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Porter was adopted!







Mary Lou was adopted!







Dahlia was adopted!







Kipton was adopted!







Taz was adopted!







Pony was adopted!







Hugo was adopted!







Coal was adopted!

Update December 2014:

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Cole. He has such a great personality! He quickly settled in to his new house and was great from the start with the cats. The cats really like him, too. Neil took him to an obedience class and he both enjoyed it and did very well. They will be starting another class in January.

Thank you for matching him up with us. 







Aya was adopted!

Update October 2014:

Aya is doing very well in her new home!  She seems to be adapting, gets along with the other animals and is starting to get acclimated to the routine and rhythm of our household.

From Aya to our young volunteer who helped find Aya the perfect home!:

I want to let you know that I made it safely to my new home!  It was a quite a big adventure.  First I had to ride on a school bus to get to the parking lot where my new pack leader parked the car.  All of the people on the bus thought that I was really special and very  lucky to be going to a new home.  Then we took a nice car ride to my new home.  I curled up in the back seat and slept the whole way there.  When I got to my new house I fell asleep in the living room and stayed there for hours.  It was a long and exciting day for me.

This morning I got to spend more time with my new BFF Bella.  She is a Golden Retriever who lives with a cat named Sadie.  Just so you know, I have NOT chased Sadie – not even one time.  She is not afraid of me so I’m sure we will also be good friends over time.

Bella and I were out in the yard today practicing our SIT for treats.    You can see my new pack leader Fred giving us Milk Bones while Barb took the picture.

I want to say thank you very much for taking such good care me at Fair Hill and being such a wonderful volunteer for PawsForLife.  You are a truly special young lady and I know that you will help many more dogs find their forever homes.
Please take comfort in the fact that I am in a loving home with humans who will take very good care of me.  They gave me a bath as soon we got home and bought me a brand new dog dish for my own food. 

I’m sending along a few photographs for you to remember me and enjoy!   Perhaps I will see you on Facebook soon! 

Your faithful PawsForLife friend







Sandy was adopted!

Update November 2014:

Dear Ginny,
Sorry it has taken so long for us to send you a follow-up on Sandy.  We adopted her three weeks ago and it has been a very busy time!  She is doing well and becoming more comfortable with us and our home every day.  We have named her Juno. 

We are finding she loves to be near us (and hates when we leave), loves to play with balls (and tomatoes :) ) in the back yard, and loves to go for walks.  Her nose is tremendous, and she has become quite protective of us.

We are still working on basic commands and trying hard to keep her from nipping.  (She acts very much like a puppy and wants to chew on our shoes and pant legs.)  She and our cat are slowly becoming more friendly, mainly because they both love treats.  Everything is fine until our cat runs, and then she really has a hard time not chasing.  We plan to sign up for a basic obedience class soon.

She is so sweet, and very much wants to be sure we are near her.  Though we just got a bed for her from LL Bean, she really prefers the couch, as you can see in the photos.  She also believes the cat door to the basement is her 'peeking window'.

Thank you so much for all you do to see that dogs like Juno find loving homes. 







Jeffrey was adopted!







Jeff was adopted!

Update November 2014:

Hi Ginny,
Just an update on Mac (short for Macallan). He is settling in and we are getting used to having a dog in our lives again. His first few weeks posed some challenges (cone, separation anxiety, etc,) but we think he has turned the corner! He got a clean bill of health from our Vet this week. We were very happy to find out that he is house broken and has not had any accidents. He does need to learn basic commands; he is doing pretty well with "sit" and "down" so far. We start training classes in a week or two. He does seem to be a quick study so we will have a lot of fun training him.







Bentley was adopted!







Cosmo was adopted!

Update January 2015:

Doing well. The lovebug as you said Everyone thinks he's too cute







Radar was adopted!







Ellie was adopted!







Eddie was adopted!

Update October 2014:

Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for Eddie and how wonderful he is doing. We changed his name to Finn, he didn't seem to answer to Eddie anyhow :) he began answering to Finn immediately. He has jumped right into our family and has seemed like he's been here for years. He and Tink are the best of friends and play endlessly. He loves taking our 3 mile walks everyday and snuggling anytime we sit down. He has been the perfect addition to our family.

Thank you!








Echo was adopted!

Update October 2014:

Ginny, Just wanted to let you know the Neeley's had a very good 3 dog night with our new canine addition.  He seemed to fit right in with the other two dogs.  He has a wonderful appetite and manages eating and drinking just fine with the collar, altho I know he will be so happy to get it off when that time comes.  Meds go down so easy with food.  

Going potty outside without problem and no accidents inside.  He will be house trained in no time.  His ears look ok and the drains are working with some ooze. When he shakes his head, the drainage goes all over the inside of the cone collar and then pools near his neck.  So he got cleaned up and brushed this am..... he really, really loves the attention. 

I have to wait till Monday to schedule the follow up appts with the surgeon. Will send you future emails to let you know how he is doing.

By the way we are changing his name.  He is such a regal looking shepherd, we chose Baron.

Again thank you for everything you and your staff have done for Echo, and esp for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog.

Update November 2014:

My husband and I wanted you to know that Echo (we have renamed him Baron) is progressing very, very well.  It has now been 3 weeks since his ear surgery and he has really turned a corner on his health.  

Four days post-op we returned to New Castle for the drains to be removed, but then continued his care at our local vet in Laurel, DE.  We have been very pleased with the care of the vet there, who is familiar with this type of surgery.  He had to be sedated on two occasions to have his wounds cleaned.  On arrival to our vet the antibiotics were changed to stronger ones. 

Baron is quite a big boy as you know, and hates the cone collar, but has managed to deal with the inconvenience of it.  He runs into things continually since the cone width is wider that he realizes. We are waiting for the wounds to be completely healed before we remove it. Maybe only a few more days.  

Remarkably Baron was immediately house broken and has never had any accidents in the house.  We find this amazing since he was in shelters for quite a while.  Another amazing item is the complete acceptance of him by our two dogs and his positive adjustment to all of us.

We are very happy to see his playful personality come out as he is, as far as we can tell, without any ear pain.  And wonderfully enough, we are finding he can hear certain sounds, like the phone, a whistle, saying NO loudly, door closing and other loud noises. Tell Eric that he remembers to sit and give a paw when a treat is offered. Learning new tricks will be easy since he is food-driven.

Our adoption seems to be a mutual admiration society.  He needed us and we needed him.  Thank you again for the opportunity to care for this wonderful dog.






Flannery was adopted!

Update October 2014:

Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know that Flannery is doing really well!  His coat is much more shiny and healthy looking, and he's gained a bit of weight. 

Our vet said he is the picture of health and will probably be around 38-42 pounds once he levels out (he was 26lbs when we got him).  He has taken well to his crate and has learned a few basic commands.

We feel he is an awesome addition to our home and we are happy to have him!

Thank you again


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