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Jake was adopted!

Update March 2012:

Good Afternoon,
Jake has adapted well to his new surroundings, both in our home and in the Cape May neighborhood. So far he's demonstrated complete house training with no accidents.
He walks fairly well on a leash to do his duty (and uses the yard as necessary when outside). He has been to the beach every day and enjoys running free...and comes back when called. No interest demonstrated in the water, as of yet. He's chewed up some  squeeze toys, so a Kong has been purchased and he definitely still loves the ball and other items to fetch, although surrender remains a small problem.
He sits and stays for feeding and treats, but sometimes forgets at other times. He's eminently trainable.
He sleeps through the night on his temporary bed in the laundry room (New L. L. Bean Bed en route) ; and rests quietly there when secured during the day. He is allowed the run of our 1st floor, vice the formal living room, which is secured with a gate until he learns that boundary (His predecessor  was  so trained). 
He's smart! Nosed open an unsecured door and entered to be with us in the Den, sweeping a glass of wine off the coffee table with his excited tail (Stuff happens).
He's friendly with dogs encountered on his walks and loves everyone he meets.
He doesn't bark ..only two times to date when the trash men returned our can to the yard (seems a good watchdog in that regard). Maybe there's some Gray Hound in him?
In summary, we are extremely pleased! Thank you.

Kathleen & Bob


Update March 2013:

A year ago today (tonight), March 12, 2012, I adopted Jake (now Jake II), a one-year old Male Black Lab from Paws For Life, Chesapeake, MD. He is, simply put, outstanding! Full of energy and love; everybody's friend. Loves to run and is absolutely nuts about his ball, which he exhausts himself chasing on Cape May's Beach, swimming in warm weather. He was easy to train and also loves his toys in both the house and yard. He has gained approximately 20 pounds,but it's all muscle. Jake is my 7th Lab but he is my dear companion today and a great dog!




Samson was adopted!





Divonna was adopted!





Kaya was adopted!





Susie was adopted!





Mannix was adopted!





Dave was adopted!

Update March 2012:

Ginny, I would like to give you a follow up on Dave, who we now call Mugsy. He been the most wonderful dog that anybody could ask for. Despite his hearing loss, which you would never know. Mugsy loves his daily walks playing with toys and giving us kiss"s. I hope other people would consider adopting a deaf dog and giving them a second chance. Thanks John, Jenn and Mugsy 





Paris was adopted!





Marley was adopted!





Bonnie was adopted!





Juniper was adopted!

Update September 2012:

Hi Ginny,

Not sure if you remember me or not. My name is Jennifer Graybeal and we adopted Juniper (now Daisy) from you back in febuary. She has made herself quite at home here and we are loving her and her personality. The reason i am emailing you is because we are interested in adopting a companion for her and have been searching other places but coming up empty handed with people only wanting to give us puppies. I was hoping that if you would come across another beagle or beagle mix to let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. I am sending you an updated picture of daisy cause i know you love to see how they are making out. Thanks again she has been a great addition and we would love to have another one as a companion to her.







Enzo was adopted!

Update March 2012:

Hi Ginny,

Ron and I just wanted to let you know that Enzo has worked out beautifully.
He is a GREAT dog....calm, loving, and well behaved. He is truly a part of our family, and we already can't imagine life without him. He has the run of the house, but never bothers a thing that is not his. He has a few favorite spots that we can find him if he's not right next to us.
Trevor and Enzo have done great together. I really think it was other dog would bring this calmness to Trevor. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. They are buddies, and Trevor calls him "his family."
I'll send some pictures soon, but I wanted to give you some peace of mind. I thank you a million times over for bringing Enzo to us.

Update April 2012:

Hi Ginny,

I wanted to send you some cute pictures of Enzo. He is so happy (and so are we)!  The picture where Enzo is wearing the stethoscope is the time they were playing doctor and patient. Trev was telling him to "say ahhhh"...priceless.
Take care,
The Jaques'

Update August 2012:

Hi Ginny,
I hope all is well with you and Jill.  I wanted to send you some cute pictures of Trevor and Enzo.  They are adorable together....the best of friends.  When Trevor is not here Enzo gets his clothes from the hamper or a stuffed animal of his to cuddle up with.  He is such a blessing!  Enjoy!!
Ron, Rachel, Trevor, and Enzo

Update March 2013:

This is so cute! We wanted to share the boys after a walk together (yes, Trevor walked him on his own). :)





Slinky was adopted!





Ivory was adopted!





Beau was adopted!





Edie was adopted!





Porshe was adopted!





Cassie was adopted!





Drew was adopted!





Ava was adopted!





Buzz was adopted!





Fergus was adopted!

Update August 2012:

Hi Ginny,

We just wanted to give you an update on Fergus, now known as Blue, who came to his forever home in February.  We cannot tell you how much we adore our Blue.  From our car ride home, we knew we had found a real gem.  He rode the whole way home on my lap and made his way into our hearts immediately.  He adjusted well to his new home and has become a true member of our family.  He LOVES to go on car rides to pick up the boys from school and run errands around town.  He is such a smart boy and is learning fast.  He loves to run at the dog park and loves to go on runs with us.  We are usually trying to keep up with him!!!  He has also worked his way into our neighbors hearts and receives daily treats from them every time they see him.  We couldn’t ask for a better dog and are so grateful for your organization!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


The Miller Family




Bunky was adopted!




Buddy was adopted!

Update April 2012:

Hi Ginny,
I wanted to give you an update.  Buddy is doing well in his new home and seems very happy.  He has a very good temperament and is always friendly with other dogs and people. Here are a couple pictures of Buddy.  Thank you for rescuing him and doing all that you do!






Ebony was adopted!

Update October, 2012:

Hi Ginny,
I thought you would like to see pictures of Wembley (known as Ebony). I've been wanting to email you for a long time but for one reason or another, it has been a few months now. 
So, anyways, Wembley is doing great, very spoiled and making us very happy. I remember when we first contacted you that you said she was a very sweet dog, and have to say that she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. When she first got home, I think she had  a period of not knowing and being very shy, but after about a month she definitely came out of her shell, part of that was seeing through the number of pair of shoes I lost due to her chewing, haha. But it was all worth it! and we haven't seen any of that in a very long time.
Our new house has a back patio which Wembley loves and convenient enough we are 3 blocks from a dog park, so we take her there pretty much every evening. 

Again, thank you for giving us the most amazing family member!

Wembley, Jannette and Jonathan. 





Reagan was adopted!




Julianna was adopted!

Update February 2012:


Update March 2012:

She is such a perfect baby!! She's like a completely different dog. She's great with sounds...if she hasn't heard a sound before she may perk her ears up, but then she just goes back to what she was doing before. The same with people and...even other dogs!! We have been gradually introducing her to my parents' two beagles and they're on the road to becoming bestest beagle buddies!! She's almost got the "sit" command licked :) She loves Little-Jacs training treats. They're perfect because they're tiny enough that you can give them all throughout the day for positive reinforcement. They smell so good I've even considered taking a few nibbles, haha. She is a JUMPER!! She loves to jump up on the couch, on the bed, on everything. It's so effortless for her, it's like she's gliding. She's great on the leash...a bit of a puller, but I switched to a harness and that has definitely helped. She began barking too for the first time a bit ago and it's got definite hound of the best sounds in the world :) She loves to play, play, play, chew, chew, chew. She has about four rubber chewy bones and boatload of stuffed toys. Her favorite is the squirrel...also in real life, haha. She's not too fond of the squeaky sound though. She's eating well, drinking well, lounging well. Today marks one month since we brought her home!!! I can't believe it. Of course, I baked a cake :) Can't imagine life without her.

Update December 2013:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Julianna (right) and her sisters, Angel (left) and Princess (middle)! XOXOX





Robbie was adopted!




Foxy was adopted!

Update February 2012:


Update March 2012:







Max was adopted!





Hitch was adopted!

Update February 2012:

here is an update on Hitch (now Doug.) We named him after the dog in the movie, "Up." "Hi there! My name is Doug. You are my master and I Love You!" He is one happy dog! He has fit right in with our family and follows us everywhere. You can tell that he was a family dog before becoming a stray. Thank you so much for rescuing him so that we could add him to our family. He is such a lovable lug!

Jessica, Michael, Patrick and Aidan Bonner
and Doug!





Leo was adopted!





Marilyn was adopted!

Update February 2012:

Rylee is just a wonderful sweel girl.  I'm so glad you steered me in her direction!  She has fit into our family perfectly and we just love her!  Here is a picture of Alec, Elizabeth, Rylee and Ralf (the barky schnauzer) during a walk this past weekend.  She is getting lots of loving and lots of walks and exercise.  And really, Ralf doesn't bark all the time - he and Rylee are becoming buddies.  Alec can't wait for good weather to get here to introduce Rylee to some fun and fishing on the river! 





Lenny was adopted!




Jasmine was adopted!





Buddy was adopted!



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