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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Buddy was adopted!

Thank you again for Buddy! Our family just loves him! Buddy is an AWESOME dog! He is very well behaved and just loves to be petted and get his belly rubbed.

He and Winston are already friends, and Buddy seems to be adjusting quite well - he is always smiling!. Buddy loves to play ball and he also loves to go for rides in the car or on the kid's golf cart.

Here are a couple of pictures - one is Buddy waiting for a driver!
Thanks again,
The English Family



Shorty was adopted!

Hi there -
I adopted my Winston (you called him Shorty) at Fair Hill Int'l in 2006. I've been dealing with many parental issues and haven't taken the time to write.

Winston is such a great dog. He's a wonderful companion, a good walking friend, likes just being close - doesn't even have to be petted all the time (like some dogs). But the greatest achievement is that he's a wonderful watchdog. Since he's short, I've put a couple short picnic benches side by side next to my front window (I have a bi-level and he cannot see out any of the windows to ground level). He sits on the benches most all the time (except nap time) and keeps watch. Last spring, I noticed that I couldn't lock my back door. Turns out that someone tried to kick it in (I think) and split the doorframe and broke the lock. But I think Winston scared them away because nothing was stolen. (I've had two previous robberies at my house).

He looks beautiful this week - we were walking at Fair Hill on Sunday (I let him off leash when we're way back in the woods) - he found fresh horse manure - need I say more. Last night I was running bath water for myself and he was in the hallway, I called to him just to pet him and he slunk away quickly - thinking he was going to get ANOTHER bath. He's really very good for bath-time - just stands in the tub and waits 'til I'm finished - I don't even have to hold him.

Keep up the good work!

Barb Snyder




Beans was adopted!



Onyx was adopted!

Update August 2007

Pictures of Onyx (now Watson) - what a wonderful life this boy is now living!



Honey was adopted!



Stella was adopted!



Sophie was adopted!


Pudge was adopted!

Update September 2007:

Dear Ginny,
We have been meaning to write for a long time.

Pudge, who we have renamed Stella, has really turned out to be a  great dog.

She had some issues with anxiety initially but settled down after  several months and now is a sweet, loving member of our family. My daughter recently wrote an essay for school about the day we got our dog from your rescue. It really captured the day perfectly. Stella has added a great deal to our home and she gets along fine with our cat. Thank you for saving her. She is really a kind soul. We feel lucky to have her.

Update March 2010:

HI Ginny,

I was just looking at your website.  Years ago I sent you an update on Pudge (now Stella) but it was never posted.

Today I find a posting but it is not about Stella.  It is about a male dog!

Anyway,  Stella is a great dog.  We have had her now for four years.  She is sweet and loyal.  She gets along great with the cat and is a very wonderful pet.  She is adorable and probably weighs 25 pounds more now than she did when we brought her home on Christmas Eve four years ago. She is great with the kids and their friends. She loves to go for walks and barks like crazy when someone comes to the door (this is just about the only time she barks). 
Her favorite toys are all stuffed raccoons and hedgehogs and we have decided after much research that she is probably part Redbone Coonhound.  She definitely points with her front legs.  She is awesome.  Thanks.

Please post this next to her name . Perhaps you will remember who the dog with the ear problems is.






Tasha was adopted!



Dewey was adopted!



Patrick was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
Bella is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with us this month and doing great. Rex (aka Parick) is also doing great. He went through some training is such a gentleman now. They both are a great asset to the family. Thanks



Whiskers was adopted!!!



Missy was adopted!



Katie was adopted!



Rocky was adopted!















Beauty was adopted!

Update Jan 2007:

Beauty is doing good. She plays with my other dog cody, and loves to go out in the back yard and play with her toys. I had to take Cody to the vet on sat, so I took Beauty along for the ride. Every one at the animal hospital just loved her. I weighed her, she is now 17 lbs. Beauty is a joy and love to all.


Update September 2007:

I just want to let you know how Beauty Rose is doing. When I come home Beauty is all over me and she love to go in the back yeard and play for hours.
Beauty and Cody do not like to be a part from each other. Beauty and Cody go every were I go when I am home.
Joy Turner

Update September 2007:

I just want to let you know that every one that come to the house just love Beauty.
Beauty and she give love back to them all. Beauty like to bark a people work out back.
Cody and Beauty love to be with me all the time and at night too.
Thanks you for giving me Beauty she is a joy and love to all.
Joy Turner

P.S The dog will have there photo taking in November. I hope to mail you one when I get them back.
Sorry I can not e-mail you photo of Beauty and Cody my coumpter will not let me do that.

Update January 2008:

I am e-mail you a photo of Beauty Rose. My brother's John stop by to help me out with some thing today.
He said that Beauty and Cody were nice dogs. Cody and Beauty did very well when. A new deck was being put up in the back this month. Cody and Beauty did well for Christmas this year.





Coco was adopted!


Bella was adopted!

Hello Bev!  Things are great here with us.  She gets pretty excited when she sees and hears the leash come out, but knows she has to sit and be calm before we go.  She does so much better than every other dog in the neighborhood on the lead too. 

For the most part, she's learned to be calm and go on about our run when we pass other dogs.  Some of my friends have dogs down the street and I'm taking slow steps to get her socialized.  She's no problem at all around other people or when friends come over. 

Everybody wants to see the "puppy" that's pretty grown up now.  Of course, she loves the attention.  I definitely need to work on her fetching though.  The sneaky little girl will grab it and run it about 3-5 feet in front of you, then stop, wag her tail and look at you, only to run off and come back a little closer next time.  I can't complain though.  She's sacked out right now at my feet ready to go wherever I do.  She's a good companion and I'm sure she'll only get better. 

Rob & Bella



Max was adopted!

Precious was adopted!

The first picture was taken the day Paws for Life rescued Precious (now known as Nanny). The second picture was taken five months later.


Sammy was adopted!

The first picture was taken the day Paws for Life rescued Sammy. The second picture was taken three months later.



Misty was adopted!




Trixie was adopted!



Nemo was adopted!

Update July 2008:

After eating all of the filet from his own plate, it seems Nemo has second thoughts about the peas.

Thanks for the pictures, Jo!



Dozer was adopted!

Just wanted to let you know that Dozer is a loveable pup. He has shown some seperation anxiety but other than that he seems okay.

We have gotten him a nice big bone to chew when we do have to leave him and he has done great so far. A few accidents in the house but other than that he is a really good boy. We have fallen in love with him.

I have attached a picture of my two year old and Dozer.

Thanks for everything,


Junior was adopted!



Lexy was adopted!



Marsha was adopted!

Update October 2015:

Hi Ginny,
We want to thank you for rescuing our Marsha over nine years ago and giving us the opportunity to adopt her.  She is such a sweet girl.  She is a great sister to our other dog Bella.  She loves to go outside and chase rabbits and squirrels in the yard.   She loves to sit right next to you on the couch and cuddle.   We feel very fortunate that she came into our lives.  Thank you. 



Henry was adopted!



Annie was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
Just wanted to give you an update on our life with Annie so far. She is such a sweet dog it is hard to believe someone would return her. Although she must be very confused, she seems to be adjusting well. She is eating and having bowel movements. We are taking her to the vet Thursday morning for her check up. She enjoys playing catch in the backyard and sleeping under or on our beds.

Yesterday was the first day she was home a little bit by herself. She did fine. She has been introduced to the rabbit and the bird and does not seem to mind them at all.

We are very happy things appear to be working out. I will continue to give you updates. I will call and change the information for the microchip in a week if all continues to go well. We will email you some pictures also.

Thank you again.
The Harding family, Carolyn, Russ, Sara, Rachel, and Danny

Update October 2006:

Hi Ginny,

Just to give you another update on our life with Annie.  All seems to be going well as we celebrated her second week with us.  She has taken to sleeping under our bed but jumps up on top any chance she gets. 

The kids are enjoying taking her for walks and each has set up their own special time with her.  I hope to be emailing some pictures of her with her new family soon.

We took her to the vet and he wants to do a biopsy on a hard mammary nodule that she has.  Her surgery is scheduled for November. I will let you know the outcome.  Hopefully it is benign.

I wanted to ask if she showed a special attention to any special toys.  The kids want to buy her one but I did not know if there was anything particular she would like.  She likes playing catch with a tennis ball and tug of war with her leash or another toy we have for her.

Thank you again.
Carolyn Harding and family


Muffin was adopted!

Hi Ginny,
Just thought I'd give you another update. Hope Chloe is adjusting to life without Muffin/Tallulah (aka Tallu). She is really settling in. I spoke with Wendy and got some tips. The snapping has subsided. She lets us touch her all around the head at anytime. She snuggles.

She has all kinds of chew toys, but seems to prefer other things she can find on her own around the house! Necessitates some careful watching. She's just following her puppy job description.

I took her to my vet and she is on Revolution and she got some additional preventive/protective shots. Big problem is refreshing her housebreaking training.

She's had several "accidents" - a few right after she has come in from a long walk. I am following Wendy's advice, but, if in a week or so, things don't improve, I will call her for a consultation.

Joan's 9 year old and 4 year old grandsons came over to see her and she just licked them to death. We are enjoying her immensely. Rest assured that you have placed her in a very loving home.

Thanks. Cynthia


Thought you might like to see Tallulah after her latest grooming. She is doing well and has responded well to training. She loves to play with the other dogs at the dog park, with the grandkids, with her toys, with anyone who comes into the house (she thinks they have all come to play with her), enjoys her daily walks, chasing squirrels in the yard, and protecting her domain. At times she has been a handful (all 40 pounds of her - solid muscle, says the vet), but mostly she is sweet and loving.



Rosita was adopted!

Update July 2007:

Hello Paws for Life!

The year I have been with Rosita (Rosey as we call her) has been wonderful! She completes me truly. She has become the most friendly caring affectionate guard dog ever! I'm sorry I never got back to you sooner but it took her a few weeks to warm up to us and being used to a home but now she runs up and down the stairs freely and comes in and out of the house (something she never used to do.) I love her and I thank you for your services. I have been sure to recommend Paws for Life to anyone looking to adopt, and I as well will always keep you in mind for future adoptions.




Cookie was adopted!



Sophie was adopted!



Lonnie was adopted!




Shadow was adopted!


Chewbacca was adopted!

Update October 2006:

Hi Ginny. Sorry it took so long to update you. We adopted Chewbacca in August. I have to admit it took me a little bit longer to get used to him than the rest of my family because I was still mourning over our dog that had passed away in July. Now it is hard for me to imagine life without Chewy(as we call him).

He is very much LOVED. We took him to the vet for a quick checkup and to get him started on his Heartguard and everything is great with him. He has his toys that he loves to play with, his favorite is a rope with a ball attached to it that he spins around in circles with.

He is an avid tail chaser to the point he makes himself dizzy. Also, he still has a very high energy level but that's to be expected since he is a puppy.

We currently have him in obedience class at Pet-Smart which he is doing great at and he loves riding in a car.

I want to personally thank you for allowing us the opportunity to adopt him and let you know he is doing as well as can be expected and we all love him very much. He certainly keeps us laughing!



Tugg was adopted!
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