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Popeye was adopted!







Freddie was adopted!

Update February 2014

Hi Ginny,

We just want to share an update and pictures on Freddie.  It will be two weeks tomorrow that we brought Freddie home.

He instantly brought joy and happiness along home with him.  He loves car rides and made himself at home immediately trying out every chair until he found his favorite.  Our old cats are slowly getting used to Freddie, he doesn't bother them but they definitely didn't like this new family member.

He's making friends with our goats and Frodo our horse.  we can't say that he loves the snow, but he is very brave and comes out with us to play.  He even made friends with Churchill our snowman.

Ginny, we want to thank you again for doing all that you do. Freddie has brought much joy to our life already.

Update March 2014:

Hi Ginny,
just a quick update on Freddie.  He's been with us for a couple of months now, my old cats have realized he's not going anywhere, no matter.  Freddie is trying his best to fit in and be a good country dog, he herds the guineas and has made friends with the goats.  They still eye him suspiciously, though.  He is trying so hard to be a country dog, doesn't mind the snow, rain or mud as much, and he absolutely loves possums, or what they leave behind.  Just today he got lucky and rolled, and rolled, and rolled.  Oh, Freddie's just grand - and we love him so.







Clark was adopted!







Bella was adopted!







Anita was adopted!







Harvey was adopted!







Edie was adopted!







Max was adopted!







Alva was adopted!

Update August 2014:

Dear Ginny,
We adopted Alva, a female black lab about a 1 ½ years old from you in January of 2014. I have to say I was very hesitant about adopting another dog. But as soon as my son saw Alva he said she’s the one! Well I have to say six months later she is the most beautiful, funniest, loving dog ever!  My son also decided to give her the name Pebbles! Thank you so much for your work with the dogs, she is the best!
Thank you,








Jamie was adopted!







Baxter was adopted!







Louie was adopted!







Raven was adopted!







Colt was adopted!







Harrison was adopted!







King was adopted!







Luke was adopted!







Freeman was adopted!

Update July 2014:


I have been meaning to write you for a long time!  I just wanted to let you know what a great addition to our family we have found in our adopted pet – formally known as Freeman, now known as Buster!  He is a sweetie who adapted very well to our home and to his big brother, Guinness.  The two are inseparable and are rarely found in different rooms.  We have an electric fence around our property and Buster trained very quickly once the warm weather arrived, so he and Guinness also have the run of the yard.    I was the one in our family who never wanted more than one dog at a time, but now that I see the interaction between the two of these guys, I doubt I will ever again only have one dog.  It is hysterical to watch them play together, with Buster often the initiator with friendly paw-“taps” to Guinness to get him going.  Thank you for rescuing Buster and the work  you do with these dogs, it is a great thing that you do!    My phone is on the fritz or I would post an updated picture – but he actually looks exactly the same as when you found him – just bigger and not as skinny. J  He had another  well-dog checkup last week, and he is doing great! 







Leo was adopted!







Lucy was adopted!

Update February 2014:

Lucy has integrated beautifully this week she went to her new vet, went to the groomer and went to the beach. She is such a brave little thing. Very Adventurous but just as happy to curl up in a lap and snuggle. She and our other dog Wally are getting along beautifully. It has been so easy and fun.
I wish we had gotten a second dog long ago. I will send pictures right after this including one of her after grooming. Isn't she adorable?







Drake was adopted!

Update December 2014:

Hi Ginny,
It's been 2 years since we brought Cody (formerly Bongo) to his forever home, and just about one year since Gus (formerly Drake) came to stay! Just wanted to thank you again and give you some new pics of the 2 of them.
They're doing great, they love to play together and love to run around the yard like lunatics :)
The first pic is Gus, the second is Cody lying in the sun, and the third is them loving on each other this Thanksgiving.

We can't thank you enough for bringing these guys into our lives! Keep up the good work!







Stubby was adopted!







Thor was adopted!







Lily was adopted!





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