me for a walk today around the block.

I've got a nice fenced yard to play in; but, Jane still keeps a very close eye on me since I often look as if I am planning to jump the fence and go for a walk by myself.

Although I am still settling in at my forever home, my true personality is already coming out. I started wagging my tail more yesterday, chased a ball once, and gave Jane her first lick on the nose this morning.

I'll send pictures soon.

Thanks again for rescuing me - I am excited to finally have the life I have always deserved.


Update June 2005:

Hi Ginny,
All is going well at my new home! This week I got my DE license and went for my first visit with Dr. Harkin at the Kirkwood Animal Hospital - everyone there said I was a really sweet girl. I really enjoy going to different parks for long walks on the trails. I've attached a few photos from yesterday's trip to Brandywine Springs.


Update August 2005:

Hi Ginny & Bev,

Next week will mark three months at my new home. I've gained nine pounds and you no longer can feel my ribs and hip bones when petting me.

I attached a photo from my first bath last weekend. Although a little leery at first, I was a very good girl throughout the pampering :) My heavy winter under-coat is almost gone and I have a very soft, deep red coat for the summer.

I see you have quite a few new dogs on the web-site. We are all very grateful for the 2nd chance you give us and for the great work that your organization does. :)

XOXO - Ginger

Update December 2007:

Sesaon's Greetings from me - Ginger. I was adopted back in May 2005 and am still so happy in my forever ome. We had a new addition to our family in January - Libby - a border collie mix who was abandoned by her family and found us one morning on our walk. The family had moved and left her so she became part of our family.

This year the 3 of us decided that rather than get toys and treats for Christmas, we'd ask Jane to donate $100 from each of us to help more dogs! Jane also was able to match the gift where she works - so you should also get $300 electronically from JP Morgan Chase next week... Hoping this $600 helps with all the great work you do!

Happy Holidays!

Ginger, Charlie, Libby, and Jane

Update September 2009:

Hi Ginny,

It's me Ginger who was adopoted back in 2005. I was reading your letter and the great success stories for Heidi, Patty, and Peppermint and asked mom if we could send a donation to help more dogs. Even though Jane retired from the National Guard in February and is now back to school, she said we can afford to send $150 and have Chase match it so that 3 dogs can be rescued!

Jane is going back to weekend college for Occupational Therapy and hopes someday to work with kids and spend time doing pet and horse threapy too ... so maybe in a few years she will be looking for the perfect pony like Peppermint to join our family.

Thanks again for rescuing me form the SPCA. I'm forever grateful.

XOXO Ginger




Romeo and family

Hi Ginny,

Just to let you know that we are doing extremely well with Romeo/Thumper! He gets along wonderfully with our older Lab and runs around our house like he's been here his entire life. He gets a long walk/run every day and tires himself out following us around the house. He's been to Madison's lacrosse practice (was a big hit with the girls) and even went to the vet with our Lab -- much relieved that it wasn't for him!

We keep him in a large crate (it was for another dog twice his size!) at night and when we're away from the house. Our only incident is that he set off our burglar alarm by jumping over a half "Dutch" door and running around the first floor. Thankfully he wasn't arrested and the police left when they realized it was a false alarm. Now...he goes into the crate. We'll change the door soon so that he'll have a room to himself.

We told the Laughmans about our visit with you and I've sent the link to the website to our friends -- one to introduce them to the new dog, and secondly to spread the word about your shelter.

Thank you very much...we couldn't be happier with Romeo and hopefully he feels the same way!


Update August 2005:


I thought you'd like a picture of Romeo at the beach! He went to the Outer Banks with us last week and seemed to really enjoy the trip!

Hope all is well,




Jewel in her new home

Jewel in her new home

Jewel in her new home

Jewel June 2005

Jewel was adopted by Erin, a very nice young lady from MD!


Jewel seems to be adjusting to us ok. She really seems to have bonded with my daughter, Erin. Today Jewel is getting groomed. I think she misses Belle a little.

Erin was thrilled to have Jewel's company. We made her a nice bed on the floor beside Erin's bed where she slept thru the night. Thank you!

Update April 2005::

Erin and Jewel have become fast friends for the last 2 weeks. We have her on diet dog food at the present time. Jewel loves to go on walks with Erin and my husband. I think she has lost a couple of pounds and I noticed that her stamina has increased as she takes longer walks. We think she is happy with us. Here are some pictures for your website. I love to read about all the success stories. What a great job you are doing.


Sandy, Leroy and Erin

Update June 18, 2005:


Jewel has settled in well with us now. Her dad brown eyes are now big, bright, and happy. (Recent photo - Jewel in chair)

Sandy, Leroy and Erin

Update April 4, 2006:


Just a note to remind you know that jewel has been with us a year now. She is a great dog and seems to be very happy now to live with a family that cares about her.

I am attaching her latest photo. (Jewel in front of fireplace)

Ps: I am so thrilled for Lucky that he has been adopted, and hope his life will be a happy one too. He has been waiting a long time.

Sandy and Erin Lochary

Update April 2009:

This is Jewel's 4th year with our family. Paws for Life is a wonderful haven that fosters animals while waiting for that loving family to adopt them.

Thank you for the wonderful work that your organization does.

Sandy and Erin




Rascal was adopted and is doing great! We just heard from his new family:

Our boy is doing great he is a sweet heart and more. He and Allie are getting along great, right now he is sleeping on the bed next to me.


MaryEllen, Allie, and Rascal




Belle was adopted by a family from Frederick MD. She will have her own little 2 yr old person to love and protect.



Chester (Tiger) and Rocky


Chester (formerly known as Tiger) is settling in to his new home very well.  He is getting along with Rocky (my golden retriever) and my cat, Mystic. 
He loves his walks!  Chester and I have been walking several times a day.
He's a good dog and we are very happy we adopted him!  Here's a picture of Chester and Rocky on our deck.




Blitz was adopted by a family from Newark. He now is very much loved by a nine year old girl.




Beauty was adopted by a couple from Maryland.




Jack was adopted! He is now the official mascot of Manor Care Nursing Home in Delaware.

He goes home at night with a nurse and spends his days brightening the lives of the residents.



September 2007

September 2007


Candy was adopted by Samantha and her family in Delaware. She now has her very own 4 year old to love and snuggle with at night.

From the owner: Candy is just the sweetest girl.  She had lots of visitors last night come over and meet her.  Today, we took her to Petco and spoiled her.  She sniffed everything and pretty much picked out her own toys. 

She's great.  She stood at my daughter's bed after she fell asleep, looked at her and wimpered and laid down.  She was very excited when Sarah woke up this morning.  Thanks again.

Update April 20, 2005:

I just wanted to let you know that Candy is doing great!!  She is such a perfect fit here.  With the beautiful weather, I have been taking Candy and Sarah to the park every evening after work.  She has a blast.  She is so loveable and precious.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) she goes back to the vet for her 2 week check up to make sure her antibiotics are working.  They are working, the dry spots on her front legs are gone and her rash on her belly is gone.  Although I discovered she does not like baths, she's beautiful and shinny!! 

She gets a snack every night before we go to bed (along with my daughter) and she sat by her cabinet and whinned the other evening because I forgot to give her the snack.  She's keeping me on my toes.  Thank you for rescuing such a wonderful animal.  I will send a picture of her soon.  We will probably be attending the fund raiser on Mother's Day.  Hope to see you there.  I was on the website and saw that Tiger (now Chester) has been adopted.  I'm so glad.  You have beautiful dogs on the website.  Take care and we will see you in a few weeks. 

Samantha, Dan, Sarah, and Candy

Update June 23, 2005:

Hi Ginny!  I just wanted to let you know that Candy is still doing wonderful.  She is precious.  My husband says that we are adjusting to her because she's so spoiled, but I don't see anything wrong with that.  We're getting a new computer this week and I can send a picture of her to you.  I'm at work now. 

We also have our mobile home on the market and when we get a house, we'll be calling you because Sarah and I want another best friend just like Candy.  Trooper looked like her twin, I really wanted him, but we didn't want to push our luck because we're only allowed two animals, and we have a cat and Candy. 

Our neighbors just got a puppy who loves Candy and jumps all over her.  She plays and her hair on her back goes straight up.  We have to laugh at her because she is too sweet to be tough towards other animals.  Thanks again for Candy.  She's a doll.  Take care.

Samantha, Sarah and Dan Hollinshead

Update August 2005:

Hi Ginny!  I just wanted to let you know that Candy is doing wonderful.  She's so spoiled but deserves every bit of it.   Well, we wanted to say hi and let you  know that Candy girl is doing great.  The vet told us that she's between 4 and 5 so she had the same birthday as my daughter.  They both turned 5 on August 10.  My daughter loves the fact that now Candy has a birthday and they share the same special day.  Thanks again for a sweet dog.  Take care.

Samantha, Dan, Sarah and Candy

Update September 2005:

Hi Ginny.  I wanted to let you know that Candy is doing great--still.  She is really a lot of fun.  I don't know if you remember, but when we adopted her, she had dry patches on her front paws.  They started to come back again.  I took her to the vet and they said she has very sensitive skin.  At first, they thought she had fleas, but checked her and she didn't.  Something had got onto her skin around her back where her tail starts and it's very red.  She's on medication for the itch and to calm down her itchy skin.  She also got her nails cut and she looks great.  She weighs 82.2 lbs.  She also had to get a steroid shot to help her, poor girl.  Today at my daughter's school is pet day.  Candy is going in today and Sarah is so excited she can't wait to show off her dog.  Candy also participated in the one mile walk for the Delaware Humane Society a few weeks ago and won a bandana for walking.  Thanks for my buddy.  Take care.

Samantha, Dan, Sarah and Candy

Update Jan 2006:

Hi Ginny.  I got your e-mail on the updates on the dogs.  I get very happy to see they are adopted and you have rescued more.  Thank God for you guys.  You have a heart of gold.  It breaks my heart when I see animals at the SPCA and their families won't pick them up, or they were abused.  I'm so glad there are people like you to help them out.  Candy went to the beach yesterday.  It was windy but she had a blast.  Her ears were blowing in the wind and she and Sarah were running up and down the beach.  She is doing well.  She went for her shots on Thursday.  Can you believe we have had her a year in March?  The vet said to watch her weight.  If she doesn't lose any by 2-3 months, they want to check her thyroid.  We share food with her often, so I don't think that's the problem, the problem is us feeding her too much : ).  She weighs 88 lbs.  haha.  She's such a sweet heart.  We love her so much.  Thank you again for all you do.  We hope there is another fund raiser soon because we really enjoy them. 

Take care.

Samantha, Dan, Sarah and Candy

Update September, 2007

Hi Ginny! 

It's Samantha, (Candy's mom).  I get on your website every now and then and see the beautiful dogs you have rescued.  It's so nice to see them have homes.  Your new shelter looks very nice.  We will be mailing a check for a donation this week.  Also, could you let me know if you have any fund raisers coming up in the near future?  We love attending them also! 

Candy is doing great!  She is such a sweet dog and we are blessed to have her in our home.  When my daughter goes outside to play with her friends, Candy goes out with the girls and runs up and down the street with them.  All the kids love Candy.  I'll send a picture of Candy in my next e-mail.  Thank you for all your hard work in rescuing these beautiful animals and helping them to find homes. 

Thank you for recommending Candy to our new home!  What a perfect match!! 

Samantha, Dan and Sarah




Max was adopted! His new home is with a dentist and his family from Annapolis. They report he is such a great dog and they are all very happy.




We are still adjusting to Breeze and she is adjusting to us.  She has been listening very well and comes when she is called when she is loose in the house.  When outside, we have been keeping her on a leash.  She has been very good about being on the leash and going for walks.  She has had a few accidents in the house, at the begining of the week.  We are learning her routine and her signals about going outside for potty breaks. 

We have been keeping her in a crate in the house, at night and when no one is home during the day.  She goes right in and stays quiet all night.  We are still having problems with the cat.  Their first meeting didn't go very well and the cat has been hiding ever since.  The cat comes out at night when she knows Breeze is in the crate.   

Breeze is getting use to my daughters Guinea Pig.  She likes to sit and watch Oreo and has learned not to bark and jump up at the cage.  In the evenings, Breeze is very restless and walks around the house.  It's like she is looking for her doggie friends, but once we go to bed and she is in her crate she quiets down and sleeps.  All and all, things are going well.  I'll keep you updated.



Audrey has really warmed up, and she has LOTS of energy.  She'll sit and lay down now, but we're still working on the jumping/mouthing.  She's really very puppy, and I tell my son all the time that we're working on her doggie manners. 

She does really well in a crate, and is in love with my husband, John.  We now have invisible fence, and she trained to that very quickly.  She likes being able to sit in the front yard and watch the kids play on the court.  We are probably going to take her for a few one on one training sessions to control the mouthing/jumping.  

Well, just wanted to drop you a note.  There was a great article on in Newsweek and it reminded me of Paws for Life. Sincerely,



Maggie was adopted! She joined Gizmo at his new home, with the well known local vet and his family on their farm in Chester County. 

She loves to sit on the sofa and watch TV with her family. She did have some initial housebreaking inconsistencies but is now 100%. They report that she is the best dog!




Everything is going well with Summer. She did on overnight trip with me last week to North Jersey for some bat surveys. She met alot of people, was good in the hotel, and stayed right with us in the woods the next day near the vertical mine shafts.

We have am appointment this week with the vet to go over some behavior stuff with her, and to be sure as I train her more I don't impact any past abuse/problems. All in all everything is working out great.

She really enjoys the woods behind my place and is slowly socializing with the other dogs been rough since two of them are hyper boxers - too hyper for her judging by her body language, but she doesn't mind meeting them!)and getting used to going to different places (she likes the dive shop, usually chips on the floor in the office!)

Attached are 2 pics, one from her hanging out with us in North Jersey, the other from a walk in the woods behind my place.

Talk to you later, hope all is well, and I will keep you up dated, D

Update May 2005:

How are you? And all the animals?!!
Just wanted to give you an update - everything is GREAT!
Summer adjusts very well with each new situation. There isn't much she hasn't done with me since I have had her (traveling, hiking, beach, dive shop, meeting tons of people and other dogs).

She has been getting along much better with other dogs, even when there is a ball to compete for. We spent last weekend at my brothers - 5 dogs in all there!! No big problems. And I think she missed the other dogs by the end of the weekend. Training has been going extremely well - Summer picks up commands very quickly. She knew a lot of them already, but don't think she had the consistency.

Summer is a great running partner and loves rollerblading with me too. We are still working on the whole fetch concept!! She like chasing the ball and bringing it almost back! She has slimmed down a lot! (and I have gotten into better shape too!)

Hope all is well, and thanks again for the second chance - we both appreciate it!

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