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Flacco was adopted!

Update February 2012:

Just an update on Flacco who is now Diesel. WE LOVE HIM!!!! He is the best dog in the world and I don't know what we ever did without him! He loves his new kitty brother and they play all the time. He loves his Yorkie sister but she is indifferent to him...he keeps trying though!! He loves the dog park and has many friends there. He also loves running in the back yard with any size stick he can find... he is "The Stick Master." He pretty much spreads himself around the house for loving from any and everyone who will give it to him. He also loves to play run-through-the-house-as fast-as-I-can-and jump-on-the-first-thing-that-gets-in-my-way game. It's OK because we have hardwoods and he really can't get going too fast!  :)  We love him so much and are so thankful that you, and he, chose us to be his forever family. As you can see by the photos, he has become an 80 lb. lap dog and we all love it!!!!! Oh and he is attached to his Kong bone and loves it more than anything, well maybe not more than us! Thanks again for all of the great work you do and for making our family complete!!!!!!

Nikki, KC, and Diesel

PS He adores snow!! We didn't get a ton this year but he is definitely a north country dog! 

Update December 2012:

Hi All,
      Just an update on Diesel, formerly Flacco, who adopted our family almost 1 year ago. We drove from upstate NY to your facility to get him and had we known what kind of impact he was going to make on our family we would have driven 100 times that distance. Just before Diesel joined our family we lost my beloved grandfather to prostate cancer and there was a huge hole in our home from that loss. I can't explain to you how, but we all feel there is a little bit of my grandfather in Diesel and he has helped to ease our loss. He is the most sensitive dog I have ever had and we are not quite sure how we functioned without him. Diesel has 2 dog sisters and a cat brother and even though they may not always absolutely love each other, they all clearly LOVE Diesel. Not only has he brought peace to the people in our home but he has done the same for the animals here as well.

      I am enclosing a few of the, literally, hundreds of photos we have of Diesel. He is without a doubt the cutest big dog in the world and is very photogenic! Thank you for being the "middle home" for our boy and rest assured he is VERY loved here by his human and animal family and we all take very good care of each other.








Jackson was adopted!

Update December 2011:

Hello everyone, I made it to my new home this afternoon. It was a long ride but I was on my best behavior.  I slept most of the way. I made 3 short stops. I ate a few doggie treats. I got a little upset when my new mom had to leave me in the car at the last rest-stop while she went inside to potty. But it was OK when she came back to the car and took me for a walk. I am checking out everything at my new home. I am sticking close to my new mom. I will gradually get use to others in the family. I will send you updates periodically. Thanks for taking care of me.
Love, Jackson

Update April 2012:

Hello everyone: I am having so much fun. I get pats from lots of neighbors when I go for a walk. I find all these tennis balls at the park. My mom gave me extra treats the day I saved her from an intruder who attempted to get in our vehicle. Now I get to ride in the van everyday. Other family members come to play with me every week. I love this place.
Love, Jackson

Update April 2014:

Hello everyone at PFL, just letting you know that I am still having a wonderful time. I have so much fun. I love to walk the nature trail. When it is raining, I get to play inside with my talking ball. As you can see, I have taken over the bedroom recliner. It is so comfortable. Got to run now - it is time for a quick nap before I go to watch the turtles at the lake. Love you all, Jackson





Boxcar was adopted!

Update December 2011:

Ginny:  Boxcar is such a sweet boy. He is doing great in the house and just wants to be with us.  The kids absolutely love him and are having lots of fun playing ball with him after school. I will send more pictures and updates but wanted to send this quick note to let you know how much we appreciate what you do for all of these great dogs and the families who bring them home. Lisa





Joseph was adopted!





Lizzy was adopted!





Joy was adopted!





Dora was adopted!





Chloe was adopted!





Lady was adopted!





Harley was adopted!





Dolly was adopted!





Diamond was adopted!

Update December 2011:

Diamond's new name is Abigail and she is doing really well. She is amazing with our 3 year old son. She is totally housetrained and does great with the underground fence. She is definately a beagle and would follow her nose anywhere if she didn't know her boundaries. She tends to chew anything she can get but dosen't touch anything while were gone, thankfully. I took her to our vet and she got a great report. Thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to bring Abbey into our lives.

Thanks again,

Andy, Amanda and Austin





Scrappy was adopted!





Lilly was adopted!





Chance was adopted!





Patches was adopted!





Vinnie was adopted!





Hunter was adopted!





Junior was adopted!





Zoey was adopted!





Athens was adopted!

Update December 2011:

Hi Ginny!

I wanted to let you know that Athens is doing remarkably well!  He is adjusting to the new schedule with ease and is a complete love bug!!  He is always putting his head on my shoulder and always wants to be by me.  He is no longer jumping up when excited and is walking so much better on a leash.  He gets along with my parents lab and seems to adore all other animals and people!  He has most certainly taken a place on my bed but I cannot complain as he is the absolute perfect companion!  He has already had his physical and is in great shape!  I actually found out he is 2 years old which I was excited about as I have more time with him:)  I am so grateful to you and your organization for rescuing Athens and the other dogs.  Athens is a perfect companion and a lifelong friend.  I am sincerely grateful to everything that you do to help these animals to find lifelong homes.  I will continue to send pictures and updates!!

The pictures attached are of Athens and Molly (my parents dog, also a lab whom they rescued).

With peace and love,





Kelso was adopted!





Winnie was adopted!





Teri was adopted!

Update April 2012:

Dear Ginny,

Last November when Martha and I visited you at Paws for Life to look at a young German Shepherd, you said you wanted us to meet another dog first.  How clever you were!  Belle headed with great determination to my car, and that’s how this amazing and wonderful little blonde girl became part of my life.

After she slept in my lap for two days, she spent a lot of time in a door-less crate that I put in the living room for her.  We spent as much time together as possible, taking walks in parks and having tea at an outdoor café.  My vet recommended an excellent and gentle trainer who really helped me work with Belle to boost her confidence.

Fast forward to last Tuesday when Belle passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test with colors flying and tail wagging.  The test represented graduation from an excellent course given by Paws for People called What Every Therapy Dog Needs to Know.  I hope to participate with Belle in one of the Paws for People programs visiting nursing homes or more likely helping youngsters relax and improve reading skills by reading to dogs.

Belle still shows a little anxiety in strange situations, but she has come so far in the five months or so she’s lived with us.  We are continuing to work on making dog friends and on enjoying being around people she doesn’t know. 

Belle has been a pleasure to live and work with.  While we are doing our exercises -- walking on a loose lead, turns, down, etc., Belle makes frequent eye contact and wags her tail.  She seems to really like these lessons and I enjoy being with her tremendously.
During her free time, Belle has invented a job for herself:  keeping squirrels away from the bird feeder on our deck.  She hides behind a mesh chair on the deck opposite the feeder so that she is hidden from the squirrels’ view until she springs out, barking.  It’s very effective, very clever – and very funny.
To say that I love having her is really an understatement.  I am very grateful that you brought us together and I am looking forward to years of that wonderful friendship with my dog.


Update October 2012:

I thought you would enjoy seeing Belle playing with some friends at The Cow Sanctuary late this summer. 
We continue to do very well. 
I have been trying to get Belle to understand "raining" and this morning, when she asked to go out on the deck, I told her it was raining.  She got onto the sofa and curled up for a nap.  She's amazing.
Forever, thank you.





Logan was adopted!





Buster was adopted!





Lexi was adopted!





Diane was adopted!





Georgia was adopted!





Tyson was adopted!





Bonus was adopted!





Maxie was adopted!

Update January 2011:

Dear Jill and Ginny,
I can't believe we’ve had Maxie for little more than two months.  Feels like she’s been here for so long.  I’m ashamed that it's taken me two months to send you an update after all you two do to bring people and dogs together.  We all adore our life with Maxie. 

My three sons think she’s a love: the quintessential companion and housemate. They play with her, snuggle with her for as long as she’ll allow it, feed her behind my back, and try to include her in everything they do.  In fact, they tire before Maxie when they play with her in the yard. Go, Maxie!

But the finest connection is between Max and Jeff (my husband) and me.  She is so devoted, loyal, obedient.  Her enthusiasm for us both has made it easy for Maxie to climb right to the top of the best child pyramid.  When we first got her, she was too fearful to climb on furniture so it took a lot of encouragement to get her on my bed.  But two months later, she’s right smack in the middle of my husband and me at night, all 65 lbs of her, up in the pillows.  And she snores.  Which I love.

So Jeff drives a diesel pickup truck.  Long before he pulls into our driveway, we all know he’s nearby because Maxie hears him.  She hears that engine and she starts dancing and crying; she can’t get out the door fast enough to greet him.  Even when I come home in my quiet minivan, I can hear her howling from inside in excitement.  I beam.

A few weeks back, my son Luke, age 8, had a stomach bug. During his bout, Maxie followed him from room to room and stayed by his side through every one of his miserable moments.  She is such a mother, the counterpart i didn't even know I needed. James is my oldest child; he's almost 11.  The first few nights in our home, Maxie slept in James' room - of her own choosing. From then on, he has been her biggest fan.  He's the only one I can allow to walk her aside from my husband or me because Maxie has leash *issues.* They aren't bad. She will come when you call her immediately and she certainly doesn't mind the leash.  She gets excited about other dogs but ever the lady, exercises decorum when we encounter canine passersby.  The problem is...squirrels. Maxie is hellbent on capturing any and all squirrels.  Since squirrels are EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood, at 65 lbs, she can uproot an 11-year old and pull him behind her as if he was Old Glory....and still not catch that squirrel.  My youngest son is Dane; he's 5. While I do have a neighborhood full of boys, the kids who are 5'ish are all girls.  Dane doesn't care. The girls come and go daily.  I have watched them bury Maxie in blankets, drag her into their forts, affix bonnets to Maxie's head, and lock themselves into the playroom -  the one room in our house that Maxie avoids at all costs. They are constantly trying to make her do tricks that she has not learned. But Maxie never complains.   She just sneaks away to my bedroom to hide from the under-21 crowd.

Maxie is demure and respectful.  She doesn’t beg.  She has only one bark trigger: people showing up at our house unannounced (which is everyone from Maxie's perspective.)  I’m so grateful that we took this leap because things have unfolded beautifully for all of us.   I’m really proud of her.  On Christmas day we took her to my parents home where we met up with my siblings and their families.  There were two other guest dogs present, both yellow labs.  They knocked things (and children) over; they steal food at counter-surf level;  they slurp and dribble; they pass out right in the middle of a boardgame.  And while it was scary at the time, they actually ran away for an hour on Christmas day from my parents home (not their normal homes for which their dogtags are printed), provoking a full scale canvas of the neighborhood by nearly all 22 people at my parent’s house.  Mercifully, and not unlike the Ransom of Redchief, their neighbor/rescuers were happy to return them to my parents home.  All of this prompted my sister to call Maxie “boring” because she never goes too far from my side and she doesn’t misbehave!   I cannot believe that we got this lucky.  I was prepared to have to work with her on some things but there is nothing I could teach Sweet Max that would make her a better dog.   

How often I've wondered who had her before we did. Could there really be anyone on this planet who loved her less than we do? Impossible. But the mystery brought us to Maxie, marking the FIFTH time in my life that I've experienced the love-at-first-sight phenomenon. She makes our family more whole. 
If the day ever comes that I think we can handle two, I'll be back, Paws for Life. You're wonderful.

I will send a second email with photos.







Dexter was adopted!



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