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Jeremiah was adopted!

Update August 2013:

I would like you to know that Jeremiah is adjusting well. We've renamed him 'Chewbacca' and taken to calling him 'Chewie', 'Chewster', 'Chews', and 'Bear'. It's no wonder he doesn't really respond to his name.
Chewy is such a good dog! He's so loving and gentle. Every time we've given him a new toy or a treat, he gently takes it from our hands as if to say, "For me? Really?", and he goes off into his corner wagging his tail contentedly. He has been very good about the cats. No one's gotten too upset and no claws have come out. Anytime we try to call him over and one of the cats is in his direct route, he side steps them slowly before running the rest of the way to us. He still pulls on the leash and is very vocal on car rides but I think the few behavioral nuances he has can easily be fixed with some training and a little help. His favorite thing to do is to go to the dog park (which it turns out there is actually one right in my apartment complex) and throw ball. He's so energetic, but as soon as he gets tuckered out he just lays down or goes to the park gates and sits, waiting for you to come put the leash on him so he can go home and have a treat.
He loves attention and being pet or brushed constantly, sometimes he can be a bit needy but it's endearing.
I would just like to thank you for everything you and your organization does and also for allowing us to take home Chewbacca in the first place.







Jazzy was adopted!







Irish was adopted!







Samantha was adopted!







Roscoe was adopted!







Brandy was adopted!







Barnie was adopted!







Road Runner was adopted!







Lucy was adopted!

Update June 2015:

I adopted Lucy  the corgi mix from you almost two years ago . Her name is not longer Lucy decided on KYA! She is a bundle of joy and a crazy little dog. She is always doing something that shocks me.

 Even though she has all that energy she still tells me when it's time to lay down for a good belly rubbing. She loves to cuddle so much that she ends up taking up 3/4th of the bed when its time to go to sleep. But still that's not enough space her and she ends up with he pillows and blankets as well.

She is great with other dogs and loves every person she comes in contact with. Kya has been able to pick up commands very well and she loves her walks.  I take  her to a park near my house and she goes  crazy jumping around and swimming in the water . Anyways  things are going great an i could not of asked for a better dog . Thank you for bringing her into my life  I could not image a better dog for me !







Charlie was adopted!

Update August 2013:

Hello! Just wanted to send an update on Charlie, who we adopted this past Sunday. He's made a new playmate with our 1 yr old corgi mix Summer (from the picture) and also has been interacting well with our 5 yr old St Bernard and goes on a daily walk with my mom and one of the cats, Maggie. He seems like he's fitting in well with the family and he's definitely come out of his shell more since the first time we met him five days ago.  He's been a great addition to the family.
The Hawkins Family






Simon was adopted!







Carly was adopted!







Hannah was adopted!







Izzy was adopted!

Update September 2014:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to send an update on Izzy, who my boyfriend and I adopted the summer of 2013.  I emailed an update maybe a month or so after we adopted him, but now it's been a bit over a whole year so I figured this update was even more important!

Izzy is doing wonderfully.  His favorite activities are going outside and playing, sleeping, sleeping some more, eating treats, and tossing his toys all over the apartment.

He has definitely become the perfect gentleman!  I remember when I first came to adopt him up he wasn't the best on a leash, but over the past year he's gotten so used to it that now he walks calmly next to me.  I didn't do any real leash training at all other than giving him the verbal command "wait" when he started to pull.  I am guessing he had already had a lot of leash training from his previous home (wherever that was!!!) before we adopted him, so it was easy for him to remember and pick it back up given just a little time and once he became fully bonded to us. My friend's dog is completely nuts on a leash, so when we walk the two together it's even more apparent what a great dog Izzy is --- and with very little training ever needed!  

He also knows a lot more commands now.  I use the positive-reinforcement training, and he's been super responsive to it.  He is so smart he has even learned the individual names for his toys (still his babies), so I can tell him to get "hedgehog" or "frosty" and he knows which toy to bring.  Oh, and he learned every single word associated with going out (walk, out, potty, bathroom, go, leash), so my boyfriend and I have to be careful what we say or Izzy gets excited and starts bouncing around, haha!  

Anyway, I'm attaching some pics for you all: 







Sargent Pepper was adopted!







Isabella was adopted!







Milo was adopted!

Update April 2014:

Hello Ginny,
Dazzleberry, Dazzle for short, and I are coming up (April 27th) on our nine months anniversary. I love him to pieces.
About ten days ago I started taking him out off the long leash I'd been using.  We go into my 8 acre field that is below my flower garden. His field, his garden. He enjoys gofering like there's no tomorrow. We start about 6 AM in the field; he trots ahead of me to pee and poop then turns and gallops like a torpedo straight toward me, his ears flying.  He knows breakfast is next. (After he's eaten--Flint River kibble plus half a can Wellness lamb--I go to the pool; he naps and digests.

 About 10 we go for more of a walk, on a leash for the part that takes us down my long driveway and around
my neighbor's lawn, back up to a path I cut through my woods. He's off the leash again when we reach our path.

We went to friends for Easter lunch. Much more confident than he was at Christmas with same wonderful family.  Everyone said how good he looked and how much happier.  He confidently made his way around the table in case he was missing anything, 
then slept beside my chair.

I can't express how much pleasure and love he's brought to my life. I feel enormous gratitude to you for bringing us together.

(Factual note: he was about 63 lbs when I brought him home with a Lyme titer of 357. Now he's 82 pounds (yes, we're trying to lose a couple, the deep snow limited us, and his lyme titer is 62.)   I'm going to England in May for 3 weeks to see my brother who's dealing with Parkinson's. Dazzle's wonderful "animal behavior consultant" Dr. David Spiegel is having him while I'm gone. They know each other and Dr. Spiegel
is great with him. Dazzle still sometimes freezes or runs backward outside so I wanted him with his shrink.

He sleeps in the living room with his two orange cat brothers Bingley and Mr. Bennet, who also come walking with us all over the big field and garden with us in between sorties to more interesting gofer holes.
We have wonderful hug sessions and a special bedtime treat from Three-Dog  Bakery before I go up to bed with my other four cats.
He is SO special.

Thank you, again, for my wonderful friend.
He's telling me it's time for his afternoon walk. I feed him at 3 PM. It's 4.50.
Best wishes,

Update August 2014:

Hi Ginny,
Dazzle and I spent the weekend celebrating a year together. We shared cookies, hugged (we do a lot of that), gardened together, and I read Pema Chodron to him during the storm last night, on his bed next to my bed on which 3 of my cats watched with interest.. (He loves his LL Bean bed.)

I just adore him. Dr. David Spiegel has helped us every step of the way. (I had to return to England in May, Dazzle stayed with Dr. Spiegel and his wife Linda. They were wonderful to him.)  We now take Clonazepate an hour before a storm is due. Helps a lot. Dazzle has 30 mg daily Fluoxetine. 

(In case his name is throwing you, Dazzleberry, named for a beautiful Sedum succulent, was Milo. I wanted to change everything about his former life.  He loves being outside with me in nice weather as much as inside; bouncing along in the morning, tail wagging, ears flapping,  to p and p, then visit his favorite gofer holes (many in our 8 acre field). Still freezes at the idea of going out after dark (we go for our last bathroom walk before dark), in the rain, and, of course, if thunder or guns are making noise.  Just has his annual health check up and shots with Chip's colleague Dr. Peggy Frame. She said he was in good shape. He weights 79 lbs now--we started at 62.

I don't know how I was so lucky to meet him. Thank you so much.  We are made for each other.  We are going to a Day of Mindfulness in Fairmount Park, August 9. He likes visiting people. The following Saturday we'll be going to a big family party (my wonderful American family, all of whom love him).

Hope your world is being kind to you.








Brandy was adopted!

Update May 2014:

Hi Ginny, we adopted Roxy (Brandy) at the end of July last year, just wanted to share a couple of pictures we took today of her 1st paddle board experience. We live close to Assateaugue and have gone there several times in the last few weeks on the bay side where Roxy discovered ducks and sea gulls and loves to run into the water chasing them. Thought I would see if she liked paddling with me, she was a bit tentative but did real well. We stayed close to shore. She has been a challenge in the last few months with chewing things up in the house but she is a good dog. Very loving, loves to go to doggy day care where she has a lot of friends she plays with. She goes there once a week. Thought you might want to get some news about her. Thanks for all you guys do for all the animals, Claudia







Ashley was adopted!






Woody was adopted!







Reba was adopted!





Teddy was adopted!





Sophie was adopted!





Maddy was adopted!





Rusty was adopted!



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