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Isabella was adopted!



Jet was adopted!

Ginny, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that JET is a wonderful dog.  He has taken so well with my kids and my husband.   

As I told you, I didn't tell my kids that I was going to look at him.  Well you can imagine their surprise when they came home from school that afternoon and found this beautiful dog sitting in their living room. They were sooooo excited. 

Jet fits into our lives so perfectly.  He thinks he is a lap dog, imagine all that dog sitting on your lap on the love seat.  It's pretty funny.  He is so well behaved, very obedient.  He knows that he is the king of the house. 

I am so grateful to you for this blessing that came into our lives.  Thank you so very much. 

Peggy Brennan and Family


Jelly Bean


Jellybean was adopted!


Tim was adopted!

Update Feb 2006:
Timmy is a wonderful dog and he is obedience trained, crate trained, house broken and plays ball and returns the ball or toy to the person he is playing with. Cory likes him and when he meets Widget my old cat he licked her head and she hissed at him. This relationship may take some time to develop. I will send you a picture when I have one. Thank you for picking him up and saving him from the SPCA.




Annie was adopted!



Goldie was adopted!


Dudley with family
Pic of Leigh, Adam, and Dudley

Snowball (now Dudley) was adopted! A family from DE met him last year and really wanted to adopt him but decided against it because they had an elderly dog who had been the only dog in their family for years.

As fate would have it, their dog recently passed away- they logged onto our site and saw Snowball was now back- they called and came to pick him up. It all worked out for everyone in the end. Thank you!

Update Feb 2007:

Please accept the enclosed check on behalf of our son Adam, who for his birthday opted to have $ donations to Paws for Life instead of gifts- keep up the good work!


Update Feb 2006:
I just wanted to let you know that things with Snowball (now known as Dudley) are going great. He loves the kids and running around in the yard. He is great company for all of us. We are so glad we had a second chance at him. Thanks for all you do!




Luke was adopted.


Gizmo was adopted!


Just wanted to send you an email of a little update on Gizmo. Gizmo is doing great at home!!!! He and Midnight get along perfectly fine, and we have had no problems so far at all. They share the toys,play fight, run circles round each other,share the bones even...and Midnight doesn't share her bones..EVER (lol), and are even giving each other kisses. Gizmo doesn't mind our bird either, and just seems a tiny bit interested in our kitty but not causing trouble. He is such a great dog, and we already love him to death!!

-Kersten/Pam Pass



Foxie was adopted.




Pearl was adopted.

Update April 2008:

Hi! Ginny,
Just took this pic of Mocha ( AKA Pearl ) and her buddy Mouse. Gosh, it's been about 2 years since I got her from you. She has made life complete. She loves walks to the park with my Grandkids, even lets them put her down the slide ! Mocha & I can't wait til the season opens in Rock Hall. She loves the water and has lots of friends there.



Pudge was adopted.

Sorry I haven't called or written.  I gave your card to the desk when I took Pudge to the vet and I didn't get it back from them.  He is doing very well.  He had a really bad ear infection that caused the vertigo.  Dr. Williams said 2/3 of his eardrum was "missing", but it is much improved now.  He just has a small hole and it is clearing up. His blood work showed several tick-born diseases, but he has been on antibiotics for those as well as the ear.  We have started him on Heartworm preventive medicine and he is doing great.
He gets on the couch when no one is around, and we've discovered that he can get food off of the kitchen counter if he wants to, so all his treats are on top of the refrigerator!  He is a great dog.   We just can't believe how happy and well behaved he is.  We really love him.


Fanny was adopted by Jo and her family. Jo, who runs a horse rescue in PA, had always wanted a Jack Russell but didn't want the high energy that usually goes along with it. Fanny was the perfect fit!
Thank you!

Hi Bev & Ginny,

Well, I can honestly say that Fanny is more than we had hoped for!! She is kind, sweet and loving...and quiet!

The kids love her as much as I do...and you know me...she has a home for life...and she will be pampered...I will have to send you a picture of her in her new doggie attire!!

I just cant believe how perfect she is for know I usually like the big dogs, like Cody and Maison...I lost both this past year...and had been looking for just the right JRT since being pregnant with my first son nearly 19 years ago!!

Thank you for allowing me to give this sweet lil girl a loving home!


Duke was adopted by Eric, a nice young man from MD. He is a police officer who was looking for a shepherd, saw Duke online, and came to meet him. He went home on Monday- thank you!

Duke is doing good.  Still a little shy but he is starting to wag his tail a lot more.  He is such a good boy.  We go for walks and all the other little yappy dogs start to bark, he just ignores them and keeps on walking.  My mom is already planning her next vacation so that she can see him again.  We are so happy we found him.  Thank you very much.




Pandora was adopted by Debbie in MD. She lives in MD and has another year-old shepherd who desperately needed company and a good influence ;-). Congratulations!


All is well here- Pandora seems to be adjusting without issue. We all like to take long walks and fetch seems to be a favorite, and they are learning to share toys. The two seem to get along just fine.  Attached are a few pictures.  Again thanks- she is a sweetheart





Katie was adopted.



Buddy was adopted.

We love him SOOOOOOOOOOOO!  He is perhaps the most intelligent golden I've seen!  He barks to be let out (and in)  he can even let himself in!  He is truly a blessing in disguise.  I am sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.  We lost Howard to cancer on December 26, and have been a little preoccupied.  Buddy's being here has been a Godsend.  I don't know what we would have done.  Howard was so special, and losing him was a tragedy.  Anyway, Buddy is adjusting well and is a part of our family. (He is pretty active and has lost 2 lbs!!!)  We would like to adopt a "buddy" for him so if you should come across any goldens  PLEASE call us. Thanks for all your help and thanks to PAWS for rescuing this wonderful creature.  He is truly a joy to have and not a day goes by that Buddy doesn't bring a smile to our faces!  


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