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Dakota was adopted!

Update October 2010:


We just wanted to thank you for Dakota. He is the most amazing, gentle dog!
The cats are attempting to get near him, so we are happy about that too, but it is going to take awhile!

Dakota lets our son climb all over him and loves the attention. He is housebroken, sleeps through the night, only barks when someone knocks on the door and is so docile.

He is a hunter-he loves squirrels. He goes crazy outside. He plays ball with our son and loves our neighbors' dogs.

His only 2 problems are that he has lyme disease so he is on meds and he is too skinny. After a few days of trying, we added wet food to his dry and it seems to help. The vet said to just feed him till he gains some weight!

Thank you so much for this amazing dog

Update November 2011:

Hi Ginny,

It has been a little over a year since we brought Dakota home and he is just the most wonderful dog! Our 3 year old thinks he is the greatest thing. Dakota loves to play ball out in the yard and just be with us.
We added a new baby to the family and Dakota sleeps next to him everynight. He is very protective.
He listens so well and is just the sweetest guy.
We are so grateful you brought him into our lives!!





Bailey was adopted!




Molly was adopted!

Update October 2010:


Update November 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Just an update on Molly for you...  got her third heart worm treatment on Friday the 5th.

She's a joy, a competition seems to have evolved for Annie's side of the bed, I think Annie will win but I'll keep you posted.

I was thinking today, I had a heart attack in April, Molly has heart worm.  I was adopted by my parents in 1960 and Molly was adopted in 2010.  No wonder it works so well!  We're kindred spirits.  Annie says Molly cries and whines when I leave the house, I guess she's getting used to us.

She's had a few accidents but I think it'll get better, hope so anyway.

Hope you all are well and keep up the good work!





Ben was adopted!




Farrah was adopted!




Dudley was adopted!

Update October 2010:




Tara was adopted!

Update October 2010:

Hi Ginny!
    I want to say thank you for introducing Tara to us.  She is a great dog!  It has been a little adjustment for everyone but we are settling in.  At first, the cats (remember I have 5!) would run from Tara, so she would chase them.  Everyone was very stressed!   With a few calming words with strict stay commands and a strong hand stroking her neck near the collar (in case she ran), Tara stopped running after the cats.  The cats have started to stand their ground & they aren't running from Tara.  When the hiss at her, she wimpers away.  It is pretty funny!

The 3rd night, Tara managed to break open the kennel at 4 am.  We were awoken by the sound of the running cat and dog.  We have put safey ties around the kennel and since then, there have been no more escapes.  We started letting Tara sleep in my 9 year old daughter, Victoria's room at night.  Of course the door is closed so there is no trouble between the cats and the dog.  Tara won't even get out of bed to go out in the morning until Victoria gets up & takes her out!

The separation anxiety is tough.  Tara has destroyed her kennel bed and several blankets.  She has also bent the metal on various parts of the cage.  But we understand that she is stressed.  Today, she seemed a little more calm.  We have talked to the folks at K-9 Academy and they have suggested freguent walks when we are home.  Hopefully that will help her feel better!

We feel very bad about leaving Tara in 3 1/2 weeks to go to Disney.  So, we had to find a better solution than regular boarding.  Tara will be going to the K-9 Academy kennel while we are away.  We decided to pay the extra money & have her attend doggy daycare during the days from 7 am to 7 pm.  We hope this will tire her out & help her deal with boarding time.

Attached is a picture of Victoria & Tara.  This what they do in the evening together when it is getting close to bed time. 

Thanks again!



Henry was adopted!




Captain was adopted!




Storm was adopted!




Rock was adopted!




Slick was adopted!




Eve was adopted!

Update November 2010:

Its Jamie; you havent met me. Im thirteen years old. You have met my dad Jim Sapp. But i would just like to say thankyou for giving us Eve who is now named Maddie. Shes doing great, we have her very healthy now. When we got her she was very underweight but shes doing great now. She fit in perfectly, her and our other two dogs Cali and Lily are playing together wonderfully. Thanks again, and here are some pictures of her now.





Sweety was adopted!

Update October 2010:


Just wanting to give you a quick update on Sweetie (now Shyla).  She is a WONDERFUL DOG and a very good fit for our family.  She has been doing great, loves to ride in the car and is very obedient.  Someone must have had her trained well, she goes to the door to go out, she walks well on a leash, she sits and shakes.   She hasn’t barked hardly at all and she is very good and easy to take care of.  Shyla and the cat are best buddies!

We took her to the vet yesterday and her incision looks great, and the vet was pleased overall.  We have a heartworm follow up in two weeks for her last shot.  We gave her a shampoo and Frontline treatment.  We also got here a Lyme disease booster.

You can be assured she is getting the best care, and I have two very happy kids.  We couldn’t have gotten a nicer dog!   We will send some pictures and an update soon for you to post on your website.  In the meantime, she is so happy in our house she acts like she belongs and has lived here for ever.

Thanks again,


Update December 2010:

Sweetie is doing great! Now Shyla! She is a very good dog and loves her new home. She sleeps on the bed with the kids at night and has gone from 62 to 70 pounds. She gets lots of walks and playtime iwth the kids. She is a perfect dog. Thanks for saving her - you have made two very happy kids and a very happy dog.




Mary was adopted!




Nelson was adopted!

Update October 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Wanted to drop you a line to let you know that things are going great so far with Nelson (now Augie).  We took him home and let him sleep hard on Sunday, then I stayed home from work yesterday to spend the day with him so he didn't get dumped into his new house alone all day right away.  He got a little clingy, so we did a few quick exercises with me leaving him in the house and coming back so he got the idea that he wasn't being left alone for good. 

We went to the vet too.  The vet and vet techs fussed over him a lot, then asked him to speak, and he wouldn't shut up!  He's pretty funny as he comes out of his shell.  He talks a lot!

Today I went to work like usual, after carefully dogproofing the house and crossing my fingers- I had a hunch he wouldn't need crating.  When I got home after a normal shift, I was really happy to see a wiggly waggly pup and absolutely everything just as I left it. We went for a walk through the woods and he was good on leash with no pulling or bad manners.  I think it's a match!

Thanks for your help!




Raspy was adopted!




Holly was adopted!




Toby was adopted!






Tux was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Hi Ginny,

This is Jess Dempsey aka Tux's sister :)  I just wanted to let you know that Tux is doing great and really enjoying his new home.  He was a little timid about a few things at first, namely the stairs.  He had no idea what to do when faced with the stairs.  The first couple of days, he would run down them and skip the bottom four with a leap.  I was terrified he would hurt himself!  He didn't though and now he is fine with the stairs.  He is also really scared of the vacuum cleaner.  But a lot of dogs are scared of that.

Mom works from home so she is with him all day.  He loves when we all come home and licks and licks us.  He is very smart and has learned all the basic obedience commands.  He learned sit in a day and give paw in two!  He is a great boy and a very lovable dog.  I have attached some pictures of him too.  Thank you so much for bring us together.

~Jess Dempsey

P.S.  He still LOVES fetch!!




Ginger was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Hi Jill
I am sorry I havent sent more pictures. I have been a little lazy in downloading them. Attached are my Christmas babies all tuckered out. I will send more of Chloe (Ginger). She is the biggest lovebug ever. I love her to death. She never leaves my side. I feel so lucky to have my 2 girls.

Chloe has the gold bow & Ellie has the red bow.

I hope you are well. I will send more pictures so you can see how much she has grown!
Trish DiAntono

Update December 2013:

Merry Christmas Jill!

I wanted to share Ellie & Chloe's Christmas Photo. Poor Chlosie was over the picture taking as you can see from her expressions. haha

I wanted to share also the picture frame my niece & nephews gave me for Christmas with Ellie & Chloe's picture in it.

I hope all is well! 





George was adopted!




Misty was adopted!

Update May 2011:

Misty (now Furgie) showing off her new skills at May Day!

May Day Video

Update August 2011:

Hi Ginny and Jill,

In another month, Furgie (formerly Misty) will have been in my life for a full year.  Without question, it's been an amazing adventure! 

Within the past 11 months, Furgie has crashed a neighborhood pool party, become a local celebrity at the Middletown Dog park, raised money for Paws for life through May Day's Tricks for Tips and touched the hearts of more people than I could possible name.  Even Stasi, my stand-offish German Shepherd Dog adores her.  She is so very special.

Furgie just recently graduated from the Wilmington Kennel Club foundation agility course for people and dogs new to the sport.  Provided is a video of Furgie's run.  I am so proud of my Paws for Life rescue dog!!!

Furgie @ Wilmington Kennel Club

Kind regards,
...deb, furgie and stasi




Wiggles was adopted!

Update March 2011:





Sheba was adopted!




Summer was adopted!

Update September 2010:

Dear Ginny,

I wanted to update you on Summer’s progress. She’s a real sweet dog and has adjusted well to our home. She’s gotten lots of leash training and is doing well. Each morning she goes on long walks on a leash and no longer pulls. She still has a little to go, but is doing quite well. Every afternoon she goes to the park. She is great with other dogs and socializes well. I’ve also started training her with a Frisbee. She’s not catching it yet, but will bring it back. This makes it much more fun for me at least, a good start. Inside, she sits, comes, lays down, and will give paws easily. She’s housebroken and does well inside. She stays out of the trash, keeps to her toys, and only chews on her stuff. It’s only been a week and she’s done so well. She is a really great dog and we’re all real happy. I wanted to share with you how well she’s doing.




Frisbee in the snow-she loves to chase anything and will play for hrs despite being tired.

Sable goes to work with Daddy every day @ Fair Hill Stables and got to meet a celebrity Animal Kingdom-a gentleman of a horse.

Sable's 1st time on the boat this May-one scared pic before these were taken and then she looks like she's been boating for years.

Sable & her new swimming vest Daddy bought her 6-5-2011 because all the other boating dogs had one.

1st tubing ride and many other pics & videos, too numerous to post-she has been such a joy-I can't imagine life without her. Keep up the good work.

Sable was adopted!

Update July 2011:

I just want to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as our lives have been changed so much since Sable entered our home. This is within the 1st 3 weeks after we received her scared /shaking & terrified of people-what a transformation. Animals really do have an incredible forgiving nature of things they have previously been through.







Kirk was adopted!



Buddy was adopted!

Update October 2010:

Hi Ginny,

Wanted to let you know how Buddy has been, in the couple weeks we've had him.

He's a very sweet dog.  He's still a bit timid, but he's coming out of his shell more every day.  He goes on walks with us daily and is a perfect gentleman on the leash.  He and our little boy have a mutual respect for each other.  They like each other fine - from a distance.

He's definitely feeling better, physically.  He's gained some weight.  He's gotten over the infection he had at his surgery site.  So now he plays in the yard, is playing with toys in the house, and is generally a very happy boy.

We had six toddlers and moms in our house today for a play date and Buddy was a gem.  All the moms commented on how sweet he was and how lucky we were to find him.  I told them all where we got him from.  :-)

Appreciate all that you guys do for the dogs and cats out there.

I attached a couple Buddy pictures for you.


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Hannah was adopted!




Brook was adopted!


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