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Amelia was adopted!







Don was adopted!







Pretty Girl was adopted!

Update August 2014:

Rayna (Pretty Girl) is adjusting well. Her big brother Samson is slowly coming around.  They bring me such joy! Nothing better than unconditional love and amazing companionship. :)

Hope you can view the photos: 1 of Rayna tired from playing and 1 with Samson watching his new sister.

Update September 2014:

Hope you can view the photo - taken with cell in shaky hand so not the crispest photo! But wanted to share an update on Rayna (known previously as Pretty Girl). She and Samson are getting along well, all things considered. The initial transition upon her adoption went better than I could have hoped between the 2 dogs. They are going thru a different type of jealousy phase but nothing too concerning. I think Rayna likes Sam more than he likes her - but I am hoping he will come around eventually in his own time. After all, he was the only pup for 7.5 years and now has to share the spotlight! He has also made a miraculous recovery from his life-saving GDV surgery (which occurred just a short while after we brought Rayna home).

In the photo is Samson, my neighbor's dog (and Rayna's best bud!), Kirby, and Rayna smiling for the camera following their threesome walk. Rayna is such a love bug and a welcome addition to the family. :)

My neighbor and I have nicknamed this trio - Peanut Butter Oreo or (PBO for short)!

I sincerely hope that you have been able to find more loving homes for both the dogs and horses and that both organizations are doing well as are you and your families!

Happy Autumn!

Update December 2014:

Here is another update on Rayna (formerly Pretty Girl) since her adoption in late July 2014:

Everyone who meets Rayna wants to take her home - she has such a sweet disposition. I call her my little love bug. Her Vet says she has the most expressive eyes - like she is looking into your soul, she’s a special gal!

Get her around other dogs though (aside from her brother and one other pup friend), it’s a different story. I guess between her and Samson, and according to the Vet, I have a top notch security system!

We are working on acclimating her to dog socialization and she is doing very well.  We are working with her at The Doggie Playhouse - she took her first baby steps there via temperament testing. Once she realized the other dogs, one by one, only wanted to sniff and play, she began to relax and trust. She has been there a few times since her “introduction” and she has lots of fun now. She even got to meet Santa recently while there. I was not sure how she would be around Santa but here is the report direct from The Doggie Playhouse: "She was fantastic with Santa. She walked right up to him, turned around and sat down right where you see her in the picture. She was the only dog who sat right where they were supposed to without me having to guide them there, or put them there. I was amazed, it was so funny!” 

Attached is a picture of her and her older brother Samson with Santa. 






Mia was adopted!







Hope was adopted!







Cissy was adopted!







Denise was adopted!







Sue was adopted!







Gizmo was adopted!







Sara was adopted!







Jeffrey was adopted!







McIver was adopted!







Molly was adopted!







Dolly was adopted!







Josh was adopted!

Update August 2014:

Hi! We recently adopted Josh, the Australian Shepherd mix and wanted to share an update with you.

Josh (Now Storm) is getting along wonderfully with our other, older dog LJ. He is an awesome and affectionate dog. Attached is a picture of the two of them snuggled up together.







Shorty was adopted!

Update November 2014:








Dexter was adopted!







Bailey was adopted!






Douglas was adopted!

Update July 2014:

I am just checking in since it has been one week since we've adopted Franklin. We are enjoying every minute with him and feel really lucky to have gotten such a great dog! He is gentle with our girls and tolerates all if their love and affection even if he would rather be resting. He loves going for car rides and meeting other dogs. Everyone refers to him as the "happy dog." Also, we can trust him to be alone in the house because he is housebroken and only plays with his toys. He fits in with our family as if he always been a member of it. Thanks you for rescuing such a wonderful dog!

Update October 2015:

Hi Ginny,

I just wanted to give you an update on Franklin and Sam. Both are doing well and have learned to tolerate each other. Sam is definitely the alpha in the relationship and doesn't hesitate to let Franklin know when he has had enough. Needless to say, Franklin doesn't always get it. Wendy was amazing in getting us through the rough patch! 

We've since moved to Warwick, MD and have a lot of land now. Sam sits at the door and tries to scratch his way out. He hasn't quite accepted that he is an indoor cat. In due time, I suppose. 

Franklin is still Franklin, a high-energy goofball. He loves doing agility with K9 Camp Training in the field next to the Middletown Vet! They can't get over how excited he gets to run the course.

I hope all is well,







Birk was adopted!







Justin was adopted!







Viper was adopted!







Carrie was adopted!







Trixie was adopted!







BJ was adopted!







Freddie was adopted!





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