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Amy was adopted!





Rocky was adopted!






Denny was adopted!

Update December 2013:

Hi Ginny,

Brody, the Coonhound mix formerly known as Denny, is now a happy, healthy hound living in Haymarket VA. Brody is sharing a home with Bisa, our Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue. He gets free range of the house and has a big fenced yard to run around chasing squirrels and birds. On most days Brody obsesses over squeaky balls while Bisa tries to get him to wrestle and play chase, to which he will sometimes oblige. He enjoys weekly visits to the dog park, jogs through the neighborhood, long hikes, and camping. Brody's appetite is insatiable and his guard dog mentality is top notch. We are still working on his leash manners as well as his anxiety in the car. Since we rescued him his reaction to strangers has improved greatly. We are planning to enroll Brody into obedience school to help his anxiety.

Attached are some photos of Brody over the past 8 months. Thanks!

Linh and Michelle





Ollie was adopted!

Update May 2013:

Hi Ginny

Just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying having Ollie and he seems to really enjoy his new home and yard!  He is very interested in the squirrels that run up the trees :)  He's really sweet, and it's hard to imagine why anyone would leave him.  I saw you have a black lab on your website that seems to be a great catch, hopefully you'll find a good home for him too---I used to have a black lab mix.  Some people think Ollie looks like a lab in the face, I think he does too. Anyway, I hope you find homes for all your pets, best of luck,





Grayson was adopted!





Bentley was adopted!





Precious was adopted!





Sandy was adopted!





Cody was adopted!





Tonka was adopted!

Update April 2013:

We are so happy with Tonka  or as we now call him Axel. We could have not asked for a better fit to our family.
Saturday after we left your Kennel we went to our Son house ( the one with 3 dogs). Axel got to meet his brother, sister -in law and Niece. We did not let him play with the little dogs just was not sure about the whole thing with having all the changes in his life. Jason was having a party with his neighbors, there was about 8 adults and 6 children under 4 years. He love them all and they all loved him.

We got home late Saturday we feed him, took him for a short walk we were all ready for bed by then.  We did buy a bigger crate on the way home at the Tractor Supply down the street from you.  He slept in the crate, we were just was not sure what he would get  into, our house was not dog proof yet.  He slept all night no problems, about 6 he cried a little, took him out and all was well. 

Axel had a big day, went to the dog park for a run/play with other dogs, chase the ball. He made several new friends.

We needed to go shopping for some things but could not take Axel with us so we tried the crate out with us being gone.  No problem.  

Our other son called and wondered what we were doing ( he did not know about Axel) We told he had a new brother and wondered if he would like to meet him.  "Yes" was the answer so off to meet his other brother, sister-in-law, and  one niece and 2 nephews.  They all wanted to pet him and tried to walk him.  NO PROBLEM at all.  Kiss for every one, he was not shy.   Played chase and get the ball, still not bringing back the ball but loves to go get it.

Our other son and his family of 5 came over and all played hard, I think Axel was getting tired but would not stop.

Well to end this Thanks for a new friend he is great.

Randy Hepp
PS he is sleeping by my feet right now, just started moving his legs, guess he is still chasing the balls.






Mitzi was adopted!





Lana was adopted!





Millie was adopted!

Update February 2014:

Just wanted to thank you and your organization for your great work. I adopted Millie last April 2013 and has turned out to be one of the best dogs
brought into my Family. She was a dog that only new dogs her 1st 7 months of her life and lived outdoors. She still loves the outdoors so we spend
a lot of time outside, but she loves being a part of our family indoors. She has adopted to the indoor life, I have a seven year old and a 1 1/2 year old
a and the three of them are inseparable. Millie is kind, loving, and loyal as and dog could be. She goes everywhere with me in the car and when outside,

even if I can't see her, she knows where I am at and comes running if I move. Can't imagine a finer dog.





Kristy was adopted!

Update October 2013:

Wow - it has been awhile since I've tortured you with lovin stories about our girl.  I attached a video - I hope you can see it well!!  Also - junking up your storage with more pictures....

It has gotten so that Marvin and I can't even hardly imagine our lives without her.  You would not believe what amazing, incredible personality this baby has found.  Marvin spends a good amount of time working at our home, and it is kind of a joke - that she works with him outside, by his side all day long with our cats.  They have fallen madly in love with each other, it just fills my heart up with so much joy.

We recently took her with us on our trip to Maine!!!  My friend lives in Portland, and my brother and sister-in-law also went with my 2 nieces.  We drove up!  She was with her cousins Boh (90 lb German Shepherd) and Mac (Shepherd Mix) and Tadg (Lab Mix)....  She is so comfortable now at home and when we take her for rides, but she still takes a bit getting used to in new 'homes' and a little bit of the old 'timid Phoebe' starts to show. 

But she now clings to me and trusts me, and I'm working on making her feel at ease in any situation and teaching her that she doesn't need to be afraid anymore.  I entered her into the Jacksonville Vet's contest for the annual Calendar (fingers crossed!!).  By the way - on that subject, she has made a remarkable recovery as far as her allergies, etc.  I started feeding her Dinovite (not sure if I already told you about that), and had her on a limited ingredient food (Nutro - Fish Meal) and added a tablespoon of canned wild salmon everyday.  Her coat is just gleaming - and what I thought were reactions to food -- seem to have, over time, simply disappeared.  Daddy now feeds her all sorts of naughty things that we kept away from her for so long, and she is so healthy and beyond happy.

Jill - you have given us the most amazing gift by bringing us together  How you saw what she would become is amazing - and we will forever be in your debt.  I do truly want to fix a time when I can bring her back to see you - I just think you will be so proud of her.  She has so sweetly bonded with her brother "Bruce" (black cat) and sister "Precious" (tabby) - they simply adore each other.  She has regular play dates with her German Shepher cousin (my brother rescued him about the same time as Phoebe, and they are close in age).  When the two of them get together, they are like long lost siblings - they cannot stay away from each other!!!  It is so funny.  She curls up her little muzzle and 'PURRRRRZZZZZ' her funny little play-growl!!!!  And that UNDERBITE - lordy - she is simply adorable.

The saddest part of all is that now - Marvin and I never want to leave her - EVER!  We are sad sack homebodys deeply in love with this girl.  I continue to see all your posts on FB and I want every single baby there - I see her face in all of them.  I honestly don't know how you do it every day.

Big hugs - hello to Ginny and Eric for us too,
Susan & Marvin





Audi was adopted!





Hershey was adopted!





Kojack was adopted!





Jasmine was adopted!





Max was adopted!



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