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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Sandy was adopted!

Update April 2010:

Hi Ginny,
Chief is doing great. Kennel cough gone in 2 days. Very quickly acclamated to us and our home. She is quite a lover and loves her belly scratched and ears rubbed, and naps.  She gets long walks daily, chew toys and loves playing fetch with the tennis ball/rope toy.  Took her for a run on the beach and she had the time of her life!  She's a very happy girl who doesn't just wag her tail...but her WHOLE BODY !   We just knew she was the one the moment you walked her to us.  Thanks for the great addition to our family.
Phil & Missy



Chrissy was adopted!

  Update April 2010:           


Sorry I don't have a new photo to send but will do so asap.

Chrissy is now "Summer". Our first week was one of many adjustments. Clearly, she was nervous in her new home as she crawled on her belly to get under our bed the first night.  I think maybe her belly was still sore from her neutering for the first couple of days as she was very docile and calm.  Imagine our surprise when the third day we found that she had gotten two storage containers filled with cookies from the back of the kitchen counter!

Since then Summer has continued to convince us that she still has a bit of puppy left in her. However, she is a very sweet, loving and obedient dog. Somebody clearly has worked with her has she knows sit, down, stay (until called) and come. We got one of the "Easy Walk" harnesses and the pulling on the leash ceased immediately. My boys are having a blast playing fetch with her daily. She chases full tilt, picks up, gallops back and drops! She has even chased a stick into the water where she swam out, got the stick and swam right back.To be truthful, she is almost better behaved off leash.

She LOVES her toys and is always carrying one around with her. If we are sitting on the sofa, she continuously brings us her toys and plops them in our laps. Eventually she looses interest in that and lays at our feet. She follows us around the house and always wants to be with us....true Lab!

I'd have to say that in the week and a half that Summer has been with us, she has become a member of the family. We all love her and are thoroughly enjoying seeing what new (often very funny) things she knows and does.

Thanks so much,


Update May 2010:


I thought I'd send some photos of Summer (formerly Chrissy) doing what she LOVES best!!!! How could it be that she's only been in our family for 6 weeks?!!! What a beautiful, brilliant, lovable goof-ball!



Update October 2010:

Sometimes we still can't believe she's our's!!! Finding ourselves loving her more everyday!!!!



MeMe was adopted!




Nick was adopted!




Brie was adopted!




Ridgely was adopted!




Sassy was adopted!




Michi was adopted!




Drake was adopted!




Clooney was adopted!




Mac was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Mac's family came to look at another dog and we got a picture of a much better looking Mac (now Max)!




Nita was adopted!




Chance was adopted!




Dori was adopted!




Sunni was adopted!



Shelby was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

Please find attached a couple of photos of Shelby.  We just gave her a bath and she did quite well.  She is adjusting to our household and has finally ventured onto our 2nd floor.  Each week we are sure she will be more confident with her new family.

Thank you,



Daisy was adopted!

Update August 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to give you an update on Daisy.  It’s been 6 months now since we adopted her and she is doing fantastic. She is very sweet and well behaved. Daisy has fit right in with our family. She’s always ready to go wherever we go and is very easy to take anywhere. She is healthy and we think she is really happy and contented. Rest assured she is very loved and well taken care of. Thanks for giving her another chance.




Holly was adopted!




Butchie was adopted!




Promise was adopted!



Maddy was adopted!



Buddy was adopted!
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