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Chloe was adopted!

Update December, 2013:

 Hi Ginny,
Sorry it has taken so long for me to give you an update on Chloe!  The time has just flown, I can hardly believe she's been with us for over a year now.  She has been just the perfect dog!  She settled in and loves having the run of the property, and loves her kitty sisters, even if they don't necessarily appreciate the sloppy kisses. ;-)  One picture shows Chloe and Trixie sharing their favorite sunny spot.  I have very few pictures of Chloe, unfortunately, because she really hates having her photo taken!  Either she runs and hides or tries to kiss me and/or the camera, so it has proven quite tricky.  At least I got a few after a snowstorm and have attached one.  She especially loves going to the barn with me when I go ride, and is a great farm dog.  Maybe I can get a pic of her blasting across the fields sometime.
Thanks again for matching me up with Chloe!  She's the best!!

Merry Christmas!






Winny was adopted!





Sophie was adopted!





Betty was adopted!





Big Momma was adopted!





Gunner was adopted!





Matilda was adopted!

I brought Sophie home 4 weeks ago and she is a joy!  Although she came down with a persistent case of kennel cough (she still has it), she is full of energy and is ready to go go go! when we walk  (I see an obedience class in her future - for such a little dog,she's pretty strong!).  She's learning that she lives with cats -- poor Sophie! she can't chase cats or rabbits anymore! and I think eventually I will be able to send you that photo with the cats curled up with her on the sofa -- it may be a year or so!

Thanks for saving her for me.  I'll take good care of her.





Phoebe was adopted!





Rocsi was adopted!





Missy was adopted!





Xena was adopted!





Brownie was adopted!





Ajax was adopted!





Laverne was adopted!





Shirley was adopted!





Brady was adopted!

Update December 2012:

Good morning Ginny,
I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on Brady.  He has become a wonderful addition to the family.  We have been to the dog park, and though he doesn't really play with the other dog he loves to sniff around and watch everything.  He and my pitbull/lab mix, Spike, are getting along great.  I can't believe what a snuggler Brady is.  He loves sleeping in bed with us and has even spent quite a few nights in my daughter's bed.  Walking with him was a challenge at first because he was so excited, but now we hike as a family.





Phoenix was adopted!

Update September 2012:

Hi Ginny!

Just a quick note to let your know that Phoenix is doing well.  He loves all the attention and has really taken with my husband, Jason!  Nina and Phoenix are getting along.  Nina is less intimidated by him today and has started to instigate play. 





Blackie was adopted!





Lochte was adopted!

Update October 2012:

Dear Ginny,
As promised, here are a few photos of Larry in his new home with with his housemate, in the yard (patiently waiting for his ball - his favorite thing to do), with our great-nephew and in his favorite chair.  He has settled in very nicely and gets along with his housemate.  We think he may have spent a good deal of time outside, but he has gotten used to being in the house and he likes it (but he is always ready to go outside if someone is going).  He has had run of the house pretty much since he arrived (he did not like the few times he was crated) and has been well behaved.  He is good with visitors (including kids) and, surprisingly, underneath his very sweet, patient demeanor, he is a good watchdog.  He likes a lot of attention and likes to be around us.  Except for a few very small bumps in the road, we think his transition has gone very well, including that he is now a big Ravens fan.  We feel very lucky to have found him and we will keep you posted.
Thank you again for rescuing him and for all that you and your staff do. 

Update October 2013:

Hi Ginny,
I wanted to write and let you know how Larry is doing.
We have had him about 15 months now.  We started volunteering with Pets on Wheels in May.
He has been great therapy for me and I knew he would be for others.
Thank you for again for the opportunity to adopt this very special boy.
Attached is a recent photo.
Patti (and Larry)





Mindy was adopted!





Patches was adopted!





Rhoda was adopted!






Coco Chanel was adopted!





Diesel was adopted!

Update September 2012:

Hi Ginny,
Just wanted to let you know that Diesel is doing great and very much a part of this family now. His is doing great with training, we had a few oops moments but he is a fast learner and strives to please us. Gnarly ( female Shar Pei) and Diesel are best buddies, he helped her and us tremendously while grieving our loss of Buddha (male Shar Pei). So really Diesel rescued us thanks to you and the great work you do to save these animals. Attached are some photo's to share.

Bill & Theresa






Coco was adopted!





Phelps was adopted!







Gizmo was adopted!



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