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Calvin was adopted!

Update May 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We just want you to know that Calvin has settled in very nicely. We know it has only been 2 days but we can tell he is going to be a gem. He is very well behaved, and loves to run around the back yard. Our 11 yr old baby( other adopted lab) tries her best to keep up with him. I do believe it makes her feel like a young pup!!!

They did very well together today while we were at work. My husband came home at lunch to check on them and I left work early, I guess you can tell I am a trusting soul, but we could tell everything was going to be fine. I went with my gut!!! When I arrived at home they were both relaxing in their beds and very happy to see me!!!!

Thank you so much for Calvin, I think he was waiting for us!!! I will keep you updated on him.

PS.-Calvin is a bedhog and made himself very comfortable and slept all night long!!!

Thanks again, Pam and Jerry

Update May 2011:

Hello Ginny and Staff,
Just an update on Calvin. He has adjusted to life at our home with out any problems. He truly is a gem. He went to see the vet within one wk of us adopting him. He did recieve a clean bill of health, although we are treating him ,preventative, for lymes disease since he tested positive. back in Feb. We really do think that he is not aware of his size because soon as you take a seat he is on your lap!!! He is one great dog!! Again we thank you and do believe Calvin was waiting for us!!!

Soon as I figure out how to download pics I will send some.

Calvin and our other dog, Baby, have fast become pals. We are sure that you are missing him but he is very ,very  happy!!!!
Thank You again,

Pam and Jerry

Update June 2011:

Hi ginny and staff,
First I would like to say I see calvin is moving down on your list of adoptions. It does my heart good to see so many people willing to adopt pets in need of loving homes!

Calvin is fine and very happy! He really loves being outdoors  when we are working in the yard and really loves to be right in the middle of what we are doing! We are waiting for him to take a dive in the pool!! Has not done this yet, but sure seems like he might enjoy the swim! Sleeps well, eats well, and is very aware upon coming back into the house sits for his treat!!!
Once again I will say he really is a gem and we are so happy to have him as part of our family!!!

Pam and Jerry

Update July 2011:

Hello to all,
Just a quick update on Calvin! He has now been with us for abt 2 1/2 mos and is still a real gem. We feel as though we have had him forever. He is a friend to anyone that shows up at the door. He still thinks he is a lap dog and I don't believe he will ever realize his size!! But oh well.... He sure is a keeper!!!!
We will continue to update you!

Pam and Jerry

Update September 2011:

Hi Ginny and staff,
Just a short note about our pal, Calvin! He continues to thrive with us and sure has given our old girl, Baby,( our other adopted lab) a very active summer! They love to be outdoors, but only when we are out with them! They both enjoy rolling around in the grass, and Calvin has spent some time chasing lighten bugs and butterflies when they were around. It is pretty funny watching such a large fierceful guy chase such small things!!!
He has become quite a companion with our 2 yr old grandaughter when she visits. No fear there from either one!!!
He is such a gentle giant!
Will stay in touch!
Pam and Jerry

Update December 2011:

Hi Ginny and staff,
Well Calvin has been with us for alittle over 6 mos. and still continues to be a great dog!!! He eats well, plays well, and continues to insist on sleeping in our bed. He does very well at settleing in right up on the pillows and at times someone sleeps elsewhere ( and that is not him!!!!). He really is a people person and follows us around right on our heels!!
He sure is a very unique buddy and a very good boy!!!

Update April 2012:

Hi , Ginny and Staff,
I am sure that you have not forgotten about Calvin! Well he is great! Now that the weather is warming up we are finding that he really loves to be outdoors and his favorite place to sit and scope things out is on the picnic table!! He will stay outdoors for quite awhile and recently has taught himself to open up the back door all by his self!!! We did know he is a very smart boy!! But I do want you to know that he also tucks himself in at night in our bed and due to his size there are many nights someone moves and it is not him!!!  oh well!!!  Just wanted to let you knowCalvin is a very happy and very good boy!!!
Will stay in touch.

Pam and Jerry

Update April 2013:

Hi Ginny. Hoping you remember us !!   Well I did rescue  from a place in pa.
She just jumped out at me and said come get me! And I did!   Calvin is doing
just fine. We just love him so much. Teddie has settled in very well and

Calvin has showed her the ropes!  I only wish I could have more.      

Update November 2014:

Hi Ginny, hope all is well!! Just a recent pic of Calvin!! He sure knows the real comforts of home!! 
I frequently think of woody and hope he is still with you!!
Well just wanted you to know Calvin is still such a gentleman and a friend to all!! I still dog sit frequently so Calvin and Teddie are always busy!! I love following your web site and see all the homes you find for all the dogs!! Thanks for all you do!!




Buck was adopted!




Lottie was adopted!

Update May 2011:

 Hello Ginny,
    Mattie made her self at home here . She has the best temperament. She took to the doggy door right away. I have her running and finding her toys in the yard. We just lost our lab earlier this week. Mattie is what we needed.  She is  full of love..all of her attention is hers. Thank you for her. My heart is full.

Michael and Diana




Chase was adopted!




Nash was adopted!

Update June 2011:

We received the following from Lea regarding her new dog, Nash. (click on the link) She worked very hard on this and obviously loves Nash very much!

Nash update




Momma was adopted!



Lady was adopted!




Gabe was adopted!

Update July 2013:

  Thank you for our wonderful dog Gabe.  He has settled in nicely and is really part 
of our family now. We adopted him in May of 2011 and my kids adore him.  He is full of personality and part of the family.  He likes to sleep with my son Hayden, at night.  
He has really filled out and looks great since we adopted our 7 month skinny young, Flat Coated Retriever.  Gabe loves to jump into our above ground pool.  Well we have a hard time keeping him out.  He stands on his hind legs with his front paws on the side rail of our 4ft pool.  He loves to play with our other 2 dogs. 

Thanks again for our wonderful dog.




Rosie was adopted!




Zander was adopted

Update June 2011:

Hello Ginny:
Just wanted to update you on Zander.

Well, he is truly a Momma's boy, a mush through and through. A true love bug, he loves to cuddle and has made quick friends with my 120lb shepherd Hagan. They enjoy playing with each other and I am glad to have him as part of my family. At first I nicknamed him "Sir Snots-A-Lot" but with a quick trip to the vet his cold is now gone.

I am not going to tell you he hasn't been a handful... he most definitely has. He is a Shepherd through and through. Stubborn, headstrong, and super smart! Thankfully Hagan has been showing him the ropes and regular training and a lot of patience is getting him to where he needs to be. He is a great dog and worth every second of my time and energy.

I don't know what his story was before you got him... but trust seems to be a very big issue with him so we are going slowly. He still is having difficulty with the cat... but slow and steady wins the race. I am sure in time they will learn to coexist.

He found his forever home, and a best friend in Hagan who is very happy to have a new 'brother." Thanks again for helping me find my new addition.




Scarlett was adopted!






Shiloh was adopted!






Toby was adopted!






Rex was adopted!

Update April 2011:

I wanted to send you a quick email for a follow-up on Rex.  We have changed his name and he is now named Blane Gage Harrison.  We feel like he has adapted really well and we couldn't be any happier.  He has quickly became a wonderful addition to our f amily.  We would like to Thank you again for everything.  We have signed up and are taking private classes with him as a family so that we can provide him with the consistency and attention he needs.  Our trainer referred us to a gentle leader collar for him and it has been working great.  He of course still has a lot of emotion when presented to other dogs in the neighborhood when they pass by but nothing so severe that we can't tolerate.  He really is a wonderful dog you all did wonderful things for him.  We will continue to send emails to keep you updated.  Thanks so very much we are very lucky & blessed to have him.





Bear was adopted!

Update April 2011:

My family and I recently adopted Bear, a Bernese Mountain Dog from you and we absolutely love him. He gets along great with our other 2 dogs and loves to like a crazy man all day long. So far, his favorite things to do are to go for car rides, play with our other dogs, and sit and be brushed. I cannot wait for the summer when we can take him swimming and to the park.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog and we will keep you updated!






Sheba was adopted!






Shadow was adopted!






Dolly was adopted!






Angel was adopted!






Twix was adopted!






Mimi was adopted!






Cooper was adopted!

Update April 2011:

I saw that Coop has been placed on the adopted page and it warmed my heart.  It has only been a few weeks but he has adjusted well.  It is amazing how much life he has brought back into the house.  Emma and Cooper play at least 12 hours a day and then snuggle up to sleep the other 12.  The two of them have become forever friends and Emma loves having another friend with her “energy level”.   Coop loves to ride in the car and he looks forward to going to the bay when the weather permits.  I am going to attach a few pictures that I have taken so far, you will see that he is happy “big” fellow that brings a lot of joy to Emma and I.

Nap time – was taken after we came back from the water.  I had jumped in the shower and there they were, on the bed.  They both were totally ignoring me because I am “trying” to keep them in their own beds.  It works better some days than others.

Beach 2 – was taken the day that we brought Cooper home.  He was so excited to have his new sister to play with and he loved running the length of the beach.   Beach is now one of his favorite words, next to treat or cookie.

Bank – was taken on one of evening walks.  They are adjusting to walking together and I am adjusting to two very excited two year old puppies.

Hugs – was taken while I was trying to get them off the bed again.  They were playing and I told them to get down, then they were hugging.  It makes it hard to be upset when they are so darn cute together.

Many blessings and thank you for my furry son, Cooper.  Emma and I love him very much.


Heather, Emma and Cooper






Marcus was adopted!






Lady was adopted!






Mocha was adopted!






Cher was adopted!



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