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Raven was adopted!

Update November 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We wanted to send an update regarding Raven, who we have renamed Sabina...the new name suites her very nicely.  Since we have adopted her in May-2011, she has adjusted very well at our home and loves being part of our family.  I think she now realizes this is her home.   Her presence has helped us all heal and move on from the loss of our previous dog "Raven" and we have no doubt in our minds that our old girl Raven intervened and sent Sabina to us.
Sabina gets to be at Grandmom's house every day and spends time with her and the kids (Jessica and Lilly) while we are working.  Grandmom loves to spoil her like one of the grandkids!
Sabina loves the kids and is so good with them.  She is never short on kisses (licks) for everyone.   Her favorite thing to do is chase/retrieve tennis balls so we always keep at least 4-5 tennis balls on hand.  She also loves to sit in the window at the front our home and watch the animals, cars and whatever else may be outside.  She of course likes to sleep in our bed at night, even though she has her own dog bed to sleep in, but can't say I blame her with that one.  She never leaves Erik's side..he is definitely her "person."  Sabina also has made a doggy friend with a friend's Golden Retriever.  They play nicely together.  We took Sabina down the river and have found out she does not like water too much but maybe over time she will learn to enjoy it.
Overall, having Sabina has been a lot of fun and we love her very much!

I have attached some photos for you to see :)

Hope all is well with you and your Rescue!





Chester was adopted!





Sandy was adopted!





Brie was adopted!





Hershey was adopted!

Update September 2011:

We just wanted to take the time to send you a quick e-mail and let you know how Hershey is doing. From day one she fit in perfectly, you would think we've had her since she was born. Hershey was house trained from day one, and loved to sleep in her kennel. Now four months later she sleeps on her bed (right next to mine of course!) She absolutely thrives on attention and affection, at 60 lbs she thinks shes a 5 lb lap dog. We did notice after a few walks and trips to the beach that she is not a fan of all other dogs, we enrolled her in k-9 camp to work on her socialization and basic commands (which she had mastered before camp) and it seemed to help. No one believes that we adopted her, she is the most well behaved and affectionate dog I have ever been around. We love her and can't picture ourselves without her. She goes everywhere we do, I encourage anyone interested in getting a dog to come see what you have offer because your doing a great thing! Thanks again!! Gina, Justin && Hershey!





Romo was adopted!





Buster was adopted!





Jake was adopted!





Amos was adopted!





Akita was adopted!

Update June 2011:


We wanted to let you know that she is definitely a great car rider.  On the way home, we stopped at the pet store to buy some balls.  She is the first shop lifter we've had.  As we went around the store, she pulled the toys from the clip on displays.  She sat and spoke when given treats by the lady there.  We have an appointment next week to remove her stitches.

When I called the Middletown Vet office, they couldn't have been nicer.  She will be staying there when we go to Selbyville in July.  She will get to have play time 3 times a day when she is there.

We went for a long walk at Tweed's Park early this morning (6:00 AM) and today we will work outside in the yard.

She definitely love her balls.  We had some left from Lakota, which we forgot about, so now she has about 8 around the house.

Thank you a bundle and have a really great vacation.  Your dedication is commendable.






Tipper was adopted!





Moxie was adopted!

Update January 2012:


Just wanted to say thank you once again for your generous donation of K9 Moxie to the Delaware State Police.  K9 Moxie completed her 12 week Canine Explosive Detection Course on December 16th, 2011.  She is now a certified Delaware State Police Explosives Detection Canine partnered with me at Headquarters Canine.  As an explosives canine, K9 Moxie will assist with such events as Presidential and Vice-Presidential visits, Governor Details, NASCAR races at Dover Downs, the Delaware State Fair and the Amtrak Northeast Corridor Explosive Canine Sweeps for Homeland Security.  As you can see, she will have plenty of activities to keep her busy throughout the coming years.  Thanks once again.





Bailey was adopted!

Update July 2011:

Hi Ginny,

Willie is a great dog!!   My son's dog, Wally,  is in the blue scarf.   He and Willie are good friends already.  I've taken many, many pictures.  She ALLOWS me to go downstairs without complaining, so we are working "around" her  separation anxiety issue!   We've gone to dinner and a movie, fireworks, I've had lunch with friends, and I'm able to do errands, just by going downstairs, turning on the TV, and leaving through the garage. When we/I return, we come back the same way-----up the spiral stairs, and there she still is,  in her bed, at the top of the stairs, none the wiser---thinking we were DOWNSTIRS all that time!!   She sleeps in her bed at the foot of our bed.  Sleeps all night and in the morning gently rests her head on the edge of the bed.   She is totally  house broken.
I have a large, fenced in perennial garden.  Willie loves to spend time out there.  The first day she went in and out 50 X, just to be sure I would be inside EACH time she came back in.  Now she knows  if she lets out one bark, I will let her in.   We have a ranch home, and most of our home is windows.   Willie loves that she can see outside from anywhere in the house!   She is getting used to staying in the garden area when I go down to take care of the donkeys. It's a straight shot down the lawn , so she never loses sight of me!!   She has discovered my  garden 'decorations.' She is timid, but once, she braved the front and cautiously picked up a ceramic rock and ran many laps around the octagon deck with it proudly in her mouth!!  It WASN'T  a snapping turtle after all!!   My husband said she was meant to be part of our "gimpy" family:  Brian has a slight L leg limp (from a bad break),  as does our son from a motorcycle accident,  also his L leg, and now Willie  has a compromised L leg !!---------------------though at this point in time,  she flies like the wind!!    We will handle it when and IF the time comes that she needs surgery.
She likes to carry the dog beds to different rooms. The minute Wally left with Brian for work, Willie carried his bed all the way into the living room as if to say---get this stinky thing out of my space!!  She has quite a personality!   So glad she is part of our family!   Thanks, Ginny for saving her!!!!
Most sincerely, Charlotte





Whitey was adopted!

Update May 2011:

Hi Ginny !

George and I just wanted to give you an update on Harley – formerly known as Whitey.    After we left Paws for Life, our long ride home was uneventful. Harley took the ride in stride and there were no events.  When we finally got home, he hit the ground running.   He explored every nook and cranny of his new yard, climbed a gravel pile in the driveway,  made friends with the neighbor’s dog and ran around like crazy.   With those long legs of his, he’s super fast but in spite of his large size, he’s very graceful.   After some dinner, water, a cookie or two, he started to relax and wandered around exploring the house.   He finally discovered his toy pile which made him very happy.  His favorite for the time being is a fuzzy, squeeky wrench.   I think he wants to help George work on his motorcycle since he tried several times to sneek it outside.    He was intimidated by the stairs at first, bounding up them but showing some hesitation about going back down.   After a few runs at it, he quickly got over his fear.    He finally passed out downstairs in the man cave with George and fell fast asleep.   Sometime around midnight, he headbutted George to go outside.  His house manners so far have been perfect.   Around 3:00 a.m., he wandered upstairs and discovered the bed.    He was reluctant at first to attempt to jump up on the bed even though I assured him that it was ok.    I had to put his huge front paws on the bed that hoist his butt up and show him how to get up on the bed.   After that, he pretty much experimented on his own style but he finally figured out that at his size, he can pretty much just step up with little effort.   Now he’s figured out that it’s easier to give a little jump.   Despite his big size, he’s a perfect gentleman and stays at the foot of the bed so as not to crowd his humans out.    Finally, this afternoon, he found his voice.  As the neighbor across the street came over to meet him, he gave a little woof, then a big bark as if to tell everyone that this is HIS yard.     I take that as a good sign that he is quickly bonding with us and that he’s as happy as we are that he’s part of our family.     A quick trip to Petsmart for some Advantix, a new collar and some cool squeeky toys, he’s starting to understand that he’s finally home.   While he’ll never replace our beloved Jegs who just passed, he certainly has plugged the hole we had in our heart when we had to put her down.    I’m sorry to ramble on here but I just want you to know that this IS a match made in heaven and we can’t thank you enough for rescuing Harley and for giving him another chance at a great life filled with love and devotion.   You’re an angel !    Thanks for all you do.    Harley says thank you too!   

Always,   Kipp, George and Harley






Slammer was adopted!





Bailey was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Hello Ginny!
Bailey has been WONDERFUL!
Here are some pictures for your web site.
Please put us on your mail list for events and fund drives.

Pete & Kathy





Boo was adopted!





Skipper was adopted!

Update June 2011:

Hi Ginny & the rest of the Paws for Life crew,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Gus (formerly Skipper.) He is settling in wonderfully.  In only a week and a half he's already got our routines down pat and I'd swear he's been here a lot longer. He is such a sweet dog who is ALWAYS looking to please. He is learning really fast and already has his name, sit, come, and leave it commands down pat. He and our other lab, Ozzy are the best of buddies. They play like crazy (tug and fetch are favorites), compete for attention, and pest each other like crazy.  They also nap together - sometimes right up against each other, but almost always touching at least a little. Gus is truly a blessing. We feel unbelievably luck to have had him join our family. We're looking forward to all the fun that's to come. Thanks again! Stef DePugh

(Gus is on the left, Ozzy on the right)

Update August 2011:

Hi Ginny!

Just wanted to share a quick update on Gus. In short...he's doing wonderfully!  He's been with us close to 3 months now and has added so much joy to our lives. He's gained weight, has a beautiful new coat of fur, and the sweetest personality. He's come into his own the last few weeks and I can see that he is really happy and comfortable with us. He just finished his beginner obedience class and we start the intermediate class next week.
He loves going to class and (so far!) has been a star pupil. He and our 3-year old lab, Ozzy, are certainly "brothers".  They play and play, annoy each other at times, and then the next moment I'll find then napping together. Thank you so much for bringing Gus into our lives!

Stef, Matt, Ozzy, and Gus






Vegas was adopted!






Burt was adopted!







Baby was adopted!

Update August 2011:

I just wanted to take a couple minutes to send you a few pics of the Nellie girl now that she has settled in. She and the Soup (the cat) aren't quite best friends but they do enjoy chasing each other around the house. Soup is always the instigator and is also usually the chaser.






Grace was adopted!






Otter was adopted!






Bella was adopted!






Hollie was adopted!



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