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Petey was adopted!





Rusty was adopted!





Kemi was adopted

Update October 2009:

Hi Ginny!  I just wanted to give you an update on Kemy.  She is a wonderful dog.  She is full of energy and such a sweet girl.  The day we took her home, she got up on the bed that night, put her head on the pillow and went to sleep.  She stays on the bed most of the night.  We tried to let her meet our rabbit but she tried to grab him, so they are separated for now.  If we don't watch her, she will run out the door and just keep running.  Dan had to get her a few times already.  We are working on that with her.  She also got her last heartworm shot.  We love her so much.  Thank you for rescuing such a wonderful girl for us.  I have included a picture of her also.   We enjoy looking at the website.  There are so many beautiful dogs you rescue and have adopted out.  We will keep you updated. 
Samantha, Sarah and Dan



Teddy was adopted!

Update September 2009:


First off I want to  thank-you for your time, especially that you were so patient with us gettin caught in traffic! Now to the most important part, WE LOVE TEDDY, he's made himself right at home with us! He loves to cuddle, he brings us a shoe of the person he want to take him, when he has to go out! (like he's sayin come on get your shoes on) He seems to really take well to the baby, when I was makin the baby bottle he start to cry, Teddy went and sat in front of the baby about a foot away and kept a eye on him. We are thrilled with the newest member of our family. We'll keep in touch and send pics soon! We are really pleased with all that you put into your dogs!



Update May 2015:

Hi just wanted to drop a note to thank you for a great success story. We added Teddy Bear to our family 6 years ago from your farm! We absolutely love him, he is very gentle with the kids, a great companion, and a excellent guard dog!
His birthday is May 8th, he'll be 8 years old, and still has the spunk of a puppy! We're grateful to be sharing his birthday with him.




Carrie was adopted!



Alexander was adopted!



Pretty Girl was adopted!

Update September 2009:

Just wanted to tell you how well Vala is doing. She responds immediately to her name now and wags her tail.  A lot! She is getting along so well with other dogs and they are once again a little pack. She was playing with a marrow bone the other day, tossing it up and patting it with her paws and grinning so I know she's more relaxed. She is eating well, loves her cottage cheese and salmon. She does seem to be scratching a lot.... don't know whether it's the FrontLine I gave her Wed or the food. I feed a chicken-based kibble and wet food. Were you feeding a beef-based food?  Let me know, cause if it doesn't stop, I may switch her off chicken. Her coat is still nice and soft and she has no bare spots so I'm keeping an eye on it.

She is a lovely, sweet dog.  We're going to the park today with 2 of my other dogs..... Hope all is well at PFL.

Update September 2009:

Just wanted to let you know how well Vala is doing. She seems to be happy, wagging her tail a lot,prancing, playing with her toys, and being with the rest of the pack. She is eating Evo kibble and beef canned (grain-free) and the scratching seems to be lessening. She also gets fish-oil capsules and her coat is beginning to look very shiny, plus the dry skin on her back is gone.

She is beginning to claim her territory and now barks at the garbage- and mailman, plus she scared the pudding out of my maintenance man when he came today. He didn't know I had adopted another shepherd and he got the big bark!

Vala is sleeping through the night now and loves her MemoryFoam bed. Her bed is in the hall at the foot of the stairs, but she can still see the other dogs in the kitchen and she's very strategically located in the house... NOBODY will get by her. I have found that GSD's like the strategic vantage point where they can see everything that's going on.

She is very affectionate with me and calm when greeting people. I get lotsa puppy kisses!! She likes to bring me her toys when I'm watching tv so I can throw them and she'll bring them back to me, very proud. I think that was probably a game she might have played with her former disabled owner. I know one thing, he must have loved her very much, because the confidence and kindness in her manners and demeanor could only have come from that. She is incredibly gentle when given a treat and in fact, is incredibly gentle overall.  That is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing, given how large she is. My vet said that we are meant for each other.... she was grieving for her former owner, and I was grieving for my former shepherd, Janna. Neither one of them has been replaced and never will be, but Vala and I are very very happy to share our lives together.  Even the cats like her.  Well, sorta.

Will send pics eventually.  Hope all is well at PFL.

Update October 2009:

Miss Vala is doing extremely well now. She loves her food and loves to retrieve her ball -- both inside and outside the house. She's very affectionate with me and follows me everywhere with her head at my left knee. She is comfortably sleeping on her memory foam bed and has not had a single accident in the house.  Such a good girl.  She is so very sweet. My dogs are still not playing with her. My beagle, Spencer, starts to play and rips around the yard, but as soon as she chases him and comes up on him, it seems as if he panics and starts barking and lunging at her and she backs off. I'm working right now setting up a "playdate" with a friend's male black lab, complete with fenced yard, pool, etc.  Think my guys will get used to her, after all it's only been a month~  but just wanted to let hyou know  how well she's doing here.... thank you again for this gorgeous girl and for all the wonderful work you do.



Chloe was adopted!

Update October 2009:

I wanted to thank you both for your help in our efforts to adopt Chloe, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.  Here are a couple of pictures of her in her element at the Chesapeake Bay.  It was obvious when we took her to the water that she had no idea what it was all about, but as you can see she has learned to love the water and her new sister Shandy

Thank you both again, we love Chloe, she's really sweet and loving - a terrible thief though, we are working on that!






Travis was adopted!

Update April 2010:

Hello Ginny:
Here’s an update on Travis (now Douglas) and Zoey too:

As soon as Douglas walked in the house, Zoey fell in love and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. As fast friends, Douglas and Zoey enjoy walks around the neighborhood, romps at the state parks, chasing bunnies and squirrels in the backyard, going on outings to the pet store, and most of all going on car rides-destination irrelevant!
Douglas quickly learned to play catch and encourages Zoey to run and play with him in the yard.  Zoey has recently begun to follow suit and will run after and pounce on the ball (she hasn’t yet figured out that it is intended to be retrieved-maybe someday).
Not only has Douglas been an invaluable addition to our lives, but he has helped Zoey tremendously in her quest to become a more confident and balanced dog. She still has a ways to go, especially in public arenas when strangers want to approach her, but she has grown exponentially since we brought her home just 9 months ago. Although we are confident she would have eventually worked through her issues, we strongly believe Douglas has been a valuable contributor to her growth and success.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with the lives of two of the world’s most amazing dogs!
Melissa and Chris





Chip was adopted!

Update September 2009:

Hi Ginny,

Chip and Milo are having a great time.  He behaved very well meeting all the livestock and barn cats.  Chip and Milo played until neither could walk straight!  It's been that way all day today too.  They have become fast friends, spending their day playing hard and sleeping equally hard at night. 

He seems to have some residual memory of "come".  The memories become quite clear if the person talking has a treat!  "Sit" has also been retrieved from deep within, and he looks expectantly at you for a treat when he performs corerectly.

Thank you for such a nice dog.


Update January 2010:

Here is a picture of Chip playing withMilo(scroll down). They are the best of friends. Chip is so laid back and happy to flop on the floor and sleep. He is very nosey and likes to see whats going on everywhere, so if hes outside and wants to know what we are doing inside, he jumps in the air, pogo-stick style to see us.
The barn cats amaze him and he spends a good amount time stalking them, hoping for them to stop so he can lick and snuggle them. I think hell be a good trail buddy too. Were happy to have such a NICE dog. Thank you.






Portia was adopted!

Update September 2009:

I wanted to give a first night report and will follow up in a few weeks to a month. She loves the car and wants to be in the front seat. She got home and explored the yard and house and rest of family. (dog, cat, husband) Portia loved the bath and has a beautiful shine to her coat. She has only had one small accident, our fault for not recognizing her sign. She did great overnight. We think things are going to be great. Of course she and her new sister love the same ball so I will get a new one but something tells me it will not matter. She is very responsive to commands. People who passed her over will never know what they are missing. I think it must have been kennel life and confusion as you said. The cat thing we will work slowly with.
Thanks again





Lena was adopted!

Update December 2009:



Carly was adopted!

Update December 2009:

Just wanted to give you an update on Carly. That first day I met her and she immediately got very still and snuggled up into my chest, pretending to be a lap dog??? Boy, she knew how to play that! She still does it now and then, but most of her time is spent roughhousing with our shepherd Mia- no one told her she is little! 
She uses that to her advantage, though, because in order to get a break, she gets under Mia and bites her elbows. Mia then grabs Carly's collar and drags her out, and they start another round. They also enjoy a good game of chase, with Carly always the "chasee." She is very smart- she was easy to housetrain once we learned her "signal"- and loves everyone, including our cats. She respects our old dog Rosie, the queen of the household, and has gotten over her mild food aggressive tendencies with the other dogs. She is still scared of the horses but that's OK. She is all Terrier- birds, varmints, she doesn't miss a thing. We love her- her nickname is Sparkle, for her lively eyes-- and can't thank you enough for everything. Merry Christmas!






Holly was adopted!





Denny was adopted!

Update August 2009:

Ginny,    I know you wanted some updates on Denny (now renamed Palmer) so I sent you some pictures. He is really starting to come out of his shell and has put on a few pounds already. He is a wonderful dog, everyone who meets him loves him. My neighbors want to steal him from us and are now thinking of adopting a dog from Paws for Life too!    Palmer is a big love bug who lives for pets and playing ball. He has already made friends at the dog park and gives all those boarder collies a run for there money when they chase the ball. The vet says he still has a long way to go and suspects he was about 20 lbs underweight - that means he will tip the scale at 80 - 85 lbs!     We just want to say thanks again for rescuing our Palmer! Sincerely,

Courtney and Mike

Update June 2012:

Hello again.  Attached are newish pictures of Mia and Palmer (Cheyenne and Denny) doing their Dockdogs competitions.  Yesterday, at an event in PA, Mia jumped 25’ 7” landing her in the top 10 in the world in Dockdogs.  Mia is also moving up the ranks in Iron Dog (long jump, high jump and speed).  Palmer jumped 23’ 6”  clearing his personal best by over 5’!.   While I think a world championship may be a stretch for the time being, we truly enjoy competing with the dogs and both Palmer and Mia bring out a competitive and driven side.  Mia’s concentration and Palmer’s toy drive have exceled both of them into Elite divisions…not bad for their 2nd year competing or jumping in general. 




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