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Doc was adopted!








Angel was adopted!








Duke was adopted!








Legs was adopted!








Lily was adopted!

Update May 2009:

Hi Ginny! Lily is doing great in her new home! Her and Jack get along great.
As you can see, she has a bandanna on, she went to Petco for a bath and smells beautiful! She is great in the car too, just like you said she was.
We attached some photos for you and we'll continue to send them to you.


Ryan and Alex

Update July 2009:

Hi Ginny-  We just wanted to update you on Lily. She is doing great and she went swimming on the 4th of July. Attached are some pictures of her and our other lab Jack swimming. They had a blast and are such good swimmers!

P.S.- Lily is still crazy for her ball!


Ryan and Alex

Update November 2009:

Hi Ginny- We wanted to send you some new photos of Lily. She had a blast in the Outer Banks! Swimming every day in the ocean and pool. We think she was born to swim!








Nina was adopted!

Update July 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Nina is doing great - we took her to our boat in North East, Md. and went out for the afternoon.  She looked especially  fashionable in her pink and white polka dot life vest.  She has a wonderful personality and is very loving and trusting.   We adore her.


Update December 2009:

Nina wants to wish you Merry Christmas!

Update November 2010:

Nina's Thanksgiving picture!








Socks was adopted!








Shoes was adopted!








Diamond was adopted!

Update May 2009:

Here is a photo of Alfie and Rocket.  They play non stop and really seem to have fun.  Rocket is very gentle with Alfie and with my daughter, Nakiah.  To our surprise, Rocket was already house  trained and is making fast progress on learning other commaands and walking without pulling.  Thanks again,

Update February 2010:

Hi, have some cute pictures of Rocket (formerly Diamond) in the recent snow.







Russ was adopted!







Star was adopted!

Hi Ginny -
Just wanted to update you on Star. 
We've had her less than 24 hours and she is already starting to settle in.  There is no question that we are going to be very blessed by having her in our family.  Our son, Will, was just able to get her outside to play - between all the raindrops - and they had a ball. 
As for the chihuahua - they are best of friends.  Chi Chi barked at Star when she first came in the house but then Star attempted to chase her.  Three times telling Star "no chase" - she stopped.  Today, they were actually napping next to each other. 
Star has been absolutely fabulous with the little guys as well (I have two 3 year olds and a 2 year old).  Not once did she bump them, jump on them, or get in their face - which our beagle loves to do after they eat.
I think in no time - Star will be completely adjusted and we will have a forever friend!
Thank you so much for all you do to help these animals and thank you for giving us the chance to find Star.

I will forward pictures to you soon - I just wanted give you a quick update.


Update December 2009:

Hi Ginny,

I wanted to give you an update on Star - the black lab mix we adopted in May.  She has really settled in and is truely a member of our family.  We have had her now for 7 months and can't imagine what the house would be like without her.  We adopted a chihuahua the same week we adopted Star, and they are so wonderful together.  Our 13 year old beagle is acting like a puppy again.  Star and Chi-Chi have done wonders for Misty.  Things are a little crazy at times when the dogs get to playing and running - but it's a good crazy.

Update December 2010:

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Star is doing beautifully. She is simply a joy and great with all of the children. She can be rough and tough with the big guys and gentle and tolerant iwth the little guys. She and ChiChi (our chihuahua) are best buddies as well. We lost our beloved beagle of 13 years and the two younger guys were a definite help getting the children through their mourning. We couldn't ask for better additions to our family.








Coco was adopted!







Buddy was adopted!

Update May 2009:

Hi Ginny:

Would like to update you on "Buddy". 

Buddy is now known as Shadow--because he is Jack's shadow and has been since he came home with us. 

Shadow is happy and getting along very well in his new home in Colora, Maryland.  He follows commands very well, smiles a lot and greets us warmly when we come home each day.  He likes long walks around the yard with 'dad'
and getting his belly scratched by his 'sister' Jackie.

Hope this photo will open for you!  We are glad to be among your success stories for these wonderful animals. 

Debbie and Jack

Update April 2010:

We wanted to share another photo of Shadow (formally known as Buddy).
He has been with us for a little over a year now.  This is a photo of him and his 'cousin' Tank.  Tank is a Red Bone Coon Hound.  They like to share the couch!  Shadow has a great love for squeaky toys and spends long hours filling the house with their noise! 

Debbie & Jack






Sparky was adopted!

Update July 2009:

Hi Ginny,

It's been a while so I thought that I would send you an update on Sparky (Now Jasper).

Jasper adjusted to his new home very quickly.  He loves to run and play in the back yard with his "brother and sister".  Mostly, he likes to chase the golf cart.  He is so fast, it's actually the golf cart chasing him!

He is such a loving dog.  I don't know if we kiss him more, or he kisses us more.  He always keeps us laughing.

He worked his way into our hearts immediately.  We are so lucky that no one picked him before us.  He is perfect!

Thanks for all you do Ginny.

Jim, Sharon, Austin Kaitlyn






Roscoe was adopted!





Kalani was adopted!

Update June 2009:

Just a little update on Captain.  He is a very happy and funny dog.  I have an old cradle downstairs that is full of stuffed animals that Will has accumulated over the years.  On a whim, I couple of weeks ago I tossed him a stuffed animal.  He thought that was great and shook and played with it alot.   A couple of days later, more stuffed animals started appearing upstairs."  He was picking out the ones he wanted.  He got a "Blues Clues" puppy that sings when you squeeze one paw and barks when you squeeze the other one.  He knows just what he is doing when he gently bites those paws to get the desired result.  I've had to give him new batteries.  We had a "jolly ball" in the barn-one of the large heavy rubber balls with a handle that horses play with and I thought that he might like it.  At first, he was afraid of it!  The handle scared him.  Once he learned that he could bite onto it, he has given that ball a workout





Lily was adopted!




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