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Paws for Life is located on private property, and is a volunteer-run facility, so appointments MUST be made in order to meet our dogs!

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Bella was adopted!







Cooper was adopted!







Jerry was adopted!

Update October 2014:

Hello Paws for Life! We have had Jerry (now Shadow) for over two weeks.
He is a lovely puppy and we have enjoyed him very much. He gets along well with our other Paws for Life dog, Yvonne (now Lucky, from Jan. 2013.) We are so happy and blessed to have them both as a part of our family.  Thanks for the work that you do!







Ben was adopted!

Update November 2014:

HI Paws for Life,
We wanted to send you an update on our beautiful puppy that we adopted about 6 weeks ago.  He is such a love!! He sleeps on his back with his legs in the air, and he loves a good belly rub.   Cinders loves to be outside!! Whether it be playing with a cricket, searching for a stick to chew on, or just laying in the sun on the deck; outside is his happy place.  We took him camping over Halloween weekend and he was great!!  Our only problem right now is when we take him places, he thinks everyone needs to pet him!!  His tail wags so hard his whole body bends in half!!!  Right now we are in Dog Obedience School and he is learning so fast.  He is so eager to please and loves to get praise and treats!!!   He loves to go for car rides, and even doesn’t mind wearing his doggy seat belt.  Thanks so much for all you do to ensure these dogs are adopted into loving homes.  We look forward to adding another 4 legged family member in the future!!
Thanks so much!!!







Holly was adopted!







Rocket was adopted!







Hannah was adopted!







Bean was adopted!

Update August 2015:

It's been about a year since we adopted Reese (FKA Bean) from PFL and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. She has been absolutely petrified of water for as long as we've had her (she still hates baths and will actually cower if someone is using the hose anywhere nearby), but much to our delight she has grown to love playing in the river near our house this summer. She and our cats co-exist peacefully and will join forces if there is a chance of lunch meat nibbles being handed out.

Thank you for rescuing this sweet girl!






Molly was adopted!







Zinc was adopted!







Sonny was adopted!







Lily was adopted!







Venus was adopted!

Update September 2014:

Good Morning, Ginny.

This is Moxie and I want to let you know how I'm doing so far.  I'm behaving like a really good little girl because I love my new home and my mommy and daddy and want to stay here forever. We had a busy day yesterday.  It was a long drive home and I was a little nervous but I did settle down after a bit.  We stopped at Petco and picked up lots of cool stuff for me - it was really fun shopping and all of the people that worked there just loved me!  Then once we got to my new home I got to check out the place.  It's just the right size for me.  I've settled in and have a spot up front I like to lay down and then I sleep right next to the bed on my mommy's side.  I've very good and won't jump up on their furniture unless they ask me up.  We took a nice long walk yesterday and I am excellent at only going potty outside.  I do bark a bit at some other dogs in our campground but I'm going to work on that and try really hard not to do it too much.  After a very short nap we were off to meet my mommy & daddy's grandsons and go to their midget football game.  I really love Noah (age 6) & Drew (age 9) and I even let them both take turns and walk me on my leash.  I'm trying to get this leash thing down as I do pull a lot but I think I'm getting the hang of it and will continue to work on this as well. I spent a few hours at the game and got to meet lots of people and I was an angel.  I didn't bark at anyone and I just hung out and watched the game and people and let people pet me.  When we got home I took my medicine with some dinner, played with my new toys and then settled down for bed.  It was a long day but I loved every minute of it.  Thank you for finding me this new home!

Update February 2015:

Hi, Ginny.

Moxie LOVED the fall in PA chasing squirrels and deer out on the trails near Mount Gretna.  But she has also adjusted quite well to winter in FL.  She loves riding in her basket on my bike as well as chasing birds on the beach and playing with friends in the dog park.  She couldn't be a better fit for us in the RV and we just love her to death!  Thanks again!

Update July 2015:

Moxie's first camping trip! She's a natural!






Hawk was adopted!

Update September 2014:

I just want to share with you how much we love our new dog, who we have renamed Mojo. He is such a joy and so entertaining! Mojo is a loving sweetheart and full of life!
My husband and I had a great time at the event last week...keep up the great work!







Rocky was adopted!







Hugh was adopted!







Flint was adopted!







Petey was adopted!






Keith was adopted!

Update September 2014:

We renamed him Tucker.  He had a great first day with us and is adjusting well to his new home. He was a great car rider. He slept a bunch on the ride home, just getting up to check out his surroundings at a few of the red lights.  He met some of our family and friends, and all of them are in love with him as well! He enjoyed a nice long walk around the neighborhood, stopping to sniff every pole and tree! He even made a new friend, with our neighbor's lab, Daisy. We gave him his first treatment of K9 Advantix, since he has been chewing at some fleas, particularly on his paws. He slept well last night, so with the nice weather today, he should get tired out from another day of play and new adventures. Thanks again for rescuing, Tucker, so we were able to adopt this wonderful, loveable guy!

Update September 2014:

Our aunt leases a lot at the river. Today we took Tucker for his first visit. He sure did love the water and enjoyed playing fetch with his new

Update November 2014:

Hi Ginny! I was just checking in to tell you that I have been doing great and that I love my family. I've been attending doggie manners school for the past 4 Mondays now. I've been working on basic commands like sit, stay, down and place.

Update December 2014:

Tucker's 1st Christmas - Merry Christmas Ginny!

Update June 2015:

Hi, Ginny. This is Tucker. I haven't emailed you since Xmas, so I wanted to let you know that I'm doing well. My family loves me to the moon and back!
We are enjoying the nice weather now. We enjoy boating in the Susquehanna River and hanging out at the sandbar. I love playing a nice game of fetch, while cooling off in the river. One thing I love the most is riding on the boat. I'm the First Mate! My mom thinks she is, but every time she gets out of her seat, I claim my spot back on the boat!  I'm in it on this pic I sent you. Bet you can tell I'm having a great time! I'm also the lifeguard. When I'm not swimming, I keep a close eye on my family while they are. I don't let them out of my sight. Mom and Dad said we're going to watch the fireworks from the boat this 4th of July, so I'm looking forward to that.
This summer is going to be a blast! Take care Ginny and let all my 4 legged friends know I send my love.

Tucker(Formerly Keith)






Margie was adopted!







Fay was adopted!







Lester was adopted!







Buster was adopted!







AJ was adopted!







Krista was adopted!

Update August 2015:

We have hade Muggs for about a year, and she is adapting well. She knows to get in the crate when she is told, although she would rather sleep on the sofa, and she tries to hide sometimes. She now waits at the door, rather than running out when the door is opened, and I think she has gained more weight than she should. No food is safe if left on a TV tray, including my wine, but she is learning to play and loves walks. All in all, she has been a great addition and keeps my husband company when I travel.







Ollie was adopted!







Morgan was adopted!







Whistler was adopted!







Tippy was adopted!







Baby was adopted!







Miley was adopted!

Update September 2014:

Hi Ginny!
I just want to give you the 24 hour update on Miley. She's pretty much fully integrated into the family at this point :) she slept at the foot of my bed last night, licked me and my children to death and has had the run of the house and the yard. I can tell she's getting much more comfortable. I think she knows she is safe and loved :) that's all wE could ask for!

Update December 2014:

Happy Thanksgiving!
We adopted "Miley" in early September of this year. I wanted to send you this email as a message if thanks for bringing her into our family. This doggie is so loved and receives so much attention, it's embarrassing ;) as I told you, I'm a stay at home mom, so "Molly" (we changed her name slightly) gets attention and love 24/7. She's so spoiled with love snd attention. I'm addition, she had tAught us all so many lessons such as loyalty, unconditional love and playfulness. Our family counts her as one of the biggest blessings.

Thank you for bringing her to us!
(As she lays next to me on the couch!)






Markie was adopted!







Honey was adopted!







Daubie was adopted!





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