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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Trouble was adopted.




Oreo was adopted.



Rex was adopted.

Update Jan 2006:

Hi Ginny,
Rex is now known as Toby and he's a great dog. It took a couple of days for all 3 dogs to get used to one another but they are good together now. Our vet seems to think he's only about 3 years old and based on his playfulness we tend to agree that he's a pretty young dog.

He loves to play with tuggy toys and chase balls. Hopefully we will have him trained for the invisible fence soon and he'll be able to run with our other 2 dogs.

We're very happy we chose Toby, he's just great.

Update April 2014:

In December 2005 we came to you looking for a dog. We had already rescued 2 dogs but wanted a third. We met a few dogs but decided on Rex (now Toby). Our vet figured him to be about 4 or 5 at the time and now at 13+/- years old he is still an absolutely wonderful dog . We found out about your organization while watching a Christmas parade in Middletown all those years ago and I am so glad we did. Thanks for all you do to help these animals.





Tasha is a wonderful dog!  Thank you so much.  I'm glad that you had a home already lined up for Pearl, because I could tell as soon as Branch saw her that she wasn't what he had in mind.  However, he is totally smitten with Tasha.  We have been gradually letting her wander around the house with Amy, increasing the time as they seem to tolerate it.  There hasn't been any angry barking since Sunday night, just a couple of little growls here and there.  But she is a delightful dog, and seems very happy.  She also is accustomed to a crate as she goes right in at night and when we leave.
We'll keep you updated. 

Thanks.  J.

Update Dec. 2005:


Just a quick update for you about Tasha. She spent the night in her new master's room last night, and all was peaceful and quiet, although they fought each other over the pillow. We are still crating her when no one is home, and she seems to like it in her little house.

The cat is another story, as they have had more than one chase around the house. We're working on it.... otherwise, walking, minding us, appetite: all going well. Thanks again for all of your help, and hope that Pearl finds a home soon. J.





Sammy says "hello"

Best Boy from PFL

Sleeping with Mommy


Sammy was adopted.

Update Dec. 2005:

Dear Ginny:

I am writing to let you know how Sammy is doing.

Sammy is doing real good. I love him very much. He is very spoiled. He loves cuddling with us in bed. We are so happy that he is part of our family.

Thank you for finding this amazing puppy dog for me. He is my baby Sammy poo.


Update December 2009:

(see pictures)



ChiChi was adopted.

Update Dec. 2005:

Dear Ginny,

Our family adopted ChiChi (new name Olive). She is a wonderful loving dog. She is the sweetest little animal and seems so grateful to be in a loving family. Even her dog brother Junior is warming up to her and now they play and run together. You do a wonderful service for these special animals.

Thanks so much,





Phoebe went to live with a family in Delaware. She now has three kids to call her own, just in time for the holidays! Conagratulations and thank you!

Update Feb. 2006:

Dear Miss Ginny:
We love Phoebe so much!! She is loving and always wants to be petted. I've never met a better dog!

She's funny too! She's scared of flies, and going into small rooms and going outside to go to bathrom alone. She is quick to jump into the car to go for a ride with us.

Phoebe has been really patient with my brothers. Also she has a lick on the lips for every person she meets. The only time we see her get annoyed is when we stop petting her!

Everyone we know loves Phoebe! We are so happy that we were able to adopt her because she is the perfect addition to our family. My Mom says she finally got an easy kid!

thank you so much!!
Alana Bradley
Age nine



Hershey was adopted.

Hi Ginny,

Katie (her new name) is settling in nicely. Her check up with the vet went well, her spots are believed to be fight wounds and tick bites. She goes back in 10 days to have her stitches removed and in one month for a Lyme's test. Her age is closer to 6 months old, but you said the SPCA often over estimated. She's on heartguard and frontline now.

She's getting along well with Mattie the golden retriever and also the cat...she and the cat have been playing a lot. She LOVES all the dog toys that she has access too. She's just walking around picking them up and dropping them for new ones constantly. It's also appears that she's used to a crate...when she is tired she walks in and goes to sleep. She isn't housebroken, but that will come with some training. She is also very sensitive to loud voices and she cowers so we are being very soft spoken with her until she knows that she's safe and no one will hurt her.

We will send some pictures over thanksgiving.

Thank you again.





Shadow was adopted by an older gentleman from Paoli- she just about knocked him over when he came to see her but then wouldn't leave his side! Congratulations!




Trixie was adopted by a nice couple in Newark whose children are grown. Thank you!




Sunshine was adopted!




Jasper was adopted!




Sis was adopted! A family who was interested in Skip (but was not yet ready for a dog at that time) called when they saw Sis. She has settled in nicely and is doing well. Thank you!



Feb 2007

Maggie was adopted. She went to a nice family from the Philly area and now has a doggie sister (once a shy girl too) and two tiny children to watch over. Thank you and congratulations!

Dear Ginny,
Maggie is fantastic!  She really is a sweet, loving dog.  We are so happy that she is a part of our family.  When she first arrived at our house, we had a tough time getting her to leave the couch.  Our other dog, Maisy, sat next to her, but Maggie wouldn't budge even when Maisy got down.  By this afternoon she seemed more secure and she decided to join us.  Now, she just wants love and attention from all of us.  Maisy and Maggie are having a ball together, too.  They chase each other around the house and yard.
Thank you for all of your help with Maggie.  We are so grateful to you for your dedication to dogs like Maggie.  We will be in touch to give you more updates.  Feel free to contact us anytime.
Thanks again,




Speckles was adopted.

Update Jan. 2006:

Specks is settling in well, although he and the cats still "fight." He is so good. He really doesn't run off or anything, except if another dog is around to chase. Patrick and he have enjoyed some of these nice weekends lately in the back yard. I've attached a couple of pictures of Speckles in his spiffy new sweater.




Sugar was adopted.




Patty was adopted! The family who adopted Blue loved him but mom felt he was too big for their house- so they brought him back and took Patty home!

She should work well as she has couch potato written all over her- a happy one, but a couch potato all the same. Thank you!



Diamond was adopted! Diamond was adopted by a couple from the suburban DC area. Friends of theirs had seen her and told them what a nice girl she was- they drove up and took her home!


I thought I would let you know that Diamond is doing really well.  She is in Dog obedience school now and is learning fast.  We will send updated pictures as soon as we get our camera working.

Josh and Marianna




Biscuit was adopted by a family in Hockessin who wanted a smaller young easy going dog to add to their household. He now has two little children to watch over! Congratulations!




Lex was adopted. He went to a family in Annapolis MD with four kids and a large fenced in yard. They have always wanted a shepherd and can't wait to start obedience school. Thank you!!!




Bernie was adopted.




Lady was adopted. Lady went to a single lady who was looking for a smaller Lab type- she called, came the same day, fell in love and took her home!




BeeBee was adopted. BeeBee is living in Conowingo on a few acres with John, Lisa, their teenage son and three other dogs- she is learning to mind her manners around her doggie brothers and sisters.




Amber was adopted. Amber has a wonderful new family in New Castle, DE.




Doug was adopted. Doug's proud new mom and dad report he is the perfect dog, very smart and quick to learn. They are so glad he waited for them to find him in our rescue.






Trudy and the boys

Trudy was adopted.

Hi Ginny,
We have had Trudy for several weeks now and we love her.  She has settled in as part of our family.  My husband and three sons love Trudy. 

Trudy hangs out during the day in my husband’s office while he works.  My six year old son is thrilled that Trudy fetches and catches food mid air!  My three year old insists on sharing Trudy’s bed and attempts to have a “sleep over” on Trudy’s bed at night. 

Trudy has been to the neighborhood groomers and is quite a star there.  My son gave Trudy his middle name so her whole name is Trudy Lee Whiteford.  We will keep in touch and send you a “family” picture soon.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt Trudy.

Update Feb. 2006:

I am finally sending you a picture of Trudy with the boys. She was not cooperative for the camera, so the boys were persuading her. We love her, and she has become a great companion for the boys especially the youngest one. On this day the four of them were playing in the woods behind our home.





Skip was adopted. Skip now lives on a small farm in PA. In addition to his family of eight humans, he has a pony, a mini horse, some sheep, a goat, a Scottish Highland cow, plus chickens, dogs and cats to watch over. (Did we forget anyone?) He has been a perfect gent and fit right in from the moment he arrived.



Scout at his new home


Scout was adopted.

Update November 2005:

Hi Ginny,

We wanted to email you to let you know how much we adore Scout, and how fortunate we feel to have found him - he's everything that we wanted in a dog! He is fabulously behaved, obedient, loving, laid-back, and plays remarkably well with our Finnish Spitz, Oskar. He's great with our cats (although he would like to chase them, I think), and wants to be wherever we are (at least when he's not out in the yard watching rabbits). We've attached a few pictures for you. We're delighted that he is in our home, and we'd like to thank you so much for your help in our adopting him.

All the best,
Kristi and Rick





MacKenzie was adopted!

Hello Ginny,

My name is Kim Wells and my husband Mike and I recently adopted MacKenzie from Lora Bartlett, his foster mom. We are absolutely thrilled with MacKenzie.

He is a very well behaved dog that provides so much love and affection. He is adjusting very well to his new home.

This is our first dog and we truely feel spoiled to have a dog that is perfectly trained and asks for nothing but unconditional love. We still think this dog is too good to be true, but he is very quickly proving us wrong!

We are very thankful for what you are doing for these dogs that deserve a good home. We made a donation to Paws for Life which Lora will be sending to you. I also spread he word about your website whenever I can.

Thanks again for doing what you do!

Kim Wells

Update October 2007:

Hi Ginny,

It has been over 2 years since we last wrote about MacKenzie. We adopted him back in July of 2005. I wanted to let you know that we are doing great. MacKenzie has brought us so much love. He is so intelligent and is an absolute love. We recently moved and he is really enjoying “his” fenced in yard and our daily walks in our new neighborhood. We are so lucky to have MacKenzie in our lives. Thanks again for all you do to give dogs like MacKenzie a second chance.

Ps. See the attached picture of MacKenzie doing one of his favorite things…taking a ride in the C – A – R. We don’t dare say the word unless we are really ready to go!

Update February 2009:


I wanted to send another update on Mackenzie. He is doing GREAT. It is hard to believe he is 14 already! We recently found out he has Cushings disease, but is doing really well on his special medication.  He is such a great dog. We love him more and more each day. I have attached a more recent picture. He is a true Phillies fan, just like his mom and dad.


Update August 2011:

Hi Ginny! It's been a while since we've updated you on Mackenzie. We are happy to report that he is still doing great. The old boy is 16 1/2 now! He is still getting around great, and as always, provides so much love. I have attached two pictures. Thanks again for all you do! Kim and Mike

Update November 2012:

Hello! Another year has passed so I thought I would send an update on Mackenzie. The old boy will be 18 in January. Can you believe it?! He is really doing well considering his age! I have attached a recent picture that I thought you would enjoy. Mike and I are still spoiling him to death and loving every minute of it! I hope you enjoy the holidays!

- Kim




Rip was adopted.




Bear was adopted.




Peggy was adopted.
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