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Daisy was adopted!



Lewis was adopted!

Update December 2009:

Just wanted to give you an update on Lucas (AKA Lewis).  He and Tori are best friends and as you can see by the pictures he is having a great time living on the farm.  He has become a great member of our family.  We love him!  Happy Holidays.

The Bennett's



Trudy was adopted!

Update January 2010:

  I wanted to take a few moments and give you an update on our recent adoption and how everything is going. A few months back I came and got "Trudy" a female boxer. We decided to name her "Angel". She is doing great, packed on some pounds, really enjoys life, and her family, both human and boxer. I have attached some photos. I recently purchased a new camera. I'm sure you will really enjoy looking at them. The two other boxers in the photos are Bronx (fawn senior male) and Guinness (white male) who is close to Angel's age.

Everyone that visits loves Angel, she could not be anymore friendlier. She is still a "leaner". One thing that I was worried about is no longer a concern. I wasn't sure if she knew that she was a boxer or not. She keeps proving me wrong, which of course I am happy about.

Thanks again,
Chris Rose and family



Oscar was adopted!

Update November 2009:

Hi: My name is "Max". I was rescued from the SPCA by a very nice lady named Ginny.

She cared for me for awhile and then I was adopted by Bill and Nancy.

They took me shopping at a pet store, got a real nice bed and a kennel, also toys. They took me home and I really felt welcomed and loved.

Of course I kept on my best behavior, well until I break them in. Anyway, I have so much room to run around and play. I found out about cows, they are big and I felt as though I was chasing them and all of a sudden they turned around. Dad to my rescue!

When I don't have a warm lap to nap on, my bed is second best.

Thank you Paws for Life for rescuing me and finding me parents that really love me.




Lady was adopted!

Update October 2009:

Hi Ginny - thanks so much for letting us adopt Lady.  She is absolutely wonderful.  She is very curious, but she does not chase the cat and has not yet barked.  We are curious to know what she sounds like.  She is enjoying lots of walks around the yard and neighborhood, wasn't overly fond of her bath, and likes cat food better than dog 
food.    The kids all love her, and she is great with them.  We will 
send pictures after we take a few.

Got on line and voted for Paws for Life today - good luck with that!   
Saw the boxer on line - how cute.

Best regards,




Helena was adopted!



Sadie was adopted!


Clark was adopted!

Update October 2009:

Hi Ginny, just wanted to give you the 24 hour update on the black lab we adopted from you yesterday. By the time we got home he had a new name, Bode-which he seems to like (much better than Biter, that’s for sure!)

The pack introduction went very well- pretty much a non-event. We are babysitting my sister-in-laws black lab this weekend, so poor Bode had two matronly Labs to meet and greet. Butts were sniffed, there were a few feeble humping attempts and that was that.

It’s fascinating getting to know a new dog. Bode loves to counter surf (we haven’t had one of those in years so –so completely forgot that leaving dinner on the counter is not a good idea-however, Bode enjoyed it  immensely ; )   Then spent the next hours worried that he’d get sick- but thankfully no issues.

He loves to sniff our bath towels (!), hasn’t a clue what a ball or toy is, and slept like a rock through the whole night. He seemed very depressed on the ride home, but ever since has been happy and lively. He has eaten all his (regular!) meals with gusto so I think he approves of our choices in dog food. I placed an order with Smart Pak this morning so he won’t have to share Bella’s too much longer.  And he is already modeling a nice new collar (with matching leash of course!) We’ve been applying ointment to his skin to help speed up the healing of the rash. He’s taken all our attention like a gentleman and he is very loving even when he isn’t at all sure just what the heck we are doing.

I’m attaching three photos- wish they were better, but getting three labs to poise—well, you know how that goes. Oh, he has already figured out how to drink out of our fish pond without falling in (and shows no inclination whatsoever to jump in- so I’m thinking that swimming will be another new experience for him when we go to bark park.) (BTW-fish pond is all natural-no chemicals-so safe to drink and very shallow)

It was lovely meeting you, and thank you for providing such a wonderful safe haven for dogs in dire straits,

Mary Jane and Gerry
Bella and Bode

Update October 2009:

Bode has had a lot to figure out since he arrives - he didn't know how to climb up or go down a flight of stairs, didn't know how to sit, and couldn't figure out how to climb up (or maybe wasn't allowed previously) onto the sofa and the bed, he also didn't "get" fetching the ball, or playing iwth toys. Needless to say, he figure everything out pretty fast! Well, except sitting, that has taken the longest even using dog treats. At first I thought perhaps he physically couldn't sit comfortably, but now that he is sitting on command, I think he has just been used to either standing or laying down. He is eating with gusto, and has lost that very skinny look he had.

He and our other lab, Bella, bonded very quicly. They now lseep next to each other and groom each other (Bella is in heaven because Ben, who died in March, would never groom her). and love to wrestle and chase each other. It's been interesting to see who gets the role of Alpha, and so far they are splitting thosee duties up between them.

Bode is just a delight - he is such a quiet, elegant dog. I think his favorite thing to do so far is curling up with Gerry to watch TV everything - and I think it's Gerry's favorite thing too!

Thank you for everything you do for unwanted dogs and horses, but I especially want to thank you for rescuing Bode, I can't imagine our home without him.

P.S. Was so relieve to see that Bode's brother, Lewis, was adopted. Not taking them together really bothered me, but I knew it would make Bella odd dog out in the pack.


BB was adopted!

Update October 2009:

BB is doing great.  He and I are spending a lot of time out side and enjoying the weather,  He is truly a wonderful dog.   I have an appt of the vet next week.

BB is my shadow and for the first time since we moved down here I am not lonely.

Thank-you for saving him,


Update October 2009:

Hi Ginny,
   Our dog BB is doing great.  He is a great fit for us and seems to be really happy.  My son has been home on leave and BB has been getting a good work out.
   BB is going to the Vet tomorrow.  I have some real concerns about his hips.  
BB is a wonderful dog and I thank you so much for hooking us up with him.
I will send pictures soon.

Update November 2009:

Happy Thanksgiving,

  We had a great feast last night with 18 people and BB was well received, by family that had never met him before.

 He did not have to spend too much time on the side porch, just when we were working at the kitchen counter.  He has a habit of putting his nose into anything on the counter.

  He moved from person to person trying to catch any falling crumbs.

We Love BB


I will try to send a new picture.  He has lost weight, maybe 5-7lbs. and is "lookin good"



Marcy was adopted!

Update March 2011:

Hey Ginny,

It has been quite some time since we have adopted Marcy (now known as Maddie) and we continue to give her the love and care that we promised we would.  We certainly can't imagine life without her and she is still that loving affectionate dog that caught our eye when we first came to you.  We will try and send some more recent pics to you but for now here are some to show you she is in great hands.  She loves being around other dogs and has a great time rolling around the floor with us.  She also loves to cuddle with us in the evening time when we are watching TV or just laying down to take a nap.  I just wanted to thank you again for the service you provide and we hope to be back sometime in the future. 


Michael & Kim



Pandy was adopted!

Update October 2009:

Hi Ginny,

I cannot thank you enough for rescuing Holly (formerly Pandy) and saving her for me.  ;>)     She is such a joy and a real gem!  Holly is absolutely amazing!!!  She is 20 pounds of energy and love and gives our Vizsla, Buddy, a run for his money.  She is completely housebroken, is already acknowledging her new name, and fetches toys and drops it at your feet without asking for it.  I am amazed that she gets along so well with all of our family and pets, loves to go for rides in the car, and sleeps at the foot of our bed as though she's been here her entire life. 

I am returning the collar and leash in the mail this week that you sent with us the day we brought her home since she now has her very own bling collar and leash covered with Swarovski Crystals.  As you can see, Holly is blissfully at home in her new plush girly bed and loves all of the attention the entire family gives her.  I think it was love at first sight for all of us.  We will send you pictures of Holly in her new Burberry coat when it gets colder outside.  Thanks again for making a difference!!!!!!

Crystal & Holly

Update December 2009:

Here is a picture of Holly (formerly Pandy) at Halloween.  Who says good doesn't trump evil? You can clearly see Holly Angel has overtaken the "demon".


Update October 2010:

Hi Ginny, Just wanted to pop in to say hello. Holly celebrated her 1st year with us yesterday & is the apple of our family's eye. Here she is modeling this year's Halloween costume. She's spoiled rotten & loving every minute of it. Thanks again for everything! Crystal, Holly, & Family






Simba was adopted!





Faith was adopted!





Kyle was adopted!






Cherry was adopted!

Update April 2010:

hi my name is Chad. I got this wonderful dog Cherry from you back I believe it was august I cant remember any more. time has flown. I first laid my eyes on her at the wal-mart in Middletown and I fell in love!! she is such a wonderful dog I love her to death. Cherry had a little brother named buster but very sadly he had just passed away;(( they were best buddys, but she will always have me and my fiancee. when I had picked her up from you you asked for up dates and pictures I am very sorry it has taken so long but I promised Ii would send. I would also like to know when you have any adoption events Ii would love to volunteer and help out. Ii love dogs and Ii really love what you guys are doing for dogs that have no other place to go. Ii cant wait to here from you soon!!





Quest was adopted!






Petey was adopted!





Casey was adopted!





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