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Breeze was adopted!

Update March 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to give you an update on Breeze!

We have decided to keep her name as we think its totally fitting of her!  We took her to the vet on Friday because she did come down with kennel cough.  We caught it early so it hasn't had much discomfort at all, but she is on Clavamox for the next 2 weeks.  She also got her canine flu vaccine and first round of lymes.  The vet was very pleased with the flea treatment and heartworm prevention and said to give you kudos because his experience with rescued dogs is that most aren't so well proactively treated!  He was amazed by her temperment and how bonded she was to me already as she came and laid at my feet every time after the doctor was finished examining her.  By Friday she already knew sit and down.

She has not been eating much, but going to the bathroom a lot so we suspect her digestion has been a bit delayed from the spaying.  She has also been a bit lethargic from the vaccines, but is coming around after spending the last several days sleeping almost constantly on her new bed which she loves!  She isn't much into playing just yet and will only run when we run with her, but she will get excited for her ball and chase it around a few times.  She is great in her crate, hasn't had any accidents in the house and sleeps through the whole night.  She does have some fears that we are working to address but the encouraging thing is that she quickly cheers up when we reassure her that she has no need to cower.  She also did great at the groomer's and was a favorite there!

We are working on 'house' (for her crate) as well as stay and will begin heal and try to take on the steps (which she is not a fan of) once we've built her trust and tackled some of her fear issues.

We really do consider it an honor to have her as part of our family!  Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our home!  I've attached just a few shots of her 'hard' life!

We will continue to keep you posted!

Whitney and Nick

Update February 2012:

Hi Ginny,

I know it has been quite a while since we have provided you with an update on the Golden Retriever, Breeze we adopted from Paws for Life in February 2010, so I thought I'd send along some pictures!

Breeze is the light of our lives! She makes us laugh every day and is fiercly loyal, smart and obedient. She LOVES car rides and if my tailgate is open, you can bet she in the back ready to go! She even accompanied me all last year on my Friday short runs while I was training for a half and full marathon and everyone would comment on how well she would run right in stride with me.  I have even succeeded in teaching her 'right' and 'left' for when we needed to turn on the trails that I run.

While she is full of energy, she is one of the most calm 3-year old Goldens I have ever had! I recently took her to Pets Mart to pick out a new toy and she made friends with a 4-year old Golden.  The owners asked what we did to get her to be so calm and gentle and asked if they could trade! While we don't have kids of our own, our neighbors' children love Breeze and often come to play hide-and-seek with her on the weekends. We still can't believe that we got so lucky to bring her home and are so thankful everyday that she is in our lives.  

Since Breeze loves other dogs, we made the decision late in 2011 that we would start looking for a brother for her and four weeks ago we brought home a male German Shepherd puppy, Cruz. Breeze and Cruz have a ball together and we can truly see the positive impact they have both had on one another.

Nick and I constantly recommend Paws for Life and look forward to adopting more pups from you in the future.

Thank you for everything you continue to do to give renewed hope and love to animals who have been neglected and forgotten.

Whitney and Nick



McKensie was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Dear Ginny,

McKensie is a great dog. After leaving your place we did have a long drive, but when we got to Petsmart that's were the fun began. I went in he was checking out all the toys, bones, and food, so he was having a good time doing that. There were many things that I bought for him such as a grooming tool that ejects the hair off of it, a pet shower device, popper scooper, bag of dog food, double sided dog bowl, tennis ball, and a rawhide bone. After we got home he was greeted by the children, he started to kiss them all over the face and they were playing with them, he is very good with children. Later I did take him out for a good walk and a little bit of running, he enjoyed that. At night when I was watching a movie he did sleep for a little bit, but he did have a bad dream, so I comforted him and told him that everything was going to be alright. I still have to take some pictures and then I'll email those to you soon.

Thank you all so much, I really missed having a good friend. 


Update February 2010:

Hi Ginny,

As promised here are some pictures of McKensi. Mckensi has been a great dog, I been spending a lot of time with him and keeping him happy. He was a little scared at first riding in the car, but he is getting used to it. I also signed him up today for a 8 week training class to teach him some new tricks. But I like to thank you again, it means a lot to me having a companion and a new friend.





Dale was adopted!

Update February 2010:

What a character Dale is. Full of personality. The day I picked Dale up we put Angel down that afternoon. Dale now known as JD is making this process so much easier for us. He is a cuddle bug, a lover and a big baby. He is fitting right in. JD loves to look out the windows and watch all the activity in the parking lots. He does not bark or act out in any way. He loves to have company stop over. He cries for attention when we are out and he sees people. JD loves to go out in the car. He is a very smart dog and learns quickly. His tail never stops jitter bugging around. I will be ordering his service dog in training vest very soon and then we can go out all the time together! JD is going to be very good for me and with his help all kinds of doors are going to open up for me again.

Update February 2010:

I have to share with you my fabulous day yesterday. My oldest son Charlie is disabled with Cerebral Palsy. He lives at the Mary Campbell Center in Wilmington. It is a unique Nursing home just for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. They also have a program for younger children with multiple types of disabilities. They have a web site you can go see.

JD is so loveable and agreeable to just about anything so I thought I would take him to the Mary Campbell Center so we could visit with my son. When we arrived Charlie was getting ready to go into the hot tub. JD was not frightened at all by any of the strange noises or sights. I had already exposed JD to Charlie's scent by putting one of Charlie's wheelchairs in my living room for him to investigate. He walked right up to Charlie and Gave him a big kiss and let Charlie rub all over him with his clumsy motions. JD put his front paws on Charlie's lap and just acted like he had known Charlie forever. He sat at the hot tub and even thought about getting in with the residents a few times. He let the other residents in the pool area love on him and pet him. He did not shy away from anyone or anything he was exposed to. Then we walked around the center allowing anyone to give JD attention that wanted to. He was so patient. I was pleasantly surprised by JD demeanor and behavior. He is still a little hyper as he is still young. I can see that JD is going to be a frequent and welcomed visitor at the MCC.

JD and I are already very good buddies. He is my big shadow. There have been no accidents in the house! He is learning to go potty on command. JD seems to have a sixth sense! He knows when I'm feeling down and need a little TLC. He comes to me and acts silly and loving to take my mind off of the negative things I was focused on. He actually acts a lot like my sweet little Angle did. I can't wait till the first of the month so I can order his service dog in training vest!  I feel so safe and secure with JD at my side!               



Molly was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hello Ginny.. I just wanted to send you a quick update on Molly.. Since she of course did not listen to Molly i have changed it to Darby..She answers to it very well now. Darby has been adjusting pretty good for all she has been through in her past.. She still gets very shy to new people and especially men.. She barked at my brother every time she saw him for about a week.. She now has taken to him in the home but still won't let him put her outside.. She just looks at him and walks the other way.. haha.. I have noticed she has major issues with men in general so i have been trying to get her out as much as possible and little by little she is coming around.. however i do see it being much time till she is completely comfortable with men.. I take it she may have been abused as a pup but i am no expert..

Cody (my other dog) and Darby have become good buds.. She trys to show shoe is in charge cause she is bigger but cody puts her in her place... Darby had no problem making herself at home here and is learning very fast.. I have taught her to sit and stay when i open the house door for company.. Most important she finally now sits and waits to eat or rather when  i give her the ok to go to her bowl.. She was a hungry devil when she first arrived and waited for nothing.. All in all she is doing well.. the kennel cough is over and she seems like a healthy large pup.. I will keep you updated as she makes progress. I have enclosed a few photos from all the snow we had.. She didn't know what to make of it at first but after a bit i could't keep her from running crazy though it.. Take care and i will keep you updated..




Midnight was adopted!



Magic was adopted!



Sunny was adopted!



Angel was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Dear Ginny

Thank you so very much for finding me the perfect companion.

"Angel" as I have named her made out great on her first night with me. Slept on the bed with me from 10 PM to 7 AM.

Of course when we went out this morning, she gave me a run for quite awhile. But she was ready to come in and relax.

Thanks again,

Sincerely, Lois




Mufasa was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hi Ginny,

So far so good. Mufasa is adjusting well. He and Jeannie are eating side-by-side and sometimes sleeping side-by-side. Last night he slept in bed with us. He doesn't seem too interested in the cat, and she just avoids him.

The first day home, he peed in the house, which I expected - I figured he'd try to mark something. But, now, he goes to the door and lets us know he has to go out. Adopting him in the middle of two blizzards has been challenging, but it's working out. We still need to train him on the boundary of the yard once the snow melts. But, for now, he sticks with Jeannie, and she knows her boundaries. Yesterday, I left them both alone in the house for about 20 minutes, while I took the girls to daycare. They just slept on the floor the whole time, so that was a successful test.

He's not the smartest dog in the world (from the perspective of a shepherd owner), but he does have a heart of gold like you said. I think he'll need some training, whether it's a standard class, or us just working with him more. He doesn't know "come", but he does know sit (from a standing position anyway). And he loves to shake.

I was able to take some pictures of Jeannie and Mufasa playing today outside in the snow. I zipped them up and attached them, along with a couple other pictures.

Take care,


Update December 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to update you on Mufasa. We call him Chuy now (pronounced "Chewy") - it's a Spanish nickname for the Spanish name Jesus (hey-soos). Not that we are calling him Jesus - just a cute sounding Spanish nickname/term of endearment.

Everyone loves Chuy, including the mail lady. His face endears him to everyone. The fur-kids all get along and love each other, as you can see in the photos.

We did have a scare late this summer - we think he ate a toad, though we'll never know for sure. But after having a massive vomiting/diarrhea attack, he was drooling profusely. We took him to the vet immediately and he got treated with fluids and charcoal. He pulled through, but darn if he didn't still have an interest in the toads. So we'll have to watch him closely next summer.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, and not so much snow this winter :-)

Lauren and Rolando



Grayson was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Grayson at work!

Update February 2010:

Yes he has a name :)

We followed my classical roots and went with Wolfgang (as in Mozart)  :) - He is doing well. He slept out in the bedroom last night on a dog bed by me or he kept snuggling to Anika (our older female GSD). He and Rosie (our acd mix) are playing in the snow, and our old man, PD (Basenji mix) is busy telling him that he just wants to snuggle and all the bones belong to PD :). He is eating just fine, loves playing in the snow, but it is up to his neck. The little guys are buried by it, so we are just hanging in the family room on the couch. He also walked really nicely yesterday once he figured out what I wanted him to do :) He is a quick study.

Here are some quick pix. It is hard to get good ones because I am alone as Dawn is in at work.

I will send more later. I heard you guys got dumped with snow as well. I hope all is ok for you and getting to the dogs.

When Dawn gets home we will work on better pix :)


Update March 2010:


Wolfie (fka Grayson) is on a trip to Georgia with us. He is doing very very well. Stayed in a hotel one night and did great. Everyone gawks at him, he is such a beauty! Yes he wears a backpack – we believe he should carry his own poop bags, treats and water – and he has taken to it well. He is adjusting well, has some small fear issues,  but we are working him through it.

Anyways just a few pics of the boy having a good time :) I love the one of him sniffing at the pool wondering what it was :)

These are just the small resized ones, if you need bigger let me know. I have some more, and will send some more cool ones of him later playing ball with me :)

--John, Dawn and Wolfgang

Update March 2010:

Here is Wolfgang (fka Grayson) at Fort Stevens in Washington D.C. 
Wolfgangg has now traveled to DC, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, and of course his home Maryland. :). He also looks forward now to going to work with me.

He is not only a real looker he is a sweet lovable pup! Thanks again for saving him.

Update August 2010:

Hey Ginny

I know it has been a while. Wolfie is doing great. He has not only grown so much physically since February, but he has started maturing just a bit :) - He cracks us up because he is very much a perfect well behaved brave German Shepherd when there are people around, but once it is just the family he well becomes the puppy he still is. He still has some small fear issues but they are slowly but surely fading away and again he never shows those fears around the public, that would not be fitting for a GSD :)

Here are some pics from today where we went to see my dad and Wolfie is with our daughter Marina who is home from college for the summer.

Update December 2010:




Bear was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hi, Ginny.

Bear is doing well. Thanks for the tip of leaving the leash on him, that helped a lot. No accidents since Sunday night. I got him a crate, he loved it at first, this morning he refused to go in. I contacted Wendy Young to help (re)train him. He's sometimes hesitant to listen to me and he pulls me when we walk. I understand it takes time, but I want to be sure I'm doing the right things for him. I know Wendy will help with all of that and she says she can help him with the stairs. He's such a sweet dog, but he's big and strong so I'm looking forward to Wendy's help. I know it's only been a short time, but so far he doesn't beg at the table, he doesn't get into things, he loves to cuddle, he loves his big fluffy bed, he's been excellent with meeting friends, and he likes his new toys, but his favorite thing of all is to get brushed. He absolutely loves it and the more I brush the happier he is. He's a really good boy, he and I just have to get a routine and plenty of positive reinforcement. He LOVES all the bushes in the yard, which is perfect because I hate them!
So far, we're very happy together. I'll keep you posted on how things go with Wendy Young. Thanks for your help on the phone the other night.
I'll send another update with some photos soon.


Update February 2010:

Dear Ginny,
I thought you'd like to see these pictures of Bear having fun in the snow.



Update April 2010:

Dear Ginny,

Bear's been with me for about 2 months now and he's been doing very well. I've introduced him to some neighborhood dogs and a friend's dog and he's improving socially.

He does have to take it slow because he still wants to be alpha, but he is tolerating other dogs and Wendy the trainer gave us lots of help on that. There's a puppy two doors down that Bear likes very much. I'm really pleased that he is so gentle with the little puppy.

He truly loves his new yard and wants to protect it from squirrels and other little creatures. He loves to roam around the yard and stretch out in the sun. When he gets tired of the sun, he likes to lounge under his maple tree. He's such a good dog, he cuddles right up with me and all his new friends. He absolutely loves his new neighborhood and can't get enough of his walks even when his old bones get sore. All the neighbors just love him and they're all impressed with how sweet he is.

Bear still has trouble with steps and his hips are a little sore sometimes, but he forgets all about his arthritis when we play fetch! Now that he is begining to feel safe and secure, I think he will continue to improve socially. He is so happy to have his own home. He has lots of pillows and blankets so he can be cozy everywhere since he doesn't want to be on the furniture. He still loves car rides and sometimes he tries to charm neighbors into taking him for a ride.

He is always very friendly with people, he never chews on things or noses around where he shouldn't (though he tries to sneak a bone outside to bury), he's even tolerating the neighborhood cats! He can be demanding though. Sometimes he just forces me to snuggle with him-he pokes his nose under my hand or he shoves his head under my arm and makes me hug him. I think he's missed out on affection and now I've got to help him make up for it.

He spends most of his time loafing around, relaxing, and being spoiled and pampered. He is doing well with his basic commands and no more accidents in the house. I think he's found the perfect retirement home with me. I just love him to pieces. He's so smart and he is such a terrific dog. I'm so glad you rescued him for me! We're a perfect match.

I've attached a picture of Bear enjoying a treat



Sunny was adopted!



Captain was adopted!



Drew was adopted!



Phelps was adopted!




Shadow was adopted!

Update February 2010:

Hi Paws for Life,

I wanted to send you a quick update on Shadow, who I adopted last week.

He is a joy to walk with and his goofy wagging tail puts at ease the strangers we pass that might be scared by a big black dog.  He also absolutely loved the snow we got last weekend.  He'd chase his tennis ball and create a big cloud of snow when he stopped.

I'll send a more complete e-mail and photos in a month or so to let you know how he's doing.





Rocky was adopted!



Anna was adopted!




Kate was adopted!





Lucy was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Hi Ginny, Here are some pictures of Lucy, now named Chloe.  She is doing great!  We love her. 





Jam was adopted!



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