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Donovan was adopted!




Kramer was adopted!




Joy was adopted!




Cheyenne was adopted!

Update June 2012:

Hello again.  Attached are newish pictures of Mia and Palmer (Cheyenne and Denny) doing their Dockdogs competitions.  Yesterday, at an event in PA, Mia jumped 25’ 7” landing her in the top 10 in the world in Dockdogs.  Mia is also moving up the ranks in Iron Dog (long jump, high jump and speed).  Palmer jumped 23’ 6”  clearing his personal best by over 5’!.   While I think a world championship may be a stretch for the time being, we truly enjoy competing with the dogs and both Palmer and Mia bring out a competitive and driven side.  Mia’s concentration and Palmer’s toy drive have exceled both of them into Elite divisions…not bad for their 2nd year competing or jumping in general. 



Pretzel was adopted!




Vixen was adopted!

Update April 2011:

We adopted "Vixen" from you in December, and renamed her Nori.  Just wanted to let you know what joy she brings to our family each day.  Our children adore her, snuggle her, and shower her with affection.  She gets to go to a "doggie playgroup" each week to run around with lots of friends.  She is learning to play frisbee.  I cannot say enough good things about her!  Thanks so much for bringing us together.






Dasher was adopted!




Dink was adopted!




Wolfie was adopted!

Update January 2011:

Rudolf (aka Wolfie) is doing great in his new home. He likes the snow and he helped pull a sled up & down a hill a couple hundred times last week.

 Every afternoon he goes to school to pick up Quinn, his 8 year old brother.
All the teachers, students, and parents greet Rudolf, who has become comfortable around all the people.
On the weekends we take Rudolf to a dog park where he runs around with all different kinds of dogs. He also gets to play with his cousin dogs: 2 border collies and a black lab puppy.

Next Saturday we will start a 7 week dog obedience class. Rudolf likes to have his fur combed at night, but refuses to cooperate for cutting his nails, so we need to find a groomer.

Thanks for all you do to make getting Rudolf possible.




Buddy was adopted!




Parker was adopted!




Hobbs was adopted!




Bones was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Hi Ginny
Just wanted to let you know that "Bones", now "Dexter", is doing great.  He has settled in so quickly, burning lots of that energy running around the farm as though he has always lived here!  He is very intelligent and eager to please.  Likes all the other animals that live here and is not at all agressive towards them.
We love him and will report soon with pictures.

thanks and Merry Christmas

trish and bob

Update December 2010:

Ginny, I cannot express to you enough your wonderful manner of transitioning this wonderful little guy to us. He is amazing. Full of life,yet very calm in the house and has fit in so well. We all love him very much. I wish you could see what love and affection has done to him. He is very smart and learns very quickly. Does not jump up, comes when called, interacts with everyone in a very behaved manner. Follows us wherever we go, goes in crate at night on his own volition. He is growing. Took him to the vet for boosters, lyme test, heart worm test etc. He is up to date. Vaccinated for lyme. Registered him with home again. Our dear rotweiler died two days ago from osteosarcoma and Dexter (his new name) and our geat dane have become very close. We go on long walks and Dexter is very much fun for all. He is so cute in all he does. Has not chewed anything of importance. He was easily house issues at alll! He loves the pig, respects the horses, playful (a little too much with cats, but getting bettter). Over all, he is wonderful. Again, thanks for doing what you do. Will send some pictures. Bob

Update January 2011:

Hi Ginny
Attached is a picture of Bones, now named Dexter, with his new best friend.
Our great dane lost his old female mate one week after we brought Dexter home.  We really did not think it would happen so soon and it was so nice for him to have this puppy to fill the void.
He is a truly wonderful puppy and we love him.

Thank you,


Update November 2011:

Hi Ginny,
Talking with Donnan yesterday, she wanted me to relate this short story. Dexter(Bones) is an amazing dog. We still and will love him very much. I lost my watch in a field last July.. looked and looked without success. Dexter found it and put it on the back door mat. 9 months after it was lost.

Yesterday, a horse lost its halter and guess what? Dexter found it and put it in the same place. I am awaiting him to come home with a wallett full of cash. Keep it up, Ginny, you make a huge difference in this world!





Holly was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Hi Ginny,
I wanted you to know how Holly is doing.  She has become a very happy and energetic pup.  She has gained 5 pounds and still going.  She enjoys all of her new toys, which she has tons of , she rips the stuffing out to get to the squeaker and we purchase new ones for her to play with.(Of course we take away from her once she reaches it).  She loves her new bed and of course loves sleeping on the couch.  She romps and jumps all over our 3+ acre yard and loves playing with our daughter's and son's pets.
All in all, Holly has adjusted very well to her new home and we love her very much. 
When we get some pictures we will send them.

Bob and Dee




Meno was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Hi Ginny,

We were not able to find a comfortable pronunciation of “Meno”, so we’re calling him “Teddy.”  Attached is his picture form 12/21.  He’s put on about a pound from when we first brought him home (17 lbs now), and he continues to be a very sweet, well behaved little boy!  We’re keeping him in a crate if he’s home alone (still chewing a bit), but other than that he has full house access (not a single accident – kudos to whomever house trained him.)

Hope you and the extended family have a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas!  Thanks again.





Major was adopted!




Sandy was adopted!




Ty was adopted!




Louie was adopted!




Ears was adopted!




Ashton was adopted!




Evie was adopted!




Maddie was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Here is a picture of known as Nola in her new bed. This is her favorite spot in the house. She is doing great. Thanks again.





Ace was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Ace is settling on nicely here. The first thing he did when he got home was to jump right on the couch!





King was adopted!





Max was adopted!




Maxwell was adopted!

Update December 2010:

Dear Ms. Ginny,

I just wanted to tell you Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

My new house is nice and Momma and Little Missy (Marta and Tonya) are very good to me.  I have a whole house to live in and I have food to eat and water in my bowls - my very own bowls!  I have a big yard to play in and I run and twirl for as long as my lease will reach.  We walk a lot too.

Other family came to visit Christmas Eve day and evening and they have two little boys - we had a lot of fun playing and they are very gentle with me.

I'm being a good boy and am trying to remember to go potty outside.  I am getting better about that and that makes Momma and Little Missy very happy.

Thank you for letting the McClain's adopt me.  I like it here a lot and they love on me all the time.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and thank you so very much for taking care of so many animals.  You do wonderful and loving things for so many.  God bless you!!!!



Update May 2011:

Dear Ms. Ginny,

I haven't e-mailed you in a while so I thought I better check in with you!

Guess what?  My birthday is in two days!!!  I'm going to be four years old on Friday (May 20). Boy am I excited.  Momma and Little Missy are going to have a little party for me.  We're going to cook on the grill, eat dinner out on the deck and play in the yard. Momma even has special dog treats for me, for after dinner.  She says she's going to get me something else called 'Frosty Paws' too.  Does that mean my paws are going to get cold? We'll take pictures and e-mail them to you.

The day after my birthday the rest of my family from Pennsylvania is coming to visit and the little boys will play with me a lot.  I'll have to take a rest that night!

I'm having a lot of fun with my new family.  We play a lot and they pet me and love on me all the time.  The lady that lives next door, Ms. Sandy, even has dog biscuits at her house and she gives me one when she sees me out walking with my family.

When Momma is doing yard work, I go out and stay right beside her.  She does most of the work, I mainly lay down and just look around and watch what's going on in the neighborhood.  The birds chirp a lot and we have squirrels so I watch them running around. If Momma asks me my opinion on what she's doing in the yard I shake my head yes or no.  She laughs every time!

Oh, I almost forgot - Little Missy takes me to work with her sometimes in the evenings.  She works during the day and can't take me to that job, but in the evenings she works at church and if I'm a real good boy I get to go there.  Boy, I am one busy little guy.

One more thing - I have two dog beds, one in Momma's room and one in Little Missy's room.  Downstairs I have a big comforter all folded up that I can sleep on if I want.  Boy, being a dog is great!!!

I'm happy with my family and you did a great job fixing me up.  Momma says there will be a special place in heaven for you because of all the animals you take care of and love.

Have to go now, it's time for my afternoon nap.



P.S.  Please tell Brie I said hello and I miss her! 





Sage was adopted!






Mia was adopted!



Gloria was adopted!






Katie was adopted!





Minnie was adopted!



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