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Onyx was adopted!

Update March 2011:

  Onyx is doing great.  He is definitely "my boy".  We had a very sucessful meeting with Zoey at the park.  The only time they had a little scuffle was when I took Zoey on the leash.  I don't think he liked Zoey having my attention.  But all worked out well.  My daughter Kellie LOVES HIM.  We brought both of them home at the same time and introduced them to the yard and house and that went well.  Took them into the house and that went extremely well.  Took them in the fenced in back yard and then walked them in the "back 40" and they did very well.  As of right now they are chillin' on the living room floor beside each other.  WOW! They even had a little play fest in the living room and they had a fun time.  Tails remained wagging and even an occassional yip.  It's all good!  We just let them play for a little bit for right now cuz we don't want to overstimulate Onyx on his first day.
We took him into our vet to just get him weighed and he weighed 76.2 lbs.  He had a very good experience and just loved the girls that work there.
Everything is working out just great and I can't thank you enough for letting him be a part of our family.
I will keep in touch.  If I forget and it's been too long since you have heard from me, just send me an e-mail.

Thanx again,





Bruno was adopted!





Bonnie was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Ginny, we've Bonnie for close to 4 months.  She is doing well and we are overjoyed to have her.  We have had some problems but nothing that obedience school and consistent training hasn't helped resolve.  She is stubborn but very lovable and has become a 65lb lap dog.  She is very good with my grandchildren after all of them including Bonnie got comfortable with each other.  We boardered her when we wen to DisneyWorld and she did extremely well; high marks from the staff.  We want to thank you for bringing her into our life; she is part of our family.



Kirk was adopted!





River was adopted!





Olivia was adopted!





Jethro was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Hi!  We adopted Jethro/Ryley from you in Feb. He put on 15 pounds within a few weeks. He's gained a total of 18 pounds and looks great!   He is amazing!   My golden pup, Macy, and Ryley are amazing together!  I love watching them play, wrestle, share, play tug, sleep, and play in their kiddie pool together!  The only issue that we've had to deal with is he is destructive when we leave the house.  So we've had to crate him when we leave.  Hopfully, he'll outgrow it!  Our dog trainer couldn't believe how quickly Ryley adjusted to our household.  She has helped me come up with some intellectually stimulating activities and toys for him because he is way too smart!  It's quite challenging when you have a dog that is smarter than you are! :) 

Everyone is so intrigued by what breed they think he is.  He has us so baffled. He carries the traits of many different breeds and his appearance is just as mixed!  Ryley is so focused, alert, and inquisitive, it's amazing!  Ryley and I have just completed our first session in an agility class!   We came in 2nd in 2 races in our last class!  He likes going for car rides and walks.  He is incredibly patient with my autistic son and even seeks him out.  He is my shadow and companion.  He's awesome!

Thank you for rescuing him and allowing us to adopt him!






Hattie was adopted!





Ruffs was adopted!





Diamond was adopted!

Update October 2011:

Hi Ginny,

Hope all is well.  We wanted to send you an update on Maya (formally known as Diamond).  She is a wonderful girl and we are so glad that she is a part of our family.  Maya loves her walks and goes and sits by the door while we get ready to go outside.  She also loves her toys and rawhide bones which she has buried all over our yard and in the couch cushions.  In her spare time she thinks she is a lap dog and we are now used to a black lab on our lap.  Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals! 





Faith was adopted!





Samantha was adopted!

Update May 2011:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to give you an update and tell you how great (Samantha) now Tessa is fitting into our family.  As you can see from the pics, she's settled in quite nicely, and very quickly!  She and our other dog Tonka are the best of friends and enjoy running in the back yard, chasing tennis balls and 'greeting' all the golfers that pass by our yard. She's a wonderful addition to our family and she is just the sweetest girl.  She's taken very closely to our 2 year old daughter.  We often find Tess following close behind our daughter as she's playing in the yard, or curled up at the foot of the bed while our daughter is relaxing or watching TV.  A picture attached shows them going through the toy bin looking for just the right toy for Tess to play with, and this was only after being with us for about a week.  Everyone is so happy she made her way into our home and our hearts!

We adopted Tessa from you shortly after losing a dear member of our four legged family, and she has proven to be the perfect girl to help us all heal from that loss and give us all yet another reason to smile each day.  She's just wonderful and we love her dearly!

Thanks for all the work you do and giving these loving pets another chance....we, for one, are sure glad you do this!!

Betsy and Shawn




Patty was adopted!





Comer was adopted!






Sophie was adopted!





Starr was adopted!




Evie was adopted!




Winnie was adopted!




Barry was adopted!




Cupcake was adopted!




Benny was adopted!




Buffy was adopted!

Update January 2011:

Hi Ginny!

We just wanted to give you an update on Buffy (now known as Sophie).

It's been a week since we've had Sophie and she's doing great!  She's adjusted so nicely to her new home.  Sophie is such a sweet dog, who responds instantly to simple commands such as "sit" and "stay".  She loves to go on walks and explore her new neighborhood.  Many of our neighbors have come out to meet her, and all have commented on how well-behaved and sweet she is.  She has also just become a big sister to a Golden Retriever/Lab mix, named Bella, who we adopted from an adoption agency in South Carolina.  The two of them have instantly bonded. 
We can't thank you enough for allowing Sophie to become a part of our family!  We love her so much!  We'll keep in touch and update you with pictures.





Dove was adopted!

Update January 2011:

Ginny ~

We wanted to share a few pictures of Dove, now known as Cejay.  Cejay is loving her new forever home and big sister Ginger.  She has so many toys to play with and a huge fenced-in yard to play with her new sister Ginger.  And like Ginger, Cejay has the run of her new home.  She is doing very well, and loves her new Mommy and Daddy so much, she just constantly wants to please them.  Within just a few days, Cejay has learned a few easy commands such as SIT, LAY, SHAKE PAW, No-No, and Get in your bed.  She is awesome and we are so very happy to have found her as we know she was meant for us and we were meant for her, as well.

Thank you!

Diane & Billy




JD was adopted!





Gus was adopted!





Zelda was adopted!




Rita was adopted!






Tux was adopted!






Jane was adopted!

Update August 2011:

Sophie (Jane) and my daughter Becca won 2nd place at the Cecil County Fair's pretty animal contest dressed as hula/surfer girls! Taking Sophie around such a large group of people we were a bit nervous since she is still a tad skittish around new things.But we soon found out she would have no problems adjusting at all. The best part was watching Sophie girl enjoy the day, she thought the show was just for her and she was a famous pup.There will now be many more outtings for this attention loving girl!




Gabby was adopted!





Destiny was adopted!





Quillan was adopted!



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