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Bond was adopted!

Update May 2012:

Hi Ginny,
Here is another pic of BOND (now Toby) that my sister took of her grandson hugging him.  This pic was taken in my parents' yard in PA.  My mom and dad are just loving him.  They honestly call me everyday and thank me for getting them such a great dog.  I think they might be spoiling him....LOL.  I am so happy that he's in a great place.  They can't get over how well behaved he is and what a lover he is....
Have a great day!





Nora was adopted!





Nina was adopted!





Layla was adopted!





Lady was adopted!





Corrina was adopted!

Update May 2012:

Attached are a few pictures of Corrina (now named Rainey) settling into her new home.  She slipped right in to being a member of our family, and the boys love her. She is the perfect dog for our family. Thank you so much for bringing her to us!! We are working on leash manners, and while she is comfortable with dogs and cats and kids and strangers...she HATES birds--a fun little fact we learned on our run this morning. We are hoping she will have this irrational anger towards aviary friends under control in time for the 5k!

Meghan and Rob, harrison, pierce, jackson, grant and Rainey

Update May 2012:

Ginny, wanted to send along a picture of Corinna being read to by Rob's youngest!  How cute!  She looks so content!





Tiny was adopted!





Scooby was adopted!





Raymond was adopted!





Bisquit was adopted!





Charlie was adopted

Update May 2012:

Hi Ginny-
Charlie is a wonderful dog and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family. He and our cat sniffed noses and behinds first thing and have been fine ever since! He is sleeping well on his bed in our room and walking on and off leash very nicely. He loves squirrels and deer but already listens when he is called most of the time! He is very affectionate and sweet with everyone who comes in. He seems to know us well already and has made himself right at home without making any mistakes or chewing things or stealing food. He is a dream! Thank you!





Daisy was adopted!





Kasha was adopted!





Dharma was adopted!





Scott was adopted!





Hazel was adopted!





Chase was adopted!





Angel was adopted!






Kelso was adopted!

Update April 2012:

Good morning to all!  

There will be more pictures, I promise, but I just want to thank you again for this wonder dog.

He is a snuggler.  Thinks that he is a lap dog....but he so sweet about it.  He has a nice bed on the floor next to Ivan, but the last couple of mornings I have found that he has climbed his way into the bed......snoring.

The picture below is from Saturday.  Kelso said that he was going to help me fold laundry, but instead he decided is was nap-time.  It looks like he is smiling.

Love this dog......The neighbors say that he is a "Yellow Lab with a lift-kit".  

More over the next few days......

Thank you again,

Ivan & Karen

Update August 2012:






Larry was adopted!





Orion was adopted!





Sam was adopted!





Riley was adopted!







Emily was adopted!





Sasha was adopted!






Duchess was adopted!





Lexi was adopted!






Buddy was adopted!




Levi was adopted!

Update January 2013

We adopted Levi in March of 2012.  Having lost our precious dog, Kilo, in January 2012, we knew it was time. My good friend, Gayle, came with me to PFL and Ginny, in her infinite wisdom, presented Levi to us. Thank you Ginny!!!!!

To this day we cannot understand why Levi was returned to PFL twice, but my husband and I are convinced it was simply to fill our life with doggie love once again!  I do not even know where to begin to explain this last year with Levi.  Wonderful?  Amazing? As my husband Jay says . . . “He’s brought our home back to life”.

Levi loves his wussy buddy, Sassy (our 20 year old cat).  The two of them can often be caught nuzzling.  He’s so protective of her and even steps back if she’s trying to check out his food!

My husband is retired and I work the night shift.  Jay takes him on numerous walks throughout the day and night, along with handling his feeding.  And yes, Levi has proven to be quite the picky eater.  It’s Science Diet for him mixed in with either lean stew meat or chicken/turkey breast!  Even though Jay is the hand-that-feeds-him, Levi is definitely a Momma’s boy.  Once I come home, he’s forever at my side.  We just realized he’s on my schedule, sleeping with me in the day and up all night!

Levi is great with all children, not-so-trusting of new men, and a true gentleman with women.  He has the odd habit of biting his nails, but the vet said is okay and not to worry.  He has distinct barks for either “I’m hungry”, “I need to go out”, or “There’s a stranger too close to our home”.  We assure him EVERY DAY that our home is his HOME forever!!!  I do believe he’s becoming more and more secure in that each day.   

We spoil him and yet, Levi is the one who brings joy to us each and every day.  Thank you PFL.  You were wise in allowing us to take Levi home. 
Love to PFL from Joanne, Jay, Levi, and Sassy






Boots was adopted!



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