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Parker was adopted!




Bella was adopted!

Update July 2010:


Just wanted to drop you a note to THANK YOU for Bella!!!.. She is a wonderful dog, and she far exceeds my expections of a pup..

Last Thursday  I was disapointed when I realized I double booked an appointment and was unable to meet Bella with my family.. When my family returned home from the shelter they describeed Bella as "hyper" and had thier hearts set on Midnight.. by the next morning the children had a "change of heart" and informed me they wanted Bella...

We brought her home Friday and my first impression  was "she is  defently "hyper". Our evening walks on Friday and Saturday were troublesome due to Bella being overly excited to explore her new enviorment... I thought to myself, "this is going to be a long hot summer training Bella"... To my suprise by Sunday  she " calmed down"  50%, instead of jumping to greet us 4-5 times, she now only jumps to greet us 1 or 2 times.. And our Sunday evening walk was so much better then the day before.. We actually walked, without her pulling me along.. .

 Bella enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family in front of the TV on her dog bed with all of her toys in front of her!!!.. She collects all of her toys and puts them on her bed, and if you take one away she gets up to get it and returns it to her bed... She loves all of her toys, expecially the squeaky ones.. She enjoys making her duck go "quack-quack", and making her  dog go "squeak sqeak".. and balls, she loves, loves, loves to fetch a ball and bring it back, expect she does not like to drop it or give it back to us...
She is quickly learning basic commands such as "sit"... and she only jumps up on us one or two times when she first greets us, which is a huge difference from Friday and Saturday..

Today Bella went to the vet for a check up.. Her incission is irratated and red, so the doc changed her medication to a different one.. . One that would treat the irritation/infection as well as her cough..She weighs 48.5 lbs and started her monthly heart worm therapy..  She will return to the vet next Monday for a re-check and to get her stitches removed... IF all goes well and she gets a clean bill of health next Monday, she will begin Basic Puppy Classes next Wed..

We are delighted to welcome Bella into our hearts and into our home... As I said earlier, Bella far exceeds my expectaions of a puppy!! Altho she gets overly excited easily, she has already began to relax in her new home.. She is a fast learner, eager to please and a very well behaved girl who has already stole my heart!!!!!

Thanks Again for rescuing Bella


ps, I'll keep in touch and defently send some pictures as she matures!!

Update August 2010:

Dear Ginny

I just wanted to drop you a line and  give you an update on Bella....
Bella is doing just wonderful... She continues to be quite a handful..  I  was heart broken that things didn't work out with a second dog.. I dont know what I was thinking, Bella is such a hand full. She requires a lot of attention, affection and training.. My dream is to own a GSD, but I have come to realize, this can't happen until Bella "matures"  and "settles down" some!! she wakes up early in the morning to  runs circles around us and at the end of the day, I'm tired from keeping up with her..  but she is worth it, because she  brings so  much joy and happiness to my  life...

 Bella went through a growing spurt the 1st week we got her. She  gained 6 lbs her 1st week w/us. I was a bit worried about the weight gain but our vet said she is perfect, as  her weight has leveled off and she is maintaining at 55 lbs eating 3 cups of Holistic Natural Dog Food and 2 snacks a day.. Bella's  best friend is Jenny,  an 11 mth old Golden Retriever, owned by my mother in law..Since   Bella's kennel cough is gone, she spends a lot of  time  playing w/ Jenny. As soon as we pull up into my mother in laws drive way she gets excited, when we exit our truck, pulling me to the front door, she can't get inside fast enough. Once inside the fun begins and   a bottomless bowl of food, water and treats, baskets of toys in every corner, and even a doggy pool in the middle of 1 acre of grass awaits her!!! Bella and Jenny  play amuse themselves for hours playing tug of war (Bella of course has mastered this game and is the champion), keep away and fetch..

Bella is into her 3 rd week in training classes.. She has a long way to go. She is more interested in playing with the other dogs in class than focusing on training/ lessons. The trainer made me aware of the fact Bella is a pure breed lab which means she is all about play and fun! Which  is total opposite of beloved Marshall lab/chessie mix, he looked like a black lab w/ a heavier and wavy chessie coat, but his temperament was mellow.. Bella enjoys her weekly visits to Petsmart to pick out a toys and treats.. She is always the center of attention no  matter where we go b/c she is so beautiful and friendly.. Bella was easy to potty train, with only a few accidents in the early weeks.. This allows her the opportunity  to sleep outside her crate on her doggy bed, on  nights my. husband is working she likes to sleep in my bed with me.. I'll be sending  pictures in the upcoming weeks when Bella attends Jenny's 1st b-day party, and Halloween approaches..

Thanks again for rescuing our Bella!!  I can't imagine life without my "wild child"...




Dylan was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Hi Ginny.  Just wanted to show you an updated picture of Dylan (AKA Ziggy).  He went to the groomer yesterday and is doing rather well.  Aunt Lorraine says his personality is really shining through.  He knows how to make Archie jealousJ  They will be emailing you updated information and more pictures, but I wanted to forward this to you.  Take Care-  Lisa

Update July 2010:

I just wanted to give you an update on how Ziggy is doing. He's been fitting into our family very nicely. Our first dog Archie loves playing tug-of-war with Ziggy, some how Ziggy almost always wins. He's is just a complete angel and the epitome of a lap dog. Even though both Archie and Ziggy are Yorkies, they have two complete different personalities. Ziggy's world is based inside, and Archie enjoys playing outside and sitting in our pool. From the very beginning I felt a very strong connection with Ziggy, he's been glued to me since he's gotten to our house. Since everything has been very hectic recently I haven't really been able to get pictures of Ziggy. But when he settles a bit more I'll send some your way along with another update. Until then, I just wanted to thank you very much for guiding another part of my family safely home.




Zoey was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Just a note to let you know that Zoey is doing great. Our Lab Sammy and her are already good buddies.  They took to each other well and Zoey is constantly getting Sam to play with her.  It is nice to see them getting along so well.  Zoey decided to join my husband and I in the bed the first night.  She really has taken a liking to Steve she lays up on his chest.  She is extremely social and loves to be around all of us.  My grandson Vinny loves throwing her sticks and they play tug with all the dog toys.  Her favorite is a stuffed bunny and a stuffed sock.  She loves to steal socks so we have to keep them hidden.  She checked out great at the vet and we have already gotten her tags.  She did have some fleas and a tick that I found in her ear.  She was scratching a lot so Steve gave her a summer hair cut and we applied some flea and tic medicine to her.  I do find that she is a picky eater.  She even has refused dog biscuits.  She does like the yogurt treats and she likes a sweat potatoes and chicken dog treat I got at trader joe's.  We love having her as part of our family and we can't thank you enough.  She is a really sweat and cute little dog.  We will send some pictures soon.




Midnight was adopted!




Prince was adopted!




Kobie was adopted!




Jack was adopted!

Update July 2010:


Thanks again for the opportunity to adopt Jack -- now Jake.  Here's a quick update on how he's doing...

Jake has adjusted very well to city life, which seems pretty easy for him since he is a true lab -- the whole world exists for his enjoyment.  He was great on the ride home alternating between laying his head on my shoulder and on my daughter's lap.  We started crate training when we got him home, which he's doing okay with outside of the odd barking spell in the middle of the night.  There's a bit of separation anxiety and he's glued to my side when we're home, but he wants to run and play when we're out (at least 5 times per day!). Jake listens as well as can be expected for a 5 month old puppy without training, but we'll start obedience classes next week.  On the plus side, Jake is housebroken, communicates when he needs to go out and is not afraid to go on the sidewalk if he can't make it the one block to the park.  Jake is such a sweet, goofy, well tempered pup who loves everything and everyone -- people, dogs, birds, squirrels, blowing leaves, anything that moves! 

As for his medical issues, the skin allergy is healing nicely, the kennel cough is all but gone and he's been given the green light from the vet to interact with other dogs.  The worm issue is cleared up and he's been microchipped as well.  All in all, we love having him here and he loves being here -- a wonderful addition to our family. We're lucky to have found each other.  We'll keep you updated on his progress.  Thanks!

Marc & Amy

Update August 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Just a quick update on Jake (formerly Jack)...He is fantastic!  After the first week we took him off of his meds for the skin condition while at the same time he started to get comfortable in his new home.  Then his personality really came out and he is just a wonderful puppy.  He's sweet, playful and just a good well behaved dog -- housebroken, listens well, loves all people and dogs (he quickly became the mayor of the park). Training hasn't been a problem as he now sits on command, when we stop at corners and when he knows his food is coming, lays down on command and is getting much better at coming when called while off leash.  Jake loves going to the dog park early in the morning, jumping in the back of the car and cruising down the street with the top down. Not sure how much exercise he had before being rescued, but his energy level and stamina are slowly returning, although I'm sure the oppressive heat since we got him hasn't helped.  Jake loves to curl up and cuddle, and is the buddy that we hoped he would be when we met him.  As for his physical issues, his coat is completely grown back where it was shaved, irritated areas are almost completely grown in and he's really filling out nicely -- a beautiful dog, all lab.  We are lucky we found each other.  Thanks again for your help, and we'll send updated pictures soon.

Amy & Marc

Update August 2010:

Ginny -- as promised, here are a couple of pics of Jake (formerly Jack)...Thanks!

Amy & Marc

Update December 2010:





Gunner was adopted!




Stella was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to give you some follow up on Stella.
She is wonderful and we all love her.
It turns out that she actually has Diabetes Insipidus and not Cushings Disease. 
She is on the correct medication and feeling and doing much better now.
I attached a picture of her smiling.
Thanks so much,




Betsy was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Happy dog, Happy kids!




Bruno was adopted!




Lola was adopted!




Mary was adopted!




Maverick was adopted!

Update July 2010:

Just wanted to let you know that Boh is a perfect match for us. He won't leave Joe's side and seems completely house trained. So far he is getting along with our other dog just great. We've named him Boh for the Bohemia River - although our kids insist that's is for Natty Boh!
He was out in the yard this morning without the lease and just sniffed around and did his business.
Thanks so much for introducing us!
I'll send more pictures when I can get him to stay still enough to take some good ones.


Lady was adopted!

Update July 2010:

I just wanted to email you with an update on Lady. She is doing well and it’s like she has always been with us. She is such a well mannered and loving dog little “lady”.  We’re working on the housetraining; still have some progress to make there, but the effort is worth it because of the joy she’s brought to our family already.  She loves riding in the car, loves jumping in bed and having her belly rubbed, and definitely loves her bones (that’s the Lab in her).  We finally really heard her bark this morning and I’m positive I heard Beagle in that bark!  She had her first visit to the Levels Road dog park yesterday and had a wonderful time and behaved herself very well.  She was certainly tuckered out after all the play. She’ll be having her stitches removed tomorrow and will be spending the weekend with her new “mom-mom” and “pop-pop” while we are away. 

I’ve attached a few pics of her and will continue to provide updates.  Have a Happy 4th of July.



Maisie was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Hi Ginny! I wanted to give you an update on Koda (used to be Maisie).  She is the sweetest little girl!  When I first was told about the conditions Koda (and Kat) came from it brought me to tears.  Koda is so loving and amazing she brings such joy to my life!  She is still having issues with her skin but hopefully in the next few months her immune system will recover and she will get better.  She has also gain a much needed 8 pounds so far!  She loves getting treats :o) and playing with all her toys!  She is so spoiled!
Over the past two months she has really learned a lot.  We attend puppy class once a week and she is such a fast learner!  She knows sit, down, shake, crawl and we are working on stay and roll over.  Koda LOVES squeaky toys and it really is funny to watch her play!  She has so much energy and is such a loving puppy! 

I honestly couldn't ask for a better dog!



Update September 2010:

Hi again! I have some more pictures!  Koda graduated from Puppy class (PetSmart) last night and she did great!  She is on her second skin treatment and it look like this might do the trick!  Koda and my cat Tabby seem to get along most of the time which is always nice to see.
Koda gets so excited when she smells "people" food like popcorn, yogurt, or mac and cheese!  She is so funny!  Koda says hi!! :o)

Update January 2011:

Hi Ginny!
I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Koda (adopted July 2010).  She is doing great!  She was 32.6 pounds when I adopted her and had a horrible skin problem, but now is up to a healthy 46 pounds and after 6 chemical baths her skin is 98% better!  She was recently home in Wisconsin with me for 3 weeks and I must say she LOVES the snow!  Koda is such a happy dog and I couldn't imagine my life without her!  Thank you for rescuing her! - Stephanie


Lily was adopted!




Chloe was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Hi Ginny, it's hard to believe it's been almost a year!  Here are some recent pictures of Chloe with her favorite things:  a tennis ball, peanut butter Kong, and buddy Connor.



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