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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Sabine was adopted!

January 2010:

Eleanor came to the kennel to bring donations and ended up taking a dog home with her! More on Eleanor and her efforts coming soon.



Shorty was adopted!

Update December 2010:


Peanut, formerly Shorty, has been with us for almost a year now.  As a Black Lab/Basset Hound mix his personality is the best.  He has a lot of energy when we take him to the dog park.  He does not stop running until it is time to go. Peanut did not get any taller, just longer, and he has added a few healthy pounds. When our family is home, he likes to chill out with us on the couch.  His body is long like a Basset, so he takes up three laps while dozing.  The children love when people ask what kind of dog he is.  They have taken to just calling him a Labrasset.  They are so excited, my husband and I as well, to be spending Christmas with Peanut for the first time. 

The Jones Family 



Sasha was adopted!



Oreo was adopted!

Update June 2014:

Hi Ginny,

I met you 5 years ago when I adopted Oreo from Paws for Life.  Since then we have moved to central PA and just wanted ot let you know that he is doing great!  He loves his big back yard and many places to go hiking (and his kitty brother).  Thank you so much for introducing us!



Ty was adopted!



Natasha was adopted!



Honey Bear was adopted!



Maddie was adopted!



Tillie was adopted!



Tanner was adopted!



Gretchen was adopted!



MeMe was adopted!

Update February 2011:

Dear Ginny,
    A year ago I adopted MeMe form PFL and after changing her name to Sadie, we have become an inseparable couple. She is the best dog anywhere, ever  I can't believe she was abandoned, but thank you for saving her and delivering her to me. We are extremely happy and in love. thanks, Jim



Sandy was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Hi Ginny!
Quick update as we just got home from the vet.

Sandy, now known as Phoenix, rode home all the way laying on Kyles lap, forget the pillow, she thinks she's a lapdog!

We stopped in Fredericksburg to get a couple of items at Walmart, and she barked at some people once, then stopped.

Once home she took over the sofa, and cuddles up with Kyle whenever she can (who adopted who?)
She is very quiet, (vocally) loves to snuggle, and loves playing with her ball and tug rope - Kyle stopped yesterday, and she tossed the ball at him

She managed to get out of the crate Sunday night, and counter-surfed, finding a bite or two of chocolate cake, luckily it doesn't appear she liked it!
It did upset her tummy tho, I am so glad I have a heavy duty carpet cleaner!
So her diet right now, is rice and rice and more rice (with Kao mixed in!)

She's housebroken, sits, lays down, walks to heel..(not so good at that last one)

Vet thinks she's more like a year old, but said that we won't know for sure until she puts on a little weight, and if she grows more (currently 47 pounds)
She also said, that Phoenix is  one of the more beautiful Shepherds she has ever seen! (We already knew that!)

Thanks again! More pics when she's had a chance to fill out some.




Polar was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hi guys,
We adopted Polar a little over a month ago. Her name now is Zoey and she seems to like it. Our son named her and we think it's a good name for her. She is doing great. She saw her vet and she is healthy, beautiful , well behaved dog. She adjusted very well within first week. At first she was a little shy and didn't want to go upstairs or have anything to do with the kids. But after a couple of days she checked out her new home and was more comfortable with kids. She is more attached to adults but patient and careful around children.

Zoey gets a little 'crazy" at times running around the house, oh well she is a puppy. She loves snow! We try to be good and don't give her any "human"  food, but the girl loves bananas and rice cakes. She actually stole a rice cake right out of our daughter's hands. Poor 2 y.o was kind of confused: what happened to her snack? Zoey know that the girl tends to leave her snack all over the house and follows her religiously.:):):)

Zoey is a loving, kind dog. We really didn't have any problems with her: no damage to the house or the furniture, doesn't shed, loves to be brushed, almost never barks inside. We couldn't ask for a better dog. She even changed our son. He is 6 and his behavior improved significantly since Zoey came to our family. He shows his sensitive side, no back talking and arguing. It's amazing!

We would like to thank all of you at Paws for Life for everything you do for the animals. You are great at giving those dog and cats a chance for better life and giving families friends they'll love.
Thanks again
Wyatt family



Damien was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Hi Ginny
Damien has done Great!  He fit right in with Trudy and Wolfie and loves hanging with us.  So far so good.
I attached a couple of pics for you.
One of Nick with Trudy and Damien
and one of all three dogs.
for anyone that reads this posting Trudy was adopted from Paws for Life about 5 years ago, we adopted Wolfie from a friend about one year ago!
Thanks Ginny (and Bev)
The Whitefords



Romo was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to let you know Romo, now Brutus is doing GREAT! Brutus is absolutely a wonderful dog, he's sweet, loving, loyal, and incredibly protective of his home. We couldn't be happier with him! Thanks,
Laura & Denver



Charlie was adopted!

Update January 2010:

Riley and Charlie are getting along great!!!  But its funny Riley found the puppy in himself again and they like to play, which is wonderful but we are a little worn out! hahaha! 

They sleep at the foot of our bed so now we really don't get any room in the bed!  We call Riley - Hoover and we call Charlie - Eureka becaues whenever we are cooking or getting their dinner ready they will walk around the kitchen and lick the floor like they have never eaten before.  We got them each two toys and a nyla-bone for Christmas within five minutes of them opening the toys and bones they each took the other ones things.  They really are a lot of fun.  We took them both to the vet Charlie is 60 pounds and Riley is 65, both very healthy boys!



Rowan was adopted!





Bodhi was adopted!





Minnie was adopted!



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