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June Bug was adopted!





Larry was adopted!

Update February 2014:

Hi Ginny,
We just wanted to update you.  We adopted Jack (Larry) July of 2012, and he has been a wonderful addition to our lives!  After a shy start, Jack gradually warmed up to us and started to learn to love. He was very serious at first, and had to be encouraged to play with toys; the vet even asked if his tail was broken because he never wagged it!  We gave him lots of reassurances and he gradually gained confidence.  He attended 2 sessions of obedience training and is a very intelligent dog!  He always wags his tail now, and is happy to see his favorite people!  Jack loves to run and play in the yard and enjoys going to the beach, too. He has gained about 15 pounds since we adopted him, and I think it is pure muscle!  He is a beautiful dog that has certainly won our hearts!  Thank you for all the work you do!
the Morgenweck Family...Jeff, Joanne, Chelsea, Dylan, and Jack!





Dingo was adopted!





Google was adopted!





Shady was adopted!





Bear was adopted!





Phoebe was adopted!





Chase was adopted!





Sham was adopted!





Stormy was adopted!





Buffy was adopted!





Jake was adopted!





Sadie was adopted!





Rascal was adopted!

Update August 2012:

I just wanted to give you an update on Rascal - now Marley.

Marley is such a good boy and we are so happy we adopted him. 





Lucy was adopted!





Riley was adopted!





Shadow was adopted!





Meg was adopted!

Update August 2012:

Hi, Ginny!

Chloe has settled in very nicely to her new home!  Here she is on our side yard looking oh so happy!  She loves to take walks, recognizes her new name, has learned to sit, sleeps through the night, and plays fetch pretty well already.  Her tail never stops wagging.  Our cat (Snuggs) is having some adjustment issues, but is also getting better each day.  We will need to keep them apart for a little bit.

We can't believe what an angel she is.  We feel lucky to have her!  I think she feels the same about us.  Pretty neat! 

I was so great to meet you. Thank you for helping us choose such a great new family member! 







Aspen was adopted!

Update August 2012:






Harley was adopted!





Bella was adopted!

Update July 2012:





Lady was adopted!





Pinot was adopted!

Update August 2012:

Dear Ginny,

I adpoted Bear (Pinot) just over a month ago (June 28) from your organization, and I'm just writing to thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift.  Bear is the most playful, well-adjusted, handsome, intelligent, and loving dog there ever was!  He's been learning how to walk well on a leash, sit and come on command and, more recently, how to stay and lie down.  I've even considered training him as a therapy dog because of his wonderful disposition and his uncanny ability to make people smile with his goofiness!

Thank you for creating and running Paws for Life, and thank you for giving animals like Bear a second chance!








Murcy was adopted




Trixie was adopted!

Update September 2012:






Ed was adopted!





Sponge Bob was adopted!





Kylie was adopted!





Paddington was adopted!

Update June 2012:






Sage was adopted!





Polly was adopted!






Sam was adopted!





Angelina was adopted!

Update June 2012:

I just wanted to update you on Angelina’s transition.  We have renamed her Lucy and she caught on the first day with her new name.  Lucy is an unbelievable dog.  We are amazed at how well she listens and behaves.  Lucy loves to play Frisbie in the back yard but also loves to just lay at your feet.  Everyone who meets her is in awe at her behavior after having her for just a few days.  Chance is walking Lucy every day and she is so well trained on the leash which makes it easy for an eight year old to manage.  We have found that we can even have Lucy off the leash around our house and she doesn’t even stray- we think she likes her new surroundings too much to leave.  It is very obvious that she was loved by her previous owners, something had to go wrong to give up this darling dog.  Thank you again for providing us the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful dog. 





Beaujolais was adopted!





Chardonnay was adopted!





Shotzie was adopted!

Update September 2012:

(photos - enjoying life at the Jersey shore!)

Update January 2013:

Thanks again for a great dog!! We played on the beach again today-she loves it!!! ("Kalina"-formally "Shotzie")   from South Jersey~






Squeaky was adopted!



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