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Ben was adopted!




Carl was adopted!

Update November 2010:

HI Ginny,
We thought you might like to see how much Snickers (formally Carl) has grown !!!!  He is just a joy to have and has been a great puppy !!!
He crate trained within 8 days and has adjusted very well in his new home.

Juliana and Snickers are best buddies and he is growing in leaps and bounds.  From a mere 12 lbs when we got him to 27 lbs in less than 6 weeks.

Juliana has taught him to sit and stay and she says Grace to him before he gets his food.  His command to go to his bowl is the word Amen (after she has said Grace).  It is just to cute !!

He has also learned the command "lay" and we are working on for him to come when he is called.  You know puppies ~ they always want to explore : )
He walks with me about 3 miles almost every day and he's full of puppy energy ~ boy I wish I could have some of that.  lol

He loves to be in the yard with Bill.  We are putting in a retaining wall and needless to say he loves playing in the dirt and sand piles !!

Thank you so much for saving him so he could become part of our family.

We will send updates and more pictures as he grows.
Thanks again for doing what you do and saving all those wonderful animals.
God Bless You
The Geyer's
Bill, Sharon & Juliana




Sal was adopted!




Millie was adopted!

Update September 2010:


Update October 2010:


Update November 2010:


Update January 2011:

Hi Ginny / Jill - Happy New Year!  Here are some shots of our Ginger (used to be Millie). She is the light of our lives, we couldn’t love her more than we do.  She’s grown tremendously and is very healthy.  Ginger and our other PFL dog, Charlie (used to be Willie) are closest soul mates and have shown me why it’s so important to have two dogs. They have a real bond. She is 6 months old now and such a dream pup, other than the chewing which we know she’ll grow out of.  She’s a real snuggler and even though she’s a bigger girl now she’s still such a little baby. EVERYONE loves her.  We’ve not signed up for puppy training yet, but she’s so smart and has already learned her manners and some commands.   We’ve decided she must have some Chesapeake Bay Retriever in her.  Her back hair has a lot of wave and she has the web feet, and loves retrieving.  We’ve not had her down to the river yet, but we’ll do that with the warmer weather. She is a VERY special pup indeed and thanks to PFL for saving her. We love our Ginger!

Update July 2011:

Can you believe Millie (now Ginger) is one year old already!  We LOVE our girl!   



Ivy was adopted!

Update September 2010:


I can not thank you enough. You have no idea how happy you have made our 7 year old son. She is an awesome dog. She sleeps with him every night. Where ever my son is, so is Ivy. I would like to drop off the leash and collar you let us use to bring her home. We had no plans on bring her home. Or we would have brought our own with us. But once we played with her in your fenced in yard it was over. I just can't express how sweet she is with everyone that she meets. If you would like, I can put a link on my web site to yours. I have attached some photos. 
Thanks Again,
The McCarnans




Wesley was adopted!




Archie was adopted!




Loretta was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to thank-you again for all of your help with our adoption of Loretta! She is adjusting well to her new home, and our family just adores her.  Weston, our four year old son, is completely thrilled to have Loretta as a play mate!  Loretta loves all of the attention she receives in our home and the neighborhood.  She loves going for walks and meeting the neighbors and neighborhood dogs!  Thank you for all that you do in assisting these wonderful dogs find loving homes. Nicole




Woody was adopted!

Update August 2010:


Update October 2010:

We love our Woody and he gets PLENTY of love and attention here.  The first picture is him on top of his crate.  I bought 2 beds for the crate and put the one on top.  He  jumped up and made that his bed while we're working in the kitchen.   
He sure likes to guard out the windows!

Update December 2010:

Here is a photo of Woody in his "too tight" Christmas sweater.   We were only trying it on, and decided it didn't fit too well. WE LOVE WOODY TO DEATH!!!!   He is spoiled rotten!

Update May 2011:

Here is a photo of Woody, who turned 5 last Saturday.   We love him so  much!!!

Update June 2013:

Hi Ginny,

Woody is still the love of our lives!!!   He was deathly sick last  summer, and we are sure it was due to Purina dog food.  Unfortunately, he ate too much over a period of time, and ended up in the vet hospital for a week.   He was very near death.   They had to do lots of tests, 
but they pulled him through, and he has been back to 100%.   That was  a very close call.   He just had a birthday last week and turned 7  years old!!   Here are a couple recent photos of our son.........


Tank was adopted!




Lady Bug was adopted!

Update August 2010:


My family and I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks to you, Eric and the rest of the staff there at Paws for Life in helping with our adoption of Lady Bug.  We would also like to thank you for the work you all do in general in saving so many deserving pets by rescuing them and finding each a home.  The work you do should be commended, so thank you.

Seems Lady Bug had a pretty good night.  After leaving the shelter last evening we immediately took her to Concord Pet so she could pick out a crate, food and some toys.  She was a little rambunctious, but overall well behaved in the store.  We actually had more difficulty corralling our two-year-old, Dante; )  When we got her home she explored the house.  She doesn’t seem comfortable with stairs yet, so she was content to stay downstairs.  We did our best to acquaint Lady Bug to her crate and the area she will be sleeping.  She wasn’t crazy about the crate, but took to it pretty well considering. 

When my wife woke up this morning to walk her, Lady was raring to go and in good spirits.  Lady Bug ate about 2 ½ cups of food this morning – good sign.  Also, she looked to be feeling better and was a little more energetic. 

I think we were surprised last night to see how well-mannered and behaved Lady is.  I’m not sure if the recent surgery sapped some spunk from her, but last night she was extremely pleasant and laid on the couch and floor as if she’d been in our home for years.

We’re really looking forward to the future with Lady Bug and making her a part of our family.  We’ll keep you updated and will send some photos soon.

Thanks again!



Secret was adopted!




Sooty was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Hi Ginny

Just wanted to give a quick update on Sooty (who now goes by Ruben). He is such a sweetheart and seems to be very happy with his new home, and we couldn't be happier with him. City life has been quite an adjustment but he is making great progress on getting used to all the sights and sounds. We just started obedience training which should help speed up his transition. He absolutely loves going on hikes and we look forward to taking him camping and backpacking. Here are a couple pics from some recent adventures.

Thank you so much for helping us find Ruben!

Erika & Mike




Sadie was adopted!




Keats was adopted!




Roxie was adopted!

Update August 2010:


Just wanted to thank you for Roxie.  She is such a great dog and has fit right into our family.  It's like she's been with us for years instead of weeks.  She hasn't even bothered our chickens and ducks, lol.

She is a hit at the football games.  We gave her a blue mohawk to match Donnie's and sprayed his name and number on her sides.  The team loved her so much they decided she would be their mascot and they all have to have a blue mohawk sprayed in their hair each game to match Donnie and Roxie.

What a wonderful dog.  She will be going on her first camping trip with us over Labor Day!  Thanks for all you do for these great dogs!
Kris, Larry, Stephan, Robert, Tyler, Kayleigh & Donnie 




Lark was adopted!




Toby was adopted!




Heat was adopted!




Jenny was adopted!

Update October 2010:

thought I would forward this picture of Sheba (formerly Jenny) adopted August 7th.  She has put on quite a bit of weight and is very comfortable on her new bed.  She likes to lay on the deck with a fan blowing on her... thanks!

Update December 2010:

I have attached our annual Christmas picture for this year.  As you can tell Sheba has grown! She still has alot of puppy in her and loves to curl on her bed next to the fireplace.  Thank you so much for the committment to the rescues.  Sheba has made our family complete again.  Enjoy the holidays... Robin





Meltz was adopted!





Cody was adopted!



Joe was adopted!





Millie was adopted!

Update August 2011:

Hi Ginny,


Saturday Aug. 6th is Gracie's "gotcha" day.  The day I got her from you a year ago.

I don't expect you to remember all the dogs you have placed but Gracie was one of two purebred German Shepherd 8 week old pups you had on your website and she was delivered to me in Lansdale, PA.

She has grown into a beautiful loving dog with the sweetest personality, she just loves everyone!  She has the Sable coat color which is one of the many German Shepherd colors.  She has completed two obedience classes and I've also taught her a couple of tricks that we have lots of fun with. She's got lots of energy and really keeps me on my toes.  We went through a real "Evil Puppy from Hell" stage but that's all part of the fun of owning a puppy.   Recently she has  gone through two bouts of panosteitis but she is doing fine now.
As soon as I get the all clear from the vet I intend to continue her training, she loves it and has a great work ethic.   She doesn't know it's work, she thinks life is one big happy game.

 I often wonder how her sister "Fergie" is doing and where she is living.  If you know would you pass this email along to her owner to see if they might be interested in contacting me?

I've attached some pictures of Gracie so you can see how beautiful she is.   (pardon my bragging)


Update August 2012:

Hi Ginny and Jill,

We just passed Gracie's second Gotcha day on 8/6 so I thought I'd give you an update on what she's been doing.   We have completed a really fun focus class and a Scent Detection Class.  She has learned to find objects scented with clove oil, cinnamon and nutmeg.   It's the exact training the drug and bomb sniffing dogs get but only spices are used.  It's so much fun and she's really good at it.

We've had a bit of bad news too.  Gracie was diagnosed with hip diaplaysia last month.  We are in the process of finding out how much gloucosamine/condroitin and anti inflammatories will help her.  I'm also looking into stem cell therapy and surgery options if needed.  Rest assured, I will do whatever it takes for her to be without pain.   She's still her very playful self and doing great on her walks to build up the muscles that connect to the hip area.  She still runs and plays but I have to make sure she doesn't over do it.

I've attached some pictures.  I took the picture of her on my bed and left the room to download it to my computer.  When I returned 10 minutes later the comforter was in shreds.  Oh well, great excuse to get
a new one.  She hasn't done that kind of thing recently, I guess I'm crazy but I love the puppy stage and feel a little sad when they reach two years old.   She's still silly, has plenty of energy and gives me a real run for my money.   I wouldn't have it any other way.


Fergie was adopted!


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