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Cookie was adopted.




Lonnie was adopted.



Bella was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
Bella is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with us this month and doing great. Rex (aka Parick) is also doing great. He went through some training is such a gentleman now. They both are a great asset to the family. Thanks




Shelly was adopted!



Shelby was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

Just dropping you a quick note to let you know about "Shelby". Actually, we have changed her name to "Kali" (Callie) because my husband and I are separated and he has a nephew named Shelby, so in the car on the way home the kids & I decided on a different name.

Kali has adjusted very well here. She was very slow moving and shy for the first 4-5 days, but a few days ago she has really come out of her shell.

She has quite a bit of energy actually! She runs in the yard sooooo fast! She really will fit in perfect here and we will take very good care of her.

I will send you some pictures soon. Oh yeah, my cats are adjusting to her as well! I will be getting her stitches out tomorrow and probably groomed later this week.

Thanks again. Take care.





Tommy was adopted!



Bella was adopted!


Wanted to congratulate you on the article in the Hunt Magazine - should definitely give you more exposure.

Wanted to update you on Bella. It's been 1 year since she came to be part of our family. She has become a wonderful dog and a huge part of our family! The issues she may have had with men are almost gone; altho the UPS & FedEx drivers are still a bit wary - more than anything it is the sound of their truck engines when they back up and the beeping, etc. -
just sets her in a fit!

Bella gets so excited when we tell her that her boy and/or girl are coming home - (Stephen & Kaity on weekends). She is
all over Stephen and they wrestle on the floor; she gets lots of hugs & kisses from Kaity.

She's very loving and very protective of the house and yard - it's hers! She has also become quite a successful hunter - lays in wait for the groundhogs to make a mistake by coming into the yard - she's had 2 successful kills so far this summer!

The website looks great and "Sweetie Pie" looks to be very CUTE!




Lilly was adopted!

Lilly is doing really well, she got her stitches out yesterday and had her first attempt at swimming in our pool. She is such a joy, she will sit and give you her paw, retrieve the ball, and when we go on walks she really doesn't need to be on a leash but we do it as a precaution.

We have started socializing her with other dogs, she likes to play with our neighbors Sheep dog.

Everyone loves Lilly we have introduced her to our family and neighbors and everyone keeps bringing her presents, Frosty Paws are her favorite treats. I cannot express how much we have already come to love Lilly she is the perfect match for us.

I have attached some photos of her, we are having a BBQ today and I hope to get more, I will forward them to you.

Hi everyone.... I am Jen's mother-in-law & I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed knowing Lilly ! She has a wonderful disposition & is a true joy ! Lilly loves her new home and spends afternoons swimming & taking naps by the pool ! I am thinking about buying stock in Frosty Paws ! She just loves those treats ! Jen hopes to send a few more pictures real soon .



Bones was adopted!

Hi Ginny.
Bones, now named Roxy, is such a great dog. We've only had her for less than 2 weeks, but she fits in so well that it seems like we've had her for much longer.

While she still has some manners to learn, she sits and shakes and we're working on stay and come. She'll start obedience training next month.

She's so affectionate and playful. It can be difficult to play a game on the floor with the kids because she wants to play too. (We're working on that!)

In fact, she wants to be with us all the time--only going outside if one of us goes with her or if she sees rabbits or birds to chase. And the girls can't believe how fast she is when she chases her ball or races the dogs next door.

So thank you so much for helping us find such a wonderful pet. We'll stay in touch.

We'd also really appreciate hearing about how Chloe is doing and what your plans are for her.

Mark, Beth, Erin and Mara Dewey




Holly was adopted!




Buddy was adopted!




JoJo was adopted!



Jellybean was adopted!


Baron of Baby, Baron and Zeke

Baby, Baron and Zeke were adopted!

I just wanted to send you another friendly thank you for the chance to have baby and zeke come into our home and be the final addition to it. We could not ask for a better way to finalize our new house than to have these two wonderful and loving dogs in it.We are so greatful for getting the chance to have and love these dogs.They will be forever our babies.They are truely great animals.I will send pictures of them soom so you can see how they are fitting right in.Thanks again for this wonderful chance and thank you for all you do for all the animals in your rescue group.You are a great person for doing the things that you do...Jen,Mike ,Tyler,Brittany,Zeke and Baby.




Hershey was adopted!



Feb 2007


Bear was adopted!



Gracie was adopted!

I adopted Gracie last week (the boxer mix) She is doing well.  She is adjusting wonderfully and loves playing with the kids.  The kids love her and have fun playing with her.  She has made friends with our black lab and she is even scaring the bunnies and ground hogs out of our gardens. She is wonderful. Pictures will soon follow.
Rich, Rachel
and the kids
(Austin, Richard, Alex and Abigail)




Kona was adopted!

Just to let you know that Kona is doing really well and settling quickly into his new home, finding a good spot on the sofa the minute he walked into the house.

His new friend Webster is starting to accept the fact that he is here to stay-- they even played together like old pals for the first time this evening.

He really is a lovely dog and photos will follow soon when i find the camera in one of the boxes from our move.

Thank you for coming to visit the shop with Kona on Thursday- I think it may have been fate as he's already part of the family according to my husband.

Love Lucy and Kona.




Charlotte (now Iris)

Artie & Charlotte were adopted!

Artie and Charlotte went to the same home!! (Artie kept jumping in their car, they thought he was wonderful too and took him home!)

Upate Sept 06:


Just wanted you to know that both dogs are doing very well!

Artie had $350.00 worth of oral surgery and now has the sweetest breath ever! He still “Clacks” but I have learned this is a characteristic of Fox Terriers called “chattering” and he does it very well.

Apparently nature intended that aardvark look since several dog owners have told me he is probably a pure bred and if he was younger he would have been great in competition.

The vet figures him around 13 so he will spend his golden years with us. He loves the fenced in yard and the far corner of the couch.

Isis (Charlotte) is an energetic pup who loves to play fetch! She is a ton of fun and has started school and is doing well. Thanks for all of your help and for saving our puppies!




Maddie was adopted!

Update August 2008:

Hi Ginny,

Here's a picture of Maddie and Casey...just took it this morning.  Maddie is still doing great.  She is a wonderful family dog, but mostly follows Casey around.  She even waits outside the bathroom door when Casey is taking a shower...she won't move till Casey comes out.  She still loves riding down to my parents house at the beach, and they just love having her there on weekends to spoil and take for walks.  They lost their dog a year ago, and Maddie helps fill that void.  Of course, Maddie loves the extra attention!  She is a very good dog, and when she's not good you can tell that she wants to be good.  She still likes to explore, so we can't have her just hang out with us in the yard anymore...that whippet in her kicks in and we have no chance of catching her when she decides to run. 

Thank you for all you do to help families and their dogs find each other. 

Jay, Carrie & Casey

Update September 2006:

Maddie is still doing as well as ever. She has decided that she likes Casey's stuffed animals, and we come home to find several each day in the living room with her. I guess she's lonely and they keep her company. She doesn't chew them, just brings them out with her. The Barbie dolls are another story altogether. She chews them...chews off arms, legs, etc. It's a good lesson to Casey to keep her room clean.

Maddie travels to the beach with us 2 or 3 weekends a month, my parents live there. She loves the ride, sleeping between both kids the whole way there...and about 3 miles from the house jumps up and starts looking all over like she's knows we're close...she likes my mom's dog Peanut, and seems to enjoy being there.

Maddie and blue healer Jackie are tolerant of each other. Jackie doesn't want to play, and Maddie does. But they've carved our their spots and are definitely pack mates. They lick and kiss each other, but are jealous of each other getting too much love. But they're doing pretty good together.

I've started walking at nights, and as soon as I go for my sneakers, she's prancing all around to go with me. I'm not sure who walks who, but she does seem to enjoy it. She is still Casey's dog, and as soon as you say "it's bedtime Maddie" she saunters down the hall to Casey's room. She greets Casey very enthusiastically. But one of the very special traits Maddie possesses is that she makes us all think we're her favorite. She certainly spreads the love.

As always, we're enjoying our addition to the family and even though I was against Maddie, Casey made a perfect choice.

See you in May at the dog walk!



Bosko and Heidi

Heidi was adopted!

We picked Heidi up on Saturday and the picture attached is from Sunday. Here is a picture of Bosko (our shepherd) and Heidi. He never lets anybody on his bed with him but she was allowed. Bosko now just plays with her. He is a little rough some times and we have to stop the play for a minute or two, but they are doing well together. She kisses him and he starts mouthing at her when they are lying on the dog bed. She is not good with the kitchen yet but we are working on that since they all eat in the kitchen (linoleum floor). We have to take her out on a long lead for now because she does not respond to commands just yet. That will take time. My dals don’t like her that much but they are tolerating her. They just walk away from her or go upstairs. She doesn’t like the stairs. We plan to take her to our vet later this week to have the stitches removed and have him check her out. I will keep you informed of our progress with her.






Audrey was adopted!




Midnight was adopted!



Flower was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

It was nice to bring Dixie (a.k.a. Flower) back to see you yesterday.  She has been with us now for a little over 2 weeks and instant made herself at home with us.  She has already started filling out nicely (if I can just keep the cats out of her food!!!) 

She is doing pretty well with commands, as long as she is on the leash.  But, once she’s off the leash, it’s play time!  That’s when she thinks it’s time to run through all of the neighbors’ yards!  She has so much life in her and doesn’t seem to know a stranger! 

She loves going for rides and goes to all of my softball games with me.  (She has become our team’s mascot and good luck charm, as we have not lost since she started coming to the games!) 

We are continuing to work with her on her “puppy biting” as she does not know her own strength and this will come with time. 

We took her to my mother-in-law’s home on the east side of the Pocono’s the weekend after she came home with us and she had a blast!  They have several acres there and she enjoyed running around, chasing sticks, and rolling in the mud. 

They also have a pond on their property…she wanted to jump in so badly, but when that first foot went in the water and she felt the 38 degree water, she thought better of it.  She will be going camping with us at the end of the month on the Chesapeake Bay and we hope to get her out into the Bay to see how she does. 

I will send another update upon our return and more pictures then.  In the meantime, the attached picture is from the day after I brought her home and she had already figured out who Mom was!!!  Thanks, Ginny!




Chloe was adopted!




Bones was adopted!




Angel was adopted!



Squirrel was adopted!

Hey Ginny

I have been meaning to write. I want to thank you very much for letting me adopt Squirrel (Daisy). She is such a joy to have! On the car ride Home on April 22 she just laid in my lap and fell alseep. She loves her new home. She loves chasing balls around the house and when I take her out in the yard she just wants to run around. She loves doing laps around the yard and makes me dizzy so that I cant watch. She is learning how to catch the balls in her mouth. She can now sit when asked to. Her favorite thing now is when we go in the freezer she wants an ice cube, so you cant go in unless she gets one. She stays in her large cage during the work day but as soon as we come home she is all over the place. We are starting to give her freedom when we know we are just running to the store. We wont put her in her cage but will just close our bedroom doors and let her roam the rest of the house. She still loves to chew but the only thing she has chewed up has been 2 of my shoes and a box that had brand new shoes in it, (but luckily didnt get to the shoes.) She loves sleeping next to me in the bed-she curls right up next to me and 5 mins later she is asleep. My parents both love her- she greets everyone at the door with tons of kisses. I will have to send pics. Thank you very much. Hope all is well with the rest of the animals that you have.



Daisy (Squirrel)





Isabella was adopted!




Samson was adopted!































Yeah! Lucky was adopted!

It's been a week since Cody (aka Lucky) came to live with us. He is house broken and we have had no problems. He just knew when we came home that he needed to do his thing outside. He has lots of room to run - loves to chase the rabbits, buzzards, and anything else that comes into his territory.

So far we have found that Cody is:

  • Very very smart
  • Extremely lovable - he hugs and gives numerous kisses and loves to be petted
  • Likes to sleep in his Master's chair.
  • Knows basic commands and is learning more.
  • Doesn't mind being brushed - he is such a handsome guy.
  • Loves to go for walks
  • Loves to lay on our deck and watch for other critters, or just sleep in the sun.
  • That in his previous life he was allowed to sleep in bed (Now he has his own comfy bed) and probably conned his former owner into sharing food.. now he gets his dog food despite his "aren't I cute - you can't resist me" looks.
  • He is not fond of thunder - he will bark back at it.
  • Sirens will cause him to howl...

He is a great dog - we are so happy you rescued him, and that we were the ones who are able to give him a home where he will be loved and cared for.


Update May 2006:

It has been over a month since he came into our life and he is a real sweetheart.  He is loved very much.

He has been in for grooming – what a handsome guy!!
To the vet for all of his shots – only downside there is he tested positive for Lymes and is now on antibiotics.

He is very good – likes to try to beg for people food, but doesn’t win.
He loves to sleep on pillows. Has his own bed – which he likes but when he is in other parts of the house he will nap with his head on a pillow.

We are so glad you rescued him. He is such a loving & smart lil’ guy. It would have been awful to have him gone.

He loves to chase the rabbits and he is protective of his home and us.

Maybe with the next communication I will have pictures to send.


Update March 2007:

Cody is happy and healthy. We love him so very much.
Thought you would like to see how he looks now.
He is a most wonderful and loving dog. We are so very glad you rescued him.
He is quite protective of his home and of us.
Thank you again for saving these dogs.


Update April 2009:

In summer of 08 we left DE to live in Iowa.

He will soon be the king of his new domain with us and he will have 35 + acres to patrol.
He loves to keep watch over what he believes is his kingdom (which in his mind is as far as he can see in any direction).

He has traveled very nicely and so long as he knows I am with him – he will go anywhere.

His favorite thing is to go for walks or lay on the deck and watch everything.

We are so very happy we have him in our life.






Holly was adopted!



Tucker was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
Just wanted to let you know that Tucker did great this weekend. My mother brought him up to my house and he had a great time playing with my 3 labs. They swam, took them all for a walk in the woods and played fetch with him. He never tried to run off and listens really well. I will say though that Tucker is fast. My "girls" didn't have a chance to fetch the ball with him around.

This week he is off to meet my brother's children. Mom called and said he slept the 2 hours in the car. She is very happy with him. I will take a picture of him with all the grandkids at Easter for you. Thanks so much. He is a great dog and just what my mother needed.





Dakota was adopted!

Hi Ginny!  I just wanted to let you know that everything is going great so far with Dakota!  He is making himself at home and just loved the river and park.  He listens so good and loves to give his paw for treats!  I will send pictures soon! 

Thank you for everything, I think Dakota is going to be such a great addition to our family!




Tia was adopted!




Spot was adopted!



Gracie was adopted!


Lucy was adopted!




Pammy is adopted! A family from Media PA saw her and fell in love. She now has two young children of her own to play with and love. Thanks!




Blue was adopted. Ginny,

Well, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how the ride home was, and forward the pictures to you.  Blue was well behaved in the car, and as you can see he was watching Bill driving.  He just laid his head on his shoulder for part of the ride home.  He seems to want to spend alot of time outside (probably not used to the inside yet).  He did well last night, found a nice warm spot on the rug.

I will update you in a few days-
Thanks again,





Ben was adopted.



Callie is an adorable 6 month old border collie female who was picked up as a stray. Martha, our wonderful massage person who works on the rescue horses, was looking for a border or aussie after losing her beloved Scout earlier this year. We saw Callie on the stray side and called Martha, who went visit her.

When it came time for her to be put up for adoption, we were there bright and early--- but this poor girl was so overstimulated and beside herself that she was biting blindly.

The SPCA would release her to a rescue only, and although we qualified, we were not sure that we could change her behavior. We all decided to call border collie rescues to see if we couldn't get her with people who were more qualified to assess her and turn her around.

Martha offered to drive her wherever she needed to go. In the meantime, the SPCA put her back in a quiet corner of the shelter. Close to a week later, we had arranged for her to go to a rescue in Northern VA. Martha arrived to drive her to her new location. Callie was certainly more settled now. We handed Martha the leash and she took her outside.

When we finished the paperwork, we went out to help Martha get her in the car. Martha told us that as soon as she had taken her outside, Callie had turned and put her paws on Martha's shoulders, looking deep into her eyes. All of her snappy behavior had disappeared, and in its place was a delightful dog.

An hour or so passed before Martha had to get on the road-- we were not too surprised when Martha called and said she really wanted to adopt her!!

She has settled in well in her new home with her brother Hobbes, and kitty sister Ruby. She is a total snuggle bug and everytime we talk to Martha on the phone, she is laughing and trying to keep an overzealous border puppy from kissing her to death! Thank you for giving her a great home!

Update April 4, 2006:

I no longer get to rest in the evenings, instead I watch my socks get tossed in the air, catch my breath when she sticks the landing on my stomach as I recline, and I wonder what is going on when things get too quiet.

Ruby the cat is not pleased with her, but Callie has not tried to kill Ruby, just chase her like Scout used to do. I think Ruby secretly missed that.

Hobbes (on the left in the photo on the left), well, he knows that she is here to stay and so he is working on getting along with her. This includes a few growls, wild games of chase in the house and looking for her when she is not in the room. I think he really likes her, just like a little sister.

Me, I love her for her sweet gentle self. The other stuff will go by the wayside, and in a few years, I will have just the right amount of socks, and she will be as she is now, the perfect addition to our family and more love for all of us.

Insanely yours,
Martha, Hobbes, Ruby and Callie

PS- the name Callie is a cross between Calvin and Hobbes , and in honor of Scout, named after Calpurnia from the book "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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