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Willy was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Dear Ginny - Willy (now Charlie) has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a happy, loving and athletic boy. The children love him and he loves them back.  He's become my running partner and is very loyal to my husband Eric. We know he'll be an important part of our family for the rest of his life. We'll promote Paws for Life to everyone, you're doing great work!

Thank you!

Update January 2011:







Sophie was adopted!

Update December 2009:

Thomas and Sophie (now Cassie) are both doing great.  Cassie is settling in fine, is such a sweetheart, learns quickly, and very eager to please.  Definitely shy and very afraid of getting in trouble, but she'll get there.  She and Orion are getting along great, playing plenty together, and Cassie seems pretty willing to follow Orion's lead when she's nervous about something.  Orion's even teaching her that toys are a good thing.  She's fine with the cat, and as soon as the cat realized she could cow both dogs, she got over her initial indignation at having a second dog in the house.  Cassie has been fine sleeping in her crate when we are out, so no issues with any separation anxiety.  Half the neighborhood kids were playing next door when we got home Saturday, so everyone of course ran over to meet the new dog, and Cassie was fine with that.  Took the dogs to the barn Sunday morning, we are going to have to work on containing that herding instinct with the horses, but Cassie was responding pretty readily to correction, so I think it will be ok, it'll just take some time.  Everyone who has met her so far has fallen in love with her, so she's getting plenty of attention and soaking it up. 

Update September 2011:

Hi Ginny,
Just wanted to write and say thank you very much for Mongo (now Logan), who is settling in just fine so far.  He seems to be well housetrained and is picking up on obedience commands, leash manners, and crate training quickly.  He loves Cassie (Sophie), and she's coming around; she alternates between playing with him and studiously ignoring him, which is tough to do when he's enthusiastically licking her face.  He's incredibly sweet and gentle with people, including the neighborhood kids who came over to meet him, and he's been good with the cat, although she hasn't quite forgiven us for bringing another dog home.  Here are a couple pictures of him from this weekend.  He wasn't a very cooperative model - kept trying to lick the camera/my face.

I've attached a couple pictures of Cassie as well, one of her taking a nap with Orion, and a couple of her playing in the dog park with her "cousin" Zeus.

Many thanks,

Update May 2012:

Hi Ginny,
I was just going through some pictures and thought I'd send you a couple of Cassie and Logan (formerly Sophie and Mongo).  Both are doing great, they have a blast tearing around in the yard with each other and are an absolute joy to have in the family.

Thanks again,









Willow was adopted!








Ida was adopted!








Martin was adopted!

Update October 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We adopted a dog from you in December of 2010.  You called him Martin, but we renamed him Angus.  My wife and I will return from our honeymoon on October 23 and we're looking to adopt a second dog.

Obviously I want to make sure that the new dog gets along with Angus.  When we're ready, can we bring him by and have some time in the yard with the dog(s) we're interested in to see how they get along?


I'm attaching a few photos.  We couldn't be happier with him!










Tazz was adopted!








Holly was adopted!








Boris was adopted!








Scooter was adopted!

Update December 2009:

Scooter is settling in very nicely with our family & he seems very happy with all the hugging and playing. We have decided to rename him. In the past, I've always kept the name, but in this case he's still pretty young and the family voted 4-0 to pick a new name. He is now George (officially Sir George Snickerdoodle).He responds to George & comes when you call so I think he approves.

We have established a routine with the walks and he is making progress on his housetraining, especially since he caught onto the connection between doing his business outside & me handing him a bacon treat! The day the lightbulb went on for him, he peed 5 times on the same walk! We haven't had any indoor accidents since.

We went to the dog park both saturday & sunday since the weather was so nice. I think he might be part greyhound after seeing him tear around at warp speed! No wonder he still had energy after even our long walks. Just like a toddler, he slept very good both of those nights.

I contacted Middletown Vet & they were able to locate his records. I'll be taking him to a vet close to my house, so I'm having the records transferred this week so I can get him in for his flu shot & pick up some heartworm preventative.

Thanks again for the opportunity to take care of this cutie-pie. His old family doesn't know what they are missing. George is sweet and smart and absolutely fantastic with both kids. He is already an expert at fetch & follows a few basic commands. He actually enjoyed his bath! In fact, he sits in the [empty] tub sometimes and chews his bone! We really could not be happier. I am SO glad I decided not to wait on getting a dog.

I was going to start an obedience class this week, but decided to wait until the next class (dec 27th) so I can make sure all his shots are up to date. Besides, if we start now, there would be 2 classes then 3 weeks off for the holidays.

I will contact you in the next few weeks about stopping by sometime - I want to return the collar + give you a few supplies to help you along the way.

I'll send you more updates & pictures too. Unfortunately our home computer was infected by a worm last week so we will be out of commission for awhile. It's always something!

Kind regards, Sue








Luther was adopted!








Raven was adopted!








Fiddle was adopted!








Princess was adopted!








Kyle was adopted!








Curly was adopted!







Preston was adopted!

Update December 2009:

Hi Ginny,

I just wanted to let you know that things with our newest family member are going great!  We just love the little guy!!!!!  We re-named him Odie, and he's doing just great!  He gets along well with our other dog and has done well with the transition.  He's such a cuddle dog, and we're loving every minute of it.  Thanks so much for taking care of him for us until he joined our family!  I've attached a picture from the first night we got him.










Barney was adopted!








Sputnik was adopted!








Onyx was adopted!

Update November 2009:


It seems Onyx has been here all her life. She has adjusted without a hitch and is the neighborhood squirrel and stray cat watcher. 

I keep the blinds on the windows up a tad so she can watch the yard for intruders.

I'm sure she has some pointer in her because as soon as she exits the house for a walk, she goes right to the hunting dog stance without a move.

Your report said her left ear problem had been cured, but I'm using a cleanser on it and I've gotten a lot of gunk from it. She was rubbing it on the carpet since I got her so if this doesn't work, I'll get the vet to prescribe something.

Otherwise, I thank you for what you're doing and will keep in touch.

God bless,










Boomer was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Happy Holidays from Boomer and the Lorelli Family!







Sonny was adopted!

Update October 2009:

Just wanted to drop you a note after our first few days with Sonny. We have had such a good few days we can't imagine why he was up for adoption! Fully housebroken, calm, follows a few simple commands, very sweet! He and our daughter are very compatible, who can believe it! It took me a while to come up with the nerve to adopt a dog, but we are feeling so lucky he is part of our family. Thanks for your patience and for all the care that you give to these animals. Your facility is really a blessing to our county!

Sara and Dan








Toto was adopted!

Update December 2010:









Susie Q was adopted!

Update November 2009:

Hi Ginny, Since adopting this lovable adorable poodle at the Fair Hill International in October I just can not imagine how anyone would be able to give her up for adoption.  She is the sweetest loving dog…I just know she must have come from a loving home.  We live on a farm and at first I was very concerned – Quie aka Suzy Q – did not like the grass…but how things have changed!  She now loves to go in the barnyard with the horses and goats – she slips under the fence!  We have 2 yellow female labs, 4 cats and everyone gets along.  I hope Quie loves me as much as I love her!!!     

Take care









Rascal was adopted!

Update October 2009:

Hello Ginny,

Rusty (Rascal) is now in the beautiful rural area of Sugar Grove, PA. He lives in a log cabin home with lots of land (a big size fenced in). Rusty is now the new brother of three other dogs,two cats, and a pet rooster. They sll are getting along fine. He is such a good easy going. He loves to play in the leaves and to take walks with Mommy and Daddy and "siblings".

We have been taking pictures and will send some out to you soon.

Ginny, I did not remember to ask you, but how long was Rusty with Paws for Life? We want to thank you for letting us adopt Rusty.



Update November 2009:

Hello from Rusty!

Check out the picture of me in a pile of leaves! (Attached)

Because my paws are chubby, my mommy volunteered to type. I am a 18-month old beagle who found a wonderful home in Sugar Grove, PA. I live with lots of sisters: two Aussie Shepherds named Marla and Shasta who are one year older than me, Utah, a 12-year old German Shepherd/Lab mixed, and two kitty cats, Lucy and Oreo. My only brother is a rooster name Pip. He is louder than me!

Marla, Shasta, and I love to run and chase each other. I have to run really hard to catch up with them as they have long legs. However, I can change directions quickly and my sisters have to make a screeching halt to turn around. Utah loves to watch us from the porch. I sniff out the cats all the time. I love kongs and stuffed toys. I am a good eater, too!

My mommy and daddy are so good to me. They let me sit on their laps, they give me lots of kisses, and are teaching me new tricks. I keep trying.

This Thanksgiving, I have lots to be thankful for. I am thankful to my Uncle Joe and cousin Eleanor for finding me at the horse fair and for Aunt Linda who gave me lot of hugs and for cousin John who let me sleep with him in his bed. I also love my canine cousin Murray who  let me stroll right besides him on walks. I am thankful to my new family!

Thank you! Love, Rusty

(From Rita and Boyd Freeborough): We are so happy to have Rusty and grateful to Paws for Life. We wish everyone (human and animals) of Paws for Life a beautiful Thanksgiving, and keep up the great work.




April was adopted!








Shadow was adopted!








Heidi was adopted!






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