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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Gauge was adopted!







Duchess was adopted!







Penn was adopted!







Coty was adopted!

Update April 2016:

This is our dear Cody who we adopted 2 years ago today. Thank you to Ginny and staff for all the good work that you do. Cody has been a joy since the first day we brought him home!







Trixie was adopted!







Pilot was adopted!







Coco was adopted!







Ella was adopted!








Tiffany was adopted!







Chrissy was adopted!







Sunny was adopted!







Fay was adopted!







Huntley was adopted!







Beau was adopted!

Update June 2014:

Beau (now simba) is doing great. Fitting in well and visits Millie (my dad's adopted dog frequently.







Mickey was adopted!







Maisie was adopted!

Update April 2014:

Hi Ginny,

As you can see from these photos, Maisie has settled in well at our home and with our family. She is a great dog and we are so glad we found each other. You were right, she loves to swim, and takes an almost daily swim in our pond. She loves to walk with us, sit by the wood fire, (when it is cold), and helps me feed the birds. Our grandson was visiting for a few days and you can tell, she is gentle with him. She loves to have her belly scratched and follows us everywhere.
Thank you so much for all you do, and we are thrilled we connected. Thank you too, for the t shirt. My grandson and I have worn them together, proudly.

Update June 2014:

Hi Ginny

Here is a photo of Maisie swimming in the pond at our home. She loves it.

She yips and yelps for joy while she is swimming. She is a good and fun dog.







Pretty Girl was adopted!







Michael was adopted!







Abe was adopted!







Gage was adopted!







Ranger was adopted!







Bonanza was adopted!







Sasha was adopted!







Lisa was adopted!

Update March 2014:

We are doing fairly well learning to walk on a leash and making ourselves at home.  Gracie is a very loyal puppy.  I am struggling to milk her but she's very patient.  The first night Gracie insisted on sleeping in the middle at the bottom.  Last night half way up but still in the middle.  She loves Miss Bess (whom she conquered right off the bat) the full size cowch on the chaise; she can look out the window. I had a non shedding dog before, she's a shedding champ. Maybe she'll force me to be better house cleaner.  Thank you, again, for doing what you do and introducing me to Gracie.

Update April 2014:

Hi Ginny, wanted to update you on Gracie.  She is making herself at home and seems very happy.  We are learning to walk on  a leash.  She loves looking out the window and dragging her toys from the toy box up on to the Cowch, where she alternates between playing and looking.

Update May 2014:

Gracie remains a challenge, she wants to be the boss of me!  She is happy and flinging her bone and squeaky about the room (when she's not chewing her haunch).  She's put on weight, a good thing, and has learned to be a travel dog.  She was afraid of getting in my truck; now she jumps right in.  She's a real sweetie and loves being the center of attention.

Update June 2014:

I'm starting to really enjoy her company.  She still makes the Elvis face (and more), and is learning to play with other, bigger dogs, at the dog park.  We are still having problems with the "come" command, this too shall pass.  Thank you again for all you do and what you have brought to me.







Bronco was adopted!







Shelby was adopted!







Pickles was adopted!







Garth was adopted!







McGee was adopted!







Willow was adopted!







Jezzie was adopted!







Inu was adopted!





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