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More Success Stories


Lucy was adopted!

Hi Ginny, After my friend dropped us off Lulu (Lucy) and I shopped at Pet Smart. We got a new bed, food, treats and a couple of toys. She inspected the whole house, seemed to approve. She is now lying on her new bed chewing her "better than raw hide"  bone. I think we're an excellent match.


Update July 2010:

I've been to the salon!

Update February 2011:

Hi Ginny,

I thought you would like to know Lulu and I have each other trained. I know when she's hungry, when she needs to go out, when she wants to play . She's a wonderful dog and a great housemate. Thank you so much for letting me adopt her.





Susy was adopted!

Update August 2010:

Hi Ginny,

I am sorry that I haven't been in touch sooner to give you an update on Susy. I left school for the summer and am now getting back to the swing of things. Susy is AWESOME! We LOVE her to pieces! She is the most gentle and loving dog ever. (especially considering she is a cocker spaniel lol!)  She loves my kids and they love her. The first night we had her home, there were about 7 neighborhood kids around her and she was so calm with them. She loves belly rubs, the more the merrier! She loves going for walks and lazing around on the couch. We took her to Maine with us this summer, we couldn't bare putting her into a kennel so soon after getting her. She loved vacationing with us and meeting our family. And you were right, she does not do well with birds or other wildlife. She was chasing squirels into trees and out of the yard. It was pretty funny. I have a great picture that I will try to send you soon to post on the website. We couldn't have picked a better dog that fits perfectly into our family. She's great! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.



Monty was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Hi Ginny,
We wanted to give you an update on Mr. Monty!  He is doing great adjusting to everyone here!  The pictures are a few from his first night here....which was alittle rough to start.  Red, the family Dachshund, is used to being able to play with the other cat, Kelso.  Red has quickly learned Monty is boss.  No question about that!  He likes to have his space for sure but has been becoming much more affectionate with us now too!  We learned he really love cat treats and boy does he get them!  Monty hasn't been allowed to venture outside but we can tell he really wants out to explore.  We are really enjoying having Monty be part of our family!  I will be sure to keep you posted with pictures and updates!!!!  

Thank you so much for doing such a great service to animals who need some love!



Kramer was adopted!



Joe was adopted!



Kaylyn was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Good morning Ginny,

I hope all is well.  Wow what beautiful kennels, very impressive.  Kaylyn a/k/a Katie, is a wonderful dog.  She has a very good home and extremely spoiled.  Monte has also fit in quit well.  He has become the king of the house and sleeps in his masters bed with his head on the pillow.  You would never know he wants to go out.  I guess he knows how good he's got it.   Im glad to see Kramer and Suzy got adopted they also were very nice dogs.  I personally took a liking to Rex (Dobie) what a gorgeous dog and very lovable too.  I have been passing the word on about your rescue so you will have many people checking your website for dogs.  Thanks again Ginny for making this process go so smoothly and Eric was very nice too. 

Update June 2010:

Hi Ginny and Eric

Kaylyn "Katie" is doing wonderful.  She is a bundle of energy and loves to chase her ball outside.  She loves treats and sitting by our sides.  She is a wonderful gal.  Thanks again, Beth and Bernie 

PS Monty is king the house~

Update August 2010:

Hey Ginny,
Just giving an update on Katie.  She is doing wonderful.  I am always getting comments on how pretty she is.  She has a high energy drive and she is Sooooo fast.  She just runs and runs in our backyard.  She likes a challenge and is a VERY smart dog.  She is a joy to have.  She has put on 13 lbs since we have brought her home!!!  Hard to cuddle her though because she doesnt stay in one spot very long!  Thanks again and I will update you later!

Update November 2010:

Hi Ginny, Just giving an update on Katie.  She is doing wonderful.  She is just so energetic.  Which we love.  She will wake us up at 4 in the morning to give us kisses and then she will lay at the foot of our bed until we get up.  She also thinks that she is an 75lb lap dog.  She is in doggie school now, just to help her with her energy.  She is a very loyal dog and never leaves our sides.  She loves going on walks and meeting up with her bestfriend Max to play (Shepherd/Lab mix).  Every morning we let her out back and the first thing she does is run the fence line to check and make sure everything is secure. We love her so much and couldnt have wished for a better dog! Thanks again, Beth

Update December 2010:

Katie and I just want to wish everyone at Paws for Life a Merry Christmas!  Hope that all the dogs get a Christmas gift of a new loving home!  Merry Christmas!
Katie and Beth

Update January 2011:

Hey Ginny, we finally got to find out that Katie LOVES the snow.  She goes crazy out there.  The past couple nights when it has been snowing she actually sits by the window all night and watches it....or maybe it makes it easier for her to see the bunnies?!?  Anyways, she is doing great! Thanks Beth



Scrappy Doo was adopted!

Update June 2010:

All is well.  Scrappy is a real joy … very loving and social.  Neighbors and friends have stopped by to welcome him and he is getting more relaxed every day.  Thanks for your help in getting him to us.

Larry and Susan



Beau was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Just wanted to give you an update on Beau. Beau loves his new home. He enjoys living near the water and loves to ride on the family boat.
He gets along well with Tug the family cat. He loves his new bed and all his new toys. He loves playing on the water slide with the grandbabies and will play ball for hours.
He is gaining weight and is the most handsome German Shepherd in the neighborhood. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have Beau come be a member of our family. He is very welled love already. I will be sending some pictures shortly.

Thanks again The Stinedurf Family and Beau

Update August 2013:

Beau has been wonderfully in our home.  He has learned alot of tricks since I also started training in 2011 now he is a pro he knows "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Come", "Paw", "Go to Sleep", "Wake Up", and "Find it".  I also trained him to heel on a leash which he got well.  We learned that Beau is great with Babies and Toddlers, he does not like dog toys (for some resaon), and he loves taking walks and playing in the backyard.  We got him a crate a little while ago and he loves it so much that he will go in when we tell him too and he will go to sleep if it's nighttime.  He knows when he's bad and he gets put into "Time out in the corner" when he's bad.  Overall he is the greatest dog we ever got!!!  Here are two pictures of Beau


Drake was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Hi Ginny!

All is well, we have changed Drake's name to Riley, he is a great sweetheart!  Definitely a ball of energy, but very housetrained and was wonderful taking a bath, amazingly enough!  He is an escape artist, but we are teaching him to stay before a door is opened and working with him on the electric fence.  Registering the microchip now.  Truly a very sweet dog!  As you can see from the pics, he is settling in, he is actually really good on the leash, I was surprised and even better with a prong collar. I am glad to have a walking partner again!  Will keep you posted, I am researching obedience class next!  Thanks again!
Nicole, Steve, Megan and Sarah

Update June 2010:

Hey Ginny,
Just a quick note to let you know all is well with Riley, he is doing very well and we have begun training sessions.  Still has that mischievous heart, but such a good boy!  I know you thought he might be "too much", but he is settling in just fine.  Long walks, tug toys and training sessions, chewin' on a bone and his big back yard are exhausting him....He sleeps great!  Already has all of our hearts! I'll keep you posted!



Damien was adopted!



Sylar was adopted!



Cecil was adopted!



Belle was adopted!



Rex was adopted!



Rocky was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Update on Rocky .  He is so well adjusted and a very good boy.  He fit right into our family and there was no conflict with our other two dogs.  Rocky is obedient and listens well.  He has a big heart and trys to please us every day.  We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful pup.  Thank you for all your rescue efforts.  They are much appreciated. 


Whiskey was adopted!

Update May 2010:

Hi Ginny:

Thank you again for letting us adopt Whiskey.  As we were driving home he crawled over the seat from the back end and sat down next to Julia's car seat and put his head in her lap.  She was petting his head and said "you're a good old buddy" so that became his name, Buddy.

He is so sweet, and Keith is thrilled.  He is just like Keith's old lab, Scotty,  playing with the ball and just laying down wherever you are. Buddy and my old Weimaraner got along just fine, minded their own business and just hung out.
Thank you again.  Your May Day was great!


Update May 2010:

Thanks.  Buddy is such a sweet dog.  Great around the cats and the pony, had a big time in the creek today, and settled in just fine.  He couldn't decide whether to sleep in our room or in Julia's room, and settled in the hall between our rooms.  He can work that one out for himself.  He is a wonderful dog.  I would love to hear his story, whatever you know about him.
He sits when asked and is great (as you said) off leash.  He needs work on the leash but I have plenty of time to work with him.
Thank you again.

Update September 2010:

Hi Ginny:

Just wanted to send this picture of Buddy.  He is doing so well, and we are so happy to have him.  He spent his summer in the pool, has put on a few pounds, and his coat just glows. 

Thank you again,

Update February 2015:

Buddy in the News! An article about how Buddy helps provide courtroom therapy.




Rex was adopted!

Update May 2010:

Hello Ginny.

We are so tickled with Rex!  I am so glad we were introduced to your organization.  As requested I’ve attached some pictures of Rex at home (several of them were taken with my phone, so they aren’t the highest quality, but cute nonetheless).  He is definitely a Daddy’s boy!  Hope all is well with you.  Unfortunately we will not be able to make it to the May Day celebration, but I wish you the best and am sure it will be a blast.

Have a great day!


Update June 2010:

Hello Ginny.

Just wanted to send you an update on our puppy boy, Rexx.  He is doing great.  At the moment he is sprawled out on the living room floor watching TV with Justin.  This past weekend we introduced him to his new little sister Jack.  She is an 8 week old kitten that is full of energy.  At first he thought we had brought home an amazing new toy, but in a matter of days he has accepted her as his new best friend. We no longer need alarm clocks as the two of them wake us up each morning (at 6am...) by climbing into the bed and fighting for our attention.  I think she was just what he needed.  We haven’t had a chewing incident all week.  Attached is a picture of the Rexx offering to share Mr. Monkey (his favorite toy) with Jack.

Hope all is well at Paws for Life.

Thank you again!

Update December 2010:

Hello Ginny.

First let me wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season! What you do at Paws for Life is special all year long, but for those of us who have been blessed by your efforts, it is especially significant as we celebrate the holidays with our four legged family members. Thank you! J

It’s been a while since I’ve sent pictures of our puppy boy, Rexx. Attached are a few of my favorites. When we brought him home early this summer he was skinny and a bit skittish. We weren’t even sure he knew how to bark for the first few months we had him! 7 months later he is a healthy, husky, energetic and friendly boy with a big bark. Shortly after bringing Rexx home we adopted an 8 week old kitten. Rexx wasn’t too sure about her at first, but now they are the best of friends. Wherever Rexx goes Jack is not far behind and Rexx will often watch Jack leave the room, then get up to see what she’s up to.

Thank you again for bringing Rexx into our lives.
The Corbys


Joker was adopted!

Update May 2010:

Hi Ginny,
It was so great to see you today....we all had a wonderful time and the dogs are asleep digesting their cheeseburgers! They all slept in the car going home.We had to make a stop at the vet's mailbox to pick up meds and at that point Tink crawled into the front seat with Joker and they basically sat on each other  until we got home. I blended him into the household as I usually do with a new dog and it has been uneventful. He is a very sweet dog and fits in perfectly with the others.

He is sound asleep by my feet as I type this to you and everyone else has crashed in their usual spots as well. I would say that we are ok.

Thanks for everything, Ginny. I'll try to come to the Oct. 9th event. October is a frantically busy month usually at work but if I can, I will come.
(and Tinker(belle), Joey and Joker!)


Max was adopted!

Update May 2010:

thought you might like to see what Max and buddy did for me for mothers day. i was doing laundry, went into the laundry room to rotate the wash, came out to fold the clean wash.... good thing dogs have had a bath this week happy mothers day.

Update June 2010:

Max has made himself right at home. He and Buddy are great friends. They cause lots of puppy mayhem and have us laughing often. He is such a well behaved dog, he is a part ofour family, going on vacation, hanging out at home. He still hates the bath tub, having his ears and teeth cleaned, although he has learned to deal with it.
thank you for bringing him to our family.

Update December 2010:

since it is Maxes first christmas with us we offered to take him to see santa and tell him what he wanted for christmas, he said he did not want to go, he already got his christmas wish! his forever family and his brother buddy. so i took a shot of him racing in the yard (it was not easy he is really fast) and him on the deck  with buddy(not the nicest of backgrounds, the furniture needs paint and the deck paint is out. ugh.) but the boys are happy and actually sat together without wrestling and looked at the camera. so often they come up to me as i try to take a shot. if i get another good shot i will send it.
thank you



Luther was adopted!

Update May 2010:

Just wanted to tell you how well Luther is doing. I get kisses now and he loves to have his ears rubbed. He has learned that he cannot dart out the door just because it's open when I go out, and he's learned that he will not be fed from my plate no matter how pathetic or cute he looks.

He adores Vala and she is somewhat less demonstrative, but is very kind to him as she is to everyone. I have gotten Vala a gentle leader also because I want to be able to walk them both together, they are so beautiful and striking, and I think they would both enjoy it.

After a conversation with the vet, and seeing that Luther is not tolerating the Rimadyl/Tramadol so well (seems like he was a little drunk) I've taken him off both and he now gets 2,000 mg/day of glucosomine, 400 chondroitin and 1,000 mg of fish oil and is doing very well. It seemed like he was having more trouble getting his feet under him when he was on the strong stuff. He seems much better without it. I'm sure the day will come when he needs it, but not now. He went flying across the dog yard yesterday and is moving better in general, so I know I made the right decision.

He's become very vocal, moaning and groaning and just doing the shepherd thing.  I love it. He's very expressive. I think he's enjoying his life here. Tomorrow for breakfast:  ground beef!!!, and I think we;ll go to the park.

Just wanted you to know how happy I am that he is here. Hope all is well with PFL and you.

Sincerely,  Jane


Sheba was adopted!

Update June 2010:

We took Sheba back to the Middletown Vet today for her blood test and found that Sheba was CLEAR of heartworms.  Thanks for all your efforts.

Sheba is adjusting well.  Seems to like her new home and we like her.  She is doing better on staying on her own property without a leash attached.  Seems happy, tail always wagging.  Gets along well with children, grandchildren.  Lets us know when visitors are approaching (barking, that great).  She is getting better with eating, especially snacks.  Gotten a lot of comments on her being so pretty and well mannered, yep even at the Vet. Gaining alittle weight, but still has her girlish figure.

We are so glad to have her.  Makes our home a little livelier.

Have told other people about Paws For Life. 

Thank Again,  Barbara, Bill, & Sheba

Update July 2010:


Sheba continues to do adjust well to her new family.  Acording to Middletown Vet, she has had all
shots including Lime.  She continues to enjoy her beauty salon appointments for grooming at least once a month.  Is scheduled for July 15th.
She has become very watchful of her new home.  Loves to ride in truck.  Again, thanks for letting is have her.

Bill, Barbara, & Sheba


Ruby was adopted!



Chelsea was adopted!



Amanda was adopted!



Quillan was adopted!



Gage was adopted!



Sierra was adopted!



Drew was adopted!


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