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Kate was adopted!


Kate with her proud new owner!



Harley was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to send an update on Harley...

He's settling in nicely.  I hadn't anticipated Harley being a good playmate for my kids; but when the kids got home, Harley turned into a completely different dog.  He loves to play, to fetch, and to follow the kids all over the house. They adore him.

My older Pom is currently home (although he's not expected to make it long) and he and Harley get along very well.  Harley seems to know how to treat the older dog and when to give him space - even if it is space in my lap.

Harley loves chewing bones and taking long walks around our neighborhood.  He loves chasing bunnies and birds - and while he doesn't yet understand not to leave our property - he's learning his boundaries.

We're having a little trouble getting Harley to eat his dog food.  What brand did you give him?  He keeps asking for people food.

Will send another update soon...






Sam was adopted!

Update September 2009:


I wanted to provide you with an update on Sam.  He is adjusting to his new home well.  He loves to follow me all over the house and loves going out for walks.  There is beautiful parkland across the street from my house and he meets Stella regularly there to play.  My cat hasn't adjusted as quickly to him as he wants to play and she has never lived with a dog before.  I hope in time, they will at least live in the same room.  Sam enjoys occasional outings to the dog park and has quickly become friends with a friend of mines dog.  He has already had his first weekend away from home and had a great time.  He really is a great dog and I have had so many compliments on him.  He already knows how to sit and lay down on command.  I now need to work on catch, release and no jumping. 

Attached is a picture of him taken at his new home.





Estelle was adopted!

Update September 2009:

Ginny: Estelle is now Stella and we really do enjoy her. The crate has helped with housebreaking and obedience training is giving us lots of ideas and tools to work with. She gets along well with the cats and sleeps in our room at night in the crate. She is a love and we are giving her "jobs" when we walk her. She "hunts" for kibbles. She and Sam visit regularly. She likes to ride in the car and we are getting lots of exercise taking her for walks. She is a chewer. The TV remote was one of her victims. The Release it command will help with that!!

Update December 2010:

Ginny: Just wanted to update you on Stella the Bluetick. She continues to do well and we love her dearly. We got an e collar which has really helped her to be more obedient. She gets along with the cats and is such a part of our family. She sleeps with us at night and we try and take her where ever we go.  We have a vacation cabin in central Pa and she loves going there. She went to the Acme with us to ring the Salvation Army bell and made lots of friends. She has reindeer antlers for Christmas which are really cute. She and Sam are good buddies and we walk them together every morning.







Fritz was adopted!




Breezy was adopted!

Update April 2010:

Hi Ginny,
after 9 months with our newest family member we just wanted to send over a quick "woof".

We adopted Miley in august 2009 and since then we ask ourselves, how we could live that long without her. OK, our cats still hope, she will disappear over night ;), but Miley turned out being the most loyal dog one can imagine. She is only happy and relaxes, when each pack member is happy - and with 5 people and 2 cats that's a lot of work for a herd dog ;)

She is getting dressed up a lot (mostly as 'underdog'), the kids play vet with her or doggy spa and she loves daily routines like running with me, napping with us, going to the dog park (where we meet a lot of 'your' dogs) ... and having dinner with us of course ;).

Always trying to be with 'mom' comes close to stalking sometimes *haha*, it's like having another dependent baby and we seem to be her center of the universe. in a good way ;)

She is very quiet and already knew a couple of tricks by the time we adopted her. She now knows a lot more and it is fascinating, how quickly she is picking up new things. She is a pure pleasure to have and we are looking forward to many more happy years with this sweet creature.

Thanks so much, all your work is so much appreciated !!

Brigitte and Michael Mueller with Mia, Merlin, Mae, Miley, Felix and Snoopy (the cats)



Magic was adopted!

Update August 2010:

We adopted "Magic" a year ago yesterday. She is the black, flat-coat retriever mix that was found in Georgetown, DE. She's been a great dog for our family... and has fit in really well. She is great with our kids and cat, and is usually very calm (although she can be playful when she wants to!). Immediately after adopting her we enrolled her in an obedience class that was very good for her but I think even better for us. She's put on over ten pounds in the past year and now looks "healthy"!





Ricky was adopted!

Update September 2009:

I adopted Ricky this summer (who is now Jesse).  I have a picture of him to show you that he hasn't changed much but it's a cute picture.

He is a wonderful dog and Bob and I love him so much.  He has brought us a lot of pleasure.  He has 2 more weeks of training at Petsmart.  He is doing really well.  I think he will graduate with honors.

I will send more as he grows.

Update July 2010:

This is a picture of Ricky (now Jesse) again.  We wanted to update you again on how he is doing.  He will be with us for a year on August 1st, and his birthday is July 30th so we thought we would send you the most recent picture we have of him.  He is a wonderful dog who has brought so much joy to our lives.  He loves to ride in the car and goes with Bob all the time.  He sits shotgun.  He sits like a person would and looks all around and takes in the sites.  Here is a funny story.  Bob went to the store with Jesse.  He hopped out for a couple of minutes and ran in and Jesse jumped in the drivers side and put his paws on the steering wheel.  When Bob came out of the store he found a few people surrounding his car.  He got a bit scared knowing the dog was in there and he knew he put the windows down far enough for him.  When he reached the car, the people where hysterical looking at Jesse behind the wheel looking like he was the driver.  That dog is such a ham.  He loves people and everybody comes up to him to play with him through the window.  I want to tell you that we recommend your place to people who are looking for pets.  You have the best. 



Jeff was adopted!

Update October 2009:

     I wanted to give you an update of our baby boy Brutis (formerly Jeff). We've had him since late July, and he has brightened up our lives more than I can express. The day we brought him home he was a little skiddish, hiding under tables. After a few days, he warmed up enough to be our shadow. He didn't like being alone. It didn't take long for him to become completely comfortable with his surroundings and was trotting around, usually with his favorite toy hanging out of his mouth. His favorite place to be is a lap, preferably his mommy's lap, but he'll settle for his daddy's when she's not around. He sleeps in bed with us, his favorite position to be right in the middle of his mommy and daddy, sprawled out with his feet in the air. He won't move from that position until one of us gets out of bed. By then, he's waiting at the door to be taken out before he gets his breakfast. He loves visiting his grandparents, both sets of which have dogs his size that he LOVES romping around with.

He did get fleas a little while ago, but after he was treated they went away. He also had some intestinal worms that he had to get medicine for, but they are now gone. He is the happiest he's ever been. He is the favorite of his mommy, who loves carrying him around the house like a baby. He doesn't like strangers, but warms up very quickly. He has become the heart of our little family. We found out that he's actually not a puggle, but he is in fact part chihuaua, making him a "chug". We don't care what he's made of, the loving he gives is enough for us! Thank you so much for finding him for us. Our lives felt so empty before now!
Greg, Jen and Brutis



Heidi was adopted!

Update September 2009:

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? Heidi, thru her diligent efforts over the past month has managed to do just that - to a pair of 77 year olds.

Upon her succesful completion of our training, she has demonstrated her complete and unconditional love and devlotion. Indeed, the addition of Heidi to our family ranks second only to the arrival of our daughter, and that was 50 plus years ago.





Floyd was adopted!

Update July 2009:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
Rudy is now home in Florida. He made the trip very well. He either laid in one of our laps, or beside Jade. He is making himself at home, checking the place out. This morning he surveyed the enclosed pool area. Thought the squirrel on the bird feeder was very interesting. Our other cat Tootsie, isn't sure what to make of Rudy, but in time it will be okay. We will keep you updated as time goes by.

Bill, Diane, Jade, and Rudy

Update November 2009:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Rudy was doing. He is the greatest cat. Loves everybody. He and his "sister" Tootsie are getting along fine. He loves being out in the pool enclosure. Likes watching the squirrels. We are so glad we decided to bring him home. Love, Diane

Update July 2010:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     I wanted to send you a picture of how much Rudy loves Jade. He is just the sweetest cat. All is well , and the pets love Fla. Thinking of you, Diane and Bill

Update May 2011:

Hi Jill and Ginny,
     Haven't updated you on Jade and Rudy. They are doing great! Rudy is getting big, and Jade is getting a little more gray. As you can see from the pictures they are inseparable and just love one another.

Have a great summer!!

Love, The Scartines



Anani was adopted!





Suzy Q was adopted!








Ross was adopted!








Kelly was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Hi Ginny –
Just wanted to let you know that Josie (changed it from Kelly) is doing great!! It took her a day to master the stairs, but now she flys up and down them with ease. She is my constant shadow when I work from home. She really enjoys her long walks on the trail, and is actually quite a celebrity for how well-behaved she is on the trail. I’ve attached some recent pictures of her. As you can see, she loves her bed. Thanks again for all that you do to ensure these pets find a good home. I’ll keep you posted with her progress.






Sassy was adopted!







Zoey was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Sorry it has taken so long to send an update about Zoey but here it is:

She is coming along.  It has been a long process but I think eventually she will be okay.  I saw an update about Chloe (the other dog she was rescued with) and was very happy to hear that she was doing well too.  It really angers me that someone was able to treat these dogs the way they did but I am happy that they both have loving homes now.

We take Zoey to Doggie Daycare twice a week and try to have friends over that have friendly dogs for "play-dates" because Zoey really comes out of her shell when she is around other dogs.  The transformation is incredible.  The small dog in the picture was one of Zoey's recent play dates, don't worry, we have her signature release on file that we can use her photo.  lol... :-) 

Zoey is getting much better about meeting different people.  She still has a great deal of anxiety out in the back yard especially when the neighbors are out.  It's clear she has to go pee or poop but when she gets startled, she won't go.  So, we have been spending a lot of time and energy with trying to get her over this back yard anxiety.  

I had to pick her up to put her in my truck for the first 3 trips out and about but now, well, she just loves going for car rides!!  She hops right in and slobbers all over my windows like a good dog should!  We go to dog parks, regular parks, doggie daycare, and just even little errands to get her out and exposed to different things. 

The first couple of weeks I felt like I was watching my little girl grow up and had several moments of tearful joy.  I never knew that seeing a dog's tail wag could be so awesome until I met Zoey.  I'm sure you remember, her tail pretty much stays between her legs because of fear and anxiety.  The biggest tail wag and smiles from her came when she first went to Doggie Daycare, that's when I knew that was what I had to do.  It's expensive but so great for her. 

She is eating well and her hair has gotten so much softer!  When we adopted her, the hair was just really coarse and she was shedding soooo much.  I went through a couple brushes before I found one that didn't terrify her.  So I guess with the Halo food, brushing, a recent bath, and a general improvement in nerves/stress she is starting to glow with some happiness. 

She is the sweetest dog.  I only wish we could afford to adopt and care for another dog so that she had a mate that could help her build up more confidence.


Update April 2010:

Hello Ginny:
Here’s an update on Travis (now Douglas) and Zoey too:

As soon as Douglas walked in the house, Zoey fell in love and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. As fast friends, Douglas and Zoey enjoy walks around the neighborhood, romps at the state parks, chasing bunnies and squirrels in the backyard, going on outings to the pet store, and most of all going on car rides-destination irrelevant!
Douglas quickly learned to play catch and encourages Zoey to run and play with him in the yard.  Zoey has recently begun to follow suit and will run after and pounce on the ball (she hasn’t yet figured out that it is intended to be retrieved-maybe someday).
Not only has Douglas been an invaluable addition to our lives, but he has helped Zoey tremendously in her quest to become a more confident and balanced dog. She still has a ways to go, especially in public arenas when strangers want to approach her, but she has grown exponentially since we brought her home just 9 months ago. Although we are confident she would have eventually worked through her issues, we strongly believe Douglas has been a valuable contributor to her growth and success.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with the lives of two of the world’s most amazing dogs!
Melissa and Chris







Natalie was adopted!

Update August 2009:

See attached photo of Tiny (Natalie). She is a wonderful dog and we love her very much. She’s a very happy, feisty little thing. She’s the baby of the house and lives like a princess.








Stitch was adopted!


Nemo was adopted!








Rex was adopted!







Chloe was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Dear Ginny,

It has been just over a month now since I brought home Chloe (now Gretchen). She has come a long way from the skinny, scared little girl she was just last month. Her coat has improved dramatically and she has gained several pounds. Strangers are always coming up to me to tell me how beautiful she is! Though every day is still a struggle to reassure her and gain her trust she has gained so much confidence. We go to the dog park almost every day and she loves to run with the other dogs. She even plays with me sometimes! She and the cat are totally in love. She has been such a wonderful addition to my life and I couldnt love her more. Thank you for saving this special little girl and for putting her in my life.






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