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Cooper was adopted!







Dudley was adopted!







Ace was adopted!







Peter was adopted!

Update August 2014:

Dear Ginny,
Thank you so much for saving our dog, who we named Sam. He is our family, and our son's protector and playmate. He is as gentle and sweet as a dog could be and we are eternally thankful to you! We have had Sam for a little over a year now , and here are some highlights of Sam's life in Arlington , VA.







Klaire was adopted!







Rosie was adopted!

Update July 2013:

Hi Ginny,

So far all is well w/Rosie.  She is settling in nicely.  She is very sweet-natured, easy-going and bright.  I think she thinks she’s one of the kids. She seems very happy here. She acts very grateful, like she won the lottery with her new home.  She gets along with our kids very well and seems to get along with all our neighbors and their dogs. She’s developing a routine and habits and seems happy to do so. She is mostly housebroken though occasionally pees in the house when a bit nervous. Our next step is a vet and some training so she walk on a leash better.  We’ll provide more updates in a few days. 




Zander was adopted!






Joe was adopted!

Update June 2013:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know Sheldon (Joe) is doing wonderful.  He is an absolute terrific dog and won't leave my husbands side.  We now feel complete once again.

Thanks so much for all you do.







Dena was adopted!

Update June 2013:

Hi Ginny,

I just wanted to give you an update on Dena (now Daenerys/Dany). Dany has settled in beautiful and is the perfect dog! We have registered her microchip with home again. She is going to have a bath at the groomer today and has been enjoying two to three walks a day and lots of field trips. She has already gained some weight. I am attaching some pictures for you and everyone else at paws for life! Thank you for all you do. 

Ashley and Dany





Trinka was adopted!

Update April 2014:


Well it has been just about a year since we brought Trinka home! In fact, today is the day I filled out the adoption papers and sent them to you! When we took Trinka home, we were not sure that Styx would accept her or that we could even get her to feel comfortable and trust us.  I took her to the vet first thing that Monday where she was terrified, nipped at me and Doc, and wet all over our feet and the floor. Even Doc asked "Are you sure you want to take this on?", I wasn't sure, but I was willing to give it one heck of a try! We started leashing her repeatedly and making it fun (a short walk, out to play ball etc.) and after a few weeks she would flop down for us to leash her. I cannot take all the credit for that though, as my husband is the only one who can throw a ball far and long enough to appease her vast amounts of energy! Trinka went on her very first vacation to the Outer Banks, NC, and loved the sand and the beach house! She rode wonderfully in the car the whole way.  The best part was watching her fly into the ocean and back out!  Trinka has been a pure joy to watch transform, and I am writing you to tell you a new story. We went back to the vet yesterday for our year check up and vaccinations. I was terrified yet curious to see how she would react a year later. Not only did we not have to muzzle her, she sat like a good girl only flinching slightly at the shots, and did not even think much of the kennel cough vaccine in her nose. I was elated and amazed at what a difference a year made! Even Doc was thoroughly impressed!  Thank You Ginny and crew for giving these dogs a second chance!







Lenny was adopted!





Katie was adopted!





Big Red was adopted!

Update June 2013:

Dear Ginny,

I wanted to give you an update on "Big Red," now known as Darwin.  He is settling in wonderfully. Ever day we learn a little more of his personality as he grows increasingly comfortable.  As you suspected, he is fully housebroken. He has been really great with the kids - gentle, fun, and attentive.  He's also much better on the leash than our former, much beloved, dog ever was.  A real gentleman and a good running/walking partner.  He and the cats are getting along well, too. He is very eager to be wherever we are - at the same time, he has gotten used to his crate for at night and when we are out of the house (he doesn't know the difference yet between sanctioned nylabones and the kids' monsters and warriors). His first visit to our vet is next week.  We have him scheduled for a microchipping then. I've attached some pics. He is so loving and sweet!
Thank you for setting us up with him!





Onyx was adopted!





Carly was adopted!





Farrah was adopted!

Update June 2014:

This is our baby Angel, (aka Farrah). The sweetest, lovingest dog could ask for. Thank you for letting us take her home.





Lenny was adopted!





Babe was adopted!





Darla was adopted!





Sadie was adopted!

Update April 2014:

We adopted Sadie May 2013  we couldn't be any happier she's the best dog. She's gentle and so sweet.  She didn't take long to adjust she just seemed to fit right in





Max was adopted!





Bear was adopted!





Brooke was adopted!



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