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Max was adopted!





Junior was adopted!





Duke was adopted!





Snare was adopted!





Rocky was adopted!





Eve was adopted!





Cody was adopted!

Update January 2012:

   Good morning Ginny,
   I attached 3 photos of Cody (and Pixie) and I wanna give you an update on his progress. Cody is such a good boy. He and Pixie worked their differences out for the most part. He was at the vets on Friday and he was given a clean bill of health. His stitches are going to be removed on Thursday.
   I found out first hand that Cody is very strong, and does not like to be confined. We set up his crate last Sunday night, and he barked and barked when placed in it. We gave in and he now sleeps in our room. During the day on Monday, I didn't know how he was going to be when left alone for the morning, so I placed him in the crate. When I returned home at 11, I found that he jumped up inside the crate and dislodged the roof section, and jumped out. He greeted me at the door with Pixie that morning and as of now, all of my reservations about his good house manner, were put to rest that day. He and Pixie both have the run of the house, morning, day and night.
    We haven't  let him run at the lake yet due to his stitches still in, but I will give an update. I know he will love the water. He does love car rides for sure, and wants to leave in the car whenever Sharon or I leave.
    On a sadder note, our third lab, 14 year old Susie, had to be put down this week due to her kidneys failed, and at the end, she was unable to walk due to arthritis in her lower back.  She was a great rescue, and we made the fullest of her in our family.
    Thanks again for rescuing Cody, he is fitting in nicely. If there is anything additional in his history, or origins, please, we would greatly enjoy heaing any information that you can provide.


    Rob and Sharon





Rosie was adopted!

Update January 2012:

Hello Ginny! I hope all is well! I wanted to update you on how Lexi is doing! Today she was upstairs and she was whimpering because we were downstairs. She put her paws on the first step to come down. Then she backed away.  I went up to see if I could get her to come down and she did it. She has been up and down the steps ever since.
We are so lucky that she is in our life. Zoey our other dog is still getting used to Lexi being here but every day progress is being made! Thank you again for everything!






Ray was adopted!





Blanco was adopted!





Aiden was adopted!





Wesley was adopted!

Update March 2012:

Hi Ginny,

     Just wanted to send you an update on Wesley who we now call Toby. He had a rough first few weeks with us trying to fight off that horrible kennel cough that he had. For some reason it just didn't want to let go of him, but he's a fighter and after a few trips to the vet and several weeks of antibiotics he is thriving.

It's really awesome to see him and his personality growing bigger and bigger as the weeks pass. It's been almost 2 months now and he is such a great boy! His confidence is improving greatly and besides the evil vacuum cleaner and the paper shredder he isn't scared of much these days.

He loves going for walks and especially loves visiting the local park and even getting his feet week in the water by the bay. Just recently he's started finding his voice and is talking to us all the time. lol It's so funny and I swear that he's a lot smarter then people think beagles can be. He also loves his car rides and visiting our parents dogs.

He's made quick friends with the local mail lady as well and she now leaves him a doggie bone everyday with our mail. Needless to say mail time is one of his favorite times of the day!  We are starting obedience school in the next few weeks because there are few habits he needs to be broken of, one being jumping on the kitchen counters.

He still is not to thrilled with the crate be we are continuing to try to work with him on that. I attached a few pictures below for you to see our handsome boy. We are so happy to have him in our lives and our home. He fits just perfectly! Thanks again for introducing us to him. I can't imagine life without him!

Lori and Rich





Precious was adopted!





Tucker was adopted!





Ghost was adopted!

Update January 2012:

We can't believe its been four weeks already....she is so much a part of the household! She is easily one of the best Shepherds I have ever met! She has made the pain of missing Trip much easier. What a great dog! Thank you for rescuing her!





Zeke was adopted

Update January 2012:

It’s been three weeks since we adopted Coal. He is fitting in very well into our household. He and our three parrots have decided that ignoring each other is the best policy! Coal enjoys running around at the dog park in Bel Air and gets along well with most of the other dogs. We just today completed the second session of obedience training at Pet Smart; he catches on quickly. We already noticed that he is pretty good on a leash. He will do anything for a treat and learns quickly how to get them! We are making great progress in outdoor bathrooming, and the longer and harder the walk for us, the better for him. Our vet confirms he is very healthy and a powerfully built dog. We are awaiting the results of a DNA test, so we will have his exact breeding soon; we will let you know those results.

Update February 2012:

Coal's DNA test results!

One parent is a mix of:
Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and Rottweiler

Other parent is a mix of:
Rottweiler and Weimaraner.

There are also traces of other breeds going back generations:
Smooth Fox Terrier, Golden Retriever and Welsh Springer Spaniel.





Apollo was adopted!





Daphne was adopted!





Skippy was adopted!





Cuddles was adopted!





Juicy was adopted!





Frosty was adopted!





Scarlett was adopted!





Jenny was adopted!





Thelma was adopted!





Tinsel was adopted!





Bug was adopted!





Dugan was adopted!





Homer was adopted!





LiLi was adopted!





Clifford was adopted!



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