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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Randy was adopted!




Simba was adopted!




Josie was adopted!




Lewis was adopted!

Update June 2012:

After two weeks he's still incredible!!!  We take daily walks on the NCR trail.   In this picture he is with my 16 year old.   Did I mention he LOVES going in the car? 

His first trip on the boat.

Update August 2012:

Hi Ginny,
Lewis has been part of our family for six weeks and is still awesome!!! He has to be where the action is, even if it's just a game of scrabble. His coat is growing in nicely. It's so soft. I have a trainer come to our house once a week to help me "polish" his basic commands. He's so much fun, never chews anything he's not suppose to, potties where he is suppose to, great snuggler and great companion on the trails we enjoy walking. Thanks for doing all you do!!
The Schmidt's




Mitzi was adopted!




Bandit was adopted!

Update June 2012:

Hey Ginny, Amanda and I just wanted to give you an update on the dog we adopted named Bandit.  

From the moment we brought Bandit home he became part of our family.   From the very first day, he has been obedient, loving, and playful toward us.  We could not have asked for a better dog.    We feel very lucky to have found Bandit at paws for life and we were really pleased with your professionalism.  Bandit will be part of our family for as long as he walks this earth.    He is very healthy and has become incredibly active, he is the perfect combination of athletic dog and lap dog.   We will always come back to paws for life for future adoptions because we believe in what your doing for the animals.  

Thank you again, and take care.




Drake was adopted!





Bob was adopted!




Lexi was adopted!





Lovy was adopted!




Lucian was adopted!





Riley was adopted!





Porky was adopted!





Abby was adopted!





Freedom was adopted!





Lucas was adopted!





Athens was adopted!





Greg was adopted!





Rocky was adopted!





Maria was adopted!

Update October 2012:

Hi Ginny,
It took us 6 months, but here are some pictures of Kenobi Ella (formerly Maria).  She’s a great dog, so good with the kids.
Tim and Alice





CJ was adopted!





Butterfly was adopted!

Update June 2014:

I adopted Butterfly from your rescue two May Days ago. I named her Chloe after the young girl who volunteers and helps out there. She was such a great salesperson :) I just wanted to give you an update on Chloe (we missed the walk this year but my family made it)  Chloe is doing great! She now has a brother and sister cat who she gets along with pretty well. She goes to every family event and is treated as if she were my child (which she is :) I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and I refer everyone to your rescue. The impact you make is great and I hope to help spread the word. Thank you again. My life has been changed for the best because of Chloe and I couldn't be more thankful. Hope all is well! 






Cupid was adopted!





Elk was adopted!





Joe was adopted!

Update June 2012:

We adopted Fergie on May 11th. A young German Shepherd with an over abundance of energy was loaded into our van and headed home where he has four acres of privacy fence to run. And run he does. He runs like a greyhound. With having four outside cats and one inside cat (all strays), we weren't quite sure how he was going to blend. With six weeks under our belts, Fergie has acclimated extremely well.  As you can see by the picture (s), he thinks he is a lap dog. He has adjusted well to the four acres of running and sleeping in a king size bed. He has a loving personality, is very faithful and we are so happy we adopted him.  He is still in the process of getting use to the cats but with a lot of patience from us and the cats, he is making great strides.  He has had four classes of obedience school and Fergie is doing extremely well. He understands the basic commands. He gets distracted by other animals, people and scenery there but we are attributing this to the young age. We take him for rides in the van and he loves it. So, I guess he will be up for our Florida trip. Yes, Fergie will be going to Disney. Look out Mickey Mouse





Stewie was adopted!





Angel was adopted!

Update September 2012:








Snooky was adopted!



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