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Gizmo was adopted!

Update May 2011:

Hi Ginny,
Just to let you know all is going well with Teddy, formerly known as Gizmo.

He's a sweet little dog and fits in well with our other two. He preferrs a life of leisure, laying in the backyard under the trees smelling the flowers.
But he gets plenty of exercise because he and our lab Molly do nothing but wrestle and he sometimes wins.
We still puzzle over his background. Retriever, yes, chow, yes, shepard, yes, but we think there has to be a heaping helping of sheltie in there to explain his size and somewhat watchful behavior. He's great on a leash and was housebroken from the begining.

We will be sending a family picture when we can get all three to stand still together.
Thanks again,
Paul and Sue

ps. Teddy has leaf dust on his nose as he had been snuffling around before I got this picture.

Update October 2012:

Hello Ginny,
We've had Teddy, formerly known as Gizmo, for nearly 2 yrs.
He is a great medium size dog who shows a good deal of golden retriever and is very sweet in temperment.
Just wanted to send along the family picture of all three dogs.
Teddy is at the lower left. That's Molly in the upper left corner and
Fudgie in the lower right corner. Photo credits go to my sister.
All the best,
Paul and Sue




Pixie was adopted!




Sunny was adopted!




Arthur was adopted!




Gloria was adopted!

Update April 2011:

Here are a few photos of Molly [rescue name, Gloria] in her new home. She has been with us a little over two weeks and you would never know she's been anywhere else. She and her big brother Clancy [a rescue English setter] get along perfectly, even to the point of sharing all the comfortable spots in the house! She loves to ride in the truck, runs in the yard at full speed with her nose to the ground tracking every footprint left by squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks, and can fall asleep anywhere in two minutes. She's a doll and a celebrity wherever she goes!

Molly is a perfect companion for Clancy [and the rest of us!] and we will take the best care of her for years to come; thanks for rescuing her.

Jim & Donna G.,




Browny was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We adopted Chet (then Brownie) in March of this year and what a wonderful addition to our family!  Being only 2-1/2 years old he brings an energy to our home and has put  pep in the step of our older dogs.  Sure, he has his quirks like being afraid of the dark and not liking closed doors but that’s just what makes him special.

It is still hard for us to believe he was one day away from being euthanized … thanks so much for rescuing him!

I have attached a picture of Chet’s graduation from obedience school … just one look at his happy face and you can tell he has found his forever home!

Jeff and Michelle




Fritz was adopted!




Chet was adopted!




Nanook was adopted!




Beale was adopted!

Update March 2011:

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to give you an update on Beale.  We re-named her Tuesday and she is a super-sweet, very wonderful dog.  She is coping well with us and us with her.  I really have to say, she is a fabulous dog for a first time dog owner.  She sleeps in her crate at night and we have a really nice space set up for her during the day, while we are at work.
The cats are still adjusting to her, but she seems to get along with them.
She's afraid of my husband, so we are still working on that, but she loves my daughter and I.
We are getting her stitches out on Thursday, March 17th and after that she should be good to get a through bath! (she really needs it).
Again, Thank you very much for rescuing Tuesday, we really do love her.




Maggie was adopted!




Hamilton was adopted!




Oliver was adopted!

Update March 2011:

Just wanted to let you know that Shadow (aka Oliver) is doing fine.  He is still afraid of the stairs.  He won’t leave the first floor but was very quiet and calm in the crate last night while we slept upstairs.  He has had no accidents in the house and is enjoying the back yard. Very sweet but still very timid.  He and one of the cats are getting along great already. The other cat is taking a little more time getting used to him.  He is wild on a leash! We tried to take him for a walk today and we had to turn around early.  Matt’s arms were exhausted! So, we have a few things to work on but he is a very sweet and mild mannered dog.






Big Boy was adopted!





Zeus was adopted!





Ryder was adopted!




Karl was adopted!

Update July 2011:

Hi Ginny!!!

I just wanted to let you know what's happening with Karl!! (We changed his name to Teddy Bear!!) I have attached some photos for you to see how well he has adapted to us and his new surroundings!
I'm not sure you even remember him due to the fact you only had him for a week or so, but I will refresh your memory!!! (I know how that feels!! lol)
Anyway, Jodi Cox referred me to you...We adopted Karl on March 2nd and we are from New Jersey...and I had issues w/ my vet because Teddy had heart worm and my vet wanted to put him on all sorts of medicine and I called you to verify his decisions, thank god I did!! I have a new Vet now who is wonderful!! :)
Well Teddy has quite a personality!!! He loves to steal our clothes and run around the house with them!!! He knows how to open the interior sliding doors w/ his nose so he can get into trouble!!! He is not a big chewer luckily but he will do it for attention only...He loves his toys and he's got lots of them!! I don't buy anything with filling or something that is not durable because he tears it apart!! lol...I bought him one of those a few weeks ago and he didn't have it for 20 minutes and it was in pieces!!!
He barks at the ground hogs, birds, rabbits and any noise which some noises come from the TV he barks at that too!!! BUT he doesn't bark when someone comes over!!! He smothers them with kisses instead!!! Any suggestions??? And he is a very fussy eater!! The first few weeks we had him I had to try 6 different dog foods..Now I feed him Kibbles and Bits mixed w/ wet food that seems to be working for now!!
Oh and he is super protective of his food...He usually walks away from his dish before he finishes so if you go in the direction of his room and he sees you he runs right over to his dish and will finish it..He has even grawled if you came near him while he was eating!! He doesn't do that anymore..He also gets very protective of his toys too but only sometimes....For instance, the toys are laying all over and he is laying down and your feet step on a toy or move a toy and he sees it he will run over to you and nibble at your feet or just take the toy...I read about this behavior online and its not uncommon!!
Its funny how every dog has a different personality..We never experienced some of the things he does but I guess you live and learn!! :)

Take Care and Happy 4th!!






Sam was adopted!






Kia was adopted!



Kipper was adopted!





Thomas was adopted!

Update March 2011:

Hi Ginny -  just had to tell you about fritz (thomas) – He was so calm and cute on the ride home – once we arrived home he acted like he had been living here for years—we took him to the barn where he immediatle jumped up on a recliner chair and went to sleep – about an hour later fritz & me went for our first 5 miles together – he actually holds the leash in his mouth during the whole exercise – he has a great personality and is very smart – he understands commands such as “ sit & no” and is very gentle taking food from my hand –We really love this boy !!!   you run a great organization and deserve a lot of credit --- Eric is an asset also – again , ginny, thank you so much and I will keep in touch !!!  sincerely, linda

Update June 2011:

Hi Ginny ,

These are photos of “Thomas”, the dog we adopted in February – We named him Fritz !!! He swims every day in our pond & also exercises with me !!  Fritz is adorable and very smart and I absolutely adore him !!  He’s a very fast learner and obeys commands !!  Thank you Ginny, sincerely, Linda





Mitzi was adopted!

Update August 2011:

Video of Mitzi - now K9 Ashe


I apologize for not getting these to you sooner but I have attached two pictures of K9 Ashe, the newest member of the Delaware State Police K9 Unit.  K9 Ashe successfully completed her training course and graduates tomorrow, a certified narcotics detection dog.  Both K9 Ashe and her handler will be active on the streets of Delaware, as a team, investigating individuals and organizations tied to the selling, manufacturing, and trafficking of narcotics. 

In addition, I have videos of K9 Ashe completing the confidence course during her training.  As you already know, K9 Ashe is not lacking in the confidence department!  :) However, it is exciting to see her perform.  K9 Ashe has put on twenty pounds of muscle and will be an immediate asset to the Delaware State Police.   As soon as I download the videos, I will forward them for your review.

Thank you for considering the avenue of public service for K9 Ashe's future.  It surely has been a win-win for all involved.

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