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Griffen was adopted!





Jim was adopted!

Update November 2011:






Katie was adopted!





Hannah was adopted!





Autumn was adopted!

Update November 2011:

Ginny!  What a dear dear, sweet pup you found for us. She has won our hearts.  Named her Ginger.  Her coloring, her sweet demeanor and a little of her true savors name, that would be you.  Actually, we gave her the "pedigree" name of Ginger's Autumn Snow.  Thought she would feel most important with a more formal name.  Having fun.

Many thank yous.





Maggie was adopted!

Update May 2012:


I wanted to update you on our adoption of Maggie.  She is getting so big now.  We just saw her pic on the website and it made us smile.  She is such a part of our family now.  We have her going to soccer every Saturday with the girls, hanging out with us, and making our home warm.  She does hog the bed between my wife and I but she makes us laugh daily.  She loves to run with sticks and we just recently took her to the river to see if she would swim. Like a fish!  She took the water like a retriever!  Thank you so much for allowing our adoption of Maggie.  Our home is now complete with loves of love.





Karen was adopted!




Curly was adopted!

Update October 2011:

So far so good! He is amazing! The girls love their little brother. Will email and send pics from Halloween. He is perfect and already getting so much love from the neighborhood!
The Maas Family

Update October 2011:

Hi Ginny:
This is me after a night of Trick-or-Treating. Boy oh boy am I tired! My new family LOVES me so much. I get SO many hugs and kisses ALL day long. I live in a great neighborhood with lots of nice families and dogs! I have a fenced in yard, and a beach house! This is where I sleep at night with my big sister Wilhemina, who is 12 year old Terrier, and my new Mommy. My other big Sister, Adelaide, who is 8, is a Great Dane and she is a "gentle Giant" with me and we cuddle on the couch. Both of my sisters were adopted, too. I am the happiest boy in town. I will send a picture of the entire family soon.
Thank you for saving me from the KSPCA!

Update December 2011:

Hi Ginny:
This is my best friend and big sis, Wilhemina, hanging out on our "dog couch".  We do everything together! My family says I am real good at doing tricks and jumping! Can't wait for Christmas, I've been a good boy!

Thank you for saving me and for finding me a family that loves me so much.

Happy Holidays!


Update February 2012:

Hi Ginny:
Here is our precious boy Cody after he and Willie got a bath. We took an extra long walk today that got a little muddy but it was well worth it as they both love being outside and chasing squirrels!

Cody is such an amazing guy. He and Willie are BEST buddies. Cody brings out the puppy in Willie( she is 12!). They get super silly and chase each other around the house, especially after coming in from a walk. Cody is incredibly smart, too. He is my big helper in the mornings as he delightfully wakes up each of our kids with massive licks and rolling in their beds. When I say, "time for socks and shoes!", Cody immediately takes his spot on the bottom step of the stairs while each child puts their socks and shoes on...Inspector Gadget! He also would jump in the tub if I let him, which the kids find hilarious ( me, too!).

We absolutely adore Cody! I have some fun video of him running in the field and from around the house that I will send soon. Please know that he is very well loved and thriving! We could not imagine our lives without him.

In Friendship,
The Maas Family

Update May 2012:

Hi Ginny,

Our Cody boy is still stealing our hearts! He is such a sweet and gentle soul. Cody and Willie continue to be the best of friends:
taking long walks together, chasing each other around the house, and both diligently trying to catch frogs in the creek or chasing the chipmunk from the yard. They also like to sit on the front porch together while the kids are playing in the yard. Cody takes such great care of Willie, such as, cleaning her face and ears each morning. Very sweet to watch.

Cody has some good buds, Jesse, a Black Lab, and Bados, a rescue from Barbados, who live next store to us. His other best buddy is JT, who lives across the street. Cody is often invited over to run and play at JT's house. They both have a ton of energy and are good playmates.
When Cody is invited over to play, I open the door and he runs across the street to JT, who is excitedly waiting for him. It is super funny to watch. When I call Cody to come home he comes running right back, sometimes with JT in tow!

We feel so fortunate to have Cody be a part of our family. He brings us so much joy and many laughs each day. It is heartbreaking to think what could have been his fate had you not rescued him from the KSPCA.
We give him extra kisses and hugs each day to reassure Cody he will never have to worry about being loved or his future. We are the lucky ones!

Thank you, Ginny, for all you do!

The Maas Family

Update October 2012:

Top 10 Reasons Why We LOVE Cody:

10. He loves carrots and apples.
9.   He is the first one in the car on school mornings.
8.   He brings the "puppy" out in our 13 year old terrier, Willie Girl!
7.   He could chase squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks all day.
6.   He loves to go hiking in the trails for miles leading the way.
5.   He is our alarm clock, excitedly waking us up with kisses and snuggling.
4.   He loves to get a bath and swim in his doggie pool.
3.   He loves Busy Bones.
2.   He loves to be read to by the kids.
1.   He is a RESCUE from PAWS!!!

Ginny, attached is the picture from one year ago today, the day we brought home our boy, Cody, and a picture I took on our hike in the woods just recently. There are not words to express how incredible of a dog Cody is. He is the happiest boy ever! We get so many compliments on him for how well behaved and handsome he is! He is an incredibly smart and curious guy. It certainly doesn't hurt that he is showered with love daily and spoiled rotten, but he deserves it, every second and ounce of it. Cody shows his love and appreciation to us each day with big smiles and constant hugs and licks!

We want to sincerely thank you for bringing such joy into our lives. Cody is a very special boy and we could not imagine our lives without him.

In Friendship~
The Maas Family
~Sean, Lisa, Sloan, Cole , Reid, and Wille Girl.




Candy was adopted!





Jack was adopted!





Autumn was adopted!





Drake was adopted!





Dana was adopted!





Moxy was adopted!





Cooper was adopted

Update November 2011:


Cooper was greeted by my 3 dogs when I  brought him home. There was much " hello"barking but all got along well. The first night he followed me up to bed and wiggled under the comforter, just like my other  Jack Russells always do. Busy 3 weeks here, he learned not to chase cars,or bite calves. Now we are working on not chasing horses. Cooper was everyones buddy,15 min after he arrived.





Sam was adopted!

Update October 2011:

I am totally in love with my new buddy Charlie.  He is even Really Really good with the chickens.  He is amazing almost perfect.  Of course I do have a couple funny stories.  

Thank you very much.

Update November 2011:

Oh Charlie experienced his first birthday party on the farm.  There must of been 30 kids. The biggest Birthday party we have done.  Charlie was loving life.  All of those children to play with, chase and steal from not to mention pizza and cup cakes.  After spending the day at the barn plus the birthday party he came home and crashed on his bed at 7:00pm he did not move until 6:30 am.  He is Wonderful.




Benelli was adopted!





Molly was adopted!





Seth was adopted!





Kirby was adopted!





Princess was adopted!





Daytona was adopted!





Leaves was adopted!





Casper was adopted!





Margo was adopted!

Update September 2011:

Hi Ginny and Jill - Oh my gosh.  She is a great dog.  She was a bit nervous on the car ride home yesterday.  Then she had to check out every square-inch of her new "digs" - this all took awhile.  Our grandson came over to meet her and he got lots and lots of kisses!  All is going so well with her.  Her and Solo were laying side-by-side earlier.  She seems to be a perfect fit into our family.  Thanks so much for all that you do there.  You have a lovely facility.

Will keep you posted and send pics!




King was adopted!

Update September 2011:

Just wanted to give you an update on King.  My kids changed his name to Chunk.  He took to it right away.  They love him.  He lets my baby crawl all over him.  He does show much interest in our cat, but she holds her ground.  It will come in time.  He really doesn't care about the chickens.  Overall he is wonderful.
Thank you for all you do.  I've told everyone about your organization and how great the overall experience  was.  I'll be in touch with updates.





Yuki was adopted!





Helen was adopted!





Brett was adopted!

Update September 2011:


Sampson is doing great.  He has been with us now for 5 days  He didn't sleep for the first 24 to 36hrs cause he was so excited.  Everytime you walk in the room or go out for 5 mins and come back in he acts like he hasnt seen us for years.    He loves Lexi and she loves him.  He gets his stitches out the end of this week than taking him to get groomed.  Just wanted to give you an update.



Update September 2011:

Hi Ginny,

We took Sampson to the vet this week.  The vet was very pleased with him.  He said that he is under weight.  He only weighs 67 pounds.  He wants him to gain about 10 more pounds.  He found a small cataract on one of his eyes but said that it is nothing to worry about.  Also one of his discs in his back is a little messed up but said it is nothing to worry about.  He said he has seen a couple of goldens come in to him from rescues and he is the best one that he has seen.  He also said that he is only about 15 months old.  We are going to say that his birthday will be on July 15.  The 15th for the day that we picked him up from Paws For Life.  He is going great.  He is such a great boy to have around.  His sister Lexi loves him and he loves her.  He is so handsome.  He goes on Sunday to get groomed.  He is such a handsome boy.  Thanks again.  Here is a picture I attached of him waiting at the vets.


Update November 2011:

Hi Ginny,

Just a little update on Sampson.   We have had him now for 2 months.  He is doing great.  He loves his sister Lexi and she loves him.  He is very well settled in his new home.  You wouldn’t even have known he was adopted.  He acts like he has been with us from the beginning.  He has gained some weighed and looks very healthy.  Just wanted to thank you again for a great dog. 

Update January 2012:

Hi Ginny,

Just a little note to say that Sampson is doing great.  Here is a couple of pictures of him at Christmas.




Sam was adopted!





Blondie was adopted!





Princeton was adopted!

Update September 2011:

Video of Princeton

Hi Ginny,

  We are so thankful again for your insight in recommending Princeton to our family.  He is fitting in nicely, what a blessing he is.  He is a very good, obedient dog and excellent with the kids!  I can't believe how well he has done in just a few days.  We are working on housebreaking him and his leash training is going great too!  He has stopped biting and jumping on the leash.  We hope to get him in obedience class soon. I know that will go very well.  He is very submissive in the house and listens extremely well.. amamzing!  Will have to send you a picture soon, but they are on my phone.  

John, Stephanie, kids and  Princeton




Samson was adopted!





Mongo was adopted!

Update September 2011:

Hi Ginny,
Just wanted to write and say thank you very much for Mongo (now Logan), who is settling in just fine so far.  He seems to be well housetrained and is picking up on obedience commands, leash manners, and crate training quickly.  He loves Cassie (Sophie), and she's coming around; she alternates between playing with him and studiously ignoring him, which is tough to do when he's enthusiastically licking her face.  He's incredibly sweet and gentle with people, including the neighborhood kids who came over to meet him, and he's been good with the cat, although she hasn't quite forgiven us for bringing another dog home.  Here are a couple pictures of him from this weekend.  He wasn't a very cooperative model - kept trying to lick the camera/my face.

I've attached a couple pictures of Cassie as well, one of her taking a nap with Orion, and a couple of her playing in the dog park with her "cousin" Zeus.

Many thanks,

Update May 2012:

Hi Ginny,
I was just going through some pictures and thought I'd send you a couple of Cassie and Logan (formerly Sophie and Mongo).  Both are doing great, they have a blast tearing around in the yard with each other and are an absolute joy to have in the family.

Thanks again,





Montana was adopted!





Duke was adopted!





Hank was adopted!



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